Nigerian Army accuses Sahara Reporters of supporting terrorism

The attention of the Nigerian Army has been drawn to a publication on the website of Sahara Reporters with the caption “Nigerian Army Presents Unverified “Lt Col” To Refute Petition Against Military Hierarchy”. It is noteworthy but sad and unfortunate that Sahara Reporters has committed itself to support for terrorism and fighting Nigeria, its people, its military and particularly the Nigerian Army.

Before Sahara Reporters published their purported document described as petition from Lt Col Wende, a serving Commanding Officer, the Nigerian Army conducted a thorough investigation on the document involving other security and intelligence agencies. The process confirmed that the serving officer was not the author of the petition.

Yesterday, the Officer dissociated himself from the so-called petition in a press conference he personally attended. While other reputable media organizations were on hand to engage the officer, Sahara Reporters being a faceless medium, preferred to remain faceless and was not represented. Sahara Reporters sadly, but predictably, and in fulfillment of its support for terrorism published in its website a fabrication in which it referred to the officer as “Unverified”. How absurd!

Sahara Reporters has strived hard to present itself as a propaganda medium for terrorism and Boko Haram in particular. It is with this in mind, that the Nigerian Army conducted a press conference in Maiduguri in which the officer who appeared at the press conference is Lt Col Wende, a serving officer of the Nigerian Army. Since the officer has clearly dissociated himself from the document, it makes sense that the so-called petition is the handiwork of Sahara Reporters. With time, terrorism in Nigeria and Sahara Reporters will be defeated by collective will of the good people of Nigeria.


Olajide Laleye, a Brigadier General,
Director, Army Public Relations


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  • Wise Head

    Sahara Reporters must have been bought over by the APC. They know it.
    When they report cases of Boko Haram’s bloodshed and other savage
    activities, they seem to celebrate them with that APC-induced mentality
    that by doing so, they are painting GEJ in bad light. Such shallow
    thinking. Celebrating the wastage of blood just to earn political
    mileage? I have also heard complaint that they no longer feature non
    pro-APC/Buhari or non anti-GEJ contributors. Their stories are no longer
    balanced, always slanted to favour Buhari and deride Jonathan. They
    need to look at their stories for the past year and see how far they
    have degenerated. They are not even able to hide their very primitive

    • Wähala

      You heard wrong, pal. Go there and read PDP e-rats like TAWANDA INC, Oleku, Otile et al, spewing their usual rubbish on daily basis, even as I type! Per Dumbo, you simply don’t praise failure in the name of fairness… Kapisch?

      • Encore

        In my candid opinion, Saharareporters is fast losing its way and
        becoming irrelevant in the eyes and minds of most Online news readers.
        The administrators should take a step back, reassess the mission of
        their news outfit, and take an about-turn towards where they presumably
        started. When a news media develops into attacking its country’s
        military in addition to the government, with misinformation, then such a
        media outfit becomes discredited and on its way out of relevance. By
        the way, take a look at the infantile points saharareporters adduces as
        its claims why we all should disregard the accusations of mansion gift
        and bribery against it. They want us to believe that if the govt does
        not produce ‘proofs’ of the mansion gift and other claims of bribery and
        funding by APC, then the claims must be untrue. Really! How many proofs
        has saharareporters been able to provide us the reading public to
        support the numerous bogus claims it has made against both the
        government and the individuals whom the administrators don’t like. Given
        the slant of its news items, every reader of Online news understands
        very clearly who might be sponsoring saharareporters and consequently
        dictating the slant, direction and tone of its news items. It’s a shame
        to note that Sowore started off very well but has suddenly become
        compromised – the same accusation he often times levels against the
        other petty and equally-compromised journalists and news outfits in
        Nigeria. Really a shame.

        • Wähala

          If they’re irrelevant, why has the Army deemed it necessary to engage in a campaign of calumny against them? Why is the NA responding to them with lies… have you not seen Lt.Col. Sagir Musa on SR interviews many-many times? How come they’re now “faceless” to the NA? Abeg, go-siddon!

          • Wahala

            Anyway, I’ve now realised that SR at times puts out stories they have not properly verified. I apologise for my previous stand on the activities of SR.

