A vote for Buhari is a vote for Tinubu – PDP

Bola Tinubu and Muhammadu Buhari
Bola Tinubu and Muhammadu Buhari

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said that its flag-bearer, President Goodluck Jonathan, is up for the presidential contest in the February 14, 2015 election with the former Governor of Lagos state, Alhaji Bola Tinubu and not General Muhammadu Buhari.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, in a statement on Sunday said the APC Presidential candidate, General Buhari is merely a front for Alhaji Tinubu to whom he has already surrendered his powers and first official assignment of choosing a running mate.

“This development clearly confirms that General Buhari is not in charge, may have been compromised and willing to be appropriated. In fact, patriotic Nigerians from across the six geo-political zones are now embarrassed that General Buhari is playing a godson to Alhaji Tinubu.

“In surrendering his prerogative of choosing his running mate, General Buhari has confirmed that he is being appropriated and compromised to serve a personal and narrow group interest of a cabal on whose ticket he emerged as the presidential candidate.

“This APC cabal under the command of Tinubu tampered with all the rules of their party to achieve their selfish agenda of planting surrogates in all strategic positions to enable Tinubu expand his economic and political frontiers the way and manner he did in Lagos state.

“Therefore a vote for General Buhari in the forthcoming presidential election is clearly a vote for Tinubu, his political and economic interests.

“Indeed, the possible calculation of this cabal, if they ever get to power, is to choke-up General Buhari and ultimately frustrate him out of office thereby allowing Tinubu to have total control of the economic and political interests of the nation.

“Therefore the question the citizens want answered remains, ‘is Tinubu the face of the so-called change the APC wants to bequeath to Nigerians?

“The APC and its leadership have clearly shown that to them, national interest is secondary to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s business interests, little wonder many are now calling APC ASIWAJU’S PERSONAL CONSORTIUM.”


Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary


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  • amazing2012

    Read carefully on the report, they refer Tinubu as “Alhaji” the next you will hear is religious propaganda. No body is opposing giving power to Tinubu- is you alone that is among such perception. Whatever that happening in APC we don’t care What we need is change !

    • Ike

      Sorry O! Maybe it is typo. They should have said Bishop Bola Ahmed Tinubu, no be so?

      • Olu Ade

        The difference is clear about who is using religion to play dirty game…no country that is divided against itself on religious line ever survived… We will see which country they will govern after they shred Naija with their religious scissors..

        They call Buhari religious extremist, it did not work… Now Tinubu is Alhaji, it will not work too. I have not seen the opposition openly campaign against Jonathan or anybody because he is Christian or Muslim.

        The same Tinubu that they now refer to as Alhaji is the one whose strong support produced Ambode, a Christian as APC governorship candidate in Lagos. Their hatred for Asiwaju will eventually lead to their downfall. Carry on our amicable progressive leader.

        • The_Flying_Dutchman

          Tinubu caved-in to pressure when his religious brand of politics finally came to the notice of SW Xtians..that was the real reason for ‘anointing’ Ambode.
          The opposition has also not been able to campaign against GEJ or anyone in the PDP because their members are not extremists and have not made any provocative comments about any religion..Xtian or Muslim. The ‘attack’ on Buhari that he is a regional champion all come from his(buhari) numerous utterances on sensitive issues..calling for amnesty for terrorists early in the day, comments on sharia during the Obj era, INEXPLICABLE Jailing of the VP Alex Ekwueme while the Presidio Shagari was cooling his heels in a guest house..etc etc.
          *if you will like to reply, PLEASE Help me iron out the three anomalies I listed above. NO ONE HAS BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT! NOT EVEN GMB HIMSELF!

          • Olu Ade

            Reply to your so called 3 anomalies:

            1. Tinubu caved in to pressure…his religious brand of politics: if you really understand the brand of South West politics of which Tinubu schooled and graduated you will know that religion has no place. From Awolowo to the present crops of governors/ leaders religion has no place they were elected on merits. It is you PDP and Jonathanians that are importing religious politics to divide SW. Awolowo (Xtian) and Akintola (Xtian) jointly led Yoruba for long without any Muslim saying they are marginalized. Then came the time of Jakande (Muslim). Tinubu (Muslim) and Fashola(Muslim) all elected back to back not because of their religion but on their own merits, and they all successfully performed for all Christians and Muslims.
            At a time, all governors in Yoruba were Christians except Tinubu in Lagos- Akala (oyo), oyinlola (Osun), Fayose (1st term in Ekiti) and Agagu (ondo)

            And of recent, all governors in SW were Muslims except Fayemi in Ekiti and Mimiko in Ondo- Fashola, ajimobi, aregbesola.

            If only Nigeria can follow SW example.

            2. Opposition not campaigning against

          • GMBer

            Jonathan has failed in attempting to divide Nigeria along ethnic and religious lines.
            The suffering resulting from pdp and jonathan’s misrule is common to us all,christians or muslims and we seek CHANGE.

          • glo

            Shagari’s crime = clueless; Ekwueme’s crime = looting. One deserved house arrest, the other deserved the four walls of a jail house. END OF STORY.

          • The_Flying_Dutchman

            So, Buhari knew Shagari didn’t loot even before he was cleared by a court of law or tribunal??
            ‘some people should be banned from thinking abi’???
            I dey laff o!!!!!

          • glo

            Please, stay dey laff o, till your f..ing head explodes. 4 days into Buhari’s coming, and all you rogues are already peeing in your pants! I assume mama peace’s pant is large enough to accommodate all you no-good morons.

