Lugbe has highest HIV prevalence in Abuja — NACA

Lugbe, a suburb of Abuja, has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Abuja, the Capacity Development Officer for SURE-P, Jummai Danuk, has said.

She made the disclosure on Wednesday in Abuja at a sensitisation on HIV testing and counselling held in Lugbe.

The campaign was jointly organised by the National Agency for the Control of AIDS, NACA, and Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme, SURE-P.

The campaign, aimed at encouraging the community on voluntary HIV/AIDS testing, witnessed a large turnout.

Mr. Danuk, who represented Sebastian Wakdok, Project Director, NACA/SUPE-P HIV/AIDS programme, said Lugbe was chosen for the campaign due to the Prevalence Surveillance Survey conducted in the area recently.

She said “We needed to take the treatment to the grassroots; Lugbe is the ideal place because it is along the expressway which makes it easy to access the satellite villages.

“The Prevalence Surveillance Survey shows that Lugbe has the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS along the axis; this informed our choice of coming to Lugbe for the exercise,” she said.

Mr. Danuk said due to stigma attached to the disease, Lugbe communities had not felt the impact of what development partners were doing in area of access to services for treatment.

She said Abuja ranks number eight in states with the highest HIV prevalence in Nigeria and attributed the development to its cosmopolitan nature.

“The influx of people from other states have adverse effects on HIV/AIDS prevalence in the FCT,” Mr. Danuk said.

She said that prevention was important in the fight against HIV/ AIDS or any other disease, adding that it was necessary that an individual should know his status irrespective of age, sex and social status.

Mr. Danuk expressed concern that foreign donors assisting Nigeria in the fight against the disease were leaving the country as they no long classify HIV as a serious issue.

Speaking earlier, Micah Jiba, the Chairman, Abuja Municipal Area Council, represented by Josephine Nneme, Supervisory Councillor for Health, commended NACA and SURE-P for considering Lugbe for the free medical outreach.



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  • Frank Bassey

    Premium Times, is Danuk male or female? Na wah for una.

  • Sadiq Garba


  • moonwalker

    splendid, rational and objective analysis

  • Kickboxer

    Now that that this writer has shot himself in the legs for purposes of attention-seeking what else does he have to offer, might I ask? If GEJ were Obasanjo, who kept brainless Buhari running through the courts at least twice, this cowardly semi-literate writer would have been singing that GEJ did not want to relinquish power; now that GEJ relinquished power suddenly the cowardly writer sings that he had no option……that is the stock-in-trade of a typical semi-literate BLACK MAN!!! W all take delight though in the reality that, unlike this intellectually dishonest writer, the world honors GEJ because it knows that he could hold onto power if he had wanted it.

    • Paul Uchenna


    • Afolabi

      If he had held on to power, he may have been late by now because Nigerians will do anything to protect the mandate freely given to Buhari. Jonathan is a thief that should die by firing squad.

      • Monsuru Bello

        No controversy about that, they condone thieves in their community, that is why you can still find people defending him. Remember Jonathan said alamesiega was his benefactor, an established crook. He said this while he was Nigerian president.

    • Jon Lawrence

      During OBJ’s times and Jonathan’s 1st term, there was no card reader, so they can afford to write any result of the election that they chose with the assistance of their corrupt judiciary. Before Jonathan’s so called act of nobleness, their was governor Fayemi who relinquished power to Fayose, even when it is as clear as the sky that the election was stolen.

    • Monsuru Bello

      Kickboxer or what do you call yourself? You call this writer semi illiterate, it is only people like you that will believe you. Majority on this forum will agree that the writer have the right diction.

  • DD

    Nobody is bigger than the law. If Jonathan has a case to answer, he should be called by the court without delay.

