APC slams Police IG for ‘insulting’ National Assembly members

IGP Suleiman Abba

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has strongly condemned the Inspector-General of Police, Suleiman Abba, for daring to say he does not recognize Aminu Tambuwal as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and for weaving a web of lies to cover up the real reasons the police invaded the National Assembly.

In a statement issued in Osogbo on Thursday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said by refusing to recognize a Speaker who was duly elected by 360 members of the House of Representatives, and a Speaker who has neither been impeached by those who elected him nor removed by the Court, the police boss has thumbed his nose at the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

”As the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Tambuwal is the symbol of authority of the House and our country’s number four citizen. By saying he does not recognize him as the Speaker, the IG has also indicated he does not recognize the entire House of Representatives. For a man who was not elected by anybody to make this impertinent assertion about elected representatives of the people is tantamount to treason. Mr. Abba has shunned all pretences to neutrality, professionalism and decency and he is no longer fit to occupy the important office of the IG,” it said.

APC wondered at what stage the IG realized the issue involving the Speaker was subjudice, especially after he constituted himself into a court of law, which is the only body that is constitutionally empowered to make any pronouncement on the fate of the Speaker, and unilaterally withdrew the Speaker’s security detail.

The party said Nigerians are very much aware that Mr. Abba, by himself, could not have acted the way and manner he has done, adding: ”But the truth is that he is dancing to a drum of perfidy being beaten by his masters at the Aso Rock Villa. In the process, he has acted in contravention of his oath of office”.

It said even though Nigerians are aware that the IG acted at the behest of his masters in trying to unlawfully remove a duly-elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, he still went ahead to engage in cheap lies by saying he barred the Speaker and other members of the House from entering the National Assembly because Gov. Amaechi and the APC were planning to invade the Assembly as well as the Aso Rock and the Police Headquarters.

“Shortly after the incident, Police spokesman Emmanuel Ojukwu said the police acted the way it did because it got intelligence report that ”hoodlums and thugs” were coming to invade the House. Now, the police boss said it was because Gov. Amaechi and the APC were coming to invade the House. This is a most shameful lie from the highest police officer in the land, and it is a terrible dent on the image of the police under Mr. Abba.

“One wonders why the police was so concerned about the security of the National Assembly that it engaged in selective granting of passage to the principal officers of the Assembly. The Senate President was allowed to enter without qualms, just like the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. But when the Speaker came, he was locked out. That speaks volumes about the intention of the police,” APC said.

The party commended the individuals and groups that have strongly condemned the police action, but reminded them that there is still much work to be done to prevent the President, acting with a spineless, highly-partisan and increasingly unprofessional police and other security agencies, from crashing the country’s hard-earned democracy on the altar of inordinate political ambition.

It wondered how a man who can lie so shamefacedly to cover up an egregious act will preside over the provision of security for the 2015 elections.

”Mr. Abba is presiding over perhaps the most-partisan police force ever in the history of our nation. He has thrown professionalism, neutrality and fairness to the wind and made the police a willing tool in the hands of a frenzied executive. He cannot be trusted to ensure a level playing field for all parties at the next general elections, hence he should be removed immediately,” APC said.

Lai Mohammed
National Publicity Secretary
All Progressives Congress (APC)
Osogbo, Nov. 27th 2014


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  • Sword of Damocles

    Here is the breakdown of “common man speak” of what has occurred:

    a while ago the Executive(in its illusions of Grandeur), decided that the Speaker’s defection to the APC constituted a vacancy in the Speakership. The executive apparently made this clear to all the subordinates within the Executive that the Speaker was no longer Speaker. A plan was devised by our “smart” president and his “able” men to make it an actuality by conniving to elect the deputy the New Speaker under the guise of discussing the extension of Emergency rule in three northeast states. the plan failed because the supporters of the Speaker UNDERSTOOD the GOAL of that move on black thursday Nov 20th 2014. And grown men scaled mighty walls on that day to prevent a COUP D’ETAT by the Executive against the Legislature(with the 3rd arm: Judiciary already scared shitless of the Executive).I hasten to remind the NASS that a former President had some damning words to express about the the NASS. The NASS needs to give the Nigerian masses something to “weigh” against all the not so nice things that former President had to say. It should be apparent to all now that judgement day for the conduct of Nigeria’s affairs from 1985 to date is IMMINENT. time is of the essence. when day breaks……….

