Nigeria 2015: PDP declares readiness for election, keeps mum on Dasuki’s postponement call

Olisa Metuh, Spokesman, PDP

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has stated its preparedness for the forthcoming elections but kept mum on calls for postponement of the election, especially by one of the most senior officials of the government.

The All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, had rejected a suggestion by the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, that general elections slated to begin on February 14 be postponed.

Mr. Dasuki, who was speaking at Chatham House, London, last week stated that he had advised the electoral body, INEC, to consider postponing the election for at least three months to enable all Nigerians who were unable to collect their Permanent Voters Card, PVC to do so.

The INEC chairman, Attahiru Jega, earlier rejected the call.

Speaking at the launch of Mitigation Of Violence In Elections, MOVE, project by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, IFES, on Monday, Mr. Jega said while he would not respond to media reports of Mr. Dasuki’s call, he could confirm that INEC is determined to hold elections in February.

“We have assured that the issue of concern, namely distribution of PVCs, will be addressed before elections; and the cards will be made for all registered voters. As evidenced in our preparations, we are ready to hold elections in February,” said the INEC Chairman.

The APC has equally rejected the proposal, saying Mr. Dasuki was merely speaking the mind of the Jonathan administration, which the party said is on the verge of being defeated, and requires more time to prepare.
The party said under no circumstance must the elections be scuttled.
Unlike the APC, however, the PDP did not categorically reject or condemn Mr. Dasuki’s statement, only stating its preparedness for the election.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, in a statement on Sunday stated that leaders and members of the party are working hard in all the nooks and cranny of the country adding that with its record of achievements and array of popular candidates at all levels, the ruling party will win overwhelmingly in not less than 25 states of the federation.

“We wish to restate that the PDP is fully ready for the general elections. We remain the only party enjoying the support of majority of Nigeria’s voting population across board. Our very strong political structures in all the states, a track-record of performance and array of very popular candidates at the national and state levels who Nigerians are eager to vote for guarantee us a sweeping victory at the elections,” he said.

Noting that Mr. Jonathan is the man to beat in the presidential poll, the PDP also assured of victory at the governorship, National Assembly and state assembly elections saying its candidates at those levels also enjoy the support of the majority of the voters in their respective states and constituencies.

The party, therefore, directed its members and supporters to close ranks and continue to work hard to ensure that it maintained its position in the polity.


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  • Wähala

    PDP must come out and categorically distance themselves from Sambo Dasuki’s evil ideas, it’s not enough for Metuh to remain mum about a Snr. Govt. official’s call for postponement in an atmosphere of suspicion being laid on his doormat. We need to know that they’re ready to abide by any fake promises Dumbo must have made to US Amb. John Kerry, about holding free & fair elections next month. The Abuja Peace accord was broken by them when according to Gov. Yuguda, it was due to internal squabbles that political thugs attacked Dumbo in Bauchi State, not the opposition APC supporters as alleged by Oly Metuh. With the sudden spike in BH terrorism attacks to destabilize the NE, the sinking PDP must come out and say it loud & clear that FeBuhari elections must hold if they’re confident of their man’s achievements and victory… why defer the Victory Party? The question of PDP readiness na dia matta, everybody else in Nigeria is ready o. PVC or not, Nigerians are ready to #DumpDumboBiko even if it means voting with their toes. Since Maiduguri is safe enough for Dr. Dumbo to visit, it must be also safe for Prof. Jega to visit… Shikena!

    • John West

      @ wahala, your contribution is always absurd. when will you stop disgracing your yoruba tribe

      • Wähala

        Go to the next thread and read Dumbo doing exactly what I called for… he has not only pledged a free & fair elections, but also conformed his handover date as May 29th. Pal, in criminology you look for what’s not there, that’s how cops catch crooks. On average, I’ve posted more top-voted comments than anyone you can mention and that’s not fluke. Telling folks I’m Yoruba is tribal nonsense I won’t engage you in bcos I’m proud of the Egba, but just note that me too know who this is but will let you fly this time… Nwa Nkpi!

    • Akinwande Kolawole

      GEJ when receiving John Kerry yesterday said elections will hold as scheduled,so why the needless attacks at Metuh? Please stop behaving like motor park tout.

      • Wähala

        Dumbo said he will handover on May 29th. Does not mean elections will hold on Feb. 14th to you?
        The problem with most of you is rational, in-depth analysis. Let them come out and categorically state that the 2015 elections will not be postponed by one day… that’s my problem with Dumbo-Metuh’s statements. Klar?

  • Well spoken of you PDP spokesman, i think it’s high time APC’s come out openly to disclose its preparedness for the forthcoming general elections regardless of Mr Dasuki’s (NSA) suggestion of postponement of the general election due to incomplete circulation of PVCs to the voters. We don’t want to hear stories like “bulk of their supporters were disenfranchised because they did not collect their PVCs” which might be considered as medicine after death. Pls, APC come out and say it now if you are ready or not

  • taiwo

    Dasuki was probably speaking the mind of his fulani brother,the PDP is already a household name and has always been poised and well positioned to win elections

  • shamsudeen sadiq

    Jonathan Must Continue Till May, 2019.
    Yusuf Abubakar, Dakata, Kano.

