Jonathan support group accuses Shekarau, Wali, of failing to campaign for president in Kano

The Goodluck/Sambo Support Group has accused two ministers from Kano and the state Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, gubernatorial candidate of refusing to identify with President Goodluck Jonathan by shunning his posters.

“We wish to avail Mr. President and especially the Goodluck/Sambo Presidential Campaign Organization and the general public of the lackadaisical attitude of those charged with the campaign in the state as their approach lacks vigour,” the Chairman of the group, Abdulmuminu Musa, said in a state. “It is a statement of fact that nothing is being done at the moment to bolster the effort in the mobilization drive for the supporters for the re-election project with just about one month to go.”

The group observed that despite the proximity of the election date, February 14, there was still no campaign billboard of Mr. Jonathan in the state and no campaign structure on ground for the Jonathan/Sambo election.

“No branded vehicle of Mr. President is seen anywhere in the state, no candidate under the platform of PDP including our governorship candidate has openly identified with the aspiration of Mr. President by putting his picture side by side with their own as (has) been the trend,” the group said. “We can go on, but suffice it that the ugly trend can be turn around if Mr. President acts fast.”

Mr. Musa said the group believed Mr. Jonathan deserved better treatment. He said his group was made up of 120 sub-groups brought together under one platform to campaign for the president. He said they had managed to mobilise about 1.5 million followers in the last two years of their activities.

He lamented that despite their overwhelming strength none of the Jonathan/Sambo campaign people reached out to them, although they have structures spread across the state, local government and even ward levels.

“We wish to register our regrets that with the number of Federal Projects brought to Kano and the lucrative appointments given to the sons and daughters of the state as well as other tangible and intangible pecks, Mr. President deserves a better deal from his campaigners.

“It is also proper for us to reveal here that this ‘I don’t care attitude’ has begun to tell on some of our members thereby making them vulnerable for poaching by the opposition, especially at this eleventh hour. The Chairman of the Jonathan Kano Project 2015, a member of our group was lured away by the opposition, so we beg for quick action.”


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  • amazing2012

    Let them come, they are welcome !

  • just kennie

    The begining of the end of PDP in Nigeria. Even the blind can see the change.

    • Dan Arewa

      The beginning of the end of the SHOELESS story.

      • the future is now

        Quite amusing while it lasted

      • Otile

        The beginning of the end of retirement of an illiterate man’s story.

        • annasuku

          If U are against the peaceful revolution that is about to take place in February 14 election against oppression in the land, monumental corruption, alarming unemployment rate, insecurity with attendant massive daily killings of innocent Nigerians, kidnapping, oil theft put at a constant amount of 400,000 barrels/day, collapsing economy, impoverishment of Nigerians, massive squandering and waste of our collective wealth/resource, falling standard of education, protection of corrupt government officials and politicians, amnesty to convicted thieves e.t.c, then u must be an enemy of this country

          • Otile

            You see. You are only concerned about what you can siphon out of SE SS soil: concerned about how many barrels/day not sold properly, collective resources you suspect are missing, untapped minerals, protection of outgoing oil vessels.

            You see, where is your treasure, there your mind is. My friend , you are not a patriot. as you would like to see yourself.

    • Denis_NG

      Actually, I do not want PDP to end, I just want them to lose this time. The day Nigerian troubles and woes end, is the day we have 2 party system. When APC is voted into power next month, you can rest assured that they will work for the masses. If however they fail, PDP will be lurking in the corner to take over, and so on and so forth, just like in any normal country. The current single party system is what is responsible for bringing the incompetency called Jonathan into power. Once we can boast of 2 equally strong political parties, Nigerians would have taken back their country from the wicked cabals currently marauding the land.

      • Nwokolo

        This is what should be preached first and foremost. If truly our votes count and we believe, we can vote in or vote out whoever.

  • Dan Arewa

    I think Jonathan needs to do this himself or else Abdulmumini should take charge in Kano. I remember Kano was a city where Jonathan danced to the bodies of Nyanya victims. I believe Kano people will not accept this wicked man as candidate to vote for.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      “…no candidate under the platform of PDP including our governorship candidate has openly identified with the aspiration of Mr. President by putting his picture side by side with their own as (has) been the trend,” the group said.” – Mr. Musa

      Please take heart, Sir.

      Failure is an orphan.

