“You must never give up on Nigeria,” Buhari tells Nigeria’s youth in New Year message

As we welcome the year 2015, I have shared a message to Nigerians in general, but I find it crucial to send another message directly to Nigeria’s youth, who are the major stakeholders of this enterprise.

The year 2014 was a challenging one for most citizens of our dear country.

We remember our compatriots who were brutishly killed or maimed by evil terrorists in 2014. I remember with a still broken heart that 219 of our children from Chibok are yet missing, let down by a country that should protect them. I remember that, even as I speak, some of our towns and villages are yet under the occupation of Boko Haram.

Yes, it is enough for you to despair. It is enough for you to wonder if your country cares about you and can protect you. But do not despair.

2015 has arrived at a time of great discomfort; but the beauty of the New Year is that we can look forward with renewed hope and the knowledge that things can and will change.

In Nigeria’s case, we can truly look forward to the change that the elections can, and will, bring. Our country will be secure again. Our country will prosper again.

I have faith that 2015 is the year we shall begin to write a new story – a story of our youth creating jobs and expanding the frontiers of innovation and creativity everywhere from Mavin Records to the Co-Creation Hub; a story of genuine investment in our children and students be they in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka or in the Delta State University, Abraka; a country that finally makes a permanent shift from our debilitating dependence on the free-falling price of crude oil.

I have unshakeable faith that 2015 will be the year of change.

Now some of you have asked me: what exactly does ‘change’ mean?

I have taken time to explain this at different opportunities, but on this special day, let me remind you in five short statements.

Change means:

1. A country that you can be proud of at anytime and anywhere: where corruption is punished, where your leaders are disciplined and lead with vision and clarity; where the stories that emerge to the world from us are full of hope and progress.

2. A Nigeria in which neither yourselves, nor your parents, families or friends will have to fear for your safety, or for theirs.

3. A Nigeria where citizens get the basics that any country should provide: infrastructure that works, healthcare that is affordable, even free; respect for the environment and sustainable development, education that is competitive and outcome-oriented in a knowledge-economy.

4. A country that provides jobs for its young people, reducing unemployment to the lowest of single digits and providing safety nets so that no one is left behind.

5. A Nigeria where entrepreneurship thrives, enterprise flourishes and the government gets out of your way so that you can create value, build the economy and aggressively expand wealth.

Are these things truly possible? Of course. That is the essence and outcome of leadership, and that is what my party and I promise you as we get into 2015.

My dear friends, this New Year, more than ever before, I am hopeful about Nigeria.

Yes, you are disappointed and you are angry, as you are entitled to, but you must never give in to the temptation to feel so weighed down by those who have failed you that you lose your hope and your energy and your passion to see change. You must never give up on Nigeria.

Together, we can build a nation that is secure, prosperous and gives everyone a fair chance.

This is the promise that 2015 holds. That is the promise that change will bring. That is the promise that I bring to you.
Once again, I wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.
Thank you and God bless Nigeria.

Muhammadu Buhari


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  • endingNaija

    Thank you! Nigerian Youths use your votes wisely. Vote Out Corruption and bring in Change!

  • Almightygodalmightygod



    Straight from the heart, devoid of cliches and choreographed lies. God bless Buhari, God bless Nigeria. Change is here!

  • tundemash

    Incoming President Buhari gives a message of hope ” Do not give up” while outgoing President Jonathan gives valedictory message “Nigerians will thank me after i leave ”

    CHANGE HAS COME !!!!!!! It’s a new dawn !

  • Paiko

    Genuine message from a genuine mind filled with integrity. KEEP THE HOPE and vote wisely for a genuine change that will make Nigeria great again in the comity of nations. Long live Nigeria, long live Buhari and long live Nigerian youth!!!

  • babatope

    Nice message from a passionate leader. You have my vote together with the people I mobilised.

  • Bala Atama

    I sincerely hope Ending Naija, Truth master and TundeMESS Are one and the same person.
    It will be a tragedy of monumental proportions if there can be so many idle mercenaries prowling the net. Able bodied men that should be working hard contributing their own quota in any country they find themselves, are here day and night insulting and abusing with their obscene language. Idle leeches!
    Most worrisome is the revelation that some of these fellows seem to be in the UK and other developed societies. Yet so primitive in their speech??
    TundeMESS, one fellow that calls himself a lawyer Kay soyemi and other most vocal APC e-zombies don’t even reside in Naija. Most likely they won’t even vote! Will their insults and obscenities translate to votes????
    Nonsense! They must be living on welfare to be here day and nite.
    Idle leeches!

    • KD

      Bala Atama, it is equally a tragedy of monumental proportions if you have time to read them!! Get a life!!!

    • kammykazee

      Go to hell muthafucka, you sincerely hope? you ve got no hope, you hopeless neerdowell e-rat. we know who the mercenaries are and by God’s grace Nigeria will surely get to the promised land while all e-rats will be fed with pesticides.