          • The_Flying_Dutchman

            Smh..smh! As vulgar as wahala yur patriarch. I find yur tantrums very amusing!
            You attempted an answer..i showed how dumb yur answer was. Next u run to insult Mrs Jonathan too. I actually don’t think much of GEJ and his wife, but will never lower myself to yur gutter lowlife language.
            Sorry bros..i can engage you in yur despicable lifestyle.
            I dey laff ooooo!

          • glo

            I am glad you are getting a serious headache from my moment of mischief for the day.

          • glo

            Your tantrums pass that of my 2yrs old son o! Take am easy o!

  • amazing2012

    Obasanjo mention in his book ” that four people are leading the nation not only Jonathan, he relinquish his power to Patience, Diezani, Aunty Ngozie, & himself and he is the lowest in command”

    • Femi Johnson

      Kai Amazing2012, well done o! Sanusi da Aiki mallam!
      The are really working hard for your money!
      Work before it gets dark..the darkness of your Hero losing for a record fourth time. Hope you are a good crier too..so u can help him cry again..

      • amazing2012

        If Buhari loss is you that lost because poverty and crime will continue. We are after who will stop killings and improve the quality of our lives. You are looking for name and religon that failed people already ! even if Buhari win and did not perform we will still go against him. Your is a mind of bias and hate which make a complete confirmation of curse !

        • Femi Johnson

          Nagode Aboki.
          I also understand hausa, so if you feel more comfortable communicating in Hausa, u can go ahead, because I cant understand anything you have written! Please move on to hausa, because I have a feeling you have something important to tell me but I can’t understand what you wrote. Did you mean APC is under a curse?? Pls interpret.

          • amazing2012

            Assume I am Aboki do you mean Aboki are not humans ? So God made mistake ? that is why i insist you are cursed !

          • Femi Johnson

            Judging by the abusive comment you wrote in Hausa insulting Murtala mohammed’s son for the simple reason he chose to run for an elective position on the platform of PDP, you are undeniably an Aboki Bigot!
            Abokis are humans! My cousins are hausas! We call each other Aboki!
            Aboki is friend! So u should be happy! U are my friend!!

          • amazing2012

            O Seun ore, ona ti ti de awon ipele ti ese translation ti ede. Lo Kiri itranslate.

  • lincoln

    Now PDP is afraid of Cabal, una neva start, anybody is better than GEJ of PDP. He was rejected by the Bayelsans as Governor but imposed on them now He is be imposed on us by PDP. Your time is up

  • bluesky

    Suddenly Tinubu is being addressed as Alhaji, PDP will never ceased to amuse us by this their idiotic religious sentiment that will lead them to nowhere. The issue- based campaign he advocated is this personal attacks on Tinubu and if this is what PDP wants, then the coast is clear for dirty campaign.

    • Impartial

      Spot on! The smear tactics have only have just started. Realizing that they can’t lay hold on any serious allegation against Buhari, the next smart thing to do is to launch a smear campaign against his backers! Very “smart” but Nigerians are wiser now. Let us tell PDP and their supporters to first compel Goodluck to declare his assets, and then tell us who and who have been bankrolling the TAN rallies and ads on TV and in the last few months. There are many more questions to ask them so much so that they will be running for cover. These guys just delude themselves that they are smart!

      • Shehu Garba

        You are deluded and not smart if you think GEJ has not declared his assets.
        ‘Open declaration’ is alien to the Code of Conduct Law on asset declaration. Have you asked yourself how many of yur APC Governors have declared their assets openly??? If PDP won’t do, WHAT OF APC????
        My brother, stop showcasing ignorance here!

        • Impartial

          You have forgotten so quickly that your dear Jonathan told on TV that he doesn’t give a damn about declaring his assets!

          In any case, we are talking about the contest between him and GEJ, and their resort to mud-slinging of Tinubu as though the latter is the presidential flag-bearer of the APC! Please tell us who is bankrolling the billion of naira TAN has been spending to launder your President’s image. Thereafter, we can shift the focus to Tinubu. Until then, you should let your Metuh know that those who live in glass house don’t throw stones!

  • Yomi

    Who cares, all we need is change.

  • Kunle

    PDP via Metuh whose son beat teachers in Abuja is being used to cause ethno-religious divisions amongst Nigerians. And some Nigerians are falling for it.


    Tinubu is better than 4 female presidents and one xman ruling all at once…..we are tired of GEJ’s inactions…

  • NG

    Why do you need to be worried (Metuh) when you people said 100 Buhari(s) will never defeat Jona? Why don’t you leave Tinubu, Buhari and APC alone? Face you sore and find a means to heal your wound. Nigerians are wiser now and it is by God’s grace.

    • HP

      Unfortunately for Metuh, Tinubu is not on the ballot, i pity you Olisa, the fear of Tinubu is the beginning of wisdom for you.

  • [MMXV]

    “Indeed, the possible calculation of this cabal, if they ever get to power, is to choke-up General Buhari and ultimately frustrate him out of office thereby allowing Tinubu to have total control of the economic and political interests of the nation.”

    Allowing Tinubu have total control of the economy of the nation???
    THIS IS SCARY!! Point is, they don’t even need to frustrate Buhari out of office; BABA BUHARI IS SO OLD HE MOST CERTAINLY WILL NOT DO MORE THAN A TERM!
    His real age after a term will be in the region of 98yrs. So he will resign(retire?) and handover to Tinubu’s protégé??

    Meanwhile, ‘APC-Asiwaju’s. Personal Consortium’????

    • NG


    • adekenny

      You people have started the blackmailing! Our eyes are now open! Nigerians want the change! Change the field,change of the team,change of the venue entirely! May GOD help us to have the change

    • Todocampista

      And this is your reason for supporting this heartless government? Honestly, you don’t need an IQ test to tell you that you are retarded!