  • tundemash

    So Dumbo is scared to going to Kano and looking to campaign by proxy !!
    Yeye dey smell !

    • Otile

      Why not? There are a lot violent Muslims there.

      • Northerner

        And bunch of illiterate faggots like ur father

        • Otile

          No, like your leaders and you know it.

  • Nuraddin

    Let them come,it is free country. By the Mr opportunist why not rise up to task and do the work yourself?

  • Mike

    It’s high time they tell him the truth, because they all deceiving mr president. No body is genuinely and sincerely tell the president the truth, he is no sallerble. The labelled busses of mr president ment for Kano are hiding somewhere in Abuja, no driver is willing to driver them to Kano even when they offered 200k just to drive them from Abuja to Kano a journey of three hours. She karau and Wali can not even WIN the votes in their wards not to talk of a LGC in Kano state. How do you then expect them to campaign for mr president? PDP should rather concentrate where they have genuine supporters not a place like kano

  • abdul afoede

    How you wan take sell rotten mango?

  • Arewabetter

    Campaigning for President Goodluck Jonathan in Kano State is tantamount to Harakiri, waste of time, waste of funds, and in general waste of resources. The Goodluck’s support group has nothing to advertise or sell to Kano State dwellers as well as the entire Nigerians. I hope this time around Nigerians are smarter and more intelligent to vote wisely into offices people, who will propel Nigeria forward. Nigerians should vote for people, who are incorruptible, responsible, respectful and full of integrity.

    • Otile

      Boy, this is a tall order. You can build all the structures you want but Muslims will come to destroy them. See what they have done to Baga, Madinatul Islam, and other places held by the Islamists in the North East. It is hard for us to build but easy for them to destroy. There is nothing Jonathan or anybody else can do to prevent Islamic vandalism.

      The best way to salvage the unaffected areas is to divide Nigeria and let the Islamists have their Caliphate and do their destruction as they see fit in their own territories. If they try to invade other newly created countries, that will be a different ball game. The new countries will have the right to fight back and ward them off.

      • Arewabetter

        What has religion got to do with message regarding the lack of campaign for Mr. Goodluck in Kano and its vicinities? Have I mentioned any religions in my post/comment on this article? Politicians, especially PDP politicians have failed Nigerians and not a particular religion. I have heard that PDP has been in government for the past 15 or 16 years and all that the nation has experienced is complete regress, thievery, embezzlement and all sorts of corruption as well as the practice of nepotism, tribalism and favouritism. I hope Nigerians have now got cleverer and more intelligent to vote into offices people, who command respect and are willing to move the nation forward. It is also my wish for Nigerians to vote wisely irrespective of their political, ethnic and religious inclinations. I also hope Nigerians will finally wake up from their slumber.

        • Otile

          Oh yes, religion has a lot to do with campaigning in birnin Kano. There are a lot of violent Muslims in the city ready to pounce of Jonathan’s campaign crew. Imam Shekau has instructed Muslims that the fight is against Jonathan, Christianity and Constitution. Are you not aware of this?

          • Arewabetter

            Are there nor Christians in Kano? Are they attacked by their fellow Muslims on a daily basis? Why should they wait for Jonathan’s visit to attack them? You and other Nigerians should forget about seeking comfort in religion. As a Philosopher and follower of Karl Marx, I have to educate you on religion. “Religion Is the Opiate of the Masses”. This quote is reproduced a great
            deal and is probably the only Karl Marx quote that most people are
            familiar with. Unfortunately, if someone is familiar with it they are
            likely only familiar with a small portion, which taken by itself, tends
            to give a distorted impression of what Karl Marx had to say about
            religion. Here it goes! “Religious distress is at the same time the
            expression of real distress and the protest against real distress.
            Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless
            world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the
            opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness
            of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give
            up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition
            which needs illusions”. It is worth underlying that religion’s purpose
            is to create illusory fantasies for the poor. Economic realities prevent
            them from finding true happiness in this life, so religion tells them
            that this is al-right, because they will find true happiness in the next
            life. People are in distress and religion provides solace, just as
            people who are physically injured receive relief from opiate-based
            drugs. However, analysing carefully what Karl Marx stated, one could
            also say that he is somewhat defending religion, but criticizing the society. What we have is a critique of society that has become heartless
            rather than of religion which tries to provide a bit of solace. One can
            argue that Karl Marx offers a partial validation of religion in that it
            tries to become the heart of a heartless world. For all its problems,
            religion does not matter so much since it is not the real problem.
            Religion is a set of ideas, and ideas are expressions of material
            realities. Religion is a symptom of a disease, not the disease itself.
            Notwithstanding, religion may try to provide heart, but it fails. For
            Karl Marx, the problem lies in the obvious fact that an opiate drug
            fails to fix a physical injury since it merely helps you forget pain and
            suffering. This may be fine up to a point, but only as long as you are
            also trying to solve the underlying problems causing the pain.
            Similarly, religion does not fix the underlying causes of people’s pain
            and suffering; instead, it helps them forget why they are suffering and
            gets them to look forward to an imaginary future when the pain will
            cease. Even worse, this “drug” is administered by the same oppressors
            who are responsible for the pain and suffering in the first place. Be
            that as it may, Karl Marx did not totally condemn religion. Had Karl
            Marx regarded religion as a more serious enemy, he would have devoted
            more time to it in his writings. Instead, he focused on economic and
            political structures that in his mind served to oppress people. For this
            reason, some Marxists could be sympathetic to religion. Karl Kautsky,
            in his Foundations of Christianity, wrote that early Christianity was,
            in some respects, a proletarian revolution against privileged Roman
            oppressors. In Latin America, some Catholic theologians have used
            Marxist categories to frame their critique of economic injustice,
            resulting in “liberation theology.”

