War threat: APC asks Jonathan to call Asari-Dokubo, Tompolo, others to order

Photo Credit: Vanguard Newspaper

The All Progressives Congress Campaign Organisation, APCPCO, has urged President Goodluck Jonathan and his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to call to order Niger Delta ex-militants who have threatened to wage war against the country in the event that their “son” loses the February 14 presidential election.

The APCPCO said in a statement by Garba Shehu, Director of Media & Publicity of the campaign, that the irresponsible ultimatum by the ex-militants is not only a barbaric threat on the sovereignty of our Republic, but goes against the spirit and letter of the non-violence pact to which President Jonathan is a signatory.

Mr. Shehu observed that the declaration of war against the state is causing panic and concern among Nigerians who are already embattled by so many challenges particularly of insecurity, which have been begging for attention.

The APCPCO reminded President Jonathan that as commander-in-chief it is his primary responsibility to ensure the protection of the citizens and their properties and that such open declaration of war by the ex-militants and several other acts of violence need to be denounced by him in the interest of the democracy, unity and stability of Nigeria.

According to Mr. Shehu, these drum beats by elements associated with President Jonathan need to change to peace beats so that the citizens, especially the youth need to be encouraged that the sustenance of the country’s democracy is better achieved through the ballot and not the bullet.

The APC Campaign called on Mr. Jonathan to make good on his declaration that his “re-election is not worth the blood of any Nigerian”, by calling these war mongers in his domain to order.

The Campaign noted that the latest threat is not an isolated act as the threat on General Muhammadu Buhari by Governor Fayose and the attacks on the party’s offices and rally in Rivers are pointers of coordinated insurrection against the APC ahead of next month’s general elections.

“It is disconcerting that the president has not immediately addressed such treasonable actions by persons who in the past have taken up arms against the Republic, and whose amnesty is dependent on their good behaviour and complete disarmament.

“The president needs to remember that he took an oath, as commander-in-chief, to protect Nigeria against all threats, external and internal. In this case, his silence could be misconstrued as an implicit approval of this declaration of war, seeing as the meeting of the warlords and subsequent declaration of war were from his own backyard, his home state,” Mr. Shehu said.

“The first step the President needs to take, to show seriousness in dealing with this issue is to dismiss from his government, his Special Adviser on Niger Delta, Kingsley Kuku who presided at the meeting at which this obnoxious resolution to dismember Nigeria was taken,” added the statement.
Garba Shehu
Directorate of Media & Publicity


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  • Spoken word

    The so called militants like asari and tompolo are only threatening to fight so that they can continue to collect money from the government and keep their private jet lifestyle. As soon as Buhari becomes president they will all abandon Jona like a bad habit.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Your points are well taken. But who are you crying to call boko haram to order who have captured part of Nigeria and are bombing maiduguri as l write. Your boko haram congratulated the paris murderers, there was no condemnation from you. So you see your party is clever by half and cannot approbate and reprobate at same time

    • bib

      It’s still the President that should also and have been empowered to bring the Boko Haram to order. Or is he not the Commander in Chief of the Nigeria Armed Forces?

      • BlackieUmukoro

        But do they ever condemn boko haram
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        • bib

          If your they include GMB he has condemned BH until his voice became hoarse. Indeed .BH said he is an infidel. But GEJ has never said a word against the utterances of Dokubo and co that have been threatening the country with violence. Indeed one can say that the gut they have is given to them by the financial muscle GEJ has been given them through dubious billion dollars cotracts he awards to them.
          One would have thought that in the spirit of Abuja Accord of non violence b4 during and after elections, the president would have ordered the arrest of Dokubo and co immediately after that meeting.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Leaving out Ango Abdulahi and the fanatics in the North ?
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          • bib

            Since after the Abuja Accord nobody has made threat of violence besides GEJ’s enabled dogs and Pastor Oyedepo.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            You lie truthfully. Well done
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          • bib

            This is ‘phd’ English. Pls decode.

            You may find this interesting.
            THE WORK OF A THINKER.

            Got this from one Bucky Hassan and I consider it a classic, yes a MUST READ!!!

            “If Buhari was pictured attending a mosque, and it was reported that the Imam said ‘he would open the gates to hell upon those who oppose Buhari’, and Buhari sat there and said nothing, what do you think many people would be saying today?

            If Buhari was pictured going to different mosques and kneeling before Imams, as part of his campaign, what do we think the comments would be?

            If Buhari was pictured going on pilgrimage to Mecca, surrounded by a retinue of fawning Imams, what would the response be from Nigerians?

            If Buhari invited senior Imams from across the country to a meeting with him, to discuss the elections and his campaign strategy, what would the Nigerian people think?

            GEJ has done all the above, and we are told he has a right to do so as a committed christian. Buhari has done none of the above yet he is called a religious fundamentalist with a plan to turn Nigeria into an Islamic nation.

            Please examine the facts so we can honestly decide who is acting like the real religious fundamentalist? Who is using religious faith as a political ploy to get votes?

            No pastor, Bishop, GO, Reverend Father, Imam etc etc is GOD. They do NOT have the right to tell you who to vote for. Go out there and support the candidate of your choice. Make your choice based upon who will give you and your children a better life and a better Nigeria.”- Bucky Hassan.