  • Abiodun

    Now I can authoritatively confirm that METUH & his Oga at the top are seriously feeling the heat

  • Danladi Yusuf Gumel

    PDP a sinking ship. Metu a beg make shut up dis your dati mouth! All we care is change, change & change!

  • Igwee!!!

    And so what? Who cares!
    When he (Jonathan) was striking midnight deals with Tinubu in 2011 election, did Jonathan tell us about it? Was he not happy about that?
    Now, the idyotic bag of excuses are here again telling us that GEJ is contesting against Tinubu. Are you so daf* that you can’t find something else to campaign on?

  • waspa

    all we are saying, we need change

  • otitokoro

    It is nw very clear dat Metuh n his paymaster are out of their minds

  • Todocampista

    They keep throwing mud on the wall to see if it sticks, first he’s a religious extremist and now that Nigerians have seen through that, it’s not even him it’s someone else you’re voting for. They can’t get anything on him, so they turn to his associates. Just hopeless! Even if it’s Tinubu, is he not better than having a leader that is dead from the neck up? Pathetic!!!

  • Michael Olaoluwa

    The fear of Bola Tinubu is the beginning of wisdom for GEJ & PDP. This is the issues based campaign they are advocating. Suddenly, Tinubu is being addressed as “Alhaji” PDP will never change. The game is up! Nigerians knows where we are going. #OnBuhariWeStand #2015Election

  • Ikongshul Godwin Ashima

    Just like a vote for Fashola, Oshomole and all APC governors was for Tinubu. PDP you are expired

  • Nuga A

    Hear talk.PDP have totally lost it.They are confused and don’t know what to say anymore.We the SW are ready to stand behind the progressive and we appreciate Asiwaju for giving the country a strong opposition.A vote for Tinubu is a vote for all the progressive Govt from Fashola,Oshobaba,Aregbe,Amosun,Ajimobi and others they have make positive impact in their various State better than the PDP Govt. APC all the way.

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    Well Metu, your oath to the shrine will not protect you. Dumbo is going down thanks to the ingenuity of “Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu” The “alhaji Tinubu is indeed a GENIUS! We can never thank him enough for removing the MOST CORRUPT AND WICKED jonathan regime on the face of this planet

    • Gideon Ezekwe

      …but GEJ is still your PRESIDENT. And shall remain your President another 4 years. Stupidity unlimited!! LOL!!!

  • Zangaruwa

    PDP has finally lost it. What exactly are they scared of? Is Tinubu not a Nigerian? If he is corrupt, does it not say more about the present government if it couldn’t bring Tinubu to book despite all the powers attached to the office of the president. We are wiser now.

    • Okeahialam

      Ask the idiots if it was Tinubu that ate the 16 years oil windfall they have stolen since 1999. This dumb drunk and clueless failure earned more than the combined five previous regime before his cursed pestilence and he and his mongrels have stolen these leaving no kobo in the treasury. Jonaclown has rendered every known thief in Nigeria a pick pocket by his horrendous stealing acts. Here is a moronic empty head who quaffed he had no shoes becoming one of the richest men in the world today courtesy of the resources he has looted from Nigeria. He will certainly vomit them from May 2015!

  • Don Messi

    Since it has been discovered it will be HIGHLY IMPROBABLE Papa Buhari will be able to go beyond one term, the choice of his deputy is as important..or more important than his. This is the greatest challenge of APC.
    The top contenders have one weight or the other around their necks!
    FAYEMI: set the unenviable record of being the first incumbent govnr to lose re-election in ALL LGA’s in his state! Buhari has lost 3times..combining him with a gallant loser like Fayemi will be CATASTROPHIC!

    AMAECHI: He is undeniably relevant when it comes to hurling insults at GEJ and his wife patience. But the APC think tanks know this WILL NOT Translate to the much needed votes in the SS. According to my sources, he(Amaechi) is generally considered as a traitor in the SS right now as I write!

    FASHOLA: Excellent for the job. However, the mood of the nation does not support a Muslim-muslim (nor xtian-xtian) ticket. This stalemate is a fallout of Alhaji Tinubu fielding all SW govnrs as Muslims..except the gallant loser Fayemi. Now there is NO Xtian guvnr to fill this position. With a Muslim-muslim ticket, the PDP will start popping champagne TONIGHT!

    OSHIOMHOLE: Very promising. Very very promising. hardly any baggage..except his death wish; “GO AND DIE” to the poor Edo widow! Also, he is from the same state as the APC chairman. Looks like ‘the powers that be’ deliberately zoned the chairmanship to SS, so as to knock Oshio-Baba out of the race!

    TINUBU: the X-Factor!! Tonnes and TONNES OF BAGGAGE!

    • tundemash

      Why are u taking panadol for any person’s headache? You are not voting APC, so why worry about how and who they choose as V.P ? Or is reality dawning on you already Buhari might win this by a wide margin?

      Since Buhari got the APC nomination, your master looters have been jittery. Looks like the Jihadist toga on Buhari isn’t working, the next strategy is to attack his backers. These are signs of drowning jittery men clawing at anything.
      If Tinubu is corrupt, it beholds on the govt. in power to bring him to book, failure to do that is an indictment on their part. Insinuating Tinubu is corrupt just to get feeble minds like you excited wouldn’t achieve anything in the long run just like the Buhari’s theory of sponsoring Boko Haram was milked for a few tears and has now boomerang in their face !

      My advice to you and Oloshi Metuh: make sure Dumbo shows up for the Presidential debate, we would not tolerate him debating Dbanj this time around !

  • abdul afoede

    Mumu talk..

  • godson

    If a vote for Fashola is a vote for Tinubu, I’m glad I did in 2007 and 2011.

