My relationship with Fashola is intact — Tinubu

Bola Tinubu

Former Governor of Lagos state, Bola Tinubu, has stated that the relationship between him and his successor, the current governor of the state, Babatunde Fashola, remains intact.

Mr. Tinubu was responding to recent reports suggesting that the two high ranking members of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, in the state are fighting over who succeeds Mr. Fashola as governor.

Speculations that all is not well between Messrs. Tinubu and Fashola heightened after a former Lagos attorney general, Olashupo Sasore, joined the race for the party’s ticket, a move believed to have an attempt by Mr.  Fashola to challenge the eventual winner, Ambode Akinwumi, regarded as the preferred candidate of Mr. Tinubu.

Mr. Akinwunmi polled 3,735 votes to emerge the party’s flag bearer, beating 12 other candidates including Mr. Sasore who polled 121 votes on Thursday morning.

Mr. Fashola was conspicuously absent at the governorship primary which held at the Onikan Stadium.

The APC also recently stated that Mr. Fashola is not under consideration as a Vice Presidential candidate.

In a statement on Saturday, Mr. Tinubu referred to a publication in an unnamed newspaper highlighting his rift with Mr. Fashola as the handiwork of “political charlatans and enemies”.

He said those sponsoring such publications were just out to drive a sledge “in an otherwise cordial and respectful political relationship.”

“My relationship with Governor Fashola remains cordial both at the personal level and at the level of commitment to ensuring Lagos State remains on the path of political stability, growth and development,” he said.

Mr. Tinubu said it matters less that the Lagos governor had a preferred candidate to succeed him, arguing “what is important is to have a transparent process in the spirit of democracy to which we both subscribe”. 

He said Mr. Fashola and himself may have had cause to debate, agree or disagree, but that they often found common positions in the interest of Lagos State.

“The current situation and issues around the Lagos gubernatorial primary are being overblown. What we have done is ensure that no one is denied his or her rights to participate and compete for any elective position.

“Such a disposition should not translate into anger and divisiveness of the party as it is being peddled,” he said.

The former Lagos governor and national leader of the APC said conflicts and disagreements are part of every political process.

“The capacity to solve these conflicts in-house and not on the pages of newspaper is a tradition in Lagos,” he said.

Mr. Tinubu also warned Lagos people against speculative, self-serving stories aimed at destabilizing the party and its leadership.

He also advised the media to be weary of accepting or publishing stories that seek to pursue a narrow political agenda.

He advised the media to make their papers as platform for proper news dissemination and constructive analysis such that can help the country tackle the current security problem and create jobs.

“At my age and with my level of political experience, I am expected to seek (for) solutions, work for reconciliations and find a common ground where disagreements exist.

“That is what I have dedicated myself to in the larger interest of Lagos State and Nigeria at large.

“That is what Governor Babatunde Fashola and myself are about. That is what Lagos state deserves as Nigeria’s pacesetter in terms of democracy and development,” he said.


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  • Godson


    • Bola Tinubu’s candidate (Akinwunmi Ambode)……………3,735 votes

    • Raji Fashola’s candidate (Supo Shasore)..…………………121 votes

    But, wait a minute. Why has Raji Fashola himself been mute these past three (3) days?
    Why does Fashola not congratulate Ambode? Why does Ambode not visit Raji Fashola?
    If there’s cordiality, why does Bola Tinubu not show up at a joint conference with Fashola?
    Are all these gaps in Bola Tinubu’s narrative not wide enough to expose it as rubbish talk?

    • Efe Urhobo

      “Urhobo man say ‘instead make i born mumu, make i born thief’.
      Somehow, that statement makes sense. I just realize that it is better
      to give birth to a Tinubu than a Fashola”

      “I have always seen through Raji Fashola. I have watched his decisions,
      and utterances, and I have come to realize that this Raji Fashola does not
      have the two round inhabitants of a scrotum”

      “I begin to wonder who Fashola married. Where is the intuitive advice of his wife?
      If he was married to a Patience Jonathan, he would have since extricated
      the festering fingers of Tinubu from the power structures of the state.

