Nigeria 2015: Jonathan visits Oyedepo’s Winners Chapel

Three weeks to the general elections, President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday visited one of the largest churches in Nigeria during its weekly service.

Just like he did in the run up to the 2011 presidential election when he visited the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Mr. Jonathan, Sunday, visited the Living Faith Church, also known as the Winners Chapel, Ota.

Since the 2011 visit to the RCCG where he was criticised by some Nigerians for kneeling before the General Overseer of the Church, Enoch Adeboye, thus using religion to curry political favour, Mr. Jonathan has been a regular visitor to popular churches in the country and abroad. He has gone on pilgrimage to Israel at least twice since he became president. He is also a close friend of the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Ayo Oritsejafor.

However the president was recently criticised by popular Catholic priest and his former staunch supporter, Ejike Mbaka, who asked his followers to not to vote for Mr Jonathan in the forthcoming election but instead vote of his rival Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim.

On Sunday, Mr. Jonathan tried to downplay the political undertone of his visit. He said he was not at the church, one of the largest in Nigeria, to canvas for votes.

“I don’t want to talk much before I am accused of coming to Church to campaign for election. I plead with you all to keep praying for successful and peaceful election next month,” he said.

“There are various predictions concerning the election, but I trust God to take control of the situation. I commend Bishop Oyedepo for his commitment to the work of God and education, without education we can’t achieve much,” he added.

Responding to Mr Jonathan’s call for prayers for a successful election, the General Overseer of the Winners Chapel, David Oyedepo said: “I pray that God will grant President Jonathan the unusual grace to meet the demands of his office.”


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  • Green Flag

    They have chased you away from Redeemed after your failed promises to Nigerians in 2011, high profile corruption, and sectionalism in your government.
    You are running to every babalawo, chiefs, emirs to endorse you when Nigerians has rejected you. It is one man one vote Mr Jonathan!

    • godswill Ibe

      His next point of call and worship will be in Okija shrine. This embattled president Jonathan self. BUHARI presidency is sum assured.

      • koyan

        Buhari with Cap inside Church. Buhari with Cap inside church to deceive Nigerians. when did WAEC started conducting Exams in Hausa language? it was far after 1961. There was no Hausa language exam in WAEC in 1961,.
        Buhari result is fake. Is a forged Result.

        • adekenny

          What about jonathan the bigot,the fanatic,the liar,the pretender,the thief?

        • PC

          @Koyan……..Be objective! Go to Google to search for more information about history of education in house land, if your were not privileged to read the his of this Great country, Nigeria. The issue here is about the Insecurity, Corruption and Economy of the country. If you think that Buhari is not qualified and not capable of salvaging Nigerians from the PDP led government that has not been able to put an end to the killings of innocent Nigerians, then you can instruct your lawyer to file a case.

          • CP

            @Koyan……..Be objective! If you were not privileged to read the history of this Great country, Nigeria, go to Google to search for more information about the history of education in house land. The issue here is about the Insecurity, Corruption and Economy of the country . If you think that Buhari is not qualified and capable of salvaging Nigerians from the PDP led government that has not been able to put an end to the killings of innocent Nigerians, then instruct your lawyer to file a case.

  • Awarawa

    Bros, who ensured one man, one vote? Would you prefer OBJ/Maurice Iwu INEC?

  • WALE

    Has The house of GOD turned to campaign ground,after election he will forget them,this antics can never help him in 2015.J.E.J must go

    • adekenny

      Jonathan is a bigot,a fanatic, a pretender,a liar! Can you see the hypocrite running to churches after he has disappointed nigerians! Oh GOD deliver us from these menace of pdp

  • adekenny

    These same so called men of GOD misled the president for 6 years on the seat!instead of them to tell jonathan the truth,they deceive him in the name of GOD! Can you imagine this pastor oyedapo, the bigot pastor telling his congregation that I quote: we will open the gate of hell on anybody that vote to unseat the president.” so oyedapo has the key to the hell fire that he can open it at will? Instead of these pastors to work for humanitarian, they are after worldly thing, acquiring jets,big cars,houses home and abroad at the expense of their poor followers!!! By their fruit you shall know them!! GOD deliver us from the hypocrites! Oh GOD help us and bless nigeria

    • Smith Y

      @Adekenny… Please where are the evidences of the statement? If you can provide them, then I will respect you.

      • Bidemi Lukman

        Wait for the evidence. How come Jona visit Oyedepo church days after he invited him and other pastors to Abuja.

        Oyedepo prayer ponit in his church afterwards convinced Jona and that explains why he visited his church.

