Suicide bombers kill dozens in Maiduguri market

FILE PHOTO: Bombing in Maiduguri

Dozens of traders and passerby were today (Tuesday) killed near Maiduguri main market when two suspected female suicide bombers dressed in full hijab detonated bombs hidden under their garments, witnesses and security sources have said.

The explosions occurred at about 11:20 a.m. at a crowded Maiduguri commercial area called One-Way.

Today’s blast is the first in the city since the last that of July 2.

According to witnesses accounts, there was a first explosion that killed three women before the second one exploded and killed many persons who gathered at the scene of the first blast.

Abba Aji an official of the Civilian-JTF, told reporters that at the time he arrived the scene, eleven bodies were still yet to be evacuated, even as he said many other corpses and several injured victims had been conveyed to hospital.

“We cannot say immediately the actual number of the dead casualties, until we put together the figures later,” Mr. Aji said. “We have many people that are seriously injured after the two blast.”

According to the Civilian-JTF official, the bombers were two girls dressed in full hijab.

“One of them detonated herself and about three persons – all women – were killed, and minutes after that when people came round to see what happened, another bomb went off after a girl screamed and many people, over 30 of them got killed. We cannot say the exact figure for now because even before our arrival here some of the corpses had been taken away, while some including that of the bombers were mangled beyond recognition,” he said.

Borno state police command is yet to issue any statement on the blast.


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  • Paiko

    They are desperately looking for reasons to justify the extension of the state of emergency in the NE. Dia ris God ooooh!

    • Frank Bassey

      There is no need for extension of state of emergency in the NE. After all Boko Haram was born in 2002, grew up and nurtured by a State government that enjoyed huge security vote for about ten years before it manifest into full blown anti-GEJ demon. Dia is Allah oooooh! Shame to worshippers of Black Stone. Shame to those who bow to the sun in the East. Shame to devils that throw stone at the Devil.

      • Mark Nsikan

        quit being a ninny and discuss issues,if dey are anti gej,why cant gej b anti dem?

      • Mark Nsikan

        and plz kindly(for the sake of info) name d state govenment and governor responsible for this,so we no wat we are dealing with


      Keep deceiving yourself !!

    • Otile

      Delude yourself odale.

  • Frank Bassey

    Dressed in full hijab. Are they Christians, Buddhists, Judaists ….. No. They are members of religion of peace.

    • Otile

      My brother, Islam is not a religion of peace.

    • Mark Nsikan

      in as much as i wldnt want tu name all muslims as terorists?…dia silence ova these is alarming,y dey are naturall drwn tu violence is somtin i cant undastnd

    • PROF

      That’s Islam for you. Muslims can’t do without blood.

    • Wähala

      Ask Pastor Ayo…
      He accosted the Sultan of Sokoto and now bombs are going off. It is his arms and gun-running racket, he could be using anybody from Jews, Austrians and Nigerians… your “Christians, Buddhists, Judausts”. Afterall, they all dress in long robes!

      • the truth

        boko haram sympathizer.The only difference between u and those blood suckers is the fact that you are supporting their activities in the print media while they are fighting the physical war. When one member of your family is affected then you will sing a new tune.

  • Chris1408

    Nigerian military is very involved in this insurgency, they want it to continue forever because they are getting rich from it. Wicked people.


      Keep mute if you have nothing to contribute……Do you know how many senior officers and men whose lives have been sacrificed to keep cowards like you safe?
      You are a shameless ingrate !!

    • Wähala

      That’s what Orji Kalu said… “Security Agents are involved in some of the bombings” to attract further funding. The extension of the State of Emergency is another angle to it. Don’t mind the criminals, notice the number of e-rats (Gejitoes) contributing so far, attacking everyone. Chumps & eMosquitoes! Just get your Sheltox ready…
      Thanks o’jare!

      • the truth

        keep quiet now you take orji uzor words for gold, go and appeal to your fanatic brothers to stop, tell them to stop radicalizing this kids in the mosque. I notice you never condemn boko haram, just like the leaders in the north. To you the number one person to be condemned even when you can’t find your house key is jonathan.keep going


    Before the introduction of Sharia law,the hijab was optional and it’s use was not so wide-spread.The Hijab is now clearly a security risk.The non Sharia states must now out-law the use of Hijab to save lives and deter terrorist attacks. A stich in time saves nine !!