  • Abimbola

    This man called Metuh sounds like a broken record. Naija needs change. Your party had the votes of the populates in 2011 but you wasted the opportunity given to you. We are wiser now. This is the beginning of the end of PDP in this country!

  • Giganto

    Even if Tinubu were to be on the ballot he would still have been a better candidate than Jonothing

  • Ikechi Ngwube

    I authoritatively heard that the Commnader of Thieves, Badluck Ebola Jonadaft has developed high blood pressure in the past few days. I didn’t believe this until I read this piece of disoriented rambling by the spokesperson the thieving cult called PDP by name of Olisa Mumu. I now know how they dread Asiwaju and a combination of Asiwaju and Buhari s enough to send these remorseless rouges and vandals to hospital bed. Nigeria should have no pity for these rodents who have eaten down Nigeria and left it a mere carcass today! Asuwaju, ride on and let them maggots rot in dread and fear!

    • U are so thick, joboroni pls wake up from dis foolishness.

  • Maria

    Not for Tinubu, Jonathan would not be president. I know and privy to the begging and flying of Tinubu to Abuja at ungodly hour by Jonathan and PDP to beg Tinubu to support Jonathan in 2011 election. Now that these lunatic know Tinubu will not support Jonathan’s bid this time… they are trying to paint him bad. If Tinubu runs for the presidency, he will sure have his way because he has a large following, he is a leader with sagacity and audacity not common with Nigeria failed leaders such as Jonathan. Tinubu is a nemesis that will finally bury PDP and Jonathan. Ask OBJ with all he did, he could not overrun Tinubu. The more you make Tinubu the focus of your campaign of calumny, the more you warm him and APC into the hearts of Nigerians. Mr Metu.. all your statement since Buari emerged APC candidate have been that of a sinking man…your fear of banishment from Nigeria’s political space is now a reality… live with it.

  • Dan Kano

    Desperation at the highest level being manifested in the PDP camp. Religious propaganda and ethnic bias will not work for you this time around. Nigerians are tired of PDP. You better change your strategy My Metuh. You are completely confused that Nigerians are now wiser, rejecting GEJ and his corrupt team.

  • King Carlos

    PDP and their amateurish campaign, they are referring to him as ‘Alhaji Tinubu’ just to give it that religious coloration. It’s like they don’t even know that Nigerians are now aware of their tactics. They are becoming desperate as the day goes by. But Tinubu didn’t win the primaries nau. So PDP can fear like dis? I thought they believe in Police, Ninja turtles at DSS and the Army to win elections. + Inec too.

    But to be honest, i heard all Nigerian politicians are corrupt, but how come Tinubu is the only one that is using his (allegedly) stolen wealth to engineer CHANGE across the nation? The biggest politician in Nigeria today. I understand Olisah Metuh’s fear,but Metuh should please tell us how much jonathan gave Tinubu in 2011 when he desperately sent a presidential jet to Lagos to ferry him to Abuja in the middle of the night. (na obasanjo talk am, MY WATCH).

    The wind of change is blowing fast. Edwin Clark and Okupe will not be there to save him.

  • Ette

    PDP is finished as shown by this farewell statement. Imagine a grown up person showing clearly that they have been completely overcome by the forces of good and integrity espoused by GMB. Bye bye PDP and be rest assured that all the wickedness committed by your members against our nation must be accounted for. May God’s name be priased for this great deliverance from the wicked hands of PDP corrupt people.

  • Sword of Damocles

    “The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has said that its flag-bearer, President Goodluck Jonathan, is up for the presidential contest in the February 14, 2015 election with the former Governor of Lagos state, Alhaji Bola Tinubu and not General Muhammadu Buhari.”

    the above statement gives me(a Mai Gaskiya admirer) great pleasure. For it quantifies/spotlights the desperation of the Looters & Betrayers to not have to deal with that simple honest, honorable man from Daura. Note that the current President(who the whole world now knows, IS NOT A MAN OF HIS WORD) cannot stand up to Gen. Buhari when it comes to character, honor, and a “person’s achievements on earth”, so his worthless and duplicitous party grasps for a strawman, ANY STRAWMAN to deflect attention from how DESPICABLE & lacking our President appears when compared to a REAL patriot. A mirror does not LIE!. The president must KNOW(in his heart) that his own actions, and that of his dreaded/accursed party(PDP) over the last 16yrs have brought our Fatherland to ITS KNEES. Imagine that, to do THIS to your own Land and People, all because of GREED, SELFISHNESS, & LACK OF PATRIOTISM). Since you people(PDP & its “Transformation” president) cannot show love & respect for the Republic(by atleast not stealing the people’s money), The General is HERE to show you HOW it is supposed to be done.

    • Adelove5070

      The Sword of Damocles, you got it right. I seconded your post.

  • amazing2012

    Olisa, please tell us about progress and your proposal when we cast our vote to PDP not market square talk !

  • WALE

    Lisa thank u,face your own.WE shall vote him,BC he is not corrupT

    • Tufiakwa

      “He is not corrupt,” you said. Are you corrupt? Is Tinubu corrupt? And millions of other members of Alhajis Partisan Confusionists (APC)? As military leader, what was Buhari’s plan for the economy? It was trade by barter. Hopeless. What an illiterate, indecisive, wicked, murderous extremist.

      • tundemash

        easy easy on drugs !
        Let your m0r0n Olisa tell us what their programmes are and leave APC with the choice of their V.P.

  • Funsho Adedimula

    Editor Premium Times


    What i want to point out is something that is not good for Nigeria.
    Only righteousness can exalt a nation, not these lies and deceit.
    I am ver dis-appointed with Alhaji Kayode Fayemi – the waterbed
    former governor of Ekiti state. He is not a straightforward person.

