Reps did no wrong jumping National Assembly gate –Keyamo

Festus Keyamo

Following Thursday’s siege on the National Assembly by security agents, Lagos lawyer, Festus Keyamo, has alleged that there was a plot to impeach the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, and replace him with his deputy, Emeka Ihedioha, by PDP legislators last Thursday.

The House of Representative members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, who recently defected to the APC, were prevented from entering the National Assembly complex by the Nigerian police last week.

Mr. Keyamo who stated this in a press statement issued said ‎the plot was “unusual in our kind of democratic environment‎”.

“Let us not forget too that there was a real plot (not unusual in our kind of democratic environment) to allow only a handful of PDP legislators into the chambers to “impeach” the Speaker and install the Deputy Speaker as “Speaker”.

“The other lawmakers had no option but to do all that was legal and necessary to stop that illegality which included scaling that fence,” Mr. Keyamo stated.

“It would have been total cowardice on the part of the affected lawmakers for them to fold their arms and do nothing about the situation,” he continued.

He disagreed with those who criticise the lawmakers who scaled the gate of the assembly complex, saying they “are actuated by misinformation, partisan politics, and lack of knowledge of the law or plain bias. I completely disagree with those condemnations”.

‎He said the police action was illegal as there was no court document or legislative order backing their action and the Police should have invited the leadership of the National Assembly to a meeting ‎if they truly had information that thugs would invade the National Assembly

“The Police in this case, engaged in pure illegality by barricading the gates of the National Assembly, even if they did so on the orders of the Inspector-General of Police. The orders of the I.G.P do not
amount to law and he is not a demigod to decide who enters any premises or not,” Mr. Keyamo wrote.

Mr. Keyamo who said he was proud of the “gate-jumping” legislators urged the House of Representatives members to jump more gates to save Nigeria’s democracy.

‎‎”They should keep jumping and jumping and jumping over gates, fences, walls and huddles if that will save our democracy. That is the only way to go,” he said.



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  • Rose

    Well, someone has explained their actions from legal view point and I am pleased. Nigeria is a strange country and one has to be smart and thwart the activities of liars ets.

    • Otile

      If one or two of the gate-crashers fell and broke their hips badly wouldn’t APC hooligans accuse the President of personally dispatching federal agents to shake them down?

      • ABDUL

        @Goodluck Nig. I put it to u that Tambuwal remains a member of the house of reps. and the speaker.

        • Otile

          Why are you not commenting on those 2 women suicide bombers in Maidugiri? Can you help us to abolish hijab? Shame on Islamic APC.

        • Johnson

          That is illegal brother…

      • Troublesome

        But thank God they break their hips. Tell your president to do the right thing!


      • Paiko

        When did you start caring about the personal health of the opposition? Shameless rogue!!!!

      • idama

        U funny pass Basket mouth!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    Is Festus Keyamo not aware of the clear and unambiguous provisions of section 68(1)g of the Nigerian Constitution ?

    How then can they impeach a person who is not a member of the House of Representatives ?

    A-minus Tambuwaal is no longer a member of the House of Representatives and therefore cannot be a subject of impeachment.

    The only proviso in the Constitution for Tambuwal to remain in the House is if his defection to the APC is as a result of a division in the PDP or the merger of the PDP with another political party, or the faction of another party. This situation does not exist, except in the imagination of APC supporters. The courts in Nigeria have ruled that the PDP is not divided and is not bedeviled by any factions. Everyone in Nigeria knows this in any case.

    Some people say it is not the business of the executive to determine if Tambuwal should remain as Speaker or not: it is a matter for the courts. However, the courts don’t execute laws: the executive does. The Constitution says if a man defects from his elected party to another party, he automatically loses his seat. Tambuwal resigned; therefore he has lost his seat. The executive has implemented that loss.

    If Tambuwal has a problem with that, the onus is on him to go to court. The onus is not on the executive. Until the courts say otherwise, Tambuwal can no longer be a member of the House of Representatives; and someone who is not a member of the House cannot be the Speaker. We borrowed our political system from the United States where it is well understood that the Speaker of the House cannot belong to the minority party.