          • Otile

            To cut the long magana short, the North needs more than your Marxist Leninist ideology.

          • Arewabetter

            All Nigerians, who seek comfort in religion need my own ideology. I do not want Nigerians to commit enormous and gargatuan mistakes by voting for inappropriate people. There is one thing Nigerians should understand, namely, politics is very interesting, but dirty. Enjoy a joke about politicians!!!

            Four surgeons were sitting around discussing whom they like to operate on.
            The first surgeon said, “I like operating on librarians. When you open them up everything is in
            alphabetical order”.
            The second surgeon said, “I like operating on accountants. When you open them up everything is in numerical order”.
            The third surgeon said, “I like operating on electricians. When you open them up everything is colour-coded.
            The fourth surgeon said, “I like operating on politicians.”
            The other three surgeons looked at each other in disbelief. One of them asked why. The fourth surgeon replied, “Because they are heartless, gutless, spineless, and their ass and head are interchangeable.”

          • Otile

            You are great intellectual, bro. We need more of your kind nowadays.

          • endingNaija

            Ole, hope things are well with you? Are you alright?

    • Benny

      And Nigerians should vote for a man that cannot simply obey the rules of the game. The 1999 Constitution, clearly stipulates that “a president candidate should attach his credentials to his INEC form” but your Buhari, typical of the born-to-rule mentality and poignant arrogance, refused to adhere to this simple rule. And you want to tell me that in the 21st century a man of that cannot obey simple instructions should rule over saner Nigerians? You guys really need psychiatric evaluation!

      • Arewabetter

        Please, learn to write and speak good English-English before posting any comments on my post. I do not comprehend the poor grammar and structure used here by you. Check my other posts to get to know who you are dealing you. Thank you!

        • Benny

          Mr. Grammar, when you are done with your hallucinations of being a better English Language writer, ensure you answer my “gibberish”.

          • Arewabetter

            Thank you for changing “diatribe” to “gibberish”.

          • Benny

            I rarely suffer fools gladly. Humble yourself and answer my question with sincerity!

  • Otile

    People should be reasonable about campaigning in Kano, because there are a lot of violent Muslims in the city. Nobody can eradicate Islamic terrorism anywhere. Obama got rid of Bin Laden yet Al-Queda terrorism persists. Al Shabab is waxing strong in Somalia and is penetrating into Kenya. Janjaweed has conquered territories from Anglo Egyptian Sudan to Central African Republic.

    Folks, Islamic terrorism has come to stay. The only remedy is for unaffected areas/countries to ban Islam entirely. Since
    Angola banned the evil nobody hears of suicide bombing there again.

    • Northerner

      Dumb assface!

      • Otile

        You are the dumb ass. Say something reasonable in defense of your Islamic position, not just dumb assface.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Islam still remain the fastest growing religion in the world and will continue to be till eternity. Islam condemns terrorism and a Muslim cannever be a terrorist. Ask GEJ to ban Islam in Nigeria

      • Otile

        Islam is growing by forcing unwilling converts, and you know it. Nobody can ban Islam where is has already taken root. What is needed is to split Nigeria to save the unaffected areas.

