Jonathan is the change Nigeria needs, PDP insists

President Goodluck Jonathan

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said that no change could be better than the rapid change in all sectors which Nigeria has undergone in the last four years, declaring the continuity of President Goodluck Jonathan as the real change the nation needs.

A statement by the national Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Olisa Metuh, Tuesday said no administration in the history of Nigeria has turned in high flying, all sector delivery in its first four years as Mr. Jonathan’s.
Mr. Metuh said in adopting “change” as its slogan, the APC has shown it is out of tune with reality as change has since begun under the present administration.

The party said the mark of true leadership is the ability to stay the course notwithstanding the level of distractions orchestrated to make the leader lose focus.
He said that President Jonathan has beaten every adversity to achieve an unprecedented transformation of Nigeria.

“What change is greater than an unimpeachable delivery in both fundamentals and incidentals of democracy? The basic and true test of democracy lies in the level of freedom available to the citizenry, in the separation of powers and in the value attached to the expressed wishes of the people in timely polls. To these cardinals of democracy, President Jonathan has been a slave!

“The change lies in the change of values and attitudes towards decades-long corruption as occasioned by the firm stand of President Jonathan on zero tolerance and in establishing the Freedom of information law which have made Nigerians discuss freely and expose corruption while government battle the ill within the ambit of the law.

“Today under President Jonathan, Nigerians relish in all fundamental freedoms even to a level where the opposition denigrate the person and the office of the President, yet no one is harassed and none, a political prisoner. Besides, the legacy of credible elections instituted in 2011 has gathered enough steam with President Jonathan’s insistence on one man, one vote. Votes now count and for the first time in our recent history, Nigerians raise their voters cards (PVC) in pride as a sign of strength and weapon for the enthronement of leaders of their choice.

“The change, the statement continued, lies in the continuity of the current infrastructural turn around where lethargy in the unbundling of the energy sector was swiftly overcome and more power stations completed to up and stablise power supply as the critical base for accelerated development. The change is where a record 25,000 out of 35,000 km of Federal roads were either re-constructed or rehabilitated in just four years and railways long abandoned for decades now back on steam.

“There can be no better change better than in the diversification of the economy and where the investment friendly environment created by the Jonathan administration has buoyed up the economy with local and foreign investments; importantly, strengthening genuine local entrepreneurs for global competition, with automobiles for example now manufactured Nigeria.

According to the PDP, “the change that Nigerians yearn for is that which consolidates the capacity of a leader who established fourteen new federal universities in four years; holds close to the heart, the future of the children of the poorest of the poor in establishing the Almajiri and out-of -school children education system.”

“The change lies in that leader who knowing the critical importance of health and agriculture in directly impacting on the wellbeing of the citizens engineered a radical change that removed a corrupt fertilizer and other agro-input distribution mechanism, gingering productivity by 9 metic tons of food and shutting down food import by USD 5.3 billion in 2014 while creating over 2.7 million direct farm jobs. He also repositioned health services, returning federal health institutions to real referral centres of excellence with capacity for treating all ailments and raising life expectancy to 53 years from 49years.

The PDP further charged that the opposition slogan of change is a mask for their inability to fashion out an alternative roadmap to greatness, urging Nigerians to ask them if their meaning of change is a return to ‘ Egypt’ where Nigerians queue up for days to buy petroleum products or the reversal of the realty of today where indigenous Nigerian oil and gas companies have been empowered and are now masters of the turf.

“We wish Nigerians to ask whether change means a return to an era where governments bought no single weapon for the armed forces to build its strength and make it formidable.

“Nigerians deserve to know whether change means a throwback to the time where instead of using institutional means to fight corruption within the ambit of the law, government would use extra judicial instruments to deprive Nigerians of the very essence of democracy in the name of fighting corruption.

According to the statement, ” since no one changes a winning team, more so where the opposition has no better alternative except in sloganeering ‘change’, the change remains the continuity of the excels of the present PDP government, through a leader who has shown absolute faith in God, fidelity to the laws of the country and respect for the rights of his compatriots.”