    • Johnson

      It is the business of the Executive to enforce the law which the police did, why is it difficult for APC and those like Festus who want anarchy in to understand.

    • elmok

      festus is crying because the federal government did not answer him on his case with tompolo ,he is very annoyed with GEJ hence his utterances,tompolo will soon get you

  • lanre

    just like lp members lost their seats in ondo etc

    • Otile

      Please comment on those 2 women suicide bombers in Maidugiri? Can you help us to abolish hijab? Shame on Islamic APC.

    • Johnson

      Lanre if you have issue with Mimiko, please go and settle with him. Governor’s are not required to resign when he decamp. Check your constitution or APC supporter talking from anus. The APC member that decamped in Edo state house of Assemble – Oshomole being aware of the clause declared they are no longer member of the state house of assemble.

  • oscar

    Mr keyamo, I am dissapointed in you. I used to regard you as a truthful person but if this report is true and those are your comments, you are a disgrace to commend ungentlemanly behavior under any guise. As a legal practitioner what would be your interpretation of the nations constitution which states that a legislator who decamps loses his seat. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • Troublesome

      My friend say that to Iroko of Ondo state too to vacate his seat. Why is it that it was when Tambuwal defected that all this vacate ur seat things started happening. Please dont be biased. It is you I am disappointed in and not Keyamo.

      • Goodluck_Nigeria

        Iroko of Ondo is not a Legislator ……. the case for Legislators is very clear and unambiguous in the constitution …… SECTION 68 (1) G refers

        The case for Governors that is not expressly stated in the constitution has been before the rogue Justice Gabriel Kolawole for over a year now while the Judge continues to collect hefty bribes from Governor Rotimi Amaechi and the APC

        • Nkebueziokwu

          Jonadaft Badluck, so separate laws exist for legislators and governors? Maybe another set for looter Jonathan and the PDPig cockroaches? Okay, how about the Ondo LP and Anambra APGA legislators that defected to PDP the other day? Maybe another set of law protects them from harms way. See the animal farm this clueless mumu Jonathan and his crumb pickers have turned Nigeria into?

        • Taiwo

          Mr lawyer, when was the constitution made? May be after the first defection by Musiliu Obanikoro from AD to PDP in 2003. When Obanikoro defected, he was not asked to vacate his seat. Now that it is from PDP to other parties, they must loose their seats. I think there should be consistency in our application of our laws.

        • Impartial

          Why didn’t your dumb police withdraw the security details of the Speaker of the House of Assembly in Ondo State, and why didn’t they prevent from entering the Chamber all the members (except the one from Ilaje) who defected from Labour Party to your PDP? Perhaps, Ondo State operates a different Constitution from the one your partisan police are relying on to punish Tambuwwal. You guys have no shame whatsoever! “Shiooo”!

      • Johnson

        It seem that APC supporter are ignorant of constitutional provision. Governors and Legislators are two different institution. Check your constitution before you write.

        • zacchaeus Akinleye

          LP legislators also defected to PDP with no consequences. Make your arguments out of a proper reasoning only.

  • Oladele

    If I was there I would have climbed that gate too. They have my vote.

  • True Nigerian

    Well done, Festus. It takes a lot of courage to hold a different perspective in a country that is suffering from a biased herd mentality.

    When I saw the statement of the NBA condemning both the police and the gate-jumping legislators, I didn’t feel surprised by the failure of the NBA to show that it can be bold to be different, if being different means speaking the truth. But I was disappointed.
    Yes, we can definitely argue that it is embarrasing for legislators to jump over barricades. Would they need to jump if the police did not create illegal barricades to aid another worse illegality? No! If the barricade is illegal, then by all means it should be jumped over without delay and without shame. If then the barricade, in addition to being illegal, is also aimed at the destruction of something that will become irrepairable, and you have a chance of preventing that by jumping over the barricade, then it is a matter of common sense to jump over the barrier without delay. It’s basic pragmatism!