        • endingNaija

          Is everything fine with you Ole? Are you alright?

      • Benny

        A religion by coercion is not of God. Killing,enslaving and subjugating people to accept your religious belief is both ungodly and not a stripe of the Almighty God could be associated with such medieval beliefs. Islam is the bane of the crisis in the whole world. Check the mid-eastern nations, none of them except the moderate ones like United Arab Emirates that are in peace. What a peaceful religion indeed!

        • mallam mahdi

          That according to your understanding but pls to read a book called terrorism and illuminatti by David Livingston, you can search in google and download a pdf format of it. Also rea allice in wonderland and world trade disaster by David icke

      • mallam mahdi

        Bidemi old ask him first what religion is he practicing? I am sure he is serving the grave of his fore fathers because any body that has religion will not ask the ban of another person’s. Don’t answer pls.

        • Otile

          Do you not have the right to ask the people to ban a shop selling poison?

    • endingNaija

      Ole, are you okay? I ask because of your unstable thought here. Is everything alright with you? Just asking Ole.

      • Mohstone

        Ofcourse he is not Ok… you don’t need to be told. He took the normal dose of odeku very early this morning.

    • Habu Ibrahim

      Was the early 1990s internal wars and strife in Angola caused by islam knowing fully well that Angola had no indigenous muslim population? If you had conducted little more research before rushing out on the social media perhaps you would not have made this your empty islam bashing. Anyhow your irresponsible comments will not in anyway avert the calamity awaiting you and paymasters at Feb 2015. Meanwhile enjoy your spoils of sponsored media E-ratting!

  • Nkebueziokwu

    Hahaha reality is hitting on the dying cabal in the dying party. Posters reared off in Abuja, campaign buses burnt in Jos, Namadi Sambo booed and chased out of his Zaria hometown, Sule Lamido avoiding Jonathan campaign, Babangida Aliyu putting Buhari on his poster, Patience Jonathan banned from campaigning in Bayelsa, Ekwueme telling Jonathan to forget Igbo votes, addressing empty stadium in Ogun, senators decamping from PDP to APC, APC gaining majority in the HOR, Ondo campaign suspended cos of mass decamping from PDP to APC on the eve of presidential campaign and now PDPigs scared of campaigning in Kano, it is apparent that PDP and Jobathan are history. As Fr. Mbaka said, the glory has departed from the good luck-turned-badluck and he should honourably resign and hand over to Buhari.

    • Otile

      The whole thing is shaping out nicely. Fulani Yoruba are forming a strong alliance which may result in forming their own country. This will offer a lasting solution to the present brouhaha. The duo love Imam Buhari and he is good for them. Imam is a leper east of the Niger. We have no use for him down here, besides he is an illiterate. It will be absurd for an old illiterate Fulani to lead a lot of young educated people east of the Niger. He has nothing to offer our people. We can do better. We don’t want him to rule us, don’t force him on us.

      No, thanks.

      • Progress

        Ngige, Okorocha, Onu, Igbokwe, Ozekewezili, Amaechi, Tam David West, Sylva, Osiobaba, Oyegun, etc are EBIRAS?

        • oni

          Abeg ask him again! !!

          • Otile

            You must be a slave to one of Imam’s concubines.

        • Otile

          These are traitors of Southerners.

          • Progress

            And you?

          • Mohstone

            He is the empty-head mule from the South who claims to be the brightest from the region.

      • Wähala

        Very soon PDP will be left with nobody but Dumbo-Sambo… and their wives!
        Hahahahahaaaaa chei… tufiakwa for kalabari !!!

        • Otile

          You wish.

          When Imam is crushed in Feb you will be crying in Kanuri.

      • zacchaeus Akinleye

        Too late, pal. The horse has bolted from the stable…

        • Otile

          True, the donkey is heading back home to Daura.

      • concerned9ja

        Which educated people east of Niger? Certainly you are not referring to the Ogali O Ogali street hawkers of Onitsha or the bunkering, ogogoro quaffing primitives of Otuoke and the creeks.

        • Mr Igbo Sanity

          Don’t attack a whole city of Onitsha or people east of the Niger. Many of us have been on the APC progressive movement before the formation of APC.