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  • Mr. Abdin

    So PDP is talking about change when thousands of Nigerians are dying every day and they are mourning the citizens of other country who were killed we are tired of this clueless regime we need change,

    • Aisha

      Mr Abdin, is not APC that is killing Nigerians. I am from north and will always say the truth. APC is evil.

      • Ologun David

        Aisha thanks for saying the truth.

        • Aisha

          ologun, welcome. the truth is sacrosanct.

      • mk

        I’m from north, we need facts madam as one and against ur accused

  • Aisha

    it is obvious jonathan has done so well, but APC lie lie propaganda and conspiracy of evil corrupt Nigerians who are seriously resisting economic slavery they have put us into are the ones denying this fresh breath that mr president has brought to Nigeria.

  • Sani Danladi

    The thing with Nigeria terrorism (if that was a honest question), is that the enemy is within. As someone born and raised in northern Nigeria. For Nigeria to sack Boko Haram, the community around the environment they operate must first reject them. The sooner the northern Nigerians comes together and collectively reject Boko Haram,, the sooner we will all be safe in this part of the world. France did not track down the small terror that visited them because of their sophiscated police or capacity.They did so, because some one made a phone call. So let us be honest about our situation. GEJ with all the Nigeria army can’t stop a calous out of reality group that has no rule of engagement. How can a regular army defeat such group, it has not happened anywhere in the world. And i challenge anyone to tell me where it has ever happend.
    Insecurity in the north is not a measure of GEJ’s performance, it is a collective failure of northern society of yester-years.
    Buhari is part of that failure. So when Olisa Metuh and his party says GEJ is the change Nigeria needs,they sincerely have a point. I agree with them. I will vote GEJ.

    • Aisha

      the problem of north is north. How can a father encourage his son or daughter to take up arm against its own country. does Americans sabotage its own country?.

  • Akinwade Kolawole

    Today at their rally in Abeokuta, while climbing the stage, Buhari was well guarded from all sides (obviously in case he falls) —
    After standing for a while to give his incoherent speech, with muddled words, Buhari was so obviously tired and weary-
    He was helped off the stage, and was coughing seriously, like someone suffering from tuberculosis.
    No one is saying Apc shouldn’t present a candidate, it is democracy, but presenting;
    > A demon of the old, dressing him in robe to disguise him as an angel– forgetting he has a terrible stench that can never be washed way
    > A medically sick candiate
    > An intellectually weak and unqualified candidate
    Is An Insult to the Electorate.
    At the end of the day, when he loses, (like he always does) the violence forecast that may come to pass is scary and worrisome.
    APC is nothing but Trouble and Evil.
    I stand with PDP and Jonathan!

    • Aisha

      he is sick, Tinubu wants to cheat the north again. we will go for GEJ and in 2019 the power will return to us.

      • Segun

        buhari is another Yaradua to Tinubu. he wants his puppet Osibanjo to take power from backyard.

  • Segun

    Jonathan has delivered in agric sector, health sector, industrialization, transportation etc. give him more 4yrs and Nigeria will be totally transformed.

    • Aisha

      before Jonathan came, our northern brothers have been handling agric ministry but we do not get fertilizer. but today our farmers in the north get fertilizer as at and when do? how did buhari help develop agric sector when he was in Dondon barracks? GEJ nagode sir.

  • Ologun David

    we will shock APC in south west. Tinubu will be defeated flat. he can no longer use our votes for his personal and family political aggrandizement and economic enrichment.
    up GEJ

  • Musa Yaro

    GEJ CAMPAIGN – MATTERS ARRISING. Gov Fayose displayed his certificates ( Schl Leaving Cert, WAEC, OND & HND ) at the campaign ground to clear the arguement whether he is educated or not, Fayose seized the opportunity to challenge BUHARI and APC to equally setle the score and if not BUHARI should be the first persnn to be jailed for swearing an affidavit to what he does not have. Sai GEJ

    • Aisha

      kai walahi this Fayose don show APC shege.

  • onyeka okorie

    Thank You Ibrahim Babangida for stopping Buhari from transforming to a Life President.