    He knows he is a Muslim but hides it from the public to deceive
    and get into political office as if Islam is an offence. Even today,
    he too will be laughing at the front page of Punch newspaper
    which (ignorantly) listed Alhaji Kayode Fayemi as a Christian.

    Why should anyone with clean spirit encourage such lies in public space?
    No wonder Alhaji Kayode Fayemi was voted out in all the 17 local governments
    of Ekiti state. I can’t stand anyone who cannot be trusted on simple matter,
    like one’s religious belief – either as a Muslim or a Christian; he can’t be both.

    When confronted by journalists mid this year for engaging in intentionally
    mis-leading conduct, by adding “John” to his name whilst being a Muslim,
    he said he did not do it to deceive (but to do what?). He said the name “John”
    was given to him as a baptismal name and that he only chose to keep it for
    consistency of all future certificates. What an explanation? What nonsense!

    • Miss Dunni

      Thank you. How are we now to believe that Akinwunmi Ambode is a Christian as he too claims?
      Lies, lies, lies. APC is full of it. They just want power to feed off the treasury by all means possible.

      • tundemash

        Miss Dindrin …. anyone can post anything online and you swallow line, hook and sinker ? Guess what…. I own 3rd Mainland bridge !

        What has religion got to do with performance ? What has the post of the religious b1got Funso got to with the topic of the day: Olisah Metuh jittery?

        • Seye Benjamin

          No, Tunde, no. Haba! Be polite to ladies. Don’t scare them off now.
          She’s talking about lies. The opposite of dis-honesty is not perfomance.

          • tundemash

            who is lying here ? because a religious bigot pasted nonsense online makes it true? …. i just told her i own 3rd mainland bridge and i expect her to believe me so i am waiting for her to ask for my phone number since she believes anything posted online unless she’s another religious bigot who happened to come across another one online.

          • Oleku

            Oh yeah Tundemash so one shouldn’t believe anything that is posted online? ehhen Tundemash? Na you dey talk this one ni? But you have been taken every concocted story posted online by junk media ati SR ati PT against GEJ. Do you take what suits your mentor online as not substantiated and regard the ones posted about your supposedly number one nightmare GEJ as though they are facts? Tundemash relax treachery does not pay

          • tundemash

            did your ethnic bigot friend provide any link or page?

  • tundemash

    Desperate times by a desperate crook Oloshi Metuh.

    Instead of this cl0wn to start negotiating the kind of prison he will spend the rest of his live in, he’s busy meddling on the choice of APC Presidential candidate. THE FEAR OF APC IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM IN ASO ROCK ObVIOUSLY.

    Is Dumbo in charge ? Master devil, OBJ wrote his “My Watch”:

    Obasanjo wrote:“It was the same elder statesman who reportedly tried to jolt the president into action by telling him that there were five presidents in Nigeria, and these were his wife the first lady (Patience), Diezani (Alison-Madueke), Stella (Oduah), Ngozi (Okonjo-Iweala) and the president himself (GEJ), and that he was the weakest of the five.

  • Muye


    • Alcindo Satori

      From the mouths of Boko Haram commanders –
      “If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood…Revolution is inevitable in 2015 if I lose.” – M.BUHARI

      “The next election is likely to be violent and many people are likely going to die…”- Nasiru El-RUFIA

      “I am putting Jonathan on notice that he must leave office come 2015.”- Mr Ango ABDULAHI

      “If Jonathan insists on running, there will be bloodshed…His running will amount to taking northerners for a ride. So, there will be bloodshed.” – Junaid MUHAMMED

      “You ‘rig & roast’…” – Malam Bola TINUBU

      “If APC loses the elections we shall not accept defeat but set up a parralel govt and install our own president”— Liar M’hmed

  • adnoy

    Why are PDP jittery about this coming election? You said Jonathan has performed and that you’re confident Nigerians will come out en masse to vote for him. So take it cool

  • Chinedu Nwosu

    Tinubu is a fraud, Buhari has already demonstrated that he is incapable of making decisions. How can you surrender the power to chose your VP to your Godfather.

    Asiwaju’s Personal Consortium got me laughing…..Say no to Tinubu, say no to fraud. Imagine someone that says his strong point is anti-corruption but his godfather is King of Fraud. His wife is Senator, his daughter is Iya loja of Nigerian Market women, taking the position from Tinubu’s late mother, his son in law is reps member, the frog eye owns over 6 jets, and stars rated hotels, all milked from Lagosians using Alpha Beta.

    Buhari has demonstrated his first weakness. It is finished.

    • tundemash

      Why are u taking panadol for any person’s headache? You are not voting APC, so why worry about how and who they choose as V.P ?

  • clairvoyance

    Between kirikiri and okere prison which one would u like to serve time olodo mental, I assure u Buhari is coming u like castigate Tinubu call him Alhaji but he is a master stroke politician better than all of ur dumbasses why are u taking APC for another mans headache, Buhari’s emergence’s as disorganize the PDP jail time awaits Party of Deceptive People.

    • Chinedu Nwosu

      Buhari is weak.
      Why will he surrender the task of nominating his VP to Tinubu?

      In 2011, GEJ independently chose his deputy Namadi Sambo. He repeated same for 2015.

      Buhari is living on the legacies of the action packed Brig Gen Tunde Idiagbon. He does not have anything to offer

      • tundemash

        Buhari is weak and yet you all have been jittery since he was nominated.
        Even if Tunde Idiagbon were alive and contested, you would have accused him of being a hard man and a muslim.
        Buhari is weak…. thanks we know…… as long as he’s not as weak as the present m0ron in Aso Rock, then we would vote him. Atleast you haven’t accuse him of corruption.

