APC Campaign attacks PDP for allegedly circulating Buhari’s false medical report

The All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation, APCPCO, has lampooned the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for circulating a scam medical report on General Muhammadu Buhari.

A statement from the Directorate of Media and Publicity of the campaign on Sunday said it is ludicrous for the PDP to throw all cautions to the wind in its shameless effort to pull wool over the eyes of Nigerians over their rising desire for change of guard at the federal government.

The statement, signed by the Director of Media and Publicity of the APCPCO, Garba Shehu, particularly directs the attention of Nigerians to the glaring errors on the letterhead paper conveying the purported medical report, which wrongly identifies the institution as Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital instead of Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) as the Zaria-based teaching hospital is known.

The statement reads: “The attention of the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation has been brought to the circulation of a fake medical record of General Muhammadu Buhari.

“We are able to track the circulation of the post on a social media platform and we know that the information emanated from the Facebook handle of one of Governor Ayo Fayose’s aides.

“It is noteworthy that the authorities at the Ahmad Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) have given a clean bill on General Buhari’s health status.

“It is also noteworthy for Nigerians to understand that the PDP will stop at nothing to cast aspersion on the person of General Buhari.

“We knew that the PDP would become unbridled at a point in its desperation to avert the defeat coming its way in the count down to the February 14 presidential election, but to anticipate that the PDP would go as dirty as spreading falsehood on an individual’s state of health could not have been imaginable.

“What is important is that Nigerians know today that our country is not healthy. They know that the PDP has driven the country to a near state of comatose. Our national security is very unhealthy and our national economy is right now gasping for breath from the stranglehold of the PDP. It is almost as if official corruption and impunity are matters of state policy in the management of our national economy under the President Goodluck Jonathan administration.

“That is why a great number of Nigerians yearn for change. Nigerians want a change from the clueless and directionless management of our security and our economy. Nigerians made a call on General Buhari to come on this rescue mission. They called on him because they know he is fit as a fiddle to fix our unhealthy economy and the insecurity that has consumed a large region of our land,”


Garba Shehu

Directorate of Media & Publicity


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  • Usman

    The PDP is simply out of point

  • Stomach Infrastructure

    Whatever they do or say, SAI BUHAR!

  • Januzi Omar

    Mehn! I received a link here in U.S. And just watched Buhari on NTA denying he is ill.
    Meehn! That guy no well o! He luked seriously emaciated! More worrisome ws the big big boils on his cheek! I Luv Buhari but honestly Baba is ill! I can’t see him coping with d rigors of this campaign..how much more of ‘sweeping’ the so called mess of the PDP away if he eventually becomes president??
    I even heard Rochas okorocha saying the igbos deserve to be president in 2019!!
    My northern brothers, you know what that means??? It means there must be a pact amongst the cabal in APC that Baba Buhari will do only one term! It’s even obvious from his age!
    Will the north be ready to allow another region take over after one term by the ‘north’??
    Yes, some of us believe we shuld have the best..be it north or south. But we all know some people obviously don’t see it that way!
    Nigerians SHINE YUR EYES OOO!

    • seyi

      You people are shameless…Nobody in the North bears Januzi…Reno at work..Nigerians are ready to vote out PDP

    • tundemash

      cl0wn… try another one ! You live in US and reason like someone holed at an amnesty camp at the creek. Do you judge the health of a person by looking him on TV??

      Religious sentiment failed.
      Ethnic sentiment failed
      Certificate scandal failed
      Age scandal failed.
      Health scandal failed.

      Go look for another fake news and you have to be quick as it is getting quite desperate and late for your masters now; FeBuhari 14th is less than 4 weeks !

      • Otile

        Why do you blame brother Januzi? He is looking at the same screen as you are whether is in Kansas City or you are in Kandahar. Are you yourself standing in front of Imam stirring him in the face? Even if you are in the creek as you are fond of saying to put people down is it not the same TV program you are watching?

        I know where I am, I could watch Imam so frail like he has one foot in the grave. What are you talking about?

        • endingNaija

          Ole, when will Mrs. Diezani Alison madueke and her man-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan return our 20 billion dollars which “got missing” in NNPC UNDER Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke?

