OAU Visit: Afenifere berates Jonathan

The Afenifere Renewal Group, ARG, has said President Jonathan’s attempt to woo Yoruba nation for the support of his re-election is already too late in the day.

The group, in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Kunle Famoriyo, described the “Yoruba Progress Summit” which held last Friday as an afterthought and a futile effort to sneak the President into Yoruba land through the backdoor.

“For the past five years under his administration, Yoruba people have been deliberately marginalized and skewed out of national reckoning, especially in terms of key appointments and opportunity to partake in key sectors of the economy,” the statement said.

“We are surprised that President Jonathan believes the position of the Speaker, over which he has no control, is enough to atone for the deliberate marginalization in key appointments, over which he has control.”

“In any case, we do not need a ‘Progress Summit’ in Yoruba land. We already have a progressive culture based on democratic and egalitarian values. What Yoruba nation needs is how to be delivered from the retrogressive forces imposed on us by the Nigerian state. The Yoruba nation was well ahead in terms of development until the forced union called Nigeria began to steal our institutions from us. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), being one of the stolen institutions, is good only to address the need to restructure Nigeria, not for an effort to sustain the status quo”

The group said nothing will please Yoruba nation other than a return to regional government through maximum devolution of powers and a return to parliamentary democracy because “we reckon this is the best form of public governance that gives us the opportunity to develop at our own pace and contribute our quota to Nigeria’s development.”

According to the group, everything that happened at summit is a fool’s paradise as already proven by the students of OAU.

“Those Yoruba persons parading themselves as leaders of Yoruba people know that leadership in Yoruba land resides in treasured virtues of Omoluabi and Afenifere philosophy, not necessarily in persons. Yoruba people know their leaders.”

“We dare say that more than any so called leader at that event, those students, who braved all the odds to tell Mr. President the truth, are the true leaders, irrespective of their ethnic origin.”

“ARG therefore salutes the courage of those students who spoke truth in face of oppression and we enjoin every Nigerian to replicate their courageous act.”


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  • Okey

    This “press release” is highly dubious. It did not emanate from Yinka Odunmaki, ARG spokesman. This release is the work of a 5th columnist.

    • Ayelala

      Who is odumakin? The jobber.

    • dave

      You are simply ignorant and you should learn to stop commenting on what you don’t know.Who is Yinka Odumakin that will talk for Yorubas.He is a young man who has over exaggerated himself to talk for the Yorubas.Those who met GEJ at Ife are same old people known to always support any government in power.They are just after their own personal interest.

      • Okey

        Mr. Non-ignorant, what’s your point, really ? Odunmaki is young and cannot talk for the Yoruba and the “old people” that met Jonathan are equally unqualified to speak for Yoruba. Haba, non-ignorant !
        Who then can speak for the Yoruba ? You ?

        • TRUTH MASTER

          Keep quiet man. You don’t know anything about this or any other group in Yoruba. The traitors calling themselves Yoruba leader know they are not even leaders in their own home stead. And for all those who sold their birth right for a mess of pottage, their day of reckoning is at hand

          • Okey

            You mean, those who now stood all that Awolowo stood for on its head ?

          • TRUTH MASTER

            Oh, so you knew Awo stood for something eh? The joke is on you, Okey!

          • OkoAbeni

            Okey, wish you could understand Yoruba Politics that most of you confused with PDP/APC you would not make the type of comments you made here. Often I pitied GEJ cos his Yoruba followers are nothing but deceits, yes just deceiving him. Our consolation in the Nigeria project is that we are ever the winner, yes, head we win, tail we win; unfortunately none of you can comprehend it and at the appropriate time the final outcome shall be like a mirage to people without plans who still think ethnicity and religion bigotry is the reasons to be alive. Its a rare privilege to be Yoruba and we are so proud of that.

          • Okey

            You’ve made no point. Reconcile your renegade politics with all that Awo stood for

          • OkoAbeni

            I never expected you to comprehend my submission cos only iron sharpens iron.

          • Okey

            Sometimes, blinding and blithering ignorance appears as knowledge.

    • Don B


      The Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG) has disowned the duo of Yinka Odumakin and Jimi Agbaje, saying they are no longer members of the group.

      A statement by the Programme Officer of the group, Segun Balogun, stated that the group was surprised that the media are still linking both Odumakin and Agbaje to membership of the group when they have left long time ago.

