Archbishop blasts Reps for jumping National Assembly gate

Hon Cheche, from Niger State, climbing over NASS gate to enter the premises after the police mounted a blockade targeted at the Speaker.

The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Alfred Martins, on Monday expressed disgust at the behaviour of some members of the House of Representatives who scaled the gate of the National Assembly Complex last week.

The lawmakers jumped the gate in defiance of a police blockade on the complex on Thursday.

The legislators, including the speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, had earlier been denied access by the police.

Mr. Martins told the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, in Lagos that the lawmakers ought to have restrained themselves from throwing decorum to the wind, no matter the level of provocation.

“It gives us a lot of concern that the officials of the National Assembly have to climb the fence in order to arrive at what is supposed to be a hallowed chamber,” the Archbishop said.

“It’s indeed, a disgrace to the whole nation; it’s a real disgrace to the whole process of governance as represented in the legislative arm of government.

“And I think that whatever it is that lead to it should not have happened at all because it doesn’t give us confidence that the security forces are going to get right the whole process of elections that are forthcoming next year.

“Legislators should recognise their dignity as legislators, and therefore whatever it is that is disagreement among them should not go to such an extent.

“They are representing the whole nation as well as individual citizens within Nigeria.

“And therefore, whatever their disagreements are they should not in any way let it go to this kind of extent that we saw. I think that, that portends a lot of danger for the nation.”



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  • Otile

    God bless you, Most Rev. Alfred Martins. You have spoken like a true man of God. If these lawmaker hoodlums upon scaling the high gate fell and broke their necks or right hands APC minions would blame their fall on the government saying that government agents shook them down.

    • Omo Akin

      Man of God indeed! Did he ask the reason some selected members of the National Assembly were prevented from going into the complex, their place of work? So he wants those members to remain locked outside while, like in Ekiti State, the minority will impeach the majority officers. Or is this priest from Ekiti State where anything goes?
      May be the priest does not know that the act of the police is capable of truncating the democracy.
      God bless the true men of God like Olubunmi Okogie who always stand by the truth.

      • Otile

        You know very well that the lawmaker hoodlums were up to no good. Their mission that morning was to hiss, hoot, and cause commotion. With their unruly behaviour who knows, Imam Tambuwal could draw his pistol and shoot down one PDP Rep he does not like knowing that his supporters would prevail.

  • amazing2012

    Are you blaming them alone ? What of the those who give the directives ? Do you find the motive behind locking the gate ?
    You should have a neutral stand by condemning those that give the directive and those that jump the fence !

  • Aliyu

    So what will you do if you find police men in front of your church gate barring you from entry? Wouldnt you be angry and wouldnt you feel that your civil liberties have been violated without due process? Even if we dont agree with the so called law makers, by law they have every right to entry as long as they present valid ID cards and are recognized as representatives of their wards.

  • Tahir

    Archbishop leave wetin no concern you.

  • Wähala

    This is a moronic interjection into what clearly is beyond Bishop Martins theological capacity. A bigoted condemnation since he remained silent on what happened in Ekiti and even at that, refused to deal with the causes that led to equal reactions by the lawmakers in Abuja. The police selectively locked out APC members of the House to pave way for illegal impeachment of the Speaker, they watched as legislators climbed the fence, if they were not partisan, why didn’t they unlock the gate so nobody gets disgraced? Fact is, they didn’t because they were acting on orders from above… and, definitely not God’s order. So, oga Bishop should not that separation of powers means the executive has no powers over the NASS, just as separation of church and state means the clergy are restricted to the pulpit… except in Nigeria where everybody is a “stakeholder” and an expert.

  • Preco01

    Bishop Martins lef matter alone, na una kind put us for this trouble!

  • Ijeuwa

    The mumu archbishop is blaming the victims!!! What you do, your grace, if the police stops you entering your cathedral while allowing your vicar to take over from you as the archbishop? Wouldn’t your faithful say no way? Wouldn’t they bring into the cathedral any way they can to chase away the usurpers?

    Next time think before you talk so you don’t mislead those who look up to you. Yeye dey smell!

  • Mamapikin

    Who is this backward priest, this intellectually poor Archbishop? I think he should learn to shut up when he has nothing to say. In fact and in law, the Police has no right to seal, bar or lock up the National Assembly Complex. If without a warrant, the Police seals your property, you have the right to take away the barricade to gain legal access to your property.
    In the case of a public premise, i.e. National Assembly, to which Parliamentarians as duly elected should have access to sit, also taking into consideration that a group of them were selected by the Police to go in and sit, for the express purpose of imposing on the House, the Police choice of what Parliamentarians should sit and those who should not, what the good Archbishop wants to happen is that those denied access to their House, should say thank you to the Police and return home?
    Is this priest sick, or has been drinking too much alter wine? May I refer the good Archbishop to circumstances that circumscribed the sitting of the French Estates General?
    Perhaps, he desires to be someday defrocked, if he doesn’t learn his time.