    • Otile

      My brother, don’t count on that. Arewa and Odua non sharia states will allow Mohammedans to intimidate them and make dangerous hijab compulsory for women. When the dress becomes compulsory in those states we shall witness hare-kari.

  • ogbuefiakajiaku

    My people read: For those who live in Lagos you must have noticed the influx of suicide
    bomber like ladies from the North wearing veil and escorting mostly male to beg
    for alms. Please do not be deceived let us all be security conscious as these
    girls I suspect are here to survey Lagos terrain before they start throwing
    bombs all over.

    I appeal to BRF to forgo his APC relationship and rid Lagos of those girls and
    their male accomplices begging all over Lagos. Send them back to where they
    came from.

    A stitch in time saves nine. Stop giving them money as they are killer squads from the north

    • Goro

      Prevention is better than cure. Ban the Hijab in Lagos state. That is the way to go.

    • Oladele

      an then you will say Fashola deported Nigerians?

  • Gbaa-m Okpana-eze

    Unfortunately, we are forced to overlook the need to decry these mindless blood-letting as well as express sorrow for the victims and resort to cheap pot shots. We have been dehumanized to the point that any sense of humanity seems impossible.
    That said, every hijab-donning female is now a suicide-bomber-suspect and rightly so. Yet, some Government would prefer to play the ostrich, hide under the cloak of faith and pretend they can’t do anything about it. If people capitalize the peculiar mode of dressing of a religion to wreck havoc, does it not stand to reason that on the grounds of overwhelming public safety, such dressing should be reviewed? While we mourn the dead and pray -almost in futility that another doesn’t happen- can some people somewhere take off the hijabs off these girls? And by the way, are there rewards also virgins? Males? Kai, illiteracy and lack of enlightenment is our biggest terrorist. Azhi-gbakwa ihe ojio!!!

  • The Vulture – King of Offals

    GOD – you are really, really WICKED!

    When will you stop ALL THESE KILLINGS in YOUR NAME?

    Well – I thank my “head” that I don’t believe in you – you are a PAPER TIGER – SHAME ON YOU!

    • me

      God is the creator of the head you are thanking and HE can take it from you whenever HE so pleases.

  • _Proudly Niger Deltan

    I am continent Nigerian and currently a presidential candidate. Sometime ago in my state, there was an Islamist Terrorist bomb blast at a major motor park used by South bound passengers. Over 87 persons died. In my reaction to complaints, I released a list of 25 Northern peoples who died too. Among the 25 Northerners listed were OGU CHUKWU UMOH, IWOJO

    —–This was my own way of contributing to stopping Boko haram. This is the reason to vote for me, so we can ensure equity in deaths during attacks. What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona (e) None on the list

    I am continent Nigerian and currently a presidential candidate emeritus. I enacted decrees 2 & 4 which gave my government the rights to
    indefinitely detain any continent Nigerian without trial. Under this law, Fela was detained for singing, stripped and beaten (Video evidence
    on youtube). Several journalists were thrown into jail. e.g., Nduka Irabor, Tunde Thompson of Guardian newspapers jailed on June 2, 1984.
    What is my name?
    (a) Imam Kwankawamaso (b) Imam Buhari (c) Imam Atiku (d) Pastor Jona

    • True Nigerian

      I know for sure that Buhari was dictator. No doubt about that. But Obasanjo was one too and was one again even as a president of a democratic Nigeria. Yet, more currently, Jonathan’s decisions to forcibly invade the legislative house in order to forcibly eject a speaker he didn’t like is also a dictatorial character. We can argue that it was the police that did that and that the President had no hand in it. Yet, any such argument ended as soon as the Presidency issued statements supporting and defending the actions of the police. I have never heard or seen Obama or Cameron speaking in defence of the police if the police takes actions that throws its credibility into doubt and public anger.