    What most Nigerians, especially the Youth do not know, is that IBB Coup of 25th August 1985 was a rescue mission in which a Power drunk Army Officer who was bent on foisting himself on the nation for live Presidency was relieved from office. Buhari would have remained as a Life President till date, if one looks… the lust that he had exhibited why contesting for the office, on several occasions that he contested, there is no doubt that he would have become Nigeria equivalent of Mobutu Sese Seko but the courage of IBB made the difference.

    A peep into Nigeria history would indict Buhari as the only Nigeria Head of State that did not have any plan or programmes of returning Nigeria back to democratic rule. It portrays him as enemy of democracy. Even those that ruled briefly like Ironsi and Murtala did mapped out plan for a return to democratic government.

    Let us analyze all the Past Military regimes and their Programmes:

    1.Gen Thomas Aguiyi Ironsi (January 1966- 29th July 1966)

    On Assumption of office following the revolution of January 15, 1966, which he perfectly brought under control. On February 16, within a month on saddle appointed two study groups: Nwokedi’s unification of the Administration and the Administrative service and another headed by a highly respected Yoruba lawyer Rotimi Williams on the Review of the the constitution with mandate on programmes towards returning Nigeria to Civilian rule. The recommendations of later group was to be subjected to a referendum.[Aguiyi Ironsi Picture Inside]

    2.Gen. Yakubu Gowon(Rtd) (1st August -29th July 1975)

    The then Colonel Yakubu Gowon became Head of State following the bloodiest Nigeria coup which he spearheaded that toppled the Government of Aguiyi Ironsi. The coup was therefore resisted by Col. Ojukwu and the East. Meanwhile the General was able to exert his influence following defeat of the Eastern Government that declared the republic independent of Nigeria for 3 Good years. As soon as the war was over Gowon promised to return power back to Civilians in 1974. He reneged on the promised and on October and fixed 1st October 1976 as a hand over date. But the love for power made the “Youngest Nigeria Head of State” to reneged on the promise, on 1 October 1974, Gowon declared that Nigeria would not be ready for civilian rule by 1976, and he announced that the handover date would be postponed indefinitely. He was therefore toppled by Murtala Muhammed, another of the inner caucus that toppled Ironsi Regime.

    3.General Muratal Muhammed ( 29th July 1975- 13 Feb. 1976)

    Like Late General Ironsi of blessed memory, General Muhammed’s regime began the process towards returning power to civilians and on October 18, 1975, he set up the Constitution Drafting Committee. In his address, General Muhammed informed them that his Government was “committed to a federal system of government, and a free democratic and lawful system of government which guarantees ‘fundamental human rights’ and urged them to work for the creation of viable political institutions which will ensure maximum participation and consensus and orderly succession to political power.”. He was not to live long before his past nemesis caught him and he was killed by the Younger Col. Suka Dinka

    4.Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo ( 13th February 1976- 1st October 1979)

    Faith thrusted the leadership of Nigeria to Yoruba Olusegun Obasanjo, who was a rubber stamp deputy to Murtala Mohammed following the death of the Nigeria Military Leader on February 13th 1976. Olusegun Obasanjo kept faith with the programme of Murtala Muhammed for the restoration of civilian government in 1979. And the 50 man committee created by Murtala published their reports on September 1976. In 1st October 1979 the newly elected Alhaji Shehu Shagari of NPN was sworn in.

    5.Gen. Muhammadu Buhari ( 31 December 1983 – 27 August 1985)

    Gen. Buhari toppled democratically elected President on New year eve of 1984. His government programmes revolves around childish war against Indiscipline- a programme where adults were flogged and abused by soldiers for no reasons other than they do thing the usual way. He became the only Nigeria Military Head of State that has no PLAN OR PROGRAMME OF RETURNING POWER BACK TO THE CIVILIANS.


    6.GEN. IBRAHIM BABANGIDA (August 27, 1985 – August 27, 1993)

    The then Major General Ibrahim Babangida one of the principal members of Buhari Government rescued Nigeria from Buhari life Presidency as soon as he discovered that the Katsina Born General wanted to perpetuate himself in power. He struck in a bloodless coup. On his own part became a Nigeria Political Maradona, having promised in 1985 to return power back to Civilian in 1990. In that year he extended the returning exercise to 1992 by formation of Two Party System(SDP VS NRC). In first exercise disqualified key contestants and had the election postponed till 1993. In 1993, Tofa and Abiola contested election but the same IBB annulled election when the result was inconclusive. While under pressure, he handed over to a makeshift interim Government while he step aside.