          Yes just so you know 90% of all banks, 80% of developed properties Abuja, 90% of Hotels in Abuja, 40-50% of properties in kano, kaduna, over 50% of developed properties in Lagos, and 99% of properties in the East are controlled by people East of the Niger.

    • Wähala

      Fantastic summary… Respect!

    • seyi

      Good summary…am sharing it

    • Sada

      good job bro, I’m already sharing it,

    • Parrot

      Hummmmm, Apparent signals of six years transformation agenda!!!

  • True Nigerian


    Jonathan, I do not want to my president a fuul. But let me just say that there is so much folly in the Presidency!

    This is what happens when a Presidenct spends his tenure on managing perceptions by relying on propaganda rather than managing perception by tackling the very problems that produce those perceptions.

    The election is not even here yet. By 1st of February Jonathan’s disgrace will be staring right into his face with not masks on. He will see the true colours of his lies over the last 6 years, despite the monumental lies he’s been enjoying from a retinue of silly fellows called Presidential aides.

    Discountenanced by the North; disregarded by the South-West; doubted in the South-East; considered a user and a dumper by his own party stalwarts. So tell me, how on earth does he expect to be re-elected? It is impossible.

    • Benny

      If you check your history, the electorates in Kano as so enmeshed in ethno-religious bigotry. Majority of them do not vote for a non-Muslims. During OBJ’s two time tenure, they never cast their votes for him, neither did they cast their votes for GEJ in 2011 but they voted massively for Yar-dua in 2007. So, it is only non-critical minded politicians that would think that Kano people will abandon their Muslim brother (Buhari) and cast a vote for an infidel (GEJ).

      So, the rambling of the support group makes no difference. GEJ in his own wisdom knows that the core North electorates will never vote for him except for some few handful of votes or may be if he profess Islam to be his religion as the Boko Haramites want him to do..

      • mallam mahdi

        And at the same time Abiola from Ogun against Tofa from the same Kano state, what you have to know is that we in Kano always look for right candidate. For instance in 2011 I am die hard supporter of Shekarau but I did not vote instead I voted for Buhari and still remain with Shekarau as my mentor up till now.

      • Bloodless

        Kano people did not vote for Yar’Adua, but we votes for Abiola and Obasanjo

      • masud

        @benny,do consult facts before posting,2011.buhari had 79k votes from ss and se combined while Jonathan had a whooping 8.3m votes from ne nc and nw,won’t go further but just compare these figures to your write up

  • mallam mahdi

    So it is only Kano they observed that, pls. Any body from Lagos tell if has/she have seen Jonathan poster with any pdp aspirant? This is nation wide is an indication of the elections result

    • Otile

      Did the Moslems not swear to make Nigeria ungovernable for Jonathan? There are a lot of Moslem arsonists ready to torch Jonathan’s posters at site. That’s no brainer.

      • michaelnze

        You are a 5th columnist. You are NOT campaigning for Jonathan by insulting Muslims. How will Jonathan win then.
        My friend check the logic in your approach.
        If you are campaigning for Jonathan tell us what he has done in the past 6 yrs and prove how his phd has made the difference in our lives.
        Tell us how phd Jonathan has performed better than shagari with teachers grade2.

      • anonymous

        can’t u noticed yet, u r d only one shouting GEJ hear…Dog

      • mk

        Otile GEJ is pleading for Moslems vote on his knees, and here you are in a tight village corner of minority saying otherwise…HE need us modern we need him…as him yourself Mr naughty.

      • Bloodless

        Could you quote any of the Muslim representative that swore to make Nigeria ungovernable please

      • Bloodless

        Even Reno Omokri alias Wendel Simli after labelling Northerners as parasites on twitter is now desperately begging for the parasitic votes.

      • Ibraheem Aruna

        AT YOUR LEVEL you ought not be generalizing, not all Muslims. Lest we forget no matter the outcome of this election we will all have to live together in Nigeria. Muslims and Christians had always lived together side by side, Like somebody once said we have no other country.

  • djay

    Who in his right senses would market a bad product that can never sell or be accepted. They just want to calmly collect their own share from Gej before he is booted out Feb 14.

    • Otile

      …booted out to be replaced by an old illiterate bigot. Oladumare ma je.

      • zacchaeus Akinleye

        He’s most likely intellectually smarter than you. General Buhari attended the best military institutions in the world (with commendations for distinguished performance) for professional training, not the shop-front schools awarding you worthless certificates in Nigeria.