      Now, back to the point you were making about Buhari’s record as a former dictator, to which I totally agree; the reason I have made the above comparisons is to draw your attention to something that all Jonathan’s supporters are failing to see, which is – Buhari is not going to win because of how amazing his record is; Buhari is going to win because of how disillusioned people have become over Jonathan’s failure to rise above pettiness and be the national inspiration that he represented in 2010/2011. That is why Jonathan is likely to lose. He will not lose because Buhari has campaigned amazingly well (as you can see, he is not even campaigning); instead, he (Pastor Jona) will lose because people are now keen to try the other ideas they once rejected and looked askance at; and they are doing so out of deep frustration which Jonathan has failed to mitigate. It happens in politics all over the world, and when it does happen, the best that the incumbent can do is, at least, to start inspiring the nation and start proving to them that he is the man they need. Jonathan is not doing that yet, perhaps because he and his supporters continue to erroneously believe that there is more value in trying to raise some of the negative things about Buhari. But that is quite far from the reality! The point you guys are missing is that the people already know and hear those things about Buhari, but they are also saying that it is time to see whether the man can get them out of the current quagmire. The earlier the Jonathan crowd and their man understand that simple nuance, the sooner they can become more effective in giving him a better chance than he currently has in any free and fair election in 2015. You may either take it, or leave it or, even better, choose to debate it with me or abuse me as Nigerians would often rather do when they hear uncomfortable truths.

      I am a Southerner (East, precisely) and I am supporting Buhari, even though I don’t like APC so much. And you are a Southerner too supporting Jonathan. What we owe each other and the future children of this country is a free, fair, credible and transparent election. It won’t stop Nigeria from being partitioned if that is what we want and if we are convinced that it will serve us better. But I don’t know anyone of us who will want to see elections being rigged in their new republic if they eventually get the new republic.

      • _Proudly Niger Deltan

        Parley, your comment is spastic. You need some fresh hot Palmee to clear your brain. One Litre will do…don’t bother about the cost bcos I will refund you.

  • Proudly Niger Deltan

    “If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood…Revolution is inevitable in 2015 if I lose.” – M.BUHARI

    “The next election is likely to be violent and many people are likely going to die…”- Nasiru El-RUFIA

    “I am putting Jonathan on notice that he must leave office come 2015.”- Mr Ango ABDULAHI

    “If Jonathan insists on running, there will be bloodshed…His running will amount to taking northerners for a ride. So, there will be bloodshed.” – Junaid MUHAMMED

    “You ‘rig & roast’…” – Malam Bola TINUBU

    Still wondering why the bombs keep coming? Then see a Psychiatrist without delay. The jobless & irresponsible Terrorist vampire politicians
    need to explain. Is this the benefit of amalgamation? Those of us from the South South who don’t believe in Nigeria & want our own separate
    countries shud be allowed to go…after all, there are more people in Delta state than Norway…and there are more people in Warri than
    Estonia and even Qatar which will host world cup 2022. The smaller the better.

    • Okadigbo

      True word. We need to examine the basis for our being one country. This is getting too much. Sentiments aside, we need frank discussions. Yesterday we were told by the Emir himself that he wrote to ISIS to tell them to stop killing and follow true Islam but at ‘home’ he is in favour of amnesty for the terrorist boko haram. So, who is fooling who? We thank God for Oritsejafor who could not take that nonsense…but where were others? Why was it only Oritstejafor who was man enough to speak? …and the Emir is even a former military officer. Sambissa and Syria, which is closer? – I support disintegration. Enough is enough.

      • True Nigerian

        Now, that is an example of what I am saying about Jonathan as to the reason why he is very likely to lose in 2015, regardless of what baggage Buhari comes with as a former dictator.

        You just noted, quite rightly, that we need frank discussions. As a citizen of this country and South-easterner, I would have loved a frank conversation about reordering or rebutting this country (not disintegration, although I am happy if Nigerians say it is their choice) to make it work better. I have many South-West colleagues, friends and associates who believed and clamoured for such frank discussions. I know Middle-Belt people who couldn’t wait for it. Obviously, the South-South people eagerly wanted such a conversation. You would think that when a South-south son got into power, the conversation was fait accompli. But hell no! What did he do? He wasted N9b on a talkshop that had no capacity and no scope to renegotiate or reform this country.

        Professor Ben Nwabueze advised him, warned him, begged him. Chido Onuma wailed over it; many South-West nationals and patriots spoke eloquently on the need for Jonathan to give us the opportunity to discuss everything and with a greater scope that includes the negotiability of our co-existence so that the conference can at least have the capacity to transform into a Constitutional document for a new Nigeria. What did Jonathan do? He cowardly and selfishly rejected the chance. His government even went as far as telling lies against Solomon Asemota’s report and Ben Nwabueze’s report. Today, where is the outcome of the conference? Just like many of his critics predicted, the white paper/report is headed for the latrine and akara joints where it will be used to eithe wipe bottoms or wrap bons and akara (Naija bean cakes).