  • Bejim

    I see the point the archbishop is making: nobility imposes certain behavioral obligations. I what happened on that sad day was a test, the legislators certainly failed woefully. And the police did not do much better either. But what else does one expect in a country where where Generals once knelt down before Majors, just in order to be allowed to live for a few more years. What does one expect in dispensation where otherwise accomplished professionals and academics do the dirty job even for hardly literate first ladies, a country where ex-senate presidents run errands for thugs, former deputy governors lobby to be commissioners, and clergymen bow to receive the financial benediction of thieving politicians. The legislators still bear the title of “Honorable”, but like in most things Nigerian, honour has a different meaning. And that is why so much of the reactions to that shameful occurrence seems to have been rather hypocritical.

  • Chris1408

    Oga father, Wetin you expect from banana republic and their thugs in suits and agbada. Again, what civilized society do you see police tear gas legislators and senators?


    Your so called honorables have utterly once again depict their depraved dis honored nature. These people are the problems of Nigeria. Their arrogance and hooliganism stinks so much. My heart bleeds for Nigeria because you and I are our problems.
    How why on earth do you justify these actions of supposed law makers that are evidently breaking the law to the public awe by jumping fence, even if the police were wrong, is it right for these men to be jumping fences?
    Shouldn’t these chicken head fence jumpers know better?
    ” o ma se o”
    I can’t talk any further…….. God help Nigeria

  • tuco

    you should blasts those who lock the gate, why should they lock the gate in the first place?. Everyone clamoring for attention, abeg if you don’t have anything meaningful to say, make u park aside.

  • Ahmad

    This is another Oritjisafe in the making. Don’t worry, the FG has taken note of your support and will borrow your plane for the next arms deal.

  • Okikiola Beckley

    Oga Archbishop you’re very naive,face your mass and communion. The only when to deal with these people is the jaguda way. For example if somebody like Amaechi and Rivers legislators did not go the roforofo way,they would’ve been history thru an illegal process and they will spend eternity in court trying to get remedy.

  • Rose

    Arch Bishop Sir, what is your opinion about how the whole country has been made the laughing stock of the whole world and this is also part of it.They sit down to plan evil without thinking about its consequence, or, the reaction of the opposite side. This government is so shameless and the international community view them as a laughing stock. We have had enough from the can president and please not you as well.

  • Dr. Kay

    Ole,thief of an archbishop why are you so partisan? Is the egunje you’ve collected or hoping to collect make it impossible for you to apply your mind(and brain) to a straight forward illegality and attempt to truncate our democracy by some thugs sited in Aso Rock hell bent on getting their way ? No mention of the part the police played in all this fiasco by this hungry archbishop ,all he could see is reps scaling the fence. As the bible say some will say we heal the sick in your name but God will say depart from me ,I don’t know you. Stop being one sided in your analysis mr archbishop, you are archbishop for those who support pdp,APC ,labour, apga, accord, etc so let them see you as non partisan.

    • Oweja

      Oritse-jobe!!! Oritse-chop-soup!!!
      Archbishop ‘Oritsejobe II’, do you still remember this scripture? “He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both [are] abomination to the LORD.” – Proverbs 17:15. Your own soup is waiting for you at the rock, but know from today you are accursed because you have left the path of righteousness. Shame on you!

  • Jacsey1

    I wish our clergymen and women stay out of politics. being partisan drag their names in the mud. If the lawmakers did not jumped the fence, the plan was to impeach the speaker. The deputy speaker was already directing the affairs without the any prior notice that he should do so. Our clergymen should not drag themselves into partisan politics unless they are ready to loose the respect accord to them.


    The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Rev. Alfred Martins is a dreamer. If not, he would not be blaming men whose entrance to their working office is blocked by lions, for jumping through the windows for safety. If the Lawmakers had not jumped the fence, Abuja House of Representatives would have been infected with Ekiti syndrome where 7 PDP members of the House are backed Politically Directed Police (PDP) to usurp the right of 19 members to make laws for EKITI people. The POLICE acted with impunity and the lawmakers neutralised the impunity. Kudos for the LAWMAKERS who did not allow police impunity to succeed..

  • Dan Fulani

    The Church candidate Mr GEJ caused all this problems.

  • Truthometer

    Most Reverend Alfred Martins, stay away from politics even if your palm has been greased by Dumbo.