        If jona is not an hypocrite and if his visit to church was not to campaign, why did he not visit RCCG?

        Let him continue visiting churches as only christains will vote him.

        • adekenny

          In their meeting at abuja, all the pastors that attended concluded to campaign for jona in the churches! They said they will tell people that the post of vice-president is irrelevant that people should not be deceived by the choice of osinbajo by Buhari! The pastors promise jona that the will blackmail and divert people’s attention from osinbajo and make them vote for jona!even some pastors suggested to use the opportunity to tell jona to do something about the insecurity and corruption in the country, but oyedapo told them that their business is to make sure jona wins in 14 Feb election! Can you see the character of this bigot oyedapo! By their fruit you shall know them

    • true nigerian

      @adekeney, you are terrible in thwarting what the Man of God said. I will leave you to the Holy Spirit to judge.

      • adekenny

        Did I hear you say holy spirit? What gave you the impression that the spirit you are mentioning is holy not devil! Your faith is based on deceit!so it’s easier for you to lie even in the name of GOD!!!wake up before your devil spirit devour your life!

  • Truthometer

    If Dumbo likes, let him visit Jerusalem and Jericho; and possibly, Mecca and Medina. GMB is going to be the next President of Nigeria.

  • Original_Raskal

    Where is MUHAMMADU buhari’s certificates???

    I taught in the north before moving to lagos, and I can certainly tell you that in the islamic north, one can have over 5 students in same class with exactly same first name and surname. It is when WAEC confirms the date of birth, next of kin and state of origin of “MOHAMMED” whose results are being paraded, that we will know if there was a name change! Remember buhari’s personal letter to join the army in 1961 as well as principal’s recommendation bears his exact name – MUHAMMADU.

    From perjury to forgery! The story of an incorruptible coup plotter!!!

    • staaaaaaaaaaa

      so you are still here? I schooled in the west, and in our class were several people with the same name. The same I heard from friends too in their various schools. Tribal bigot, time to focus on your life. Change is here.

      • Otile

        I have a friend who studied in the North, he has never heard anybody calling Imam Buhari Mohamed until this certificate forgery. Don’t defend a false pretender.

    • tundemash

      yawn !!!

      This one is stale now, come up with another trick please.

    • Onike24

      What a moronic lie!

      • Otile

        Are you saying that Mohamed and Muhammadu are one and the same person? Before this certificate forgery if I called him Mohamed wouldn’t you stab me? Come on, omode.

        • Onike24

          You know I don’t argue with fools.

  • concerned9ja

    I hope the so-called chairman of the human rights commission would have the gut and the liver to condemn this political visit from this desperado president. Like someone suggested, his next visits would include Okija, Ombatse and Egbesu shrines. How multiplied would GEJ’s sorrows be.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    Oyedepo “ti gbabode”. Oyedepo’s church and all other investements he labored to get in his life will by the grace of God, be managed just as Jonathan has managed Nigeria.

  • David Adeniran

    419 President, so it is Pastor Oyedepo you have chosen to 419 this time?

  • sagereal

    It is a shame that at this time of election is only when you see Mr. President visiting pastors for prayer and endorsement. This is a shame on the very fake pastors we have in Nigeria because a true man of God will Jonathan the plain truth and nothing but the truth. This is the first time we will have a president perching the Christians against the Muslims, this is unfair for and it shows how clueless is advisers are this religious thing as cause more harm than good. I want a President of Nigeria and not a president for the Christians or the Ijaw people. Change is here and no one can alter it not even the fake Pastors. Jesus is Lord.

  • Jumoke

    Before you know it this president GEJ will rent Oyedepo’s private jet for another fake arms trade. Nigerians have kept quiet while an incompetent president forfeited their commonwealth of $9 million in South Africa. What a president?

  • David Adeniran

    Just like King Saul was running helter skelter at the tale end of his inglorious reign, President Jonathan who is the King Saul of our generation has followed the same path. In those days, Prophet Samuel refused to see his face and he had to make do with the sorcerer. I wonder whether the Pentecostal Pastors of our generation will ever be bold enough to refuse to see any President, especially because of the series of favours they must have received from that President in the past. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that President Jonathan is going down in February 2015, even if he postpones it, he will still go down. That is the Decree of Heaven concerning him.