      “Fashola, riding on his popularity and goodwill, would have been the one to choose
      his successor, become vice presidential candidate, or at worst, senator.
      Now watch Fashola slide into the abyss of political infecundity”.

      ………….Ena Ofugara

      [December 5, 2015]

      • By popular demand

        Will Raji Fashola now defect from APC?

        I also notice that Raji Fashola has not congratulated Ambode for winning the APC primary.
        That tells me there’s a plot by Raji Fashola to leave the APC than be humiliated till the end.
        Given also that Ambode hasn’t gone to Fashola on a courtesy visit since winning the ticket.
        But defecting is easier to say than actually doing it credibly and with positive result to show.

        Unless he (Fashola) resigns as governor or quits APC, he will have to campaign for Ambode –
        whom he’s said to viscerally dislike, and that will be rubbing salt into injury for Fashola.

        But resigning is not an option for Raji Fashola who’s been scamming the Lagos state treasury,
        by paying 2.3 billion Naira per kilometre on expanding an existing Lekki expressway, at 300% higher
        than the global price per kilometre approved by the World Bank.

        Raji Fashola, by not thinking ahead, is in the dumps as at today, without any chance of picking
        any other party’s ticket. All political parties shall be concluding their primaries next week. So,
        Raji Fashola is stranded, along with his followers – none of whom has congratulated Ambode.

      • Rike

        What a turn of phrase! “…Fashola does not have the two round inhabitants of a scrotum.

        • Gbenga

          Yeparipa! In Yoruba language it translates as ‘RAJI KOLEPON’.

          • Alausa Civil Servant

            @ Gbenga,


            Raji Fashola played double game with Femi Hamzat and he lost both. What happened is this.
            Since last year, everybody in Alausa secretariat knew Femi Hamzat was the man Raji Fashola
            chose as his successor. In fact, it was open secret. How Raji Fashola could turn round in the last minute is a terrible thing to do.

            Nobody knew Supo Shasore before. Why Raji Fashola went to drag Supo Shasore in is something many people cannot forgive. Raji Fashola even paid for 4 full page colour adverts for Supo Shasore in the FRONT AND BACK pages of all national newspapers.

            Nobody has ever spent such millions of Naira on newspaper adverts for an intra party primary election. Did Raji Fashola pay for it with his salary as governor of Lagos state? Of course, not!
            So don’t blame Femi Hamzat for turning round to declare support for Ambode yesterday.
            Raji Fashola is just an un-reliable somebody.

          • No Comment

            “Bola Tinubu has become the most hated politician in the South-West.
            Association with him is increasingly as politically contagious as leprosy.
            Lagosians are disgusted that Bola Tinubu has privatized their politics

            “His wife, daughter and even son-in-law have been steam-rolled into
            vantage political positions. The Lagos finances are tied to Alpha Beta (Ltd.)
            Coming on the heels of its defeat in Ondo, the APC rout in Ekiti is conclusive
            proof that Bola Tinubu’s fabled stranglehold on South-West politics has ended.”

            …………..Femi Aribisala

            [July 1st, 2014]

          • Okikiola Beckley

            The bottom line is that Fashola lacks political skills. Tinubu and his people has been at it for a couple of years,taking care of party executives that will conduct the elections to choose the delegates. Fashola and the other aspirants cannot expect to enter the ring at quarter to the primary elections and expect to beat someone that has been working for years.

          • Gongo

            Kolepon, abi? But Raji Fashola has incurred one trillion Naira debt for the in-coming government.
            If he has epon nko, what would he have done worse than that? Raji Fashola has destroyed Lagos!
            He is the most reckless and most incompetent governor Lagos state ever had – with or without epon.

          • Dike

            If Raji Fashola did this nonsense in China he would be tied to the stakes. But Nigerians are opposite people; no sense, no law, no brain, just daft. Abuja airport and Murtala Mohammed airport are now rated amongst five worst airports in the world, along with the Port-Harcourt airport.

            While the rest of the world is crying for the country Nigerians are so happy with their wretched lives. Where is the $40 billion Lagos state earned from 1999 till date? The fools don’t ask questions. They just wave brooms in the afternoon around like lunatics. Nigeria is a hopeless case.