        • DecodeDaRiddle

          The earlier choices he made got him nowhere. Tinubu knows how to strike the heart of GEJ and PDP and like metuh said, the contest is between GEJ and BAT.
          The political sagacity of Tinubu is way too much for the PDP to discern, he took PDP governors while the watched, he planted an opposition number 4 man while they watched, he has mended fence with OBJ while PDP watched, he is coming for presidency while they watch.
          The choice of words by Metuh is indicative of the fact that even PDP knows that Buhari is incorruptible and the weak government of GEJ along with 15 years of PDP could not even dent Tinubu. He went to the code of conduct tribunal and still cleared the only allegation against him while they watched. The rest PDP governors will decamp very soon and GEJ will be the last to negotiate bed space in a BH enclave since he has watched them hoist flags all over.

      • GEJisaDISASTER

        GEJ has shown more than a million times that he cannot do anything independently, not even in his house. Enough of this woman wrapper cum sit-down-look president

    • tundemash

      if the id0it is clever, he ought to be negotiating what prison he would prefer to spend time before the Dumbos, Anenihs and Asaris choose the better prisons for themselves !

  • sammyctu ode

    pdp cannot hoodwink us again because this useless party has been spreading all sorts of rumors to scare us but this time around, we will not succumb to pdp useless propaganda. After 16 years of nothing from pdp, it is time to try another party, if APC fails, Nigerians shall vote them out too. This metuh is a useless man. As from Monday, there will be fuel scarcity again like last year when we suffered from Nov. 2013 till January 2014, Electricity in Nigeria is down to 2,900 plus MV, these are the issues he, his useless party and jonathan should be addressing not telling us about Tinubu. By dwelling on Buhari & Tinubu, it shows pdp does not care for Nigerians and they love seeing us suffering all the time.

  • mallam mahdi

    If Nigerian economy can be like that of Lagos I think it is very good to have that, instead of the present one

    • Chinedu Nwosu

      How is Lagos? Don’t talk what you don’t know.

      • tundemash

        You tell us what you know;

        1. How much did you pay for a bag of rice 6 years ago compared with now ?
        2. How much was a litre of fuel 6 yrs ago comapred with now?
        3. How much is the cost of an hour local plane flight 6 yrs ago compared with now?
        4. How much was the rental cost of a 2-bed flat 6 yrs ago compared with now
        5. How much is the cost of an hour local plane flight 6 yrs ago compared with now?
        6. What was the naira/dollar exchange rate How much is the cost of an hour local plane flight 6 yrs ago compared with now?
        7. How many MW of electricity was being produced at what price How much is the cost of an hour local plane flight 6 yrs ago compared with now?
        8. Where are the subsidy palliatives promised during the oil subsidy removal ?
        9. What is the cost of road transport Lagos/Onitsha, Aba/kano How much is the cost of an hour local plane flight 6 yrs ago compared with now?
        10. How much was Nigeria’s external reserve and debt 6 yrs ago compared with now ?

        Need i say more ……………. ??

        • Oleku

          All over the world inflatuation occurs and prices of goods and services are never constant. As one who lives in the UK as you’ve claimed in the past I ask you is the price of goods and services there same today as compared to last year? Is the price of topping up your oyster today same as last year needless to say 5years ago? Is the price of BA to and fro from London to Lagos and/or Abuja same? Is the price of the road side chicken and chips shop same today as 3years ago? Tundemash relax, treachery does not pay

          • Chris

            For your information Oleku, Just last week, Australia announced a o.2 % increase in unemployment rate in 12 years. Nigeria’s case had always been 25% increase annually. How do you explain that.

  • Reminisce6

    Is this not a self indictment on the part of PDP and its rudderless govt.?Tinubu is corrupt yet you could not influence the appropriate agencies to dig his “yansh” and bring up charges against him?OBJ with his vindictive nature could not take on Tinubu on any corruption rap despite their “roforofo” fight.There can be no better time but now to take on Tinubu if you have any proof of corrupt practices against him otherwise,put up or shut up.

  • Naija

    This pdp stalwarts are really jittery bcos of GMB emergence.We all know in Nigeria politics that parties nominate deputy.Aside what is Metusella problem if anybody nominate running mate for gmb.Metuh and his cohorts should start negotiating for better prison room.

  • JK41

    This Olisah or Olosi Metuh should just bury his head in shame. Just 3 or 4 days ago he release a press statement urging APC canddiate (GMB) to campaign on based issue but just before jack he lost his memory and started what he was paid to do and knows how to do best. Blackmailing, stiring up religions sentiment (all of a sudden Alhaji was smuggled to Tinubu’s name, but when he was going to church and burying his mother in a Christian way, its normal then). within a year, Olisa has grow fat/obese from the lick ass cash floating from Aso rock. You guys stir up religions sentiment and works because people thinks Jona was a gentleman (both xtian and muslim voted en masse for him) but he really shows us who he really was. This time bringing same old tactics when the character in question (Jona) after 6years gives nothing death (BH, Kidnapping, accidents from bad roads, series of scandals, split and dysfunctional army, above president empresses (Oduah, Diezani, madam shepopotamous and Iweala)………………….

  • praha12

    Metuh the last time i checked GMB and tinubu are in the same party, And if Tinubu support GMB how that concern PDP?

    • George

      THIS IS THE QUESTION MUMU BOY=== is Tinubu the face of the so-called change the APC wants to bequeath to Nigerians?

      • tundemash

        d1ndirin … is Tinubu the only member of APC or why the obsession with Tinubu ?

        Last time, you all promised us, APC will disintegrate within a year and now you all are jittery.
        Guess what ? Be fearful, your master looters are going to jail.

