W​e’re Ready For Elections – PDP

Olisa Metuh, Spokesman, PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party​, ​PDP​,​ says it is fully prepared for the 2015 general elections, observing that the support it enjoys among Nigerians from the ward to the national levels is a sure guarantee to victory.

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh​,​ in a statement on Monday described APC’s allegations of plots to postpone the elections as a tactics to divert attention from the findings of the State Security Services (SSS) that it has devised means to hack into INEC’s data base, clone the Permanent Voter’s Card and ultimately compromise the outcome of the elections.

The PDP said nothing can be more evident that the APC is not preparing to face the electorates than the frivolous and unfounded allegations and use of propaganda in an effort to hoodwink Nigerians even in the face of clear proof of culpability.

“The PDP is fully ready for the coming elections. Our leaders and members are working hard in all the nooks and crannies of the country leveraging on our existing grass roots appeal, wide-spread political structures, a track-record of performance and abiding affinity and loyalty to the people.

“We have very popular and acceptable hard working candidates which the people are anxious to vote for. Our Presidential flagbearer, President Goodluck Jonathan with verifiable achievements and commitment to national unity remains the candidate the beat.

“We have engaged on issue-based campaigns. We have effectively shown Nigerians that we can be trusted. Our amiable leader, President Jonathan has demonstrated strength of character, sincerity of purpose in his handling of state affairs and Nigerians are desirous to demonstrate their support for him come February 14.

“The PDP has successfully communicated its unique selling points and achievements to the electorates and a greater majority of Nigerians are now able to distinguish between facts and mere propaganda, which is the hallmark of the APC.

“Our advise to the APC is that instead of engaging in distortion of facts and propagating of lies and blackmail in an attempt to score cheap political point, they should explain to Nigerians their apparent involvement in efforts to undermine INEC records with a view to corrupt the electoral process.


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  • Ademola Arowosaye

    The Campaign so far Between JONATHAN and BUHARI.
    Once again let us see the difference between a Graduate and an Illiterate.
    While a graduate is building schools to educate us, the illiterate is building prisons…
    While a graduate is saying NO to Godfatherism (ask Obasanjo), the illiterate surrounds himself with them…
    While a graduate believes women have a place in the society, the illiterate believes a woman’s place is in the kitchen…
    While a graduate is Reviving our railways, the illiterate would cancel them as he did 30 years ago…
    While a graduate would build infrastructures and create enabling environment for the youths to succeed (SUREP), the illiterate would save the money in a bank and be giving his Almajiri slaves 1 meal a day and 5000 Naira monthly…
    While a graduate believes the youths are the future of tomorrow, an illiterate at 73 years with grandchildren still feels it’s his time…
    Buhari go and rest oooooo, you rule my papa you wan still rule me… TUFIA, God nor go allow am.
    I refuse to be a Slave. I am not in Egypt and you are not Pharoah!!!
    I refuse to be ruled by an illiterate.
    GEJ till Buhari shows his Certificate.