        You see, apart from the selfish sycophants that surround it, Jonathan’s government did not serve anyone, including the Niger-Deltans. And that is the reason why disillusion is high about Jonathan and almost irreversibly deep enough to ground his lose on a landslide in the next election.

    • True Nigerian

      Rigging is not part of democracy and should never be condoned for any reason. One of the crimes of Buhari is that he was both an actor and a beneficiary in a military coup that ousted a democratically elected government. If that was wrong (and I believe it was and still is), then those who rig (it is actually a rape) the democratic processes are no less guilty. It is offensive to continue to rig elections after 16 years of democracy. It is even more offensive when you consider that people died to help us get this democracy. And so when no amount of rigging is ever enough to ground an annulment of its product in the eyes of Nigeria’s ailing justice system, it naturally pushes people towards alternative means of securing the integrity of the democratic process. Injustice will always breed discontent and loss of peace. Whether it is the Niger Deltans taking to arms in order to protest decades of neglect whilst their resources were being plundered and their lands being destroyed with little or no compensation; or whether it is some parts of the delevoping world becoming increasingly restive as a result of many years of Western manipulation, or the Aba Women’s riot in protest against the imperial usurpation; they all boil down to one thing – that peace goes hand in hand with justice, and that where the latter becomes elusive with no mitigation avenues, it is a recipe for self-help, which is exactly why Tinubu and Buhari are musing about how to stop rigging with their own template of mobilising Nigerians against those that may have rigging as their only plan for winning. So, yes, I am of the view that rigging should be stamped out of this country. This country (including the Niger Delta) has many accomplished, visionary, brilliant and patriotic leaders who can turn this country around across all ethnic groups, tribes and tongues. Sadly, most of them avoid political participation because merit has no place in the terrain, largely because of the near absence of transparency and due process in the democracy. With rigging, our democracy is effectively a military rule disguised as democratic. Of what use is that? It is, to a large extent, mindless fraud. And it has to be changed.

  • True Nigerian

    For the last 6 months, these despicable muderers have been carrying out suicide missions in which girls are being used in the attacks. From where are they getting the supply of these girls that are being used on suicide missions like this? I can only hope that our abducted Chibok girls are not being blown away. On the other hand, if Boko haram has this high number of girls willing to do suicide bombing for them, then the boko haram male fighters we often see in the recorded videos of their attacks and raids must be just half of the story as to how many people that are loyal to this bunch of invidious murderers. It appears that boko haram has significant proportion of female sympathisers (not even in Sambisa, but most likely within our communities in the North).

    Gathering information in that regard is exactly the kind of thing a competent, professional and effective intelligence agency (SSS) would do. But that kind of complex task on intelligence is not likely to be carried out by an intelligence force that has also burdened itself with political inanities such as harrassing the opposition politicians, threatening innocent individual citizens with arrest over nothing or coming on national television to falsely link elections with suicide attacks, despite not being able to show even a shred of evidence to back it up.

    Marilyn Ogar should have been sacked, suspended, transferred, demoted or asked to resign on the day she went live on TV to allege without any shred evidence that the APC is behind all the bombings and they often happen immediately APC loses elections – a crazy theory that is contradicted by all the facts on ground. And now, to show how utterly stoopid this country has become, the SSS and the government allows the same discredited and disreputed character (Ogar) to be the one telling the nation that the APC facility in Lagos was being used for criminal activities. That could well be true; but given the horrendous credibility quotient of the person fronting the investigation, how ohn earth is an intelligent person like expected to believe such claims, even if they are true?

    This is part of the main reasons why boko haram is growing – What we call institutions in Nigeria are only rotten woods that have no focus or know-how as to the purpose of their existence. So they simply hand themselves over to any incumbent usurper in power to use them to do his own selfish narrow ends, and when he is gone, another person comes in and uses the institution just as his predecessors. The cumulative effect is that Nigeria has no intelligence or security agencies; they are just small stooges serving the narrow interests of anyone that is power. If the FBI and CIA function like that and focus solely on delivering the political ambitions of each American President, then the deadly Jihadists all over the world will also find it easy to blow America to pieces on daily basis. That should be an obvious analogy. But in this country, truth is an unwanted factor and those who speak it are endangered species in a culture of lies and deceit that are hidden behind the idea that we are one of the most uselessly religious countries in the world. But when it comes to peddling lies or turning a blind eye to them in order to suit our ethno-religious sentiments in politics, the Nigerian Christians are as mendacious as the Muslims are pretentious and hypocritical. This country hates truth, fights against it, rejects it; and those who speak it are considered as enemies, even among their own people. And yet people want a good stable peaceful and prosperous country. It will never happen!

