New Ebola vaccine trial begins

New vaccine trial for protection against the Ebola Virus Disease, EVD, has begun at Oxford University, United Kingdom, after initial tests on monkeys.

The latest trial involves immunisation of 72 healthy adult volunteers by scientists at the university.

According to information provided by the US National Institute of Health on its website, initial tests on monkeys showed the vaccine, developed by Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson, gives complete protection against Ebola.

Different regimens combining the vaccine components will be studied in 72 healthy adult volunteers aged 18-50, who are the first humans to receive the vaccine, according to Alex Gorsky, chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson, in a statement on the company’s website.

Matthew Snape, from the Oxford Vaccine Group, part of the University Of Oxford Department Of Paediatrics, said: “We aim to immunise all participants within a month.

“The main aim is to understand the safety profile of the vaccines”. He said the vaccine cannot cause anyone to be infected with Ebola.

After the initial injection, the volunteers will receive an additional booster dose one or two months after, the US National Institute of Health said.

The first dose is designed to prime the immune system while the second booster dose is to enhance the immune response.

The two doses contain different components, but both include genes for a protein from the Zaire strain of the Ebola virus.

Reports say additional clinical trials will also get underway in the US and three African countries unaffected by Ebola.

The immune response the vaccine generates – both antibodies and T cells – will be measured over the course of a year.

Meanwhile, there is hope that Ebola ravaged African countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea will have the vaccine available by the middle of the year, as Johnson and Johnson said it hoped to begin, within three months, a larger Phase 2 trial in Africa and Europe. Johnson andJohnson says within three months the vaccine will then be available for use in African countries.

October 22 last year, Johnson & Johnson announced it was committing up to $200 million to accelerate and significantly expand production of an experimental Ebola vaccine program being developed at its Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies division.


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  • Funso

    This is garbage. It validates you after your public relations officer Ms. Marilyn Ogar made the allegation?

    • Godfrey Etokebe

      EVIDENCE based allegation is not Garbage. APC is the party of criminals, by criminals and for crimnals. VOTE PDP for SUSTAINABLE TRANSFORMATION!!!


        There is no evidence. The DSS cannot be trusted. It is too partisan for comfort. What prevents it from manufacturing evidence? Did it not obtain confession from the arrested workers at the centre by torturing them? Balderdash!

      • tundemash

        na the stove dey excite u or the bag of rice ?

        • King Carlos


      • Amir

        Hacking allegations against APC has vindicated PDP as IT illiterates incapable of managing a modern economy. This press briefing by DSS to the knowledge of foreign countries have disgraced us and shown Nigeria to be an unserious and backward nation ruled by primitive people.

      • saj

        Are you talking about the kind of transformation nigeria got in the last six years? High level of corruption? Oil subsidy? High level of in security? Terrorism? Down fall of its currency? Lack of good drinking water? Lack of electricity? Bad roads across the country? Unemployment? Robbery? Or a shameless and incompetent leader ship? I don’t think there is any transformation that nigeria has for the past 16 years of so-called giant party of Africa apart from these I mentioned above,and if you are talking about all these, your answer will be no. Capital NO For the matter. And if you are talking about better transformation, then the answer here is, the PDPIGS are outdated for the job. They are tested and not trusted,nigerians are going to test another people for the job. GOD BLESS YOU,BLESS US AND THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF 9JA.


    Can’t this loud mouth called Olisa Metuh just keep quiet? He had said the APC was cloning PVCs after the raid. Now it is hacking. Listen, Metuh, no amount of concocted stories will prevent your paymasters from being voted out next month. It is too late for you guys. Your time is up!

  • mk

    The DSS should pls updates thier outdated WINDOW 2000 to modernize it security on server attacks..METU and DSS are godless story after d other..we ready so said APC

  • tundemash

    Very funny ! Is there any difference between DSS and PDP ?
    An outdated, primitive boys’ scout outfit claiming to expose some hacking sh1t …. no wonder Shekau remain a ghost !