    7.Gen. Sani Abacha (November 17, 1993 – June 8, 1998)

    Gen. Abacha an ally of both IBB and Buhari overthrew the Earnest Shonekan Interim Government and promised immediately to returned back power to Civilian. In 1995, he asked Civilians to form political parties of which he midwifed the formation of 5 political parties which all intended to return him as their Presidential flag-bearer. He died unexpectedly and one of the Senior Military Officer named Abdulsalami took over.

    8.Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar (9 June 1998 – 29 May 1999)

    General Abdulsalami Abubakar took over following the death of the then Nigeria Maximium Leader, Gen. Sanni Abacha. He disbanded the Five Political parties formed by Abacha as well as the transition programmes. He launched a new transitional programmes. He promised to hold elections within a year and transfer power to an elected president. He established the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), appointing former Supreme Court Justice Ephraim Akpata as chairman. The INEC held a series of elections first for Local Government Areas in December 1998, then for State Assemblies and Governors, National Assemblies and finally for the President on 27 February 1999. Although efforts were made to ensure that the elections were free and fair, there were widespread irregularities that drew criticism from foreign observers. He kept his word and transferred power to elected president Obasanjo on 29 May 1999.


    vote for GEJ

  • Tonnero

    GEJ and his supporters have gone stark, raving mad. Not only have they ruined the country and reversed any progress ever made by OBJ and Yar’Adua, they are now distancing themselves from their own (GEJ’s) record! The same man who has been there for more than 5 years is now promising to fight corruption, create 2 million jobs a year, fight the insurgency etc. On one hand Metuh says he has already done it all and he is the best thing since sliced bread; on the other hand the candidate is promising to do it. Sheer madness. Even propaganda has its limits.

    • onyeka okorie

      Tonnero, sir can u name such progress made by OBJ and Yaradua, THAT WERE REVERSED BY GEJ? AM WAITING SIR.

  • onyeka okorie

    Diboh I stand to be corrected that through out Buhari 2 yrs tenure, he never mentioned the word “Transitional Programme”. He gave the politicians 200, 300 and life imprisonment to perpetuate self on power.
    say no to Buhari

  • Abdullahi Adamu

    Gradually But Steady We are Moving Foward.
    It is a pity that Nigerians who cry for change have refused to first, acknowledge the achievements of president Jonathan. Jonathan is not the messiah. He’s not a magician. He can’t transform Nigeria overnight. It will take time.
    Like Obama said in his inaugural speech, the desired change will not happen in a year. It may not even happen throughout his tenure. But the process has been set in motion. We seem to be unusually impatient with Jonathan. We expect immediate result to everything. The man has been there for less than six years and we are demanding that he fixes all our problems at the same time.
    True change happens little by little. One at a time. If we check from independence, we will find out that Jonathan hasn’t done badly. The problems we have in Nigeria today, didn’t start with Jonathan. Not even Buhari can fix all our problems. No single person can.
    Our problems are deeply rooted in the society. Our politicians are the products of our society. We need to start with the family setting and at individual level.
    Everyone crying that Buhari is change or our messiah, will soon find out that he isn’t. The spirit of corruption is in the society. From North to South and from East to West. The story is the same. From mosques to churches, same old story.
    President Jonathan, you have done well. A man can’t give more than he has. Come Febuary 14 Nigerians will show you how much we LOVE and APPRECIATE your Efforts in moving Nigeria to a Greater Height.
    Vote continuity
    Vote transformation
    Vote Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

