​​It’s ​turn of ​South-East​​ to produce Nigeria’s president after 2019 – Okorocha

Rochas Okorocha

The governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, has said the South East geo-political zone will produce the president of Nigeria after 2019.

The governor stated this Friday while speaking at the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential campaign rally in Aba, Abia State.

The zone​,​ comprising five states, namely Abia, Enugu, Anambra, Imo and Ebonyi, is yet to produce a democratically-elected leader of the country.

However, an indigene of the zone, the late Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi, a major general, was Nigeria’s first military head of state.

He ruled the country between January and July, 1966, before he was overthrown and killed in the July 1966 coup that brought Yakubu Gowon, then a colonel, to power.

The three democratically-elected presidents since the return of democracy in 1999, namely Olusegun Obasanjo, Umaru Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan are from the South West, North West and South-South geo-political zones.

Mr. Okorocha, who contested the presidential primaries of the APC last month but lost, demanded that the zone be allowed to produce a successor to Muhammadu Buhari, if he wins the February 14 2011 election, since other zones had produce the nation’s leader.

“It can never go back to the South West,” Mr. Okorocha said. “Northerners, please let me warn you, after 2019 and beyond, let nobody takes it to South West. Amaechi (governor of Rivers States), your brother (Jonathan) has taken your turn, never you, never you talk about South-South.”
Speaking at the rally, Mr Buhari, promised that, if elected, his administration would provide the Igbos with capital and expertise to enhance their entrepreneurial skills.

The entrepreneurship of the Igbo people is not in doubt not only in Nigeria but also outside Nigeria,” he said.

“You are extremely hard-working and whatever the Federal Government will do possible to empower you with capital and expertise the government will do that to improve on your investments.”

The APC flag bearer assured that the party’s administration would not allow youth, notably able-bodied people, to be idle so that they would not become touts but become productive citizens.

Mr. Buhari also assured that, if elected, his government would fulfil all the promises it was making to the people.

“I assure you we will fulfil our promises if you give us the opportunity of being your leaders,” he said.


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  • Ukpaka

    Okorocha: I support the Buhari/Osinbajo and I don’t think this is the time for anybody to bring that topic forward. We want this country turned around for the better first. It’s the turn by turn attitude that got us Johnathan and look at what we have today. You need to support the candidates to win the election first. The only way for our people to get this presidency is to earn it. This means Igbos need to embrace APC and participate and support the party. Nobody is going to call any Igbo person and give him the ticket. Our people are not helping the matter by collecting money from GEJ and insulting people from the North. We will need both North and West to win any election since we don’t have the number. So please, I know you want to be seen as an advocate for Igbo and we appreciate you. However, let’s get Buhari/Osinbajo elected. Talk to our people and encourage them to hop onboard. We will get there but this is not the time for that topic. nwayo bu ije…slow and steady.

    • Tufiakwa

      Igbos embrace APC, you said. Tufiakwa, tufiakwa!

    • Olutola

      Let us groom them, Ngige and Okorocha are presidential materials. I agree with you that because they are swimming against current by their people not supporting them, but I am sure masses of SE are coming to the mainstream. You are right, once we have one man one vote anyone can then advance their ideas and win elections and it will not matter whether Igboman or hausaman or yorubaman is president for four years or 8 years or 12 yrs. You perform we will listen to the side “B” of your cassette like we did in Lagos with Fashola. You mess up we may not likely finish listening to your first track before we toss you out.

      • Awarawa

        And who made the one man, one vote possible? Something your OBJ couldn’t do in 8yrs of militocrazy…

      • emmanuel

        Groom Ngige and Okorocha indeed. How many APC exco slot did they get?

        All core APC offices are occupied by Yoruba and Fulanis not even the Hausas.

        The elction will speak.

    • mk

      I wish them luck the igbos.you got it right ukpaka! But is better he said this,to lay a foundation..power is unpredictable.

    • PROF

      I think its time for APC to remind Okorocha that he is Igbo . lol

    • emmanuel

      This is not the time, but your Fulani kinsmen decided on sabotaging Jonathan immediately you realised he actially trounced Buhari in 2011.

      Anyway, Rochas is not worth anything in the APC so why ask for what he cannot prosecute. The mam who could not secure any APC executive slot for his South East. Yeye fowl!

    • Hambolu Segun

      I fully agree with you

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Many thanks, Ukpaka.

      There is nothing more to add to your sterling comment.

      • Omo Oodua

        Why would there be anything to add, when your brain is dead and long gone!

    • Wähala

      Yep! Darn right, it’s not turn-by-turn… it’s credibility-after-credibility. After Buhari, another Buhari.

      • Otile

        Do you realize that at this point Imam Buhari has one foot in the grave? Dream on your man is going to live as long as Methuselah.

    • Otile

      Change your name to Oriejomeji. You are no Igbo. I hate when educated Odua people give false impression that they are Igbo. Answer your father’s name. All your comments are Yoruba, your thinking is Yoruba. You are deceiving yourself, omo.

  • Bobo

    Okorocha have you forgotten your new party does not surport presidential rotation as earlier said by you

    • mk

      Mistake my friend, the failure of power rotation is PDP..GEJ INSISTED…he inherited and insisted against the original plan..

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Okorocha, Ebele Azikiwe (GEJ) is, to all intents and purposes, an Igbo man. So, perish that thought. GEJ is using the Igbo slot presently. After all, Ebele and Azikiwe aren’t Efik, Hausa or Yoruba names. Or, why do you think GEJ has unduly favoured the Igbo in federal appointments compared to all other tribes?

    • emmanuel

      You are speaking the mind of the of the greedy and callous Yoruba few, who are now in communion with some sugar induced religious leader’s interpretation (not of God) of Nigeria politics in. A bid to get back to Aso Villa soon through the back door.

      Inordinate ambition is a killer

    • nmekamegbulem

      I don’t blame you, I blame the moronic Okorocha who till now is yet to understand the Yorubas and their politics in Nigeria. I assure you, that politics of back stabbing that your people are known for will not work again in your favor. Meanwhile Apc is not even going any where in this election.

  • kabiru Karamba

    I just wonder why elder people in Nigeria talks without wisdom. I think we should be talking of credible person to lead us not regionality. Rochas should keep quiet. Credible person is who we will elect from which ever part of the country not Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba.

    • emmanuel

      Yes na Fulani get credible people?

      So why una nor ask Oshomole to contest, why una nor ask Donald Duke to contest?

      Since 1983 till now, na only Buhari dey credible? Mumu, I am sure the Iralian PM is not older than you.

      It is now credible people because you have suceeded in hijacking the APC candidate on the basis of we must have the presidency abi?

      Your leaders all insost it os your turn, so why bring credibility here?

      • Amina Ahmadu

        Spoken like a true Igbo.

        • johnny

          See this kitchen woman. Who allow you to comment too. I know you got married at the age of 9!. Go and warm your husband bed. Slave!

  • Okey

    Cockroach is looking for sympathy vote knowing that his time in Douglas House is over. Gen. Buhari has not committed himself to one term. In any event, Buahri is a strong opposer of power rotation in Nigeria. He wants to reclaim “their power” for keeps. Cockroach should therefore sing another song to his Imo State electorate.

  • AK

    Ewele, u guys have started this ethnic rubbish again.

  • malik shaibu