        • Januzi Omar

          Forget them..he even asked; ‘do you judge the health of a person by looking him on the Tv??’
          Very dumb question! When a human being is very ill..or terminally ill, NO ONE NEEDS A DOCTORS REPORT TO KNOW SO! When Yaradua was ‘going’, it was glaring even on Tv..same as Abacha.
          That MESS guy is so daft and unscientific in his thinking! I find it absurd that he and some retards called ‘seyi’ and ‘kick em out’ conclude I am not a Northerner cos of my nickname Januzi! The frogs don’t realise Januzi is a Manchester United player!
          Please help me ask the clowns what about the name Omar? Help me ask them o..i don’t want to have a conversation with those uncouth lowlifes.
          *so u also saw Baba Buhari on Tv?? Mehn, pray for the guy o!

      • jack

        Buhari is evil and has nothing to offer.APC and his northern illiterate brothers can see.

        • tundemash

          Jackshit ! How do u know evil when you see one ?

          PDP Chairman signed Sharia into law as the gov of Borno state ….. is he evil according to your definition ?
          Dumbo is the first Nigerian President to attend Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) meeting …. is he evil ?

    • kick ’em out

      Boy, from the fake name you are using, it’s clear that you are not a northerner as such you are not representing any northerner. Try another name. This one is busted!!!

    • Akin

      Reno Omokri , member of Goodluck Jonathan Campaign, are you this anti-science? (i) One of you the criminal Ayo Fayose circulated a fake report on Buhari’s health, you and your campaign team-Goodluck Jonathan Campaign team are not ashamed of that (ii) The same university teaching hospital which Ayo Fayose used to lie has declared Buhari medically fit. You sit by your keyboard to deny science. Is the PDP and members of Goodluck Jonathan Campaign this desperate and this sick?

  • Thepeople

    How desperate can PDP get ? These are the last action of a drowning party. Every breathing Nigerian should know this is wrong. This is no politics, it is sin against God.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Change tol a certificate-less, illiterate Buhari ko? Never. Buhari is ineligible and will be disqualified in the next few days. Sege dan yiska barawo Buhari.

    • Richard

      Wait till he is disqualified. It is someone like you that is an illiterate. Knowledgeable people know that if the name of an institution is listed and the dates of attendance is stated in an affidavit, the onus is on the agency or institution asking for the credentials to ascertain and verify the authenticity of the claims in an affidavit.

    • Jujubeans

      Where is GEJ’s certificate and pHd transcripts? We all know what can transpire in Naija universities and exam malpractice. PhD ko… PhD ni…419 master and certificate forger !

  • Mosaku 147

    Has it gotten this bad for PDP?but why is Ayo Fayose doing this to himself?where are the elders and leaders in ekiti?can someone please call Fayose to order?
    Anyway,today is 19th,just 26 more days left and a Nigeria that includes Ekiti state shall be free from this bondage we have found ourselves as a people under dumbo Nebu.

  • Brandon Landry

    At first it was his religion. Then it was his age. Then it was his certificate. Yesterday it was the feminist angle. Today it is his health. Whats next? Shape of his glasses, his shoe size, his height? Accuse GMB of not brushing his teeth in the mornings, we will vote for this Nigerian hero en masse!

    • Raqruq

      he is too tall and his vice too short lol

      • alabi olubunmi


  • buhari pickin

    True talk bless u my broda.APC change

  • buhari pickin

    Ayo fayose is a drug baron a drunkard like his corrupt boss in aso rock.dnt worry very soon we are coming to sweep every nooks and crannies in aso rock for buhari to take over.efulefu omo aje fayose

  • buhari pickin

    UP BUHARI DOWN BADLUCK JONATHIEF.corruption bye bye.insecurity bye bye.false information bye bye

  • Progress

    After the election, all legal means MUST be used to send these goblins to where they rightly belong. IT IS A LIBELOUS and hence liable to litigation. A man like Fayose does not deserve to live among humans. The immunity issue can be dealt with by fast tracking the case of the E11. Fayose is not qualify to contest in the first instance.