Jonathan has not given Rivers even ‘half’ project – Amaechi

Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi.

The Rivers State governor, Chibuike Amaechi, has again accused President Goodluck Jonathan of not implementing any federal project in Rivers State, challenging the president to prove him wrong by showing even “half” a project the state has benefitted from his administration.

Mr. Amaechi spoke Monday when he met students of the Rivers State University.

He appealed to the students to be part of the forthcoming Permanent Voters Card, PVC, collection and fresh voters registration exercise to enable them exercise their civic right in the 2015 elections.

“I am aware that from Friday, we would start collecting what they call the permanent voter’s card. I am aware that after the collection of permanent voter’s card, they would start fresh registration of voters. That’s part of what brought me (to your university).

“I have come to say to those who are 16, don’t go and vote but those who are up to 18, go and vote; but to vote, you must first and foremost, go to collect your permanent voter’s card. If you don’t have a permanent voter’s card, then you need to go and register as they start registration,” he said.

The governor explained that he parted ways with the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, because the PDP-led federal government failed to address the challenges facing Rivers State.

“Now, the reason why there is a disagreement between us and the federal government is one question we have always been asking in public – can a federal government led by our own brother who comes from Bayelsa, can they show us one project that they have done in Rivers State? And I said again to the federal government, if you can’t show us one, show us half, that is, the one you started and you abandoned and you forgot it; none, and Rivers State gave our President the highest vote in the country, 1.8million votes,” Mr. Amaechi said.

He continued: “If nothing else, repair our airport. What have we done against the President that an airport they started the same time with Abuja, with Lagos, with Enugu. They have finished Lagos, they have finished Abuja, they have finished Enugu, our own is abandoned, what did we do?

“Our oil well in the Kalabari area, they have taken, so the basic quarrel is that the federal government is not addressing our problems. So, we said to the federal government, if you have not done those projects and you have done nothing for Rivers State, why do we need to remain in PDP and work with the federal government, so we left PDP and joined APC.”

“We joined APC because we need to get back our oil wells. So, one thing you owe us is to go and collect your card. When you collect your card, you must help us do one thing – don’t vote for PDP,” Mr. Amaechi said.

The governor said his administration has positively affected the lives of Rivers people in different sectors. He said he was impressed with improvements recorded in the university and recalled efforts made by his administration to accredit all courses offered by the university.

“By the time I became governor, sixty to seventy per cent of your departments and courses and faculties were not accredited and I said it is either we are ready for a university or we are not ready for a university. If we are not ready for a university, we close down, but if we need to educate our children, we need to educate our children. It means that whatever is the requirement for accreditation in the university, government must meet it and we met it. They came here, they inspected, they confirmed that we have met it”.


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  • samuel

    There’s E library in Ahoada supervised by me. It’s a federal project

    • Okemute1

      E-library with no internet or website used by who? Do you know what E-library is? Abuse of words!

      • Okey

        Ahoada is a developing town, not that Okokomaiko slum where you live.

        • Okemute1

          This not town comparison competition! This about a lie by your fellow PDPig. How do I access this e-library in ahoada built by the FG.

    • True Nigerian

      E-Library as a Federal project? For the whole of Rivers State? Sorry, but how big is the E-Library? What is the scope of the database and subscriptions thereof? How many researchers use this e-library and how many people can sit there at one time doing research on their individual systems? More crucially, how much does it actually cost to set up an e-library? Once I login to the internet on my laptop or any device for that matter, I am effectively in my e-library because I am subscribed to about 50% of the most solid databases in the world including the journals and reviews of about 60% of the top 200 universities and research institutes in the world. I didn’t need a government to set it up. So I’d like to know how much this e-library in Rivers cost the government as its major investment in Rivers, in terms of federal projects.

      • Okemute1

        That is why I said Samuel is abusing the word e-library.

      • MrFesh

        In logic when your claim NONE, only ONE is required to rubbish your assertion. Stop jumping from pillar to post. Stop letting frustrated people like Amaechi, Liar and Kwankwaso twisty your brains or whatever takes its place for you. Think for yourself independently.

  • the truth

    Lies lies lies. tell this to those gullible people that would believe you. Just because you want vice president you have unleashed your greed and backstabbing. Ndoni and Egbema Highway, Choba fg constructed millennium way, bille-Krakrama federal government completed school, elekahia-ogbunabali expressaway, just to mention a few. Amaechi stop this lie. For 15 and half years you did not take care of the mile 3 area now its close to election you have made promises on eagle island and you have waived non-indigene fees just for votes. I ask you again you were speaker for 8 years and 7 and half years as governor why didn’t you make this promises a reality. We will see you in the polls. And you have not accounted for the 33 billion for the new port-harcourt city which is less than 5% complete in 7 years.