  • Sani Danladi

    TRANSPORTATION (The Pillar of commerce and
    thus the economy)
    ➕Trains are back and serving MILLION Nigerians
    after close to 30 years of dormancy!
    ➕A standard gauge rail link is nearing completion
    from Aladja (near Warri) to Ajaokuta to Abuja to
    Kaduna! This will reduce fatalities on our roads
    and reducing pollution occasioned by emissions
    from cars.
    ➕Abuja City metro-line project is nearing
    completion (1st Quarter 2015). This will put
    Nigeria on the map of VERY MORDERN CITIES IN
    THE WORLD, enhance transportation in the city
    and reduce hold-ups and go slows, positively
    helping the lives of millions of Nigerians
    ➕ All Federal Airports remodeled or being
    remodeled (over 20nos) with enhanced capabilities,
    including new terminals. Recall the squalor that
    used to be these airports before 2010!
    OF THE COUNTRY attained Category 1 air safety
    certification UNDER GEJ
    ➕At least 25,000 kilometers of Federal roads were
    ✔Lagos-Ibadan expressway rehabilitation at very
    advanced stage after nearly 2 decades in
    nightmarish conditions
    ✔Benin-Shagamu expressway being rehabilitated
    and at advanced stage after nearly 2 decades in
    nightmarish conditions
    ✔East-West expressway nearing completion
    through some of the most challenging terrain in
    the country at reasonable cost as opposed to some
    APC (eg Lagos) where a kilometer of road cost
    ✔Abuja-Lokoja road dualized and headed for
    Benin (after a decade languid inactivity by his
    predecessors). Very soon Nigerians will be able to
    travel by road from Warri to Benin to Lokoja to
    Abuja to Kaduna to Kano on expressways only!
    ✔ New bridge over River Benue, connecting Loko
    in Nassarawa State to Oweto in Benue State has
    reached an advanced state. This Massive project is
    the first to be handled in DECADES!
    ✔ Work on Second Niger Bridge project furiously
    ongoing by Julius Berger (more than 5 decades
    after the Niger Bridge was built!).
    GAS & POWER (The Pillar of Energy to Drive
    Growth of The Economy)
    ➕ In the past 3 years, 450 Km of gas pipelines
    have been constructed (including a line that has
    reached Geregu in Nasarawa State, en route Kano)
    to bring gas to power plants and industries across
    the nation, to be ramped to 4,000 Km in the next 4
    years. This against the backdrop that before the
    advent of GEJ only 500 Km of gas pipeline existed
    in the country after 50 years of independence! GE
    estimates that Nigeria requires a total of 10,000Km
    to fully meet her power requirements, which will
    require at least a decade of consistent and
    massive investments‼No one should deceive you
    that there are any quick magical fixes‼
    ➕ Gas supply (for power and industry) has
    increased from less than 500 million standard
    cubic feet per day (SCUF per day), to 1.5 billion
    SCUF per day in just 4 years. The target is 4 billion
    SCUF in the next 4 years.
    ➕ 118 power projects under construction across
    the country
    ➕ National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP)
    ✔ Aba Power Station, 140 MW, Completed 2012
    ✔ Alaoji Power Station, 1074 MW, Partially
    completed with 225 MW operational, full
    completion by 2015
    ✔Calabar Power Station, 561 MW, completion
    ✔ Egbema Power Station, 338 MW, completion
    ✔ Geregu II Power Station, 434 MW, completion
    ✔ Ihovbor Power Station, 450 MW, completion
    ✔ Olorunsogo II Power Station, 675 MW,
    completion 2012
    ✔Omoku II Power Station, 225 MW, completion
    ✔ Omotosho II Power Station, 450 MW,
    completion 2012
    ✔ Sapele II Power Station, 450 MW, completion
    ✔ Zamfara Power Station (hydroelectric), 100
    MW, completion 2012
    ✏ Total added capacity: 4,448 MW (utilization
    hampered by inadequate gas supply arising from
    pipeline sabotage)‼Kindly note the word is ADDED!
    – On the 1st of November 2013, the unbundling of
    PHCN, with the sale power stations and
    distribution networks to the private sector (forming
    GENCOs & DISCOs, respectively) was completed.
    The Transmission Company, managed by Manitoba
    of Canada, remains under Government ownership, a
    strategic move to protect citizens. This will bring in
    the massive private sector investments required to
    drive power generating capacity growth.
    AGRICULTURE (The New Oil of Nigeria’s Economy)
    ➕ Government agricultural policies have reduced
    food import bills from USD 7 billion in 2009 to USD
    4.35 billion in 2013, nearly halving food import bills
    by end of 2014.
    ➕ Paddy rice production has increased by an
    additional 7 million metric tons per year from 1999
    till now, placing Nigeria on the path to being a net
    rice exporter in another 5 years.
    ➕ Government agricultural policies on rice
    production is such that has engendered private
    sector expansion of integrated rice mills from just
    1 in 2011 to 18 in 2013. These modern mills treat
    and package rice to international standards.
    ➕ The Growth Enhancement Support (GES)
    system enabled about 4.2 million farmers to
    receive subsidized inputs (fertilizer & seeds)
    directly through an e-wallet system, eliminating
    the corruption associated with middlemen in a
    subsidy regime, and boosting farm production by
    8.1 million metric tons per annum.
    “For the first time in Nigeria we can tell you the
    names, addresses and phone numbers of each
    farmer who received subsidized inputs from the
    government,” –Nigeria’s Agriculture Minister, Dr.
    ✏ The conditions of the e-wallet scheme stipulate
    that a farmer registered under the GES is expected
    to pay 50% of the cost of farm inputs while the
    Federal and State Governments pay 25% each.
    ✔ As a result of the above, Nigeria has met her
    Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 1C, viz,
    “Halve, between 1999 and 2015, the proportion of
    people who suffer from hunger.” – at least two
    years ahead of schedule.
    Also as a result of the above, Nigeria’s Agriculture
    Minister, Adesina, emerges Forbes Africa Person of
    the Year‼