  • Oneness Ernest S U

    “Believe me when I tell you that he had no choice. ”
    Sorry sir, I don’t believe you. He had choice! He could have challenged the results. He could have fought to protect what you think he had stolen. But no! He kept his promise. To accept the result – whatever the wishes of the people say. Unlike your principal who promised to make blood flow, Jonathan was humble enough to overlook the anomalies of the election and accepted the declared result to save the life of Nigerians! Some you cannot imagine possible. You sit in the comfort of your office and dish out rubbish for the world to read, while discrediting the likes of Mr Joseph Hayab of the CAN who considered the conscience of the nation and made an appeal against any wrong move of this government that is capable of causing disharmony among Nigerians. Without knowing it, you sounded more idiotic than you can possibly admit. You are a hypocrite!
    Corruption took place under Jonathan. Yes! But does he have a sensor to know exactly when the acts of corruption is committed? If there was an allegation, such allegation is investigated. When Sanusi blow his whistle against NNPC, there was an investigation. Nothing significant was found. Did you bring any allegations to Jonathan that he failed to investigate? Now, who said corruption is not now going on under Buhari? Does he have a sensor to know when exactly an act of corruption is committed? He can only act on allegations received. Not witch hunting. The allegations made against Fashola and Amaechi, have they been investigated by this government?
    Instead of writing to call for the impeachment of a President that has failed to direct the ship of the nation on the part of progress, you’re there sounding like a blabbing parrot, calling for Jonathan who handed the fastest growing economy in Africa to a clueless tyrant. I think your head need to be examined.

    And you said: “And the heavens will not fall if Mr. Jonathan is arrested. Not even the preemptive acts of aggression and war against the state by emergent fringe groups in the Niger Delta basin with such fiendish names as Red Egbesu Water Lions and the more notorious Niger Delta Avengers will derail the momentum of the current anti-corruption campaign.” Very unfortunate statement!
    My question for you is that when the “war” eventually begins, will you be here in Nigeria to stand by this statement?

    • Ade

      Shameless that’s what I would call you! If anybody’s head needs to a examined then, that person must be you. Your so-called hero presided over the greatest heist in the history of Nigeria. It was in his era that money was authorized for release on a piece of paper. The economy was was brutally vandalized and bankrupt. Yet knuckleheads like you will forever fail to see it. The evidence stares in your face or how else can one explain the fact that for the Jonathan’s four years in office crude oil was sold averagely at $100 per barrel yet the foreign reserve dipped this is despite the fact in there so called budget of that era the projected price of crude oil was consistently lesser the spot price of crude oil. Which leads to a question that I would ask people like you: what happened to the differential(surplus) that ought have been saved for the rainy day that’s being experienced now? Even the budget of that era were serially raped in the name of recurrent expenditure and the capital expenditure was severely plundered with nothing to show for the huge allocation. Heck! Can’t knucklehead like you see, what is wrong with you people! Jonathan must and needs to be held accountable for his time at the helm of the government. There should be consequences for actions or inaction, this would serve as a deterrence and lesson to Future government including buhari’s government, that incompetence or complicity would not be tolerated in the running of the government. We ought to come together regardless of ethnicity, religious and tribal sentiment to say never again would we allow such rape of our collective patrimony- we must start that by holding the “leaders” of yesteryears accountable so that our children will have a country that would be proud of unlike what’s obtainable now.

      • Afolabi

        Well spoken

      • Oneness Ernest S U

        What are you and your dumb EFCC waiting for? Go ahead and arrest him and present him as you Democracy day present to dumb Nigerians like you. Nonsense!

    • Afolabi

      Corruption runs in the blood of Jonathan himself. He didn’t just aided and abetted corruption, he was a major factor and that is why he should be arrested to face the law.

      • Oneness Ernest S U


      • paul irumundomon

        When obj left aso rock, he took with $200,000,000 million dollars. What would you call that, Abacha took more, babagida took more, Abdul salam took more, shagari took more, Azikwe did not die broke, awolowo did not die broke, abubaka tafawa balewa, did not die broke. Name one ex-governed who retired broke. Tinubu nor fashola, was not sent to firing sqaud. Jonathan only just filled the gap. Again he only posses what belonged to him. If we are not afraid to speak out.

    • Jon Lawrence

      If Hayap of a man controls your own conscience, then you have more problem than Jonathan. Any person to condones stealing of any form for whatever reason is more of a crook himself. No one is above the law. It will be a travesty of justice if the likes of Metuh and Dasuki are to be found guilty and jailed and the Otueke Messiah is left unpunished.