  • Rommel

    All these 419 pastors sef

  • Wähala

    Dumbo can visit the ancient shrine at Delphi if he likes, he is still losing the coming elections. Juju priest, Oyedapo, is an amoral con man who will pick Jona’s pocket and promise him the entire South West votes. Since when has it been legal to campaign from the pulpit? Tief Oyedapo is a wanted criminal in the UK for diverting church funds, he will have no qualms diverting campaign funds from a mugu he knows will be voted out. That’s my meaning of, “amoral” given the antecedents of the cross-eyed crook, Oyedapo. Oloshi. Smashed the eardrums of an innocent church goer after falsely accusing her of witchcraft. A Buhari Govt. will probe church-owned businesses and demand taxes, something Ole Oyedapo says is not in his scheme of business practices. Oyedapo still has questions to answer after the elections for calling on his congregation to murder anyone who looked like a terrorist, that’s your conman-of-god and devil worshipper, fake-pastor Oyedapo…
    A Mordafcuking Psychopath and ritualismo. Cultist!

    • delight

      You are talking out of point or are u jealous?

  • Jumoke

    Oyedepo is looking for the lucrative currency lifting contract.

    • delight

      What do u mean

  • dd

    When some of you wakes up and find disease in your body, please note the source.

  • tundemash

    Responding to Mr Jonathan’s call for prayers for a successful election, the General Overseer of the Winners Chapel, David Oyedepo said: “I pray that God will grant President Jonathan the unusual grace to meet the demands of his office.”

    Surely he needs all the prayers in the world to drop the bottle and pick up his responsibilirties for the last few months of his clueless reign ! Oyedepo does not have the power and cannot stop the flushing “down the toilet” of the PDP rogues from power on FeBuhari 14th.

  • Malish

    I am very to say this as it might hurt some people, take no offence. It is quite unfortunate that majority of the Nigeria’s populatuon still hold this primitive minds, our thoughts are still getting narrower by the second, i am not going to say much but this continued mistake that we are failing to learn from will be the continuation of our sorrow and grief. Why cant we focus on our development rather than religious bullshit, “GEJ has summoned christian leaders” what is the meaning of this? in which developed or highly developing country have we ever seen such a clear misconduct? Government is supposed to be for the people and by the people but instead it is for our leaders in Nigeria yet people run around uttering useless facts on political issues. I agree to the letter someone wrote to GMB on the passing of power to younger generations but i suppose the only option we have now is to get someone who can stabilise the country before we the youth can take control. With the current economic situations in the country do you think we can do anything other than support better plans? This should be the first step for all of us to plan on how to take control and reshape this country in the most astonishing ways. Lets all think on a wider perspective.

  • Matthew Arikanki

    President Jonathan is free to go to Church to worship the Almighty God.
    What we are dealing with here is a serious issue which bothers on how he
    has performed his responsibility in the past 6 years. Verdict. bellow
    average, there he will be voted out in the February 14th election.
    Nigerian deserve a iCHANGE which is a necessity every human endeavor.
    It is time for president Jonathan to go and he knows this too well. My
    concern is with his desperation to tilt the election in his favour when
    most Nigerians are in a hurry to see his exit. I endorse
    Buhari/Osibanjo. But we must know that these incoming government are not
    magicians. We all have to work to make things work. The change will be
    meaningless if we Nigerians dont hold our leaders accountable not just
    during in the time of election but also to get them do what they need
    to do in providing health care, good road and stop ballooning
    corruption. I think Jonathan who rode on the wings of providence to
    power will have learnt his lessons. If he is able to conduct free and
    fair election where he looses and congratulate and handed over the a new
    president then history will be kind to him.

  • 1] Goodluck Jonathan signed FOI
    bill that obasanjo refused to sign and you join then in saying that
    Goodluck is bad.
    What’s the need of FOI afterall ??
    2] Goodluck approved N18,000 Minimum wage from N7,500 Which Obasanjo refused to sign and you say that Goodluck is
    and NYSC allowance from N7,500 to #19800 and nearly approved N39,500, yet they say he is bad. Is the increment that
    3] Goodluck dualized federal roads (about 25,000km) which obasanjo and past Govts abandoned and you say Goodluck is
    Why dualizing when we can comfortably use flights and boats??
    4] The rail system is working now, with little budget But obasanjo Sunk billions of dollars without result, other pasts leader
    ignored and you say that Goodluck is bad.
    Railway?? What for ??
    5] Goodluck has been conducting free and fair elections whereas the ones conducted under obasanjo are Shameful and
    national disgrace yet you say Goodluck is bad.
    But why ??
    6] Goodluck established 12 new universities, 9 in the North to improve learning and knowledge
    and increase the educational accessibility rate, yet you say that Goodluck is bad.
    Is western education important??

  • God hand dey inside …God given president. GEJ….for 2015

    • tundemash

      Moron, how far ? Looks like God departed you, Oledepo and Dumbo Jo.