          • Wähala

            …and why are you using my iconic handle name? Do you truly believe you can think like me? Well, go ahead, my followers will know the difference between beef and pork. This is my last response to a punk like you so as not to confuse fellow bloggers. Get a life, boo!

        • Sword of Damocles

          “hen such amedia outfit becomes discredited and on its way out of relevance”

          Precisely what metrics are you basing the absurd assertion above on? Discredited? out of relevance? it begs the question “what planet are you on?” I would thinks hits to a website & commercial advertising on a website would be the anchor/foundation of any assertions of the demise of a online news outfit, but in the case of Nigeria, it is different, people are simply unable to separate the SUBJECTIVE from the OBJECTIVE. Yes it is “your candid opinion(well deserved), but it certainly is not based on fact, if is you have not shown or any one else “empirical evidence” that supports an assertion of SR being “discredited and “on its way out of relevance” . Not by a LONGSHOT. As they say in the islands, come again.

      • Chrisok

        Not about those who made comments but SR original stories are tilted towards APC.

  • GrantUK

    SR was given a taste of her medicine. Looking through the spectacles of an egregious wizard as a psychology expert, it won’t be long before PT will taste her own medicine. SR stop mourning like a baby. What goes around comes around.

  • karl marx

    It is a product of PDP to represent them in that area, what a shame to PDP? END OF THE ROAD FOR THEM AND THEIR REPS!!!!!!!

  • Igwee!!!

    Shameless Army! You are the greatest supporters of boko haram. You hate Sahara Reporters because they stand up against the mindless corruption all over Nigerian institutions, including the army, which is exactly why the army is feckless in the fight against boko haram.

    Utterly shameless military leadership!

    Why wouldn’t you attack Sahara Reporters since you were shameless and callous enough to pass death sentence on your own soldiers whose crime was simply to demand that for a weaponry that can at least reflect $5b you have been receiving on defence budgets per annum?

    Disgusting generals! I hope that one of these innocent soldiers you have sentenced to death will become a Jerry Rawlings and will come back and hunt you all out of existence! Shameless, heartless, cowardly generals.

    You cannot contend against a rag-tag group of insurgents, but you will have enough energy to attack the freedom of the press for reporting what every little baby in Nigeria already knows.

  • Truthometer

    It is now confirmed that Nigerian military is completely useless, if this is the way they conduct their business. Exchanging words with media house like two women fighting in the market place. This is so shameful! It’s time to disband and reorganize Nigerian military. They have recently proved that they are incapable in all ways except only in the area of harassing the innocent Nigerians and media outlets. It’s so obvious that the serving fake Nigerian’s generals are the ones supporting boko haram, so that the allocation can continue to roll in for eventual looting. Shame on the pot bellies in uniform!

    • Alcindo Satori

      There is nothing shameful in exposing fooleries!

  • the truth

    Who in their right mind doesn’t know sahara reporters and boko haram are like bread and butter. They are both working for an unnamed political party. Who remembers an army team going into town and sahara reporters claimed it was the military running away. Just like premium times when there stories are refuted and shown to be lies they neither issue an apology to the people or issue a rejoinder to that publication. i dont blame Sahara reporters they are only working for there stomach, it is part of stomach infastructure in the news media. U wonder why obj stated in his book how atiku and co controlled and had the media in its pocket.

  • Wähala

    Sahara Reporters is not ” a faceless medium” to the Nigerian Army because Lt. Col. Sagir Musa regularly appeared on their TV interactive program to field questions when he was the Spokesman for the JTF. This Laleye chap is not good at lying and has ended up making the Army’s claims more spurious. Imagine, claiming that SR works for Boko Haram is so elementary this clown needs to be striped of his uniform and walloped with 24strokes of koboko for magnifying stup*dity beyond reasonable doubt… have the Boko Haram ever released their heinous videos via Sahara Reporters, if truly SR is on their payroll? Verily, verily I say unto thee… some people must be banned from thinking. This Brig. Gen. Olajide Olaleye qualifies full tilt. Oloshi ni…

  • Alcindo Satori

    Sahara Reporters; a faceless army? Dear army, if you’d love to know the architect of that criminal site, look to the South West (Yoruba)!