    “Wallahi, I will work to make sure that President Jonathan must continue in Office, until Muhammadu Buhari will understand the importance of education in a country.

    “I swear if na Buhari be the only presidential
    candidate, I will better stay at home, as he is
    there to be used by few Yoruba cabals from old ACN party.

    “No wonder, APC have been trying hard to
    package the illiterate General since 8th Dec. 2014. He never liked education and nowhere in the North will u find any school built by General, even a nursery school for Children”.

    “Jonathan is a Builder, na him, Me and my family will support. Kano have about 14 New Almajiri school, our train is back, airport looks like the airport in Dubai, the roads ok.

    “What have the General done for the North, as a former Military Governor, Oil Minister, head of state and PTF boss? Just Nothing, but he always want us to see him as second Allah!

  • shamsudeen sadiq

    A military is always a military….the man that rob off our democracy have now fallen in love with democracy…Can a tiger change its skin to sheep.? Nooooooo. if only my vote shall decide….then he has failed.

    • tundemash

      i guess just like Rawlings in Ghana ?

  • Abdullahi Adamu

    I joined APC because I thought it will be progressive, nationalistic and democratic. It has become sectional, sectarian, autocratic and with Buhari retrogressive. For a long time I battled my conscience and gave excuses. But watching Jonathan’s very real achievements finally made me come off the fence. I was in the heart of the APC. I know they believe that Muslims are in the majority and all Muslims will vote Muslim and it does not matter what Igbos and other minority tribes and the rest do, and that is why they did not bother because of this arrogance.. It is these deadly myopic thinking from Tinubu and Buhari that finally made me emotionally withdraw. But if Jonathan was not such an achiever I would have been lost. Jonathan and Ngozi are true transformers. They have done more than any previous leader in such a short time. I urge all Nigerians to Go all the way and join the transformation train and broadcast. There is too much at stake. Buhari must not win. Use your entire influence in social media to tell the truth. I will tell you all you need to know from my terrible experiences in APC.

    • tundemash

      use your one vote on FeBuhari 14th and stop ranting here using a fake name !

      • Abdullahi Adamu

        I don’t use fake name pls. Say something reasonable. I won’t Vote Buhari. He is not change.

        • tundemash

          good on you, you won’t vote Buhari; you have got only one vote and FeBuhari doesn’t need 100% of the votes. Just as I respect your not voting Dumbo, respect other’s choice of voting FeBuhari ! Is that clear Mr. Amnesty Miscreant using fake name??????

  • Akinwande Kolawole

    i can beat my chest to say this with boldness that GEJ has performed more than any Democratic government in Nigeria. Those who are leading this Abracadabra Change are Hawks and Predators who are ready to lord over d collective destiny of d nation. They are power mongers.

    • tundemash

      Not only in Nigeria. He has performed more than any President anywhere in the world!
      CL0WN !

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    For the unity,peace and progress of Nigeria,Jonathan must be re-elected.
    For the future of our dear country Goodluck must be re-elected.
    For the continuity of transformation agenda Ebele must re-elected.
    Support Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and have everlasting joy .
    Support Oluwole Buhari and go to Hell fire straight.

    • progress

      On the contrary ,Support a thief ,clueless ,Corrupt PDP govt under Jonathan and you will have yourself and that of your loved ones to blame,, It is only the corrupt and the vampires sucking the blood of people that are being killed daily ,that will like the status quo to remain. On Change We the Majority of Nigerians Stand.SAI BUHARI, God willing.

  • Pam Daylop

    Beyond Partisan Politics…

    Nigerians? Let’s get reasonable for once:
    My compatriots, when a group and their
    supporters say “Certificates are not important”
    while another group says “Western Education
    is Haram”; are they not of the same
    philosophy & persuasion?
    Think Nigerians, think think think! Vote Wisely



  • progress

    The CHANGE coming to Nigeria is a done deal , no amount of human scheming by the filthy ones in the corridor of power will derail the fast approaching tsunami of a change. SAI BUHARI for positive change.

  • Aisha

    Change and transformation which is better.

  • Akinfenwa Mikel

    You who think Buhari can provide anything but negative change are delusional. You think JOnathan didn’t do enough in his presidency, you will be shocked by Buhari. He will only wage war. He is not capable of democratic change, and when he sees how long it will take he will consolidate power and jail whoever disagrees with him. APC should thank the NSA for asking for three more months — maybe by then Buhari would give us any of his ideas to run the country, not just empty promises of wealth, equality and peace. It is not so easy as that…

  • AdemolaO

    So much for all the claims GEJ would not let go of power.

  • Franklin Coteh

    GEJ has done everything in its power to insure that these elections will be the fairest we’ve ever
    had. It is the role of the INEC now to make sure the last 13 million PVC are distributed correctly.

  • Emmanuel Gbadamosi

    Let us have the elections on the 14th! We don’t need to wait any longer to oust for good Buhari out of the political landscape. There’s no room for dictators in Nigeria!

  • Chuckwuebuka Alavavite

    If the vote could be held today, I’d have it. It’s about time to hammer out GMB. Then and only then will the APC be able to chose a proper candidate and offer a serious alternative to the PDP. Nigeria needs newcomers.