    • mk

      Your words of moving 4ward..from frying pan to fire..simple

  • charles peters

    APC has been consistent in saying that PDP has ruled Nigeria for 16 disastrous years in which corruption, impunity, insurgency, armed robbery and several ills of society held sway. But at a very close look at the APC, I am seeing:
    1)Rotimi Amaechi – 8 years speaker; 7 year, Governor under PDP. 2)Atiku Abubakar – 8 years Vice president under PDP.
    3)George Akume – 8 years Governor under PDP.
    4)Bukola Saraki – 8 years Governor; 2 years, Senator under PDP. 5)Timipre Sylver – 4 years Governor under PDP.
    6)Audu Ogbe – 2 years National Chairman of the PDP.
    7)Aminu Masari – 4 years as the Speaker, House of Representatives under PDP.
    8)Chris Ngige – 3 years Governor under PDP.
    9)Rabiu Kwankwaso – 7 years Governor; 3 years Defense minister under PDP.
    10)El Rufai – 4 years FCT Minister; 2 years BPE Chairman under PDP. 11)Tambuwal-3years as Speaker House of Reps under PDP; and to cap it all,
    Obasanjo is the navigator of the APC, a man who spent 8 of the disastrous 16 years as the maximum ruler of Nigeria.
    It is now clear that APC is a waste basket of the PDP, where the people who created and perpetuated the 16 disastrous years are now dumped. So where is the change coming from? Are they now saints because they joined APC?
    they left to APC because GEJ is no longer the business as usual kind of president>
    Up GEJ

  • Timothy Aseer

    I am neither an alarmist nor a medical doctor but the Buahri I saw in owerri is not okay
    He is so empty and bereft of punchy lines you expect of a politician
    He rarely complete a statement with a high pitch or wind two issues together correctly
    He looks frail and totally out of control of himself
    He looks more like an unwilling horse but like a baby sleeping but still eating candy
    I really pity this elderly man
    And I can envisage the hole some pple are trying to put us into

    Your vote is your choice,vote GEJ,vote PDP.

  • Anene Mercy

    it is Jonathan ka anyi ga eso

  • Anene Mercy

    here is ur old 72yrs old grand pa who wants to be our 21st century president.

    he even lied over his age. doesn’t he look 89yrs old here?

    say no to Buhari

  • Pam Daylop

    Those that blame Gej for weakness or inaction concerning boko haram , failed to understand one thing. No country had won neither will win war on terrorism, if one section of the country supports the terror group. Just look at what is happening in France now. The whole country united against terrorism, but in Nigeria Buhari a presidential candidate had stood against the use of force in fighting BH. My worry is this, if Buhari could defend BH in public, what happens behind closed door. I am very very afraid of Nigeria future if and if Buhari wins.

    We are better off with GEJ !

  • Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu

    Boko Haram is an agenda by Buhari & northern leaders to return power to the north. Power must return to d north by bomb, blood, terror, violence, hook or crook. Politics & terror are the only thing northerners take serious. So take power from them, they will get it back with crooked politics or with terror & blood. That’s what other tribes cant indulge in but it doesnt matter to an average hausa/fulani. Buhari is the face of that terror group killing innocent people to gain power. We must reject them at the polls.

    • mk

      One arch bishop in jos today has given a convincing reasons that boko haram are sponsored by western countries..look for on net and stop taking urself to HELL ,except if that’s where belong…we need facts not intuition.

  • Stomach Infrastructure

    Which of the Jonathans? Surely, not the thieving Dumbo!

  • Man_Enough

    according to olisa continuity is the same thing as change. no further comment.

  • Maria

    I have said it that those tutoring Jonathan are morons…how could someone say a man who has been in power for 8 years(including 2 years as VP) is the change we need?

    • Akinfenwa Mikel

      Top-down change does not take place overnight. This is especially true on the African continent, where many nations lack the infrastructure and mindset of the world’s more developed democracies. Changing the color of your hair or your name is easy; the type of change GEJ represents and his aides preach takes longer to implement, but will lay a solid, enduring foundation. His opponent threatens to unravel all the democratic progression that happened in the eight years of which you speak.

  • Timothy Aseer

    Buhari Is Ideologically Vague – US Ambassador.
    Vague is an understatement!
    The only thing I see about him is HIS GAP-TOOTH! A Weakling that fell asleep to wake up to a bloodless coup?
    Buhari cannot lead Nigeria. He can’t solve Nigeria’s problem. He doesn’t have the clue to do so.
    The guy has nothing upstairs as far as 21st century ideology is concerned. Otherwise, Fela wouldn’t have called him “Animal in human Skin”.
    Febuhari is synonymous with failbuhari
    Failbuhari is the resultant of febuhari
    Come febuary Failbuhari will continue with the tears of failure.
    Has no place in Aso Rock.
    Whatever he forgot there is lost in the era of the military.
    ‪#‎IStandWithGEJ‬ Till 2019.