      “We are surprised they are still being linked to ARG in the media after some attempts we have made to notify the public. A particular report even described Mr. Odumakin as “leader” of ARG.

      “This notice is not to diminish their contributions to ARG in anyway but state the truth about their membership status.

      “Since the past two years, all our media relations is being conducted by Mr. Kunle Famoriyo, who took over as ARG’s Publicity Secretary after Mr. Odumakin left.

      “Similarly, Architect Ayo Osunloye became the substantive Lagos Coordinator of ARG more than a year ago, after Mr. Agbaje left.

      “The ARG wish the duo well in their endeavours but they should not be linked to ARG in the present tense. They maybe linked to ARG in the past tense as a former member, and who knows, maybe in the future tense too, but certainly not in the present,” the statement said.

      • Okey

        Famoriyo is a bolt from the blues. An ARG spokesman can not just surface, unannounced.

        • tundemash

          why cry more than the bereaved ?


      It rankles me why those who know little or nothing about Yoruba come here to advertise their folly. I will leave it at that….and allow you, Okey, to continue to make yourself a laughing stock in the eyes of the world!

      • Okey

        Please, who is ARG spokesman ? Whose office is it ? Please answer that.

        • TRUTH MASTER

          Mr. Kunle Famoriyo

          • Okey

            ARG will soon disown him.

          • TRUTH MASTER

            Not at all. He is the authentic spokesman for ARG.

      • Bassey Okon Bassey


    • Mojeed Ayodele

      That is your Wahala.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    If the Yorubas don’t want President Goodluck Jonathan ….. they are free to vote for the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani who made a mince meat of Chief MKO Abiola and wickedly dumped him in an unmarked untimely grave …. just the same way they struck down Kudirat Abiola …… and almost sent General Oladipo Diya to the gallows after he Diya had helped the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani to takeover from Chief Ernest Shonekan a fellow Yoruba man.

    The Yorubas cowardly ceded the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives to the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani ….. what did the Yorubas gain from it …… go and ask Hon. Gbajabiamila to tell his experience and his regrets in private.

    I am not bothered ….. the Yorubas have their destiny in their hands ……. thank God … Governor Rauf Aregbesola has successfully planted the fertile seeds of Islamism in Yorubaland ….. it is only a matter of time before the Yorubas will face the truth and reality will dawn on them.

    The Yorubas did not vote for Obasanjo in his first term ….. yet Obasanjo went on to win the Presidential election landslide

    To hell with the Yorubas ….. who really needs their vote ?

    • Jika

      But OBJ got the votes of the ‘Hausa -Fulani Muslims’ in addition to other regions.The difference this time around is that,your hero may not get the votes of Yorubas and the ‘Hausa-Fulani Muslims’.I hope you got the picture.In any case,I think you should be civil in expressing your view points without resorting to derogatory and uncouth language.I am not a spokesman for the Yorubas but,I beleive they are a very important,civilized and productive race that you ignore or abuse at your own peril.

    • concernedcitizen2014

      The same way the Biafra war was lost. “We are the greatest people on earth”, “no army can defeat us”. When they conquered the south south people and the midwest. They oppressed the people there.
      Read Alabi Isama’s book the tragedy of Victory. The mainly Yoruba lead 3rd Command found so easy taking over the land occupied by the people of the South South namely, Port HarCourt, Ikot Epene, Calabar, Uyo. In fact the people there were cooperative and spied on Biafra on behalf of the Benjamin Adekunle lead 3rd Command Division.

      • concernedcitizen2014

        Whenever a land was recovered by the Nigerian troops, they did not need to station troops to maintain the occupation, they simply moved on.. the people were willing and glad to be delivered from the Biafra Government. The lesson, do not take anyone for granted even your closet neighbours when you have a political agenda. Everyone is important.