    But in a country that is sinking in anomie, truth is a pitiable victim. Nigerians have a problem with anything that looks like the truth, especially if it runs contrary to their ethno-religious interests in the national politics. But at the end of the day, the good thing is that the cheer leaders of illegality and horrific governance are also going to be the victims of the same evils they cheer. If Nigeria is set on fire by these impunities, Jonathan and his misleading effusive advisers in Aso Rock will leave the country at the shortest notice. And the poor unreflective citizens that are cheering his lawlessness are the ones who will be running from houses into tiny holes, bushes and pits as they and their loved ones will be left behind to face the horror of being armed conflict in which they will be butchered, burnt, starved, malnourished and chased into refugee status in some harsher parts of the Sub-Sahara.

    Nigerians, be careful! Use your own welfare and the well-being of your family, relations and friends to Judge these leaders. No other yardstick is good enough. Poverty will never become less destructive on you simply because it is perpetrated by a leader from your own tribe, ethnic group or religion. Not that you are bound to listen, but I feel compelled to admonish you!

    • Impartial

      Thanks a million for this contribution!

    • Almightygodalmightygod

      God bless you

    • Funso Ogunsanya

      God will bless your home for this insights. Thank you!

    • dudu

      well said

  • ikpa

    well said festus

  • Mamapikin

    Thank you my brother. Any decision to remain decent under an illegal condition, as imposed by an illegal and illegitimate force, or application of it, is by itself wantonly illegal and patently criminal. On the basis of natural justice, equity and good conscience, I wholeheartedly submit that what the lawmakers did was legal, imperative and commendable. I implore any one who finds himself in such position to do just that. I for one will do it 1000 times, the situation presents itself. At the 1001 time, the police will know better

    • Otile

      Comment on those 2 women suicide bombers in Maidugiri? Can you help us to abolish hijab? Shame on Islamic APC.

      • Mamapikin

        Who is this clown? I comment on what I like, how I like and when I like. I don’t need you as an imprimatur. You don’t exist in my consciousness. You may be just one yanmayanma in the loo, and not in my loo, for all I care. So why should I bother myself getting izal, when you are noty yanmayanma?
        Abeg, waka!

        • Otile

          See, your response is predictable. Never leave the word clown in your ranting. Odale

          • Mamapikin

            No one ever told you that you’re one? Well, try a circus. I’m very sure you’ll get a job there.

          • Otile

            Your hallucination continues. Odale

        • Mohstone

          Thank you my bro. Otile is a blind mule who doesnt know the barrier btw what is right or wrong, morality and immorality. Just leave him in his delusional state.

          • Otile

            Incestuous Mohammedan. What do you know?

      • Bishop

        Lagos is APC and 1st in Nigeria to ban hijab. Let’s stop mixing religion and politics. We once voted Abiola and Kingibe,what has gone wrong now? We have all religions in all our parties. Can we look at Nigeria please,we have our kids to plan for.

  • Johnson

    What do you expect from Lawyers who thrive in lawlessness. Keyamo has disgrace his wig finally and legal profession in general. for supporting lawlessness, this is the sorry state of Nigeria, where lawyers like Keyamo can no longer interpret the law of the land appropriately while masquerading as SANs. What a shame, even someone who did only government in secondary school understood that Tambuwal cease to be a member of the House the day he decamped. He new his presence in the House is illegal and that is while he withdraw his suit against government for withdrawing his security. He knew as a lawyer police was right and do not want court pronouncement that will eject him faster than those he is deceiving will understand.

    • Concerned Nigerian

      You must have your head upside down for reasoning this way. I pity your generation. Was it legal for police to bar members from entering in to their legitimate offices. Has any court of law pronounced that Tambuwal is no more the speaker of the house.

      The same thing happened in Ekiti state and only seven members, off course PDP members blocked the other members from entering and they purportedly elected a new speaker.

      The level of impunity, insensitivity and over zealousness being displayed by PDP can only but plunge this country in to crises. We must defend this civility we have and pray it matures into democracy but with people like you Nigeria as a going concern would definitely headed to the dungeon.

    • Bishop

      Please read what you just wrote once again. The legislators elected him as speaker,its their choice he remains speaker or not. He is not the 1st to decamp,or is he? And again, they are also an arm of government, and the executive must respect that. Even OBJ the military man was very diplomatic when it comes to other arms of government. What happened to all the intelligent report in Northeast? Won’t they go and act there?