  • Holy Warrior


    “The 2015 election is going to be very tough. APC must put its
    house in order not to lose Lagos cheaply and ridiculously to the
    opposition. If the party makes a mistake about the next governor,
    by imposing any candidate, that may lead to massive defection from
    the party. If they field Akinwunmi Ambode APC will lose Lagos state
    to the opposition. Mark this prophesy! People in Lagos will resist it with
    protest and mass defection; and the party, APC, will lose. If care is not
    taken APC will still lose some states in the South–West to the PDP”.

    ……….Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele

    (Founder, INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church)

    [December 6th, 2014]

    • C. Nwankwo

      The opposition party [APC] has not been able to concretize a message
      for the election, a message that appeals to people, it hasn’t come up
      with alternative programs that people can see and make a difference,
      in terms of the difference between themselves and the president
      who is in office.

      So i really worry that in terms of substance the opposition party [APC] has not
      been able to articulate a strong enough message that would resonate with people.
      I worry that the politics of Nigeria has been clouded so much by ethnicity by religion,
      and what is called zonal politics where people have been fed with messages that
      suggest that unless someone from their particular ethnic group or religion is in office
      that they would have no advantage.

      • Tanwa Bello-Martins

        “The whole system; including the public themselves, wants oppressors – not people working for their
        collective progress, and so, when no one is planning the future of a country, such a country can have
        no future”.

        “Nigeria has descended into a hellish reality where for smart and capable people to “survive”
        and have their daily bread, they must prostrate to imbeciles. Everybody is trying to pull
        everybody else down with greed and selfishness: the only traits that get you anywhere in Nigeria”.

        ……Iyabo Obasanjo

        [December 18, 2013]

  • Spoken word

    More drama to follow.

  • Smith Scott

    Using style to agree there is problem right. Lets Fashiola first congratulate Abode. This will tell the relationship is intact.

  • favourtalk

    It has been speculated many years back that both parties are having issues which eventually turn out to be false, it’s a shame when people of intellect believes that fashola will be in loggerhead with tinubu in lagos state. Politics is a game and it will eventually show them off. Change is everywhere and it’s bigger than any passional ambition….let it take over in abuja

  • Newsbreak


    Raji Fashola’s camp petitions Police to arrest Ambode..

    “NEWLY-ELECTED Lagos State governorship candidate of the All
    Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, is likely to be arrested by
    security agencies this week over an alleged criminal conduct, Sunday Tribune
    has learnt. His current travail is from within his party (APC) with some party
    members behind the petition upon which the probe would be predicated.”

    “The petitioners accused him of lying on oath by claiming in
    his Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination form in 1981
    that he was from Ilaje in Ondo State, only to claim in his APC nomination form,
    on oath again, to be from Epe in Lagos State, during the governorship primary
    contest. Photocopies of the said forms were attached to the petition”

    • Peju

      Even if it is true, is this the first perjury occurring in Lagos state government?
      What happened to all the other perjury? Chicago? Aroloya Primary school?

      • Henry O.

        Is JAMB form sworn on oath? What sort of rubbish news is this one?

        • APC Youth Wing


          You forgot to add Government College Ibadan to the list of past perjury in Lagos government.
          Lagos state government is the headquarters of perjury. These so-called S.A.N people in Nigeria
          are just a joke. They never impress me. They don’t make sense to most other people too.
          Akinwunmi Ambode is the final candidate of APC. No obituary after burial. No shaking on it.

          • Paul Oseretin

            “It would come as no great surprise if Bola Tinubu’s boasted great wealth
            did NOT derive from any stupendous inheritance – ancient or modern.
            I have also become aware that he (Bola Tinubu) is a beneficiary
            of most of the lucrative contracts in all the (Yoruba) ACN states,
            without exception”.

            ………..Chief Tom Ikimi

            [August 26th, 2014]

  • MushinSpeaks

    whoever is spreading the message of anarchy and falsehood should understand that the progressives will remain committed to deliver the country from shackles of poverty, darkness and harsh economic policies of the PDP and GEJ’s administration.