  • Abdullahi Adamu

    Many Nigerians are hating GEJ based on sentiments and APC propaganda. Every administration has shortcoming such as the Ikeja bomb blast during OBJ but we didn’t call OBJ clueless, the ODI massacre, etc. GEJ has done a lot and is doing a lot to fast track the development of the country.
    Best way for a country to develop in this modern world is for the institutions of democracy to be strengthened. There is now free and fair election, free press, free judiciary etc. that way corruption will die a natural death.
    Arresting your enemies and jailing them cant stop corruption. Institutional approach seems a sustainable and proven means of fighting corruption.
    By Some People’s assessment, LIGHT is gradually improving, people have started to travel on the Rail condusively again and Agriculture is coming back.
    All these are steps being taken to better the economy and like my mother used to tell us then-TAKE A STEP AT A TIME.
    Many people forgot to mention his Achievements in Education. His has built University more than any other commander in chief but it is not achievment because it from poor Jonathan.
    The beauty of his foresight in education is IMMACULATE. He identified the region which is lagging behind. He built special schools for ALMAJIRIS and out of the 12 federal universities he has approved in the last six years nine are in the NORTH.
    Untill we know that this country belongs to all of us and not Goodluck’s only, untill we are ready to help the head with much we can do to move forward, untill we change the strategy of letting things go worse so we can score cheap political points, then we are not serious.
    Anybody who expects Goodluck to turn Nigeria into Dubai in six years is a MAD FELLOW.Not Buhari not anybody can do it. Gradually but steady we are moving foward!
    ‪GEJ Till 2019.

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    Moment of Truth.
    In the History of this Nation, the Northern have ruled us over 40 years as listed below without achieveing anything than disturbances that is wrongly attributed to and inherited by GEJ.
    Yet, some Gullible Nigerians are not reasonable to see this but they will insults somebody that is telling them the truth.
    We have a terribly short memory as a people which will surely bring upon us terrible,
    Ask yourselves, after almost four decades of ‘Born to Rule’ what are the achievements of this Nation that you all can factfully point to?
    The Westerners/Southerners are not ashame of themselves because of selfish aims and objectives.
    Read below and see the achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan irrespective of the ungovernable situation created by the people you are supporting.
    Some of GEJ’s achievements.
    1. 125 Almajiri Schools in 13 Northern States
    2. 27 Special girls school
    3. 34 new NCE awarding institutions
    4. 101 Presidential Special Scholarship for
    Innovation and development
    5. 10 Million increase in Basic education
    enrolment (UBEC)
    6. 75% Increase in O’Level credit pass in Math
    and English
    7. 100 Innovation Enterprise Institutions licensed
    8. 7000 lecturers sponsored for post graduate
    studies home and abroad
    9. 51 Polytechnic laboratories rehabilitated
    10. Doubled increase on Education allocation
    11. 104 candidates scaled the final hurdle (First
    Class Graduates) for Presidential scholarship
    award and were asked to apply to study in any of the top 25 universities in the world approved for the scheme for their PhD.
    12. When GEJ assume power in 2010 98% of
    students that sat for NECO failed to make 5
    credits including mathematics and English, as at 2013 70% of students that sat for NECO make 5 credits including maths and English.
    Note Here!!!
    13. All states of the federation without a federal
    university had one each during GEJ Government (12 New Federal Universities).
    Imagine Number of jobs created for both academic and non-academic staffs and
    percentage of awaiting students fixed into these schools (Note: 9 out of these 12 universities are in Northern Nigeria).
    President Jonathan Achievements on Transport Sector are second to none and that will be for Another Topic.
    God bless Goodluck Jonathan
    God bless Nigeria
    God bless You.
    Remember to Stick with the ongoing Transformation Agenda of GEJ.