    • endingNaija

      Bastard Doyin Okugbe, Dubious Reno Omokri and Shameless Reuben Abati coordinate the online media propaganda for President King Goodluck Jonathan Nebu. They use the following e-rats-Bala Atama/otile/oleku/Tawanda/deacon/mani_kay/mpitikwelu/akpos1/peter2000/Gideon Orkar/the “truth”- To all of you I have this to say: This election shall be decided on two key issues. The issues are (i) ETHICS and (ii) COMPETENCE IN GOVERNANCE. All other issues rest on these two. Your candidate President Goodluck Jonathan FAILED on these two issues. Therefore he does not deserve re-election. He has to leave by February 2015. That is the verdict from the Nigerian streets. If this verdict is overwhelming for you as a promoter of a failed presidency-Goodluck Jonathan, you know what to do-i.e. if the kitchen is too hot for you you get out of the kitchen. If you can not promote your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan- on issues as it is obvious that you cannot , you keep shut-no apologies. No country can be as great as Nigeria. None in the world deserve to be greater than NIgeria. And this has nothing to do with any Nigerian exceptionalism. It is just the truth. Nigerians are great people-very innovative, brilliant, creative, hardworking, enduring and happy people. But for a failed presidency-Goodluck Jonathan- to knock Nigeria down and send us down the drain for SIX YEARS is unacceptable. And this is why it has to stop. One more time and take it with you. We are taking the issue right into your -Goodluck Jonathan-space. This election shall be decided on two issues-ETHICS and COMPETENCE IN GOVERNANCE. President Jonathan failed Nigerians on these two issues for SIX YEARS. On merit, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan does not deserve one more day as the President of the federal republic of Nigeria. Hope this helps you Bastard Doyin Okugbe/Reno Omokri/Reuben Abati coordinating the e-rats for Mr. Jonathan re-election media campaign.

    • endingNaija

      Bala Atama I know you belong to the online media campaign of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. Other names are Oleku/otile/Tawanda/the “truth”. Your post shows a desperation because none of you can challenge or refute the claims in any of my posts and my position that Mr. Goodluck Jonathan does not deserve re-election in February 2015. None of you have advanced any serious position why Goodluck Jonathan deserve re-election. Rather you fall back on religion and tribalism in your support for him. Some of us are beyond that. Your argument is that he deserves re-election because he is Ijaw and he has to complete his term. Nigeria is bleeding under this man-Mr. Jonathan- and you still have the temerity and audacity to ask Nigerians to rest their fate on Mr. Goodluck Jonathan just because he is Ijaw!You Jonathan people and campaigners must be wicked, evil and unkind for that. My posts rebut you and torment you. I am happy to be one of your chief tormentors. While you get paid for your posts thru Oyele(OIL) money in our backyard, I torment you and I make a case that Mr. Jonathan does not deserve re-election for reason of national salvation. We must salvage, etrieve and reclaim our country form the evil and corrupt jaws and thieving hands of Mr. Jonathan and his inherently corrupt cronies. Reno Omokri and group I remain one of your Chief Tormentors! See you in the New Year, the year Nigerian voters will end your-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan’s- corrupt and divisive rule!

      • onenigerian2014

        when the judge is a Tiger, how can a Ram get fail judgment?

  • Rollingdollar

    Thank you sir, but please where is your certificate???

    • Ojukwu Chukwudi

      Is in your mother’s vagina.

      • Rollingdollar

        Thanks for the remark sir, unfortunately my mother is dead, her body would have returned to dust and her soul is resting in peace. So the certificate is definitely not there. Have a happy new year sir.

        • Bala Atama

          Nice response my bro. You are blessed!
          Those foul mouthed low life’s made my day by ‘turning up’ and showing themselves to be the gutter people we know they are.
          Just read their comments above. Abuses..Obscenities.
          Tomorrow, the same confused individuals will come out and say it’s not APC supporters that are abusive! LOL!
          I only smile when they use such words. They can’t give what they don’t have!
          Pls and pleas..NEVER EVER sink to their level by exchanging obscenities with them no matter the provocation.
          Remain Blessed!

        • Yusuf Aliyu Ahmad

          I salute your maturity, u are certainly far in respect from the animal that insulted himself

  • Isi Agwo

    Six weeks to election date, where is Bokohari’s policy agenda, programme for Nigeria and Nigerians, aside his solid support for Sharia and its spread throughout Nigeria? And call to spill more blood since he made in 2011.

  • Rollingdollar

    Thanks for the remark sir, unfortunately my mother is dead, her body would have returned to dust and her soul is resting in peace. So the certificate is definitely not there. Have a happy new sir.

    • Okey

      Rollingdollar, I regret to learn of the demise of your dear mother. May her soul rest in peace.

      However, thank goodness you are not to carry her remains from one state to another, otherwise production of a Certificate

      (of death) will be a MUST, especially in this Ebola era. That is a compulsory requirement in Nigeria today. The only alternative will be to refrain from entering another state from where she died. Once more, accept my condolences.

  • Yusuf

    You have done your best together with other APC leaders; we will play our own role of ensuring positive change on Feb 14 and 28

  • SAM .A

    Happy New Year ,fellow ‘forumites’ politics apart , above speech was well constructed and hit the target audience, there is now maturity,and facts devoid of propaganda. Mr . Mohammed Buahari , more of that speeches,please.
    Now back to Bastard Doyin Okugbe,Abati Alapa and Chamelion Reno Omokiri,the coordinator of e- rats
    It is only your paid e-rats that disguise ,using different names on this medium like Reno that has been posting under more than 10 names ,remember Kalu of Abacha ‘ s YEA and his fate after his demise. We shall make sure you account for every dime after May . If you all have been coming here debating issues it could have been better. Bastard Okupe and Abati Alapa will come back to give account of their steward , and money they have stolen in SW after May.
    Pray for peaceful and rig free election.

    • Okey

      So, “there is now maturity..” and “I will” no longer “use the last drop of blood in my veins to ensure that sharia is practiced all over Nigeria” ? If I have now shown maturity, have apologised for the death of those 12 innocent Youth Corpers killed by my incendiary comments ? I think you should make much more demand than “repentance-for-presidency” if you love this country.

  • George

    So this is how the new Bokoharam president will look animal

  • true talk

    Apc…..we love you…..general buhari…we cant wait for feb 14 2015……..gej has ruined this country…his aide fake account has been leaked….in person of reno omikiri……dis people continue to bastardize our economy….keep telling us that stealing is not corruption….many more…lets vote them out….apc 2015