  • Gbadebo

    Dear Sir,

    Festus Keyamo does not think much. So he doesn’t know much.
    Was the tear-gas fired ordered to pepper only certain legislators?
    Premium Times should be wary of publishing Festus Keyamo’s views.
    He does not have considered opinions worthy of public attention.
    His views may be reported along with the views of others who think.

  • Garden-City Boy

    I now realize that my perception of this Keyamo was absolutely wrong. My impression is that he is a smart guy, not the dumb-ass he now proves himself to be.

    • Duke Imevbore Aigboje

      Keyamo is smarter than all your forebears put together. You need brain surgery yourself, because you are standing on your head and reasoning with your ass.

  • koko

    Festus Keyamo

    Following Thursday’s siege on the National Assembly by security agents, Lagos lawyer, Festus Keyamo, has alleged that there was a plot to impeach the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, and replace him with his deputy, Emeka Ihedioha, by PDP legislators last Thursday.

    The House of Representative members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, who recently defected to the APC, were prevented from entering the National Assembly complex

    “The other lawmakers had no option but to do all that was legal and necessary to stop that illegality which included scaling that fence,” Mr. Keyamo stated.

    “It would have been total cowardice on the part of the affected lawmakers for them to fold their arms and do nothing about the situation,” he continued.
    Really! Are you kidding me? This is from a lawyer. Little wonder he did not qualify for SAN.

    • Sword of Damocles

      @Koko, gotta a question for ya? what was secret police doing in the legislature branch without an invitation from the NASS?. My friend you need to think HARD. this is our country we are talking about. Where in the world have you seen despotism & tyranny enhance a people. Look rally to the CLARION call of your Fatherland. Forget political party allright, secret police cannot intrude on the legislative branch of a govt. in a democracy. If you believe that Secret police should intrude, then i think i would opt for a REACTIONARY revolutionary military junta rather than what we have now, because believe it or not Nigeria is headed for the abyss if we do not have ‘regime change” in Nigeria. I have not heard the United States embassy or Sate Department give a statement on the invasion of the NASS by the secret police, I am eager to hear their thoughts as to whether that action was usual, proper & normal in a “rule of law” democracy

    • Duke Imevbore Aigboje

      SAN my ass. Do you need to be SAN before you know how to differentiate between your father and mother? Keyamo, may God continue to lift you beyond your haters.

    • I Hate Sycophant Truly

      SAN is a political gift and not academic qualification my brother. There’s reason from what Keyamo said. if truly there’s an intelligence report, the police chief should have invited the senate and house leader of what they wish to do but nothing like that.

  • koko

    Mr. Keyamo who said he was proud of the “gate-jumping” legislators urged the House of Representatives members to jump more gates to save Nigeria’s democracy. Unbelievable. That statement does it. Festus Keyamo eish.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Gbam! Whatever must be done to protect democracy must and surely be done.

  • Kana Ismail

    Of course, all of you will rush to condemn Festus Keyamo for siding with the truth and the survival of Nigerian Democracy. Law makers in Ekiti watched as 7 of their number impeached the speaker in a house which requires 18 members to form a quorum, what did all of you hypocrites do or say to stave off the enduring illegality in Ekiti? Nothing! But of course, what did I expect from a bunch of tribal and religious fagots whose only fantasy is the end of the marriage called Nigeria.

    I hate to be the harbinger of bad news but, for all of you whose only indulgence is a sick amusement as play things in the hands of politicians, they will dump you like bad habits urhe moment they’ve achieved their goals and since politics is a game of vested interest, yesterday’s friend may becomr tomorrow’s enemy so, what will you do when the fool’s errands you ran did not pay off and yesterday’s victim quickly rose to become today’s Victor, what will you do then? It is only in Nigeria that any government in power turns public institutions into his personal cavalry for brigandage and the intimidation of perceive enemies.