        Why are PDP rats concerned with how and who APC chooses as its V.P. ?????????????????????

      • praha12

        George you are dumb head, Nigerians are yearning for change not you in PDP, how does APC internal affairs concern you people when your party PDP is collapsing day by day, You people are gone as far as 2015 is concerned, You can jump to lagoon who cares….

      • Mosaku 147

        So thiefnubu/bob Chicago has become a threat to PDP.but why shame no dey catch una sef? Wetin concern una with APC choose to run their show.
        From Metuh to Doyin,from Abati to Clark,all of una na oponu Oba awon akpoda!

      • Bunduma Mohammed

        Tinubu is a symbol of democrary. Remember he fought for the democracy that your Otuoake Clawn is now enjoying. Remember tinubu know how to choose persforming people; see fasola, Ibukunle, Ajimobi, Ohimole and Arabesola. Can you compare that to your Jonathans Dickson and Fayose? PDP rest in peace.

  • segun

    Olisa, can you say something else? Nigerians have gone past this. Say something new and more intelligent.

    • Cattlerancher

      He cant….where will he find it?

  • Maria

    Alhaji Tinubu? Hahahahahahahah! Here comes the religious division being played by these lunatic in PDP….You guys have lost it… your days are numbered. The big thief Nigerians must get rid of is Mr Jonathan… he is the biggest thief ever to run any nation. Jonathan is a colossal failure. Jonathan is a bad product to sell… anyone trying to sell him is just executing the exercise in futility.

    • Oleku

      Yes Ayatollah Tinubu is an Alhaji? What’s your understanding of the title Alhaji by the way?

      • Maria

        Go ask your mother.

        • amadi victor

          Wetin bring mother here, let him go ask tinibu simple. Else tell him February is near and we are voting for change not bigots.

        • Bunduma Mohammed

          You are rude. The money you got from PDP would soon finish as you continue taking whistky and gogoro.

          • Maria

            I am for APC, not PDP. PDP is dead.It seems you did not understand my comment… you just typed before thinking. Follow all my comments, and then come back to apologize.

  • Remi

    FeeDeeFee is dead and buried. They are so afriad of Buhari that suddenly they remember Tinubu is an alhaji. Ha ha. I am sure Asari is a pastor.

  • Mcson

    PDP is jittery.

  • Magenta

    Glad to vote 4 Al hajj Tunubu Asuwaju of the universe

  • Northeast

    Asiwaju could have performed better then Jona. Change is the name of the game in 2015 God willing..

  • ogechi

    Metuh,u r crying too early for i dont want Ur tearGlands to run dry&Ur eyes Charred b4 the election

  • REVayowole

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  • warry

    It is a battle between modern Nigeria and Nigeria of the past. Let’s look at the facts not sentiments and opinions. Car manufacturing plants long dead are returning. Corruption is being tackled by silently blocking the loopholes. Gej all the way

    • sean

      lol…silently. you dey joke. $20 billion..silently…sure-p funds….silently…pension fund….silently…

  • Hugo®

    We also thought Obama would loose his second term bid. After the last election, buhari said he won’t contest again. Fayemi won election on social media but lost at the pool. Nigerians love Johnathan and would vote for him a second time. People are just not truthful, we have witnessed change in areas obasanjo flopped. Gej all the way abeg!

    • amadi victor

      Why you Dey beg? Are you begging for votes? Your zero brain candidate time if off.. It’s an elites era now.

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      So you are one of the few beneficiary of this clueless, currupt and visionless government

    • Ayodeji

      You are a reckless fellow with no foresight

  • Maria

    The present leader of the country is 100% mediocre…this is why instead of moving forward, the country is on reverse gear. PDP’s 15 years in power are a disaster…anyone still supporting that evil party must be a lunatic.

  • amadi victor

    And vote Jonathan is vote for who? Terrorists?

  • Rommel

    The propaganda machine of the PDP appears to still be at its infancy hence these childish outbursts,they should look for something that makes sense to put out rather than these comic reliefs in something as serious as electioneering campaigns

  • otitokoro

    If a vote for Buhari is a vote for Tinubu den a vote for GEJ is a vote for Mama P, Edwin Clark,Asari,Tompolo,Okupe,Abati,Okonjo,Allison Madueke n d unless Metuh himself.i pity ur children cos I no dey cant b proud to av u as their father.

  • Peete

    This is the time to remove the corrupt gang from power. Why is the vote for Buhari a vote for Tinubu?
    Is Tinubu richer than the corrupt PDP government officials? I think the choice of Rochas Okorocha or Babatunde Fashola will ignite the revolutionary spirit needed to vote out this cabal in power. Jonathan had promised serving for one term, now he is being pushed to go for a second term, with the government funds
    being used to run thelection.

    This is the time for the South East, South South and West to come out en masse and vote out PDP.
    We are tired of the entrenched corruption, impunity to continue in office and ineptitude of PDP.

  • Titi

    A vote for Jona is a vote for the DEVIL

    • SpeakOut

      you’re right

    • NaijaMindOfChange

      Very true

  • Yusuf

    It is better to serve Tinumbu’s economic interest than to serve Patience Evil interest. By the way what Buhari did is called team spirit and selflessness, having no intention to control everything by installing a stooge as a VP. If Tinumbu is as devilish n selfish as Jona he would have been the presidential candidate

    • SpeakOut

      You’re on point, pdpigs lack Humility.

    • greatbiodun

      well said yusuf.