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    Nigerians must thank GOD for the IG and the Nigerian Police who acted promptly to avert what would have been the biggest disgrace and the most spiteful violation of the Nigerian Constitution since independence in 1960.

    Going by Section 68(1)g of the Nigerian constitution A-minus Tambuwaal is no longer a member of the House of Representatives and no longer a member of the National Assembly.

    If the Nigerian Police had not acted promptly we would have had a situation where someone who is not member of the House of Representatives would have gone ahead to even preside over the House of Representative as Speaker … God forbid.

    The word impeachment should not even be mentioned here …… what we should be talking about is what gives the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani the boldness to always trample on the Nigerian Constitution without looking back ?

    Recall, how they trampled on the Nigerian Constitution and went ahead to implement Sharia in their States.

    Recall how they trampled the Nigerian Constitution and went ahead to stop the Miss World Pageant brought to Nigeria by Silverbird.

    Now they want to trample on the constitution by insisting that A-minus Tambuwaal who is no longer a member of the House of Representatives must continue to preside over the House as Speaker.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    The provisions of Section 68(1)g of the Nigerian Constitution are very, very clear and unambigous.

    A-minus Tambuwaal is no longer a member of the House of Representatives and no longer a member of the National Assembly.

    How then can he be recognized as Speaker ?

    Some people say it is not the business of the executive to determine if Tambuwal should remain as Speaker or not: it is a matter for the courts. However, the courts don’t execute laws: the executive does.

    The Constitution says if a man defects from his elected party to another party, he automatically loses his seat.

    Tambuwal resigned; therefore he has lost his seat. The executive has implemented that loss.

    If Tambuwal has a problem with that, the onus is on him to go to court. The onus is not on the executive.

    Until the courts say otherwise, Tambuwal can no longer be a member of the House of Representatives; and someone who is not a member of the House cannot be the Speaker.

    • abbati

      Indeed Section 68 (1) is clear but your interpretation and conclusions can only be reached if one reads only the first part and deliberately ignores the second part which says unless he can show that it was as a result of merger or factions which undoubtedly is a question only the courts can answer. Most interestingly it gave neither the executive nor the police any role to play in the determination of that question what happened is unfortunate and should never be encouraged

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        Then let A-minus Tambuwaal go to Court and proof his case ……… He cannot be a Judge in his own case.

        Until he does that …… the very, very clear and unambiguous provisions of Section 68(1)g apply …. period.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    AMAZING !!!

    How in the world did Nigeria end up with a Speaker who has no ability to understand the simplest, clearest and most
    unambiguous provision in the Nigerian Constitution …. Section 68(1)g !

    Did A-minus Tambuwaal go to school at all …….. is he retarded ?

    How come he could not understand the very, very clear and unambiguous provisions of Section 68(1)g of the Nigerian Constitution ?

    Although A-minus Tambuwaal is no longer a member of the House of Representatives …… I insist that Nigeria must conduct investigations to ensure that someone like A-minus Tambuwaal who has no ability to understand what is written in the Nigerian Constitution is never again elected Speaker.

    • concerned9ja

      The same way we had a moron and clueless of a president in Jonathan. Simple as ABC..

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    It is now confirmed that APC’s Governor Rauf Aregbesola is spending a little over N1.2Billion for his second term inauguration ceremony ……. and this is happening in a State where Civil Servants have not been their Salaries for over three months.

    APC ….. CHANGE !!!