    Tambuwal and his men did their due diligence by ensuring the survival of democracy against all odds and, they ought to be commended and the blame stately delivered to the door step of a police IG who has ordained himself attorney general and demigod within the space of one month. And, as if in a competition, the SSS swiftly and illegally ransacked a data bank belonging to the opposition giving the same lame excuse vomited by the police in that NASS show of shame. Why do we have laws? Obviously we have two separate laws, one part for the police and other security agencies as well as their sponsors and the other half for the rest of us.

    In all this, I pity the brainwashed Nigerian youths whose tutors have plunged them into perpetual darkness and we can only hope that something happens before their brains becomes completely submerged to the point where they begin to deny even their own names. I rest my case.

  • Impartial

    I would too, Keyamo.
    My house is on fire, a policeman stands in front of my gate and without any reason whatsoever, insists I cannot go in to save my property. What do I do? Stand there looking at him? No way! I am going to scale the fence/gate if that’s the only way I could go in. It’s that simple. Democracy was about to be subverted by the executive – another 7>18 – and you expect the lawmakers to stand their or go to court that same hour. That’s just not going to happen!

  • Abel

    God bless you Festus. In a state of lawlessness, it is illegal to be law abiding.

    • THE LAW

      what is lawlessness??

    • Dennis

      May people jump ur house fence And nothing is wrong about it

      • Otile


      • Mohstone

        “Your fence”??? Whose fence??? Do you know what you are saying at all? Abeg go grab your ogogoro bottle and leave this forum cos clearly you dont know what you are saying.

      • Aliyu Titi

        those lawmakers didnt jump someones house, they jump their own house. The house belongs to Nigerians and they are the representatives of Nigerians, with an obligation to enter that house at least a number of times a year. how is this difficult to see?

  • Segun Olubummo

    Those in support of these “law breakers” actions of jump fencing and obvious police harassment once again delineate their own ignorance and and their sense of poor judgement in addition to a disregard for the rule of law and an impugned nature.
    Let’s analyze the issue:

    1] The police prevent access to the chamber floor as a measure to prevent a breakdown of law and order inside the chamber. They stated that they were acting on intelligence report, given recent developments in the county directly preceding this show of shame of jump fencers. And given these “law-breakers” history, who had physically assault each other on a supposed “law making” chamber.

    2] No one cared to further inquire on what intelligent report the police had, most people jumped into an unfounded conclusion probably based on their perception of the police.

    3] The lack of due diligence as to what intelligent report the police is in possession of, on the part of someone like Keyamo and others in support of these lawless acts clearly indicate poor judgement and a hasty unfounded conclusion.

    4] Now, if the police were acting on “orders from above”, as strongly purported and believed by many, does one illegal hooliganism make another illegal hooliganism legal?

    5] Who then will save the country if both lawmakers and law enforcers are insane?

    6] However, the video evidence in all social media clearly show police restraint and i do commend the Nigeria police for the level of restraint they showed… even though they don’t always right, but the video in all the social medial is there for anyone to see.

    7] Lastly, by the actions of the lawmakers, they have desecrate the office of “honorable lawmakers”, those that jump fence and almost ran over the police officer are not worthy to make law on behalf of the people.
    A more respected, dignifying and possible result orienting measures would have engaged by the law makers in making their strong grievances and displeasure know. Now, they have negate all that is called decorum, if law makers and supposed leaders of the people cannot show restraint, and be un-dettered in the face of opposition, but rather utilizing a more powerful tool of deliberations and law making, who then shall save the country?
    the lawmakers should come and apologize first to the public for depicting their barbaric shallow nature to the public before they embark on any further proceedings!!!

    • Dennis

      God bless u. No body is seeing the part of the police. Intelligent report

    • Mohstone

      Am sure you dont know what you are saying. Please deal with these facts:
      1. If there’s a security report on thugs coming to create chaos in NASS then why did the police allow the Deputy Speaker and other PDP members into the NASS??? Why cant the whole NASS be barricaded???
      2. If the target was Tambuwal why not allow other members to enter the chamber???

      My friend just dip your face in shame cos your analysis makes no sense at all. There was no any intelligence report, it was a fake way of justifying the police brutal acts.

      • Impartial

        To add to that: why didn’t the police share that intelligence report with the two heads of the National Assembly – Senate President and the Speaker. It’s just a bunch of lies. Their real aim was to impeach the speaker. No less, no more!