  • sean

    Even better. I prefer Tinubu 100 times ove to Jonathan. Didn’t Lagos develop under Tinubu and his chief of staff cum Action governor Fashola? Let them along with Buhari bring this development development nationwide. For PDP to bring out this statement means that they are truly desperate. Asin wow! People forget that Tinubu was at the forefront of our battle for democracy during Abacha regime, Pioneered the innovation in the generation of internal revenue, Was the first governor to initiate IPP, was clamouring for power sector privatisation since his 1st term, the sole substantial opposition to PDP since independence (which btw caused Lagos state denial of funds in his second term for 4 years), the pioneer of modern Lagos (yes the development taking place now was planned during his tenure), and major pillar in the newly merged opposition. All his critics have done is to drag his name in the mud for so long that we begin to accept it. All they say is that he is incredible wealthy and powerful. So what? na sin? How can a man in that has constatntly been in the federal govt’s opposition for so long( at least 15 years if not, 20 starting from Abacha days) not have been indicted for whatever reason? Please explain this to me 1st. Upon all the EFCC & co. They have investigated and investigated to find nothing substantial. Whether he is clean or just too sharp, i don’t know. But what I know is that in his capacity, he has done more for Nigeria than most of those with more capacity and his detractors.

  • Night Crawler

    Its a pity PDP don’t even know what to say anymore, the fear of Buhari is the beginning of change in Nigeria

  • Tunsj

    Keep that to yourself because I do not need any advise from PDP. But what I know is that a vote for Jonathan is a vote for more corruption and poverty.

  • NaijaMindOfChange

    Pdp no matter ur rattle, APC has the victory 2015 general election

  • Kawu

    When unholy person comes to die, he will be throwing hands and legs in all direction, crying and shouting all that came to his tounque. PDP say all you want, every one knows Buhari has contested 3 times fronting for Nigerian masses not any individual including Tinubu, Tinubu’s efforts are anchored on established foundation of the will to serve Nigeria with honesty and integrity. We have all seen the worth of CPC candidate in 2011 who without single Governor pulls well above 12 million votes single handedly. Tinibu’s effort to outster a corrupt and clueless government is ever wellcome. Tinibu is a great man and he is already a hero. PDP die with your bad luck.

  • felix


    • greatbiodun

      You are perfectly correct my bro, the change is the most important thing at this moment

  • Funso

    while a vote for President Goodluck Jonathan is sending Nigeria into perpetual slavery, corruption and stone age existence.

    • greatbiodun

      na so



    • greatbiodun




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    Dude, go get a haircut, and try to be a responsible writer.

    Without the foolishness of the Yoruba, you’d still be in a fetal position because your area lost power. How infantile!

    Some areas have guns now, and that’s the language your ilk understands. If they can only move the theatre of their operation a little closer to your town, then you’ll understand the sound of violence, and how useless it is. Please take all trouble up north, we’ve had enough of it here in the south. Take it up north, and they will eventually be like Germany after WW 2. They will cry ‘No Mas’.

    • JoeTheBlaster

      Shut up! If it’s paining you that the guy tells the truth must you comment? Talking like an illiterate.

      • Ebele Yucki

        propangandist, buhari is the worst mistake a nation can make.

        • JoeTheBlaster

          That’s a lie.

  • scimitar

    Buhari, no retreat, no surrender to corruption. It is another junction of decision for sanity or darkness.

  • eyobaba

    So much hatred in your blood.

    • JoeTheBlaster

      Will you shut up? Is there love in the blood of those blowing pipelines? Naaannsense!

  • JoeTheBlaster

    Brilliant piece. Accurate and detailed. Wailers will get hypertension and tribalists will commit suicide.

    • Obi Ike Sorres

      Not getting any hypertension or tribalism. He misses the point.

  • Obi Ike Sorres

    Go bomb them. Go arrest GEJ. Tell Buhari to handover oil wells to the indigenes of Niger Delta and call for regional autonomy and a weak centre as you do that get a haircut. Are you a lady or guy?

  • The Leader

    A write up of a bastard Jihadist…….

  • Oduche Azih

    Frisky dear, please come home.
    The anger, misguided or not, that you displayed in your tirade, is sorely needed here. Don’t forget your helmet and flak jacket a.k.a. bullet-proof. While we are dealing with the obviously corrupt PDP governors in the Niger Delta, let’s not forget to throw in Rotimi Amechi who barely left for Abuja a couple of months ago. We all want sanity and justice, but I swear that the matter is very very complicated.
    For those of us who voted for Buhari for want of a better choice, (and clearly and loudly announced our predicament ahead of the actual voting),it is amazing that the ancient Buhari, a man of “impeccable” integrity but limited intellect, is bring portrayed here as brilliant. Nothing could be further from the truth. I had written elsewhere that I wish it was Dangote that we are stuck with. Perhaps I should add Atiku Abubakar, whether his nemesis Obasanjo likes him or not.
    The political north is not exactly lacking in brilliant and politically sagacious people. To have presented a Buhari to the nation, in the midst of such abundance of talent remains one of the mysteries of the modern world.

  • Iskacountryman

    nyamiri wants nigeria to boil..


    The South South leaders and South east leaders are grossly embedded in corruption and greed and lack of sense of directions. The South west leaders and d north leaders are not left out but later have quickly make a u-turn while d former said, he will continue in his old ways of barstardizing d country. I continue to wonder why and where are d leaders with good sense of humour and responsibility from that region? Can they point their fingers to any nation that was confronted by a section and get away with it in d history of d whole world? The south east doesn’t help situation, they continue supporting d South south senselessly without foreseeing d negative implications of their action.
    Well, wisdom and knowledge are not a course of study in any higher institutions of learning, its as a result of gene acquired through parentage.
    Enough is always enough for d wise, knows when to agitate and press for a case and subsequently knows when to stop immediately ur agitations are well understood.