Buhari can’t be president because he’s not computer literate – Mimiko

Olusegun Mimiko

The South West zonal coordinator of President Goodluck Campaign Organisation, Olusegun Mimiko, on Monday, said the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, cannot be president of the country because he is a computer illiterate.

Addressing supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, at the party’s presidential campaign rally in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, Mr. Mimiko, who is also the governor of Ondo State, said Nigerians were looking for a well-educated president who would drive development in the country.

“They don’t belong to this generation. Some of them cannot even click a computer yet they want to be president in Nigeria in 21st century. We say no. we say no, I don’t have much to say. We want a 21st century compliant president,” he said as the crowd cheered.

Mr. Jonathan, while addressing supporters in Enugu last Friday, said Mr. Buhari, who is 72 years old, could not remember his telephone number.

The president’s campaign Director General, Ahmadu Ali, had also described the APC candidate as “septuagenarian with fossilised ideas”. That was a few weeks after he likened the former head of state as an old plane.

Switching to Yoruba language, Mr. Mimiko, who returned to the PDP few months ago from Labour Party, LP, said Mr. Buhari did nothing for the Yoruba when he was head of state between 1983 and 1985, beyond jailing some of its leaders.

“Some violent politicians are claiming ownership of South West but I do tell them that such ownership does not extend to Oyo State.

“Have you seen how massive we are? They say they want to rule you again. Ask them what they did for Nigeria, for the youth, for women, when they were there.

“The only thing he did was locking up their leaders like Adekunle Ajasin and Chief Olabisi Onabanjo for 300 years. Is that what you want?”

The governor insisted that the next president must be well educated, stressing, “We don’t want those that should have retired to play with their grand children at home to be our leaders.”

Also speaking at the rally, the National Chairman of the PDP, Adamu Mu’azu, asked the people of the South west to vote for Mr. Jonathan because he is young and can deliver his promises.

He said, “Why you should vote for the president. Our president is a very young, energetic and humble president. Number two, your gubernatorial candidate (Teslim Folarin) is young. Am I (Mu’azu) not young and energetic? Our president did his NYSC in Oyo State.”

“Therefore the party that belongs to the younger generation of Nigeria is the PDP and our president is your president. He is humble and educated president.

The party’s governorship candidate in Oyo State, Teslim Folarin canvassed the creation of another state from the state, saying “The issue of state creation is kind of obsession to us. If we lose this opportunity we may not have it again in 50 years.”


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  • Spoken word

    Mimiko is becoming a parody of a governor.before he opens his mouth next time he should look at the person he is supporting.GEJ is an IT illiterate and doesn’t hide it

  • Wakili

    Mimiko, your father is the computer illiterate. Buhari’s performance when he was a head of state is more than whoever computer literate you cherish.

  • Mr. Arsenal

    Dumbo wey no no simple mathematics, claiming 16 is greater than 19.

  • Reality

    GEJ till 2019

  • Alfullati

    Ridiculous.Good leadership has nothing to do with computer literacy.Well he said he had nothing to say except none issues.Pity.

    • Emeka

      I love this comment. And you are right, good leadership has nothing to do with computer literacy

  • Alhaji Adebayo

    These people are campaigning for Buhari honestly. He can’t be president because he is no PHD holder, He cannot be president because he is too old at 83

  • salawu priscilia

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  • Bishop

    Hahahahahaha! I love this game! rotfl

  • dodo

    only that,

  • motsa jiki

    This people are coming again with their maladroitness. Anyway, university and polytechnic students should tell us who is more qualified to help the education system which computer science and engineering are part of .

    • burning spear

      orkahwhere is Buhari’s certificates——–APC cannot bring about change–with rogues ati certificate forgers like buhari—The presidential ambition of Buhari has now opened our eyes to what the fulanis have been doing to the nation state of Nigeria for decades–in the name of quota system–they enlist into the armed forces with sworn affidavits-Besides a Buhari who insulted Awo whenever the opportunity presented itself———————–haba—This is pay back time

  • burning spear

    South West coordinator of the Jonathan campaign and Ondo State governor Olusegun Mimiko said the South West was an educated region. He noted that, “This is why, among others, we will not settle for a President with less than a University degree.” Mimiko described President Jonathan as a cool headed leader who in spite of all the insults hurled at him has remained calm. “We thank you Mr. President that, in spite of being the most abused and negatively-profiled President in the history of this country, you have refused to roll out any obnoxious law of the semblance of Decree 2 of 1984,” Mimiko concluded.

    • alimi

      If Mimiko is educated as he claims, he would have known when a country is ruled under Decree. We are no more under the military, the falling Iroko.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Mimiko said they are educated and they are following a dummy.

  • alimi

    One thing I have discovered is that PDP, from the President down to all the supporters are short of campaign words. How can Mimiko say something like that? I think people praying for Buhari have set the PDP camp into confusion. The president said he would not throw any corrupt person into jail. There would be no prisons. He would use IT to fight corruption. What a big confusion!

  • Stomach Infrastructure

    Mimiko is thinking of a president (in the mold of Dumbo) that can manipulate the computer to steal Nigerians money. After all, that is not corruption according to PDP led government. Bro, I got a news for you – Nigerians are going to choose their own president pretty soon. Change is coming to Nigeria. Those who are against GMB, are those of are benefiting from the current rots, sinking Nigeria.