  • Musa Yaro

    Questions for Gen Buhari and his party and I hope rather than insults we will get answers to these factual questions.
    Has Buhari ever apologized to the govt & people of Lagos for canceling Jakande’s Metroline and forfeiting the $50 million Lagos paid for it?
    They say Buhari is now a democrat. Really? Then why did he treat the Oputa Panel with such disdain and refused to appear?
    Has Buhari apologized for heading the ONLY military admin that did not have a transition plan to hold elections?
    Has Buhari apologized for jailing Nduka Irabor and Tunde Thompson for writing a truthful report which embarrassed his govt?
    What reason did Buhari have for jailing the activist Beko Ransome Kuti who campaigned for his brother, Fela’s release?
    Can Buhari explain to young Nigerians why he banned the National Association of Nigerian Students? Does he hate students?
    Has Buhari apologized to Ooni of Ife for stopping him from travelling abroad without permit because he visited Israel in 1984?
    Has Buhari apologized for raiding Papa Awolowo’s house and seizing his passport so he couldn’t travel out of the country?
    If Buhari really believes that power is from God as he says, then why did he take it by force in 1983?
    Has Buhari apologized to Ben Ogedengbe’s family for killing him for a crime that didnt carry death penalty when he committed it.
    Why did Buhari jail Fela Kuti in 1984? What was Fela’s crime? Singing against military govt?
    Why did the Buhari regime break up a press conference of ASUU in 1984 and detain four of their executives?
    Has Buhari apologized for jailing Tai Solarin & denying him his asthma drugs simply because he campaigned against military rule?
    Why did Buhari regime use violence to stop the September 1985 National Conference of the National Assn of Nigerian Students?
    Can Buhari explain to young Nigerians why he banned the Nigerian Medical Association? Does he hate doctors?
    Has Buhari apologized for throwing VP Alex Ekwueme in jail even though it was proven that Ekwueme DID NOT steal?
    What reason did Buhari have for jailing honest Pa Michael Adekunle Ajasin, who did not steal as Ondo State Gov?
    Has Buhari apologized to Bernard Ogedengbe’s family for executing him for a crime that didn’t carry death penalty at the time it was committed.
    What reason did Buhari have for jailing the activist Beko Ransome Kuti who campaigned for his brother, Fela’s release?
    Share this on your wall if you agree that the days of promoting a candidate based on region and religion are gone forever. Nigerians endorse GEJ!
    VOTE GEJ FOR 2015

  • Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu

    1. Trains are back after 30 years of dormancy (that means easy access to commercial towns at afordable prices for trading activities)
    2. 25,000 kilometers of federal roads were rehabilitated (that means no more hold up during festive period and a total reduction in accident rate)
    3. Construction of 450km of gas pipeline in the country (that means an improvement in industrial productivity powered by the gas sector)
    4. Construction of 11 power plants across the nation (let us be sincere to ourselves electricity has improved beyond measurable doubt)
    5.Nigeria has diversified into an Agricultural economy by laying a solid foundation in the agricultural sector.(that means no more hike in the price of food)
    6. SURE-P Internship scheme has taken many graduates of the street
    7.Every state in Nigeria has a Federal University which is a big plus to our generations yet unborn.
    8. so many youths have been financially empowered through PTDF Funds, Agric loans and scholarships awarded.
    9. UNITED NATIONS appreciated the Nigerian government for curtailing a disease outbreak that would have wiped out the entire nation (EBOLA) If God used GEJ to wipe out Ebola in 2014 Boko haram will be a forgotten issue
    10. Manufacturing industries have sprang up in NIgeria especially indigeneous car makers ie INNOSON.


  • Pam Daylop

    NIgeria on my mind: some of us have capacity to recall history. Not for anything but days like these. Do you guys remember OPUTA PANEL? That panel was novel. It was fashioned after SA reconciliatory committee. Wars of several years were settled at Oputa panel. Friendship that had gone sour for decades were summarily made up. The president appeared. General appeared. Bishop appeared. Traditional rulers Imams, young and old harkened to the call of the nation.
    But one man called our bluff. Mr Mohammed Buhari snubbed the nation’s call. We were nothing to him. We can’t do him anything.
    They said that was then. They have repackaged him. He’s their change agent.
    Alas’ he is asked us to go to HELL if he does not show us his certificate. A basic requirment of the constitution.
    Now our laws mean nothing to him, yet he wants to rule us.
    Now we know better. Baboon may no more be capable of killing the dog.
    We will reject him. Enough of ARROGANCE. If you can’t subject yourself to our laws you can’t rule us.
    All animals must be equal in our land.
    Away with spinless ruler. Away with blood hounds.

  • Preye Aganaba

    No way for crass opportunists masquerading as change agents. PDP is our party,GEJ is our candidate. Come FailBuhari,we will send that 80 year old grandpa to perpetual retirement.
    Vote PDP,Vote GEJ. We are assured of continued progress!

    • Etang Chris

      buhari must retire this time.