    • Kitunde

      Yes–‘It will never happen’ we are looking at a failed state.How sad, but the saddest part, they don’t even get it!

      • True Nigerian

        Exactly, the fact that they don’t even get it is the saddest of all the sad tales.

  • Otile

    See, APC hooligans are missing out on this one. Except one Oladele ati Chris1408 who are shameless to show up any way, others are hiding knowing that they can no longer blame Islamic suicide bombings on the President.

  • Wähala

    They’re out en masse, whenever the evil Dr. Dumbo meets with President Idriss Derby of Chad, bombs start going off… and Gejitoes rush out to blame the opposition. Look at the first jobless commenters thus far, crows from Renon’s Amnesty Camp who were AWOL in the thread where Dumbo’s hand was caught in the cookie jar of lies. Phools. They’re here spreading lies thinking Nigerians have not gotten used to their redundant antics. Well, this is my take on it…

    Today, Boko Haram captured another Naija town in Borno, and PDP vuvuzela, Olisa Metuh issued another frivolous accusation against the opposition about inciting violence, and their OgaOgogoro, Dumbo met with Idriss of Chad… Ma’sha Allah, if Ali Baba doesn’t re-surface to announce he organized another cease-fire with the Bokos so Nigerians will drop their guards, this bombings will still continue so as to achieve the Anarchy Agenda and cancel or postpone 2015. It follows in similar patterns I’ve observed in the past… whenever Dumbo mess for church, he uses his Boko Haram attacks to distract Nigerians until the next mega-blunder. After the siege on the House of Reps, and Abati getting caught in embarrassing lies, of course the killings become his only escape route. Na dia way, the PDP modus operandi… Gov. Akpabio bombed their Secretariat at 5.30a.m. and hijacked their Party’s primaries by relocating it to Govt. House and barring press and everybody else! So, this has to stop and the only way to break the cycles is to.#DumpDumbo2015! Biko… EiE !!

    • Otile

      Tell us something about the 2 nyrinya suicide bombers who acted in
      Maidugiri today. Can you help us to abolish hijab? Shame on Islamic APC. Whose religion does suicide bombing, Jonathan’s or Imam Buhari’s?

      Don’t start rattling: omokri, dumbo, clown, clown prince, imbecile, odeku, etc. Avoid any reference to peoples’ low IQ since you are not a brain surgeon.

      • Wähala

        Where have you been? I read your complaints at Punch about not getting paid by Reno Omokri and quickly concluded you are among those threatening him with going public… na true? Even Tawanda was Incommunicado in the thread about Dumbo’s hand in the cookie jar. Want to tell me your views on his hijack of Alhaji Kwankwaso’s projects in Kano before we get to today’s news… Wallahi, I know who done it… na Dumbo!

        • Otile

          Elaborate on the 2 nyrinya suicide bombers who acted out in Maidugiri today. but don’t come up with
          deranged chattering to poo poo the issue discussed. You can never finish your deranged chattering without reciting some names like: reno omokri, wendel, and many others you see on the blog. Neither can you finish your childish jabbering without reciting insults such as: clown, clown prince, imbecile, phool, jijtoes. Do you ever get tired of these stuupid cliches?

          You have scandalized other APC hooligans with these rotten rubbish. They repeat your nonsense words whenever they comment, and they are proud of you because you are one of their Yoruba tribesmen. Like you also many of them claim Igbo identity, answer Igbo names, and speak some Igbo words. They need to ban people like you from communicating with Africans. Never you mention my name again in your deranged chattering. Your rot is infectious. Odale

          • Warri Boy

            Don’t mind the useless mosquito. Evasion of the issues has always been his tactic. Cowardice unlimited!

          • the truth

            bro keep the good work going, let us expose their fallacies. Wahala is a boko haram in print media, the only difference between wahala and those chadians is that he sits in the comfort of his home in germany street, in lagos to write bs, he is just a coward

          • Otile

            He knows he cannot write them here at home, but as my people say; agarachaa must come back – meaning, what goes up must come down. One day he will be deported from the racist land.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    It is very pathetic story. Two girls were used to waste the lives of many and THEIR own lives! If you read this carefully you will see and understand what happens to a suicide bomber: “…another bomb went off after a girl screamed and many people, over 30 of them got killed.”
    The girl (the suicide bomber) screamed before the bomb went off! Do you understand the meaning of this scenario? The female suicide bomber must have seen Hellfire where she was about to be taken and this led to her scream before the bomb went off!