  • Ebele Factory Child

    They donot have any issue to base their campaign, even the socalled pdp supporters know that this man is a failure but bcause of what is coming to their pockets they still close eyes to say rubbishes. This GEJ cannot offer anything to nigerians. Please do you ever heard
    GEJ saying anything about NEPA at any of his campaign rallies? Let me
    remind you of something you must have forgotten, GEJ said in 2011
    campaign “if I cannot fix NEPA problem in 4years then I cannot do it
    forever”. Question; did he fixed NEPA in the last 6years as president of
    Nigeria? This is the most useless president in the history of Africa.
    My brother think of your future and that of our children.

  • Strong System

    There’s nothing one can say if Jonathan is a 21st century president in your own thinking.

  • Hembe Hembe

    President Jonathan’s focus has been on building transparent public
    institutions that are strong enough to overcome corrupt influences. This
    approach uses the rule of law as a framework to fight corruption and
    entrenches transparency and accountability mechanisms across government


    Granted the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
    prosecutorial independence from the Attorney General and Minister of
    Justice, restoring the integrity of this formerly beaten-down anti-graft

    Enacted the Freedom of Information Act, thereby empowering the press
    and Nigerian citizens to scrutinize the actions of public officials and

    Uncovered over N2.7 billion in fraud in the Pensions’ fund and
    seized about 200 properties from corrupt public officials, including
    hotels and cash worth billions of naira.

    Established an Independent Presidential Committee to monitor the activities of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

    Dismissed judges found to be abusing their offices.

    Ended four decades of corruption in fertilizer and seed distribution..

    • Ibraheem Aruna

      And you are confident these are the challenges of Nigeria to date since his humble ascendance? Please be objective, will you.?

      • Otile

        Are you still answering Aruna/arna? When your fellow Muslims attack you thinking your an infidel don’t say that Dumbo did it.

    • Tonnero

      Transparent institutions like the Ministry of Petroleum or aviation? Like the NNPC whose forensic audit we are still waiting for? Like the CBN? Like the military that has spent $5bn every year since 2009 yet the troops do not have guns? Like the security agency that is carting $15m in private jets at night and sneaking into South Africa? Id!ot. If all what you say is true, why is he struggling to promise what he should already have achieved after almost 6 years as president? Do you not know that two terms is 8 years? The people of Lagos KNEW they would re-elect Fashola less that 3 years after he became governor and he did not need to campaign or character assassinate his opponents. Useless people supporting bad people and lying through their teeth. Ended four decades of corruption in fertilizer while leaving unresolved N1.3tr in subsidy fraud and $20bn unremitted money from NNPC. You must be part of the people they say can be fo0led all the time.

  • dankasa

    Bring issue-based campaign Mimiko, not this childish hullabaloos. APC is talking about implementing United Nations Report on Environment to address degradations and other envron issues in the Niger Delta, researched and brought about reasons (with countries like Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania etc as examples) why Nigeria should reduce pump price (which is ought to be as a result of falling down oil price in the international market), address mass unemployment of our teaming youth through a scheme in NYSC and many more sensitive issues affecting the country while you, Mimiko and your party are busy abusing personality of your opponents. Let GMB be anything you called him to be but change is imminent in Nigeria, you like it or not yours is a sinking ship!

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Has this man been like this all along? Where is the man that earned the appellation “Iroko”. Na wa o! Is this what politics changes people to? Talking about inanities instead of real issues? Will computers rescue the Chibok girls? Will computers bring back all the areas that are already under the control of Boko Haram? Will computers bring back all those that have been killed by Boko Haram? At his level, Mimiko needs to be a little more serious. Assuming that the present President is computer literate, at least it is fair to make this conclusion based on Mimiko’s statement, how has this helped us with all the myriad of issues we are currently facing. I think Mimiko is beginning to think Fayose’s style is the way to go, which is quite unfortunate!

  • Dumbo

    I think this guy is related to GEJ through the Ijaw communities in Ondo state. Being dumb is in their DNA.

    • Otile

      Fat bigot.

  • Tonnero

    Mimiko has gone over the edge. No wonder GEJ cannot perform. The id!ots do not even understand the essence of leadership. How computer literate were Jesus Christ and Mohammed? Buddha? Gandhi? Nelson Mandela? Martin Luther King? Winston Churchil? Obafemi Awolowo? Murtala Muhammed? Madam Theresa? These are some of the greatest leaders spiritual and temporal that we know and their leadership has continued in some cases thousands of years after their death. What leadership brings are eternal. It is about clear visions, good values (i.e. integrity, compassion, respect for people etc) and the ability to motivate people to follow you. Buhari got 12m votes in 2011 when he led the CPC which did not even have any office in several places. Mimiko should tell us who became a great leader because they understand the computer or remember their telephone number. Maybe secretly Mimiko is a Buhari man because his campaign tactics are guaranteed to further alienate SW voters from PDP. Awon eranko.

    • Fathia Ali-Kote

      I was about to leave a comment after reading Mimiko’s senseless argument, but I changed my mind when I read your response, brother. I couldn’t have given a better response myself. Good job!

  • jojo_method

    Nice write-up!