            TRUTH IS PRICELESS. Vote out the bigots and shame their Prophets and Bishops, tell Oyedepo that God is the God of righteousness, HE is God of all flesh, HE hates corruption and despises those whose watch encourages corruption, usury and insecurity. We shall VOTE the CHANGE ticket and hell will not roll over.

            God Bless Nigeria.

  • malik shaibu

    can’t wait to see how the war between APC’s boko haram and Jonathan’s niger delta militants will go.But one thing i know for sure is that the people of north central will definitely NEVER go with the hausa/fulani/kanuri

    • Abdul

      shut up you fake middle belter. The only middle belt that have had a taste of Jonathan ogogoro and criminality is either the few from plateau or Benue, as for the other states in the middle belt, we completely support and unite with Nigeria against whoever whats to cripple Nigeria.

      • malik shaibu

        you call the people of plateau,benue,nassarawa,kogi and niger few ?.The countdown is on we shall see.We are tired of the conspiracy of some extremist fulani hausa and kanuri that are wasting peoples lives thru boko haram and turning people into refugees in their homes


        You are so immature!

  • smith

    President Jonathan gave money and license to Tompolo to buy six warship as part of the weapon preparation for renewal of terrorism from the creeks. So I am not sure if Goodluck Jonathan can call anybody to order because this is being done in defense of Jonathan. It is supported by Jonathan himself.

  • dawood

    The sobreignity of our dearest nation is been compromise,imagine an ordinary citizen buying six warships under the president watch,bokoharam been given a plain ground to operate,gej is turning this country into what happened in ivory cost between Lauren bagbo and alaasan otara,I fear that what Jonathan fears much will be his final dome try(jail)through ICCJ

  • Wähala

    JoDumbo will not call any militants to order because they were speaking his last-gasp at political survival. The meeting was presided over by corrupt Kingsley Kuku of the Amnesty Program. Given that Lagos State guber candidate, Agbaje, had echoed the same re-elect Dumbo or risk losing their resources bullshit, one can easily discern this to be orchestrated PDP attempt at threats which should be dismissed as empty. Fact is, by election day these miscreants would’ve all sneaked out of the creeks into safety of asylum somewhere outside Nigeria, leaving the ignorant or illiterate few to bear the brunt of their foolishness. Dumbo is in the drains, Nigerians are only waiting for FeBuhari to use their votes to flush him out, and into the soakaway as the shithead he really is… Hopeless Drunk, 419-PhD!


      GROW UP!!!


        If you were paid to dis, go and take a reference from how the youths used social media to help Obama. Let’s talk bout real matters here and stop heaping insults on your president. RESPECT IS RECIPROCAL!!

  • me

    Just the beginning APC had better call off the bokoharams militants, I expected the NigerDeltans to respond long before now.

    • Abdul

      The beginning of what? you think we dont know that Jonathan and his militant thugs are behind BH? Ali modu sherrif is only providing cover for them and he and Jonathan will face war crime soon.

      APC just put it mildly maybe for political reason but let me tell what will happen to them and those who will be unfortunate to be cut in between the crossfire if they dare make any trouble after Jonathan is beaten blue black in the coming election. THEY WILL BE WIPED OUT BY THE MILITARY. Dont even think its this same military you will see under Buhari.

      • John West

        ABDUL, You are a noise maker, in fact you have talked like a naive village man,CAN YOU FIGHT, can your useless buhari fight. the fact still remain that your buhari can never near wining whether you want it or not, and you resort to riot and killing of nysc members like you did before, but this time around all that perpetrate will be rounded up and killed. You are thinking of people to wipe out but the evils you guys has be committing on your guest are now wiping you out. FOOLS

  • Progress

    Jonathan go back to Otuoke

  • Ilesanmi Dunjoye

    Let Buhari call Boko Haram to order first.

  • Clampo

    APC had better call Boko Haram to other b4 blaming others, after all its our oil money the North is spending and trying to grab.

  • marig

    Just talk, that’s all. These guys are so rich now and have massive investments all over they dare not jeopardise. Any false move from them and their financial empires will be crushed leaving them totally broke and on the run scurrying like rats into those creeks. Just talk.

  • chukwu smart

    Rubbish it is better d so called Apc. Under d flagship of buhari to first of all call boko haram to other b4 looking who to blame

  • babatope

    I’ve read so many fools here writing in support of jona and his bunch of militants threatening Nigeria as a nation. All I want to say is shame on you fools and I can assure u you all will be d first to run out of nigeria after the election. We are waiting for u monkeys to carry out ur threat since ur clueless jona is acting blind.

  • Omo Oodua

    Now APC is jittery about the ex-militant regrouping. They have been happy all along when Boko haram were and still are killing innocent Nigerians just to spite the President. but Now that the owners of the resources that sustain Nigeria are now sneezing, The APC are now afraid that their interests in the oil blocs who be affected. Its too late, The Niger delta boys must revenge all the atrocities caused by the APC foot soldiers. I trust my OPC boys to defend our territory. Oodua agbewa o!


    Exaclty what GMB should have done on the boko issue. He spurned the insurgency with his words… Now he is using bokos issue as a joker. Who is fooling who? Mr. Jonathan,you will always lead the way. APC learn, we can have a re-think in 2019