  • Musa Yaro

    Buhari and all HIS Supporters are on a FAILED PROJECT.
    Graduate Employment Data 1983 – 1985 Under Buhari.
    Sunday Times, February 17, 1985.
    Out of 92,116 graduates (including Nigerians who studied abroad and HND holders) who graduated in 1983, only 21,026 were able to secure jobs as at 1985.
    Worse is that fact that out of the 20 % employed, the public sector employed 85% While the private sector employed a paltry 15%.
    One wonders how the economy survived then?
    Buhari was head of state all through the period under review.
    That is a chilling 77% unemployed almost 2 years after graduation. That must have been a record.
    How can Buhari who hasn’t worked since 1985 know how to improve employment?
    Vote Buhari for 77%-100% unemployment.
    Vote Buhari who has been unemployed since 1985 (30yrs unemployed)

  • Sani Danladi

    DR. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan is the best thing that can happen to Nigeria at the moment.
    We don’t need to return back to Egypt, don’t return back to slavery, this is 2015 and not 1985.
    Nigerians should take their destiny in their hands by voting the right candidate, GEJ.
    Nigerians should not be deceived with the media propaganda and usual caricature of the opposition party.
    Vote Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for continuity of the good works.
    The ‘CHANGE’ you required is within the current government.
    Your have a voice! Your Vote!
    One Man
    One Woman
    One Youth
    ONE Vote!
    Vote Wisely.

  • Preye Aganaba

    Free Meals, Allowance For Jobless Youths, N5,000 For Poor Families-Buhari Offers.
    The moment he said he would stabilise the price of crude oil, I knew this man is nothing but a Nonentity.
    How long will you continue giving them free meals.
    If these are the way this man is going to campaign then he is more clueless than I thought.
    I mean how can u promise all that without giving us how u want to achieve all that. Maybe he thinks we are all semi illiterates.
    GMB how do u do all that and how do u intend to sustain them With oil price falling.
    Moreover, look around you and tell me why all of those your allies- Fashola et all are currently doing the opposite by hiking school fees and making lives hard of ordinary people under there care in Lagos.
    I’ll advise you to concentrate first on how to locate your CERTIFICATE and solve that one first before you come out and embarrass yourself with your empty promises.

  • Mr Wise

    Jonathan is the change Nigeria need pure BS

  • Olumide Lawal

    Faced with his
    opponent’s ludicrous promises that will never be kept, GEJ is right not to
    boast. Times are tough in Nigeria,
    and changes are slow. There has been ongoing change (struggles against
    unemployment, terrorism, this oil price crises, public constructions and corruption)
    and time is on his side. GMB’s supporters are getting it wrong. History is already
    in the making.

    • Ken

      GEJ has done well. He hasn’t taken us there but within the limited time, he has done well. he has changed the way we do things in Nigeria. We have freedom of information law now; so we talk freely. We can act against corruption. We need to consolidate for the next four years. Vote for GEJ for more Transformation.

  • Franklin Coteh

    The choice for every Nigerian should be clear that GEJ is the candidate of the people. He is the only one who can protect our democracy! The past has already proven that GMB will never be able to tackle any economical and social issues. Don’t even bother to ask him to disclose any of his economic policies for the country because he has none to provide apart from jailing his detractors once elected. What he will provide though, is a State of Terror for us.

  • Deborah

    Things are not perfect in Nigeria and Jonathan is not perfect but we are moving in the right direction! Those who want to burn everything by electing Buhari are very misguided! Nigeria under Buhari was nothing more than a police state, with soldiers enforcing the General’s every decree, and there is no reason to think that things have changed since. How can we elect a dictator to the head of a democracy. We must keep Nigeria as a shining light to our neighbours and Africa in general!

  • Uju

    GEJ has shown that he has a vision as of where the country needs to go. He put together a strong cabinet to help him transforming the country. Buhari is only an opportunist who is focusing on the things GEJ has not accomplished but I don’t hear any proposals as of how is he going to change all these problems. GEJ needs more time to continue his reforms, Nigeria already became Africa’s biggest economy, that happened under GEJ. True there are problems but those can’t be fixed in one mandate when they have been there for decades.