    • True Nigerian

      If only you were this critical and unbiased in your assessment of Jonathan, you would have more credibility when you campaign for him.

      But you started by claiming neutrality in the conversation. And then it soon became obvious that you are far from objectivity or neutrality. There is nothing wrong in supporting Jonathan even if he is the woeful failure that he is. This is a democracy, and therefore everyone can support anyone of their choice without being afraid. But when you are so patently biased in favour a candidate and yet continue to push out your own propaganda by hiding behind the pretence of neutrality, then you make yourself something worse – a liar. That is what I find unacceptable in your views. You hail Jonathan and the police for violating the laws of this country with impunity, and yet you claim that you are neutral. You hail Jonathan for being so effective and you even celebrate what you refer to as “ebele fever”; yet you make dismissive comments when you hear that all the charges pending against Abacha for his heinous crimes have been withdrawn. You support him on the basis of his affinity with Niger Delta, yet you keep silent when you hear that he and his A-G illegally transferred the proceeds of Niger Delta oil wealth in one of the most bizzare stories of corruption that is making rounds in Europe, UK and the US. It’s a dangerous hypocrisy. Just come out and campaign for Jonathan on issues; it’s your right, even if it makes you look blind to the endless gaffes and inanities that keep on oozing out from him and his handlers. That is better than making yourself a liar.

    • Okemute1

      My friend are you not ashamed? If an Hausa man constructed a refinary in PH, a son should construct bigger and better. But you are here talking about road with no drain or street lighting as FG achievement. You hopeless PDPigs don’t have shame!

      • Okey

        Have you forgotten the reason Kwankwaso gave for decamping to PDP: that Jonathan takes every development to the Niger Delta ? Now, Amaechi is saying Jonathan brought nothing and sane persons cannot see between these two conflicting APC positions on Jonathan.

        • True Nigerian

          So are you suggesting that Niger Delta starts and ends with Rivers State? Outside Rivers State, are there no other places called Niger Delta where the projects referred to in Kwankwaso’s allegation might have been sited? Please clarify!

        • Okemute1

          These projects must be invisible and probably located in his bedroom in otueke.

          • Okey

            Whose bedroom, kwankwas or your addled self ?

          • MrFesh

            You can see how confused and stewpid you sound.

          • TRUTH MASTER

            Learn to spell correctly before being abusive

        • simon tor gideon

          Is Rivers state the only state in Niger Delta?May be he has done some things in other Niger Delta states but not in Rivers

        • TRUTH MASTER

          Is Rivers the only state in the Niger Delta?

  • G4

    Not a single new major project by PDP led FG in Lagos in the last 15 yrs only idiots living in Lagos will vote for PDP.

    • MrFesh

      Have you heard of the new bridge over Liverpool and the trailer park you hypocrite?

      • G4

        How come the traffic situation in Apapa has gotten worse over the past four years??? To the extent its now a no go area

  • Noel Osagie

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  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    Amechi said.
    help us do one thing, don’t vote for PDP
    He did not tell them to vote APC either
    anyway Northerners thought Amechi is helping them, actually he is helping in destabilizing the Nation for our own advantage.

    • PROF

      Just ignore ameachi ,he is looking for somebody to blame his failures on. He is a joke !

      • Ameachi is not serious, neither with APC nor with PDP. I don’t even know what he is doing myself? But give it to him he is not a failure not as Rivers governor. Amaechi’s massive development of Rivers was tremendous my brother. Encourage people who are honest, Amaechi is being honest with federal government though blunt.

  • iyke

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  • tsunami1earthquake

    Yea, Jonathan has not given Rivers even half project but you, at least, acknowledge that the monies spent on Rivers projects come from federally-disbursed revenues which every representative of each state queue up every month in Abuja to collect.

    • charles

      u r talking from both side of ur mouth…so?

    • bib

      But Jonah keep most to give federal projects to the states.

    • Strong System

      You must a s***k illiterate

  • MushinSpeaks

    We all know this man has failed and asking for another four years is like playing on our intelligence. Its time we send him back to otuoke.

    Change we need; Change we want.

  • sule

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