    Oga Lai Mohammed …… please remember to bring my own share ooooo because it is indicated in this report that you have already landed in Osogbo for the N1.2Billion owambe !!!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    1. A Budget of N1.2Billion for the second term inauguration ceremony of Governor Rauf Aregbesola in a State where workers have not been paid salary for the past three months.

    2. Buhari bribes Imo State APC delegates with N1million to get their support at the APC Party Primary

    3. Atiku Abubakar woos Sokoto delegates with N8.5million to be shared as follows N5 million was given to the party to facilitate its activities; N1million for the party’s elders while N2.5 million was for the 50 delegates from the state.

    4. A duubious Ex-Speaker of the House of Representatives (A-minus Tambuwaal) who crookedly waited until a motion for adjournment had been moved before he announced his defection to APC. There is no parliament in the world where a new
    matter is introduced after a motion for adjournment has been moved ….. no place whatsoever !!!

  • Isi Agwo

    The IG of Police has not impressed me yet. I will be happy with him when he starts arresting and charging trouble makers and haters of Nigerians and Nigeria like Liar Mumuhamed, Alhaji Chameleon Tambuwal and other cockroaches like them.


      Because you are so poorly educated and you lack exposure, you do not know the implication of calling human beings cockroaches. You probably do not know that words like yours led to the killing of over 800,000 people in Rwanda in 1994. This is why you and your fellow PDP supporters have succeeded in crashing the party and sending it on the way to perdition. In the words of Ogbeni Aregbesola of Osun State, the PDP will walk alone on the road to hell!

  • Ade

    Suleman Abba, the PDP IG, looks like imam shekau the boko haram leader. Are they blood brothers? Shekau is the unofficial terrorist while suleman Abba is the official terrorist.

  • sanetalk

    Right thinking and patriotic Nigerians should rise to condemn the brazen partisanship being displayed by the IG as it does not bode well for our nation. IG Adewusi travelled this infamous road in 1983 and the result did not help his masters

  • Mosaku 147

    What do you expect from a man who served as the ADC to Abacha’s wife and took direct orders from the one and only executioner of that era,Major Al’mustapha. Watch out,the assassins obj talked about are gradually showing themselves.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Did you just call the BRITISH EVIL EMPIRE, the ‘greatest empire on earth’? An empire that was dedicated to rape and artificial mental retardation of Africa? Needless to say, you are clearly a victim of the process of that criminal mental retardation.

  • James Bond

    Femi is getting ready to account for the stolen money he misappropriated under Jonathan.

  • Mein Kampf

    Jail is beckoning FFK. From you eagles/vultures are gathering to this rubbish. Go and prepare for jail. The men he mentioned neither misappropriated nor protected looters of the common wealthwealth.

  • Scatter


    “The ability to risk all for conscience and truth is the life-blood of democracy. The shedding of all fear and the ability to speak truth to power no matter the risks that are involved to life, safety or liberty is the second greatest virtue whilst courage remains the first… That is where I am today and that is where we are in Nigeria.” — Femi Fani-Kayode

    What a load of crap! So, do people in non-democracies lack the “ability to risk all for conscience and truth”? Did Prophet Muhammad (puh) and Jesus Christ (puh), for example, lack the same ability? And you call yourself a follower of Christ. I want to think you got out the wrong side of your bed to write this pretentious rambling nonsense, seeing yourself as the Cromwell of modern Nigeria?

    Femi, if you have nothing sensible to write about other than trying to cry foul because you know you face impending scrutiny over the theft and misuse of huge public money under the “ineffectual buffoon”, why don’t just zip your mouth?

    Please, please, please, Femi, just go away! You’re full of chicken sh*t!

  • British Nigerian

    I can’t say for sure if this man is guilty of all the looting I read about in Nigeria for years now. However, in a more civilised society, chaps like this will be fugitives…not having the opportunity to air their views on online papers.

    A country where public servants (government workers and elected politicians) on fixed salaries can amass crazy amounts of dollars mysteriously. One of the few countries where public servants are the “elites” and business men are the “working class”.