  • Otitokoro

    Well I have made these points in an earlier post. I will repeat them. But first let me thank the ARG for coming out forcefully and at the right time to state their position on burning issues in Yoruba Polity. We Yorubas have consistently in the past called attention to the complete lack of ethics and inclusion in the Goodluck Jonathan government. President Jonathan gave one answer: “I do not care”. Now if President Jonathan did not care and suddenly woke up to pretend to “care” a few months to election by gathering a group of Yoruba people together in a symbolic show in Ile Ife, then he must think that his OILY money is capable of buying anything. But he is wrong. So thank you ARG for coming out. This is my position on this. I have used the metaphor of a tenant and landlord in my previous post on this issue. We Yorubas were forced out of PDP. We were treated as tenants. So? We left. Now we built a new party where there are no tenants or landlords-but co-owners/co-landlords. But it is important to note that we together with others built the new party. Now my question is: who will want to exchange a position of co-ownership, co-landlordship for the status of a tenant? Can President Jonathan and his people do this? I think this is just basic common sense. If President Jonathan and his people will not exchange being landlord for being tenant why will they want the Yorubas to do this? I just do not understand what President Jonathan and his people are saying to yorubas. Hence ARG, you are right. It is too late. When we Yoruba middle class called attention to President Jonathan’s impunity, ineptitude, immorality in governance, corruption just bare faced incompetence, we were as usual called all sorts of names including “Oh you people are just blowing grammar…” I wonder how else civilised people in civilised polities in the 21st century will resolve an issue if not through debate, conversation and discussion which we Yoruba middle class are known for given our history. We use words (ORO) to resolve issues rather that knives. But since President Jonathan and his people call this Yoruba Way of resolving issues through democratic discourse, this modern day 21st century civilised way- blowing big grammar, we left them alone and concentrated on our own polity-the Yoruba Polity. The result is what you see in the new party. So my point is : what is Goodluck Jonathan and his poeple looking for again in Yorubaland few months to election? To do what? Do they think their attempt to divide Yorubas along the disease, the false dichotomoy called Yoruba Christin/Muslim” will work for them? Do they think the OILY money President Jonathan and his people gave the so-called “Pastor” Bosun Emmanuel of Redeemed Christian Church to turn out the garbage he turned out in his CD will work? I am just wondering at the antics of President Jonathan and his people. Anyway , thanks so much ARG for this. God Bless. We keep working. Otitokoro-Truth is Bitter!

  • Oro Sunnunkun

    I don’t know why he’s attending a summit called by few
    unknown or respected Yoruba’s or why he is now wooing the despised Yorubas. Do
    the attendees possess credibility? Whose interest are they serving? Are they
    true leaders of Yoruba people? I think GEJ adviser’s have misadvised or that he
    purpotedly decided to marginalize. GEJ, you are wrong, you do not understand the
    true nature of Yoruba people and how
    leadership emerges. Your one year NYSC in Oyo State does not position you to
    know this. Yoruba’s are credible and distinctive group of people who does not
    ordinarily worship ill-gotten wealth or fraudulent positions. Leaders emerge by
    contribution or sacrifices to the cause of this great people. Unfortunately,
    the people that gathered do not bear the toga accorded to Yoruba leaders. I
    understand the predicament of Oonirisa…the kabiyesi cannot unavoidably be
    absent because the event was schedule for his backyard but his presence does
    not mean or give credibility to that gathering. Mr. Famoriyo was right, the
    positions within the capacity of GEJ that he would ordinarily ascribed to the
    Yorubas, he did not. We are no footnotes in the history of Nigeria and our
    contribution to the founding, building and upholding cannot be overemphasized: we
    are unique and special people …now it is payback time…read my lips GEJ, you
    cannot win any of the Yoruba speaking states. Go and train more hooded
    goons…they will get missing doing the dirty job.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    What do we do about the yoruba who have eaten GEJ dodo and refused to say the truth. Pastor Bosun Emmanuel of RCCG, a yoruba man, has aleardy collected his Ghana must go and adjudged GEJ to be the best president and urged all Christains to vote GEJ. To be sure yorubas are one against GEJ, Bosun issue needs to addressed by the yorubas. Else, you wil be surprise GEJ will win yoruba states

  • MushinSpeaks

    Is it not a shame that we have some elders in the South West that are only concerned with famzing GEJ to get some pocket money? What direct value do they have in their community? Shame on them all!

  • T

    Yoruba people are progressive in nature, if not for the myopic igbos nigeria would have been an advanced democracy long before now

  • ayo

    What an insult to the yoruba nation, I think some people wrote the speech for him. speakers hip is not the issue, he knows what is right to do he never do that, turned himself to Ijaw president and now need vote running around. Those you are on the side of these falsehood, wish you luck weather by ignorance, or you have partake in the ‘sharing’ or part of those who just hate Nigeria, posterity will judge you all.