  • 9jarian

    This Metu is unbelievable! Let me help Lai Mohammed and trace the connection of MENDS and APC to Metu; MENDS are a group fighting for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta! Late Yaradua initiated an Amnesty programme to bring about a lasting peace in the region. After the demise of Yaradua, a prodigal son of the Niger Delta became President. MENDS extended the olive branch to the new President! Years down the line MENDS like many Nigerians came to realise that the new President was clueless, corrupt and insincere even to his own Niger Delta brothers! MENDS having smelt the CHANGE (APC) of fresh air breezing across the country have decided to embrace the CHANGE of the fresh air! As Rev. Mbaka said ” if my father will be my leader and my siblings will all die, let a stranger be my leader and let my family be”…. Is that clear?

    • Smifoyike

      9jarian, That was a very PERFECT explanation of the Link between Metu and MEND. You have really done justice to this crucial debate on this platform.

  • Amir

    MEND is that organisation that President Jonathan acted as their spokesman as he absolved them of complicity in the Abuja bombing of October 2010. Further information about MEND can be obtained from the president himself or from the petroleum minister who we were told in an undisputed press report was in contact with one of their leaders jailed in South Africa. MEND are also stakeholders in the PDP government amnesty programme of which Metuh is a clueless member. Metuh is lodging in a brothel and asking pedestrians if it is true that prostitutes stay in that brothel. He should know, isn’t it?

    • glo

      True talk .

  • Abiodun

    Voting Goodluck Jonathan out of office on FeBuhari 14th is a collective decision of all Nigerian. So no amount of antics can change people’s mind now especially when nobody is influencing anybody monetarily before taking the noble decision.

  • King Carlos

    This actually vindicates Lai Muhammed. There is no difference between PDP and DSS. Ogar made that press conference in order to give Metuh something to talk about. PDP should try again pls

  • Duke

    PT is just a disgrace, why would they be deleting some post? and has always shown side with APC supporters, even when metu is saying sense some ppl will just be posting bushit.

  • Emmy

    Abeg! Don’t only complain on the internet. Please get your voters card and cast your vote. Also make sure you stay back to protect it.

  • True Nigerian

    Olisa, the ignoramus! The fact that you have jumped on the bandwagon of ignorance belonging to the SSS/DSS does not mean that your ignorance remains concealed or that it has turned into a great evidence of knowledge. I have never seen a place where competent computer programmers are not given advanced training and awareness on hacking. Most IT professionals have taken lessons on hacking, not because they are planning to hack, but because that is part of how they are trained on how to recognise hacking attack, prevent it or correct security risks in a network or system.

    But Marilyn Ogar, a director in a national Intelligence agency, does not know that. Nigeria should be ashamed! Olisa, who is one of the leaders of a ruling party, also celebrates the advertisement of such a shameful embarrassing ignorance and incompetence by Marilyn.

    Don’t worry, the truly vindicated will find out their vindication in mid February. Then you will know who should have been vndicated and who is making false claim of vindication.

    Charge the computer programmers to court. If I were their representative, I will make sure that Marilyn is put on cross-examination so that I can show her and the whole world the true ugly state of her credibility. Invidious elements!
    A Chief security official is so openly partisan! This country is simply a disgrace!

  • Maria

    ““Nigerians are indeed worried by these developments. We therefore urge the APC to come out clean and explain to the citizens what they have in common with these groups, especially given the statement by their flag bearer, after the 2011 elections, that the ‘dogs and baboons will all be soaked in blood”. No need to dignify this lunatic with a response.

  • MushinSpeaks

    DSS in conjunction with PDP waited months before they could announce their falsehood to the public. In this 21st century, they are claiming APC want to hack INEC database. Question is, to do what? We are not gullible please. DSS has been politized and Nigerians have lost trust in their intelligence.

  • Abdullahi Muhammed

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  • Bidemi Lukman

    Oga Olisa, why the need to ask the question. Are they not Nigerians? Besides, during the Independence day bombing, your Uncle GEJ came clear and exonerated MEND saying MEND are not terrorist. So, whats your problem?

  • Ette

    It shows that those who struggled for the development of the Niger Delta are so disappointed by gross incompetent and unbridled corruption demonstrated by GEJ their son that they have to look elsewhere for the development of the region. The Niger Delta region has not benefitted in any way despite the development agreement made by Yaradua. PDP wickedness is very obvious for all to see. It is only the wicked and corrupt that support GEJ after he and his wicked PDP have destroyed every facet of our national welfare. GEJ is being rejected even by MEND which he defended in 2010. This is judgment time.