      • THE LAW

        I do not disagree that the IGP needs to apologize. The lawmakers actions of jump fencing do not become of a public office holders, supposed representatives of the people. Reps actions – public and private, are important. The entire nation is perceived by the actions of these people. We should not justify their actions regardless of party affiliates. Jump fencing is wrong, no matter what the situation. Decency decorum and common sense demand better from supposed leaders/representatives of the people!!

        • Tonnero

          You are wrong. These assemblymen may have done it for personal reasons but their actions support the fact that we all must be willing to make personal sacrifices in defence of democracy. Jonathan is skilled at using the police to disenfranchise legislators and then impose minority persons who support him. Read Ekiti, Rivers (where Amaechi’s counterplot foiled that move), the NGF etc. It was Patrick Henry who said in 1775 “give me liberty. or give me death”. Or the Mandela speech “I am prepared to die”. You cannot tackle despots by being timid and afraid. The sacrifice of scaling fences in defence of democracy is a small one compared to, for example, dying. These assemblymen earned my respect.

          • THE LAW

            We fight for justice legitamely. The act of jump fencing does not in anyway delineate the “lawmakers” resolute in fighting for, and doing what is just and fair. Fighting for a just course does not demand we get out of public order. Out of your referenced quote ie by Mandela and the rest, how many of those people jump fence and publicly depict hooliganism and harass police?
            Can you conclude and commend, just like you are commending these jump fencers here, that the acts of property vandalizarion, homicide, shooting at and throwing urine at law enforcement in Fergusson, USA in the wake of perceived injustice in the Michael Brown grand jury verdict, are justifiable?
            The quote you referenced again attributed to great civil right movers explains their passion, for justice equity and common sense law.

    • Bishop

      Anywhere in Nigeria,even if police or army seal a place, Residents are allowed access once identified. Is the Speaker the thug the police are talking about or what? Let’s be objective please. If it was Shekau drivin in am sure even the IG will ‘tactically manoeuvre’ to Niger,Kaduna or Nassarawa. They reconvened on National interest and are intimidated. Which is more important,natl interest or intimidating elected officials? The IGP should apologise.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      Your response shows deep-seated bias or naivete of how politics is now conducted in Nigeria. The speaker was duly invited to convene the house for the special session, and then disallowed by security. What insane argument are you proffering? Your reasoning lacks the rigor of analytical depth.

      • THE LAW

        I don’t have all the facts and you Zacheous Akinleye lack all the facts too. So my response is contingent upon the video an indisputable evidence of the display of hooliganism… and not in the play of politics, and maybe as You alluded in your writ, I lack the knowledge of how politics is now conducted on Nigeria.. The way politics is now conducted is the problem which does not follow good thinking decency and logic. This is why the nation remains as it is. I don’t have a political affiliation, but I shall not mince words again in saying that the conducts of these men called ” lawmakers” is barbaric brutish unbecoming and insultive to the office of true law makers. I don’t spare the police either, but I cannot comment on their actions because I don’t have facts … One thing is factual a video evidence of Nigerian law makers jumping fences… an action condemnable in all sense of it

  • Fula

    A man cannot be too gentlemanly in a case involving his rights….I endorse what the lawmakers did. Most of those who spoke against it were waiting to laugh at Tambuwal et al had he chickened out and allowed himself to be impeached. when the person who wants to deny you your right sees a readiness in you to, if need be physically defend yourself, he will think twice

  • iyke

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  • tsunami1earthquake

    Keyamo, always on the wrong side of an argument. Well, he’s entitled to his opinion. I wonder how many important cases this man has won in his professional life.

    • Maria

      Really, if he is not winning cases, how come he is a respected lawyer?

      • tsunami1earthquake

        The fact is, he is free to take any position in a case but the way he defends that position is what is worrying.

    • Aliyu Titi

      you can see from your name that you are a sadist

  • Preco01

    Good talk Keyamo! more hurdles to scale even if it means not only jumping but physically pulling down gates, fences and doors! way to go bro!

  • Aliyu Titi

    May God bless you Sir, there is not short cut to justice