    This is a lesson to suicide bombers! Nobody further needs to be told what happens to suicide bombers and where they end up when they blow themselves up: in Hellfire! Boko Haram, you better repent and stop being instrument for sending other people to Hell because you would not escape that Hell if you eventually die also.

    • Otile

      Still APC hooligans will blame the ungodly islamic practice on Jonathan. Pathetic.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Great effort. For as long as they keep it in-house, ba-a magana!

  • the truth

    Fareed Zakariah of CNN had a piece on sunday. Where he said only 7% of all islamic militancy are ended by military might according to the global terrorism index. And dialogue and local contribution is the best arbiter to stopping local insurgents. We can’t stop this menace just by the military. I have said it always, extremist islamic radicalization is a menace to our society. Which amount of money can you promise someone to blow himself up? They are been brainwashed to believing they are working for Allah.Allah is not a blood sucking god, but a God of peace, justice and freedom.

    • Alcindo Satori

      guy, wake from your slumber! Just yesterday on CNN, muslim terrorists slaughtered 28 people in Kenya ’cause they couldn’t recite some verses of the Koran. Now what does that tell you?

      • Onike24

        Now ask yourself, is it compulsory for ALL muslims to be able to recite verses of the Quran? there are many muslims who can only recite one or two chapters in the Quran, and I read in a report this morning, that these idiots actually told the victims the verses they wanted recited! this is not about Islam, it is about bloody thirsty murderous individuals, who use religion as a cloak for their evil deeds. do you honestly think they cared who they killed?

  • Rommel

    Why is president Jonathan killing Nigerians for his political ambition? why is he afraid of election? who will approve the tenure extension he is seeking? what did Obasanjo gain by all those unexplained assassinations that happened under him?

    • Okey

      You are a product of filthy conjugation, certainly.

  • tijan kabba

    GOd less the souls of the departed, such a shame the government doesnt care enough to do anything tangible to stop these mindless killings

  • sammyctu ode

    I just hope that these mindless boko haram are not sending the captured chibok girls as suicide bombers. Is there no more intelligence gathering in our security forces, has jonathan lost it completely? Why are they allowing innocent hardworking Nigerians to die like this?

  • donik

    If you advise northern governors to ban hijab until further notice when insurgency should have been contained, they will accuse you of being anti moslem. Some may allege that Jonathan sent the adviser to suggest ban of hijab. These heartless fanatics have no regard for human being in pursuit of their fanaticism. God’s punishment awaits them, their sponsors, supporters and sympathizers.

    • Alcindo Satori

      you have the power to vote GEJ so that these clowns (APC) don’t take over the country. Exercise your powers my (votinig rights) man

      • I can see how desperate you are. Get ready to vacate this country should APC wins. For me am ready to accept the choice of overwhelming Nigerians.

  • Adekunle Johnson

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  • Okey

    If you say hijab wearing should be banned temporarily, fundamentalists (Boko Haram supporters, really) would go to war. Still, this same category of Nigerians want govt to perform magic.

    • Alcindo Satori

      well said my man. APC apologists would never see it that way. No matter what they (APC) try to do, they cannot be allowed to rule.

    • Is the hijab responsible for the blast? Are you suggesting that without the ladies wearing it we won’t experience this? Do you have to display your hatred? Why was there no bombings in the places like Saudi?

      • Okey

        Simply dressed, those religious demons fighting for Allah through mass-murder so as to make aljana, wouldn’t have succeeded in their devilish act. In Saudi Arabia nobody is kafir or arni; everybody is just Saudi. Here you have odd balls whose main preoccupation is religious zealotry. I know that supporters of Boko Haram will see no reason and need to ban hijab.

  • Noel Osagie

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    Greetings to the general public,


    These cars were seized by government officials at border and the time duration given to the owners to claim their cars has elapse so they are been sold in a give away price.All you need do is to call 08142710826 to place an order of your choice.


    Prices of cars 08142710826 REV STEVEN BELLO FOR YOUR CHOICE OF CAR.[p;lmn