  • Timothy Aseer

    Name of New Universities built by Goodluck!
    1- Federal University, Lafia,
    *Nasarawa State.
    2- Federal University , Lokoja ,
    *Kogi State .
    3- Federal University, Kashere,
    *Gombe State.
    4- Federal University, Wakari,
    *Taraba State.
    5- Federal University, Dutse,
    *Jigawa State.
    *North West.
    6- Federal University, Dutsin-Ma,
    *Kastina State.
    7- Federal University, Otuoke,
    *Bayelsa State.
    8- Federal University, Ndufe-Alike,
    *Ebonyi State.
    *South East.
    9- Federal University, Oye-Ekiti,
    *Ekiti State.
    *South West.

  • Abdullahi Adamu

    Quiet impressive 37 dams in 4years,am sure thats still a record,can somebody mention any president in Nigerian history that can beat that achievement.37 DAMS,37 NEW UNIVERSITIES.OPEN CHALLENGE,PLEASE THE USE OF GOOGLE IS ALLOWED .
    Thank you PDP for giving us GEJ! We shall reward you with our votes come February 14,

  • Okafor Emeka

    Many Nigerians are hating GEJ based on sentiments and APC propaganda. Every administration has shortcoming such as the Ikeja bomb blast during OBJ but we didn’t call OBJ clueless, the ODI massacre, etc. GEJ has done a lot and is doing a lot to fast track the development of the country.
    Best way for a country to develop in this modern world is for the institutions of democracy to be strengthened. There is now free and fair election, free press, free judiciary etc. that way corruption will die a natural death.
    Arresting your enemies and jailing them cant stop corruption. Institutional approach seems a sustainable and proven means of fighting corruption.
    By Some People’s assessment, LIGHT is gradually improving, people have started to travel on the Rail condusively again and Agriculture is coming back.
    All these are steps being taken to better the economy and like my mother used to tell us then-TAKE A STEP AT A TIME.
    Many people forgot to mention his Achievements in Education. His has built University more than any other commander in chief but it is not achievment because it from poor Jonathan.
    The beauty of his foresight in education is IMMACULATE. He identified the region which is lagging behind. He built special schools for ALMAJIRIS and out of the 12 federal universities he has approved in the last six years nine are in the NORTH.
    Untill we know that this country belongs to all of us and not Goodluck’s only, untill we are ready to help the head with much we can do to move forward, untill we change the strategy of letting things go worse so we can score cheap political points, then we are not serious.
    Anybody who expects Goodluck to turn Nigeria into Dubai in six years is a MAD FELLOW.Not Buhari not anybody can do it. Gradually but steady we are moving foward!
    ‪#‎WeStandWithGEJ‬ Till 2019.

  • Akinwade Kolawole

    People say it’s most likely I’m being paid to support and campaign for GEJ. Lols. I’m glad I sound that way, tells me I’m doing my “job”. However, sorry to debunk the myth but I’m not being paid paid a dime. My first duty is to my conscience, and that’s who’s “paying” me. I’ve taken a look at the past, and the possible future in each’s hand. Whatever happens, I can beat my chest and tell my children “I did my bit my angels, I tried my best to preserve posterity”. My people, I vote my conscience, I vote GEJ. ‪#‎GeJTILL2019‬.

  • Musa Ibrahim

    My President, God will bless you for great wisdom & hard work in making Nigeria a great place for us to live in, you are always preaching peace & unity when others are busy campaigning with destructive words just because they want to get into power by all means. My prayer for you is that God who has brought you this far will see you through all your challenges & make your administration peaceful & prosperous. VOTE #GEJ2015#

  • Afeez Olawale

    GEJ is the most qualified for now! Let’s return him for a second term. Good luck Mr. President!

  • Shehu Mohammed

    The Options are Very Clear, Either Going Forward With Us or Backward with the men of yesterday and their Ideas.
    We will Surely Overcome. GOODLUCK

  • Tayo Ogundipe

    A vote for GEJ is a forward step, A vote for Buhari Is a very backward step…. Forward ever, Backward Never ever.

  • Segun

    everyone knows that PDP is ready. Forget APC and their foul cry always.

  • Ologun David

    PDP should ignore APC. They are only trying to distract ur campaign. That has been their way. Crying foul always.

  • Aisha

    some people believe Buhari will win north. It is only the almajiris that are supporting him because he is part of those who created this mess in the north. No educated northerner want Buhari.
    Sai GEJ

    • Etang Chris

      true talk @aisha

  • Etang Chris

    instead of APC appealing to INEC to help them postpone the election since they are yet to convince nigerians on the need to vote them, they started attacking PDP. come February 14, it will be over for Buhari.

  • Sanni

    Yes, rightly stated. PDP appears ready for the Feb 14th Elections. Take a look at its Presidential candidates antecedents such as his commitment to national unity. U will find out that he had engaged in Issue-based campaigns around d nation#votePDPvoteGEJ

  • Musa Ibrahim

    “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. ” #VOTEGEJ2015