      • Oneness Ernest S U

        Is anyone feeling sorry for Jonathan? Or is anyone preventing you and that useless EFCC from arresting him? Go ahead and arrest him, so that you and other dumb Nigerians like you can feel better.

        • Jon Lawrence

          Nothing will make me happier than seeing Jonathan being exonerated with facts and figures from any crime while in government. That is what I wanted from my leaders. I gain nothing if he is wrongly accused, hence the reason he should clear his own name against the like of Metuh and Dasuki who had openly admitted that they were only carrying out the job he has given to them to do for him. That is no longer a debate. But if he is guilty, I want him to rot in jail, because we trusted him. I have an strong allergy to corruption.

    • Odjay Lemmuel

      Does all this shield him from the fact that he oversaw a regime of kleptomaniacs? Why do we always beat about the bush and chase after shadows instead of addressing issues face on? Indeed, to be partisan is to be blind as a bat…

  • Justice

    This writer is a moron and only seeking attention. Why don’t he go for his arrest. Aturu.

    • Jon Lawrence

      Many of us who still abhors stealing of our commonwealth likes such a moron writer. It is time you stop supporting those that has stolen away your children’s future, especially when such evil men doesn’t not even recognise your very existence.

      • dmitri

        Mr justice I must put it to u that a man with such a good command of grammar and sequencial and logical arrangement of it in the manner he did , must not be a moron because as a moron , ur IQ is below 30 . Rather than mr Charles, I think u passed for a moron and even a more dangerous one like paranoid schizophrenia. God helps u with this kind of disease.

    • Monsuru Bello

      Maybe you will follow him to prison when he would be sentenced, why are we so shameless? Nation that celebrate thieves can’t be called a godly nations.

  • dmitri

    Jonathan didn’t just aided and abetted , he was corruption himself; it runs in his blood. He should have resisted the result of the election and we would have followed him stones to the tribunal.

  • Etomi

    If I were Jonathan nothing in this world could have made me or my party to concede defeat to a wicked and vengeful opposition…

    But Jonathan was naive or rather too idealistic; not a practitioner of realpolitik…he was damn too trusting…

    In any case the likes of Obasanjo, IBB, Abacha, Abdusalam Abubakar, etc, all did commit far worse malfeasance in government, but their successors never got to the point of exposing and messing them up….

    Today Buhari is making a mincemeat and scapegoat of Jonathan….

    The nature of politics in Africa makes it difficult for the man at the helm of affairs not to get compromised…hence they become desperate in the bid to retain power; and in the course of which either they become downright diabolical and go on a killing binge of their political detractors (opponents) or they empty state treasury just to buy political patronage…the latter was principally the sin of GEJ.

    Hence what not a few African leaders do to save their heads is either to perpetuate themselves in power or ensure they planted their own man to succeed them so as to help them continue to enjoy immunity and clean up their track…

    Which is why Obasanjo earnestly played the Third term (actually perpetuity) game, which upon failure saw him unilaterally anoint Yar’Adua and Jonathan as his successors..

    However upon falling out of favour with Jonathan, we would see him frontally campaigning for Buhari while working his arse out to shoot down Jonathan…he knew the danger of having a successor that was not a patron….

    The truth is that Obasanjo committed so much atrocities that saw among other sad developments during his tenure innumerable political killings and the institutionalization of corruption, etc, that he forever seeks to remain the man to determine who becomes Nigeria’s president till he kisses the dust…

    Obasanjo can not survive not enjoying immunity from a patronizing government, which he actively helped to install….

    If I were Jonathan I would some way or the other have worked deliberately to frustrate Jega and ensure I didn’t leave office without planting the man (my own man) to succeed me…

    IBB did it….he frustrate Humphrey Nwosu’s election and engineered the emergence of Sani Abacha as his successor; and heaven did not fall

    But here was Jonathan who foolishly felt that he had an ally in Buhari just because he willingly conceded defeat and power to him; not knowing that an arch-enemy and an unrelenting avenger was what he had for successor…..

    Jonathan did not commit any sin greater thanm the sins of his predecessors…

    His principal sin was un-pared idealism and naivety!!!!!!!