        • Otile

          You are dead wrong zacchaeus, he may have attended those institutions but he learned nothing. Where are his safricates? Here is a dunce who did not pass STD 6 not to talk of WAEC. An illiterate can sit in the most sophisticated class yet come out learning nothing. That is no big deal.

      • Dumbo

        Buhari is far better than your father in every aspect and that is if you are not from the baby factory. Prove me wrong if you had a father and not from baby factory and tell us what he has contributed to Nigeria with his qualifications. Internet gives access to some unwanted cloned people to always spew rubbish.

        • Otile

          You don’t compare people by tribes in continent Nigeria. For you idiots_any Fulani dunce is far better than the brightest person from another ethnic group. This is pathetic for you people.

          • Mohstone

            So you’re the brightest person from your region … Chineke!!! No wonder !!!

      • beehech 1

        What is your definition of illiteracy. If you don’t know say it. Don’t feel shy.

  • Preco01

    You want these guys to sell ice to eskimos? bro Jona you na bad market naa!

    • mk

      You make me laugh Sell ice to Eskimos..they just need thier share before the party closes..

    • Ken

      So Buhari can be sold to the SS/SE? he wont score up to 10% in SS/SE. The South is peopled by matured people. I can say that of the NW.

      • Mohstone

        He doesn’t need SE & SS votes. How many of una dey there sef??? Combined the two regions you no reach southwest. So what’s the buzz about the SS & SE votes???

      • Nostory

        SS + SE < Lagos state + Oyo state


    Before nko? I dey laugh ooooooo

  • Yusuf

    Mr. support group why not go to Kano and start the campaing by your self, these ‘bats’ you mentioned know us very well; we have no political-Gods but political-servants, it will be easier to sell ice in eskomo

  • endingNaija

    Let them give you more from the OILY 21 billion Naira Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Chop, it will NOT change the electoral misfortune of the outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan in the February election. CHANGE has arrived in all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria. This is the way we end Corrupt Nigeria under the Corrupt watch of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. We are Ending the Corrupt Jonathan Naija! You hear?

  • Shahokaya

    Who will associated with Ebola?





  • Ken

    The North is very insensitive. The very people that feed them are the ones they are fighting. That food will be withdrawn. GEJ will be reelected and rule till 2019. He will campaign as far as he is a Nigerian and the president for that matter.

    • Mohstone

      Listen to yourself. We are the ones to withdraw the food. Yeye do you have food in your dungeon???

    • glo

      What a moron you are!

    • beehech 1

      Poor funny subjective blind ken.

    • masud

      Yes,even without the 8.3m votes he got from the north and 3.8m from the south west,day dream.

  • Umar Dendi

    Even his associates know that he’s a failure.
    A political liability. chai!

  • ICC Hague

    Why will they waste their time campaigning for a failure, if he has perform in six years, he dont even need to campaign, but the man is a total failure and disgrace to Nigeria. The international community are mocking us because of GEJ ineptitude. Buhari all the way.

  • Abubakar sadiq

    The reason is simple. GEJ is a bad, rotten, smelly product. Who will want to market him?

  • Akib Abiola

    A message to my fellow Yoruba, Omo Odua. This was a picture at a rally for President Jonathan in Kano, the heart of the North. President Jonathan and PDP are going to win the North, the South East and South South. My fellow Yoruba men and women come on and get on board of the winning train.Politics of opposition has not gotten us anywhere at the federal level. We need to vote wisely and vote smart so that we can have our rightful place at the center and get our rightful portion of the national pie. YORUBA RONU…YORUBA THINKS. The Northerners have realized that those who are sponsoring Buhari are doing so for their own selfish reasons. They have told me that they believes that a vote for Buhari is a vote for Tinubu Presidency and Obasanjo Third Term agenda. They said they would not succumb to a Yoruba wayo…(tricks). They said Tinubu is going to turn Nigeria to another Lagos. They said they won’t be fooled. The cat is out of the bag. I am sharing this with everyone because I love my Yoruba people. Charity begins at home.

    • Brandon Landry

      Who da fcuk is this retard???

      • Akib Abiola

        Your father and mother

    • masud

      May shongo strike you and your family

      • Akib Abiola

        You are typical Buhari’s supporter, violent, aggressive, illiterate and retarded. God and not Sango will ditch how the worst punishment on you and your family.