Jonathan responsible for National Assembly attack — Tinubu

Bola Tinubu

A leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, has asked Nigerians to hold President Goodluck Jonathan responsible for Thursday’s invasion on the National Assembly Complex in Abuja by the police.

The complex was thrown into turmoil when the police blocked the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, and other lawmakers from accessing the complex to consider the president’s request for the extension of emergency rule in the three northeast states of Yobe, Adamawa and Borno.

Mr. Tambuwal had last month decamped to the APC from the Peoples Democratic Party, Mr. Jonathan’s party.

Mr. Tinubu alleged in a statement on Friday by his media office that the president and his men, whom he did not name, had a hand in the crisis.

He argued that no police chief would embark on such action as they did on Thursday without taking orders from their superior or from some authorities.

“No Commissioner of Police will ever embark on such an action without the clearance of the Inspector General of police and no IGP will order his men out here without approval by the Presidency. Nigerians know where the buck stops,” he said.

“The Jonathan Presidency must take full responsibility for the attack on the leadership of the National Assembly,” he said.

“This government cannot claim to be unaware of what the police would do. This gangster’s antic occurred almost at their doorstep. The Jonathan presidency can no longer play ignorance regarding the noxious things done for partisan ends.”

Mr. Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos State, said by deploying hundreds of police to prevent Mr. Tambuwal from entering the National Assembly, the President had revealed his hand to be a devious one.

He lamented that having asked the Speaker to convene the House to consider extending the state of emergency in the three troubled state, the Jonathan government went ahead to deploy the nation’s police to stop the speaker from entering his place of work.

“Tambuwal did not have to accede to the presidential request to reconvene the House; but because he is a statesman and not a political hack, he assented so his chamber might consider this a matter of vital national importance.

“Despite the removal of the Policemen and Security team around him he still proceeded at great personal risk to answer the call of duty. He took the risk, believing his personal situation was a secondary thing when the fate of the nation comes into question.”

The APC leader noted that instead of seriously treating Boko Haram’s incursion against the internal security, the president’s men decided to turn the event into a partisan and embarrassing circus.

He added, “Perhaps they saw this as a birthday present to Mr. President. But it is nothing but brigandage masquerading as governance. What this Presidency does not realize is how terribly it has exposed its pettiness and dictatorial penchant for elevating narrow political interests above the fate of the nation.

“There is little wonder the nation is losing ground to Boko Haram. This government has allowed and even welcomed the downward slide. If seriously committed to breaking the spine of this insurgency, the Jonathan government would have ensured that the House met without disturbance or partisan rancour.”

“Instead, Jonathan and his men used the gravest armed threat the nation has suffered in forty years, to lay a partisan political trap for one single man instead of allowing the House to deliberate for the good of 170 million people hoping for a way out of the growing carnage.”

Mr. Tinubu, a Third Republic senator, said the conduct of the presidency showed that whenever dire national interest conflict with that of individual ambitions, the former would be rejected to violently promote the latter.

He stated that “the priorities of the Jonathan Presidency are as wrong as wrong can get. Their actions are devoid of national purpose. They reek of pungent ambition.  A weakness of character now permeates national leadership.”

The former governor said the Presidency leaves the nation’s grave problems unattended yet has the rashness to create new ones by trashing the nation’s democratic institutions and mocking constitutional checks and balances.

According to him, the most notable achievement of the Jonathan government had been to bring democracy to its knees, stressing “This is not the hallmark of a President but the work of a potentate.”

Mr. Tinubu said while enjoying the taste of the cheap tactical victory, it is hoped Nigerians and the international community are sampling the bigger picture.

He said in trying to quash the opposition by all means necessary, the Jonathan government unleashed forces they do not even recognize let alone be able to control them.


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  • NAG1

    Jonadaft is a terrorist president

    • uduakomiri

      Death to Jonadick!

      • ogechi

        No no no Noooo,death to the Patience PuSsy

    • Gaskiya

      The best way to describe him.

  • Spoken word

    Jona is one president that is always proud to say the buck stops with someone else.he always shirks responsibility.i wonder why the hell he still wants to be president if he will never accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong with his government.

  • Otile

    Looters ati parasites do not care about who they hurt, or whose environment
    they pollute, all they want is to impose a Fulani on us and let the
    flow of oil continue.

    • mike

      Your work is becoming more difficult by the day. Having to defend a bad government no doubt is a tough.job but having to defend a bad government that commits blunders all over the place on a daily basis leaves so much on your table.
      I can’t help filling sorry for you Mr Otile.

      • Otile

        Feel sorry for yourself not for me. At the end of the day you will be sorry, your master Buhari will lose big as usual and you all will be sorry.

        • uduakomiri

          If Jonathan wins 2015 kiss Nigeria good bye and let me remind you he would be leaving aso rock in a coffin. Those who deprive a child of his belonging by lifting it beyond his reach should not forget to put it down when their elbow begins to twitch in pain…
          Death to Jonathan!!! Death to PDP!!! Death to bad government!!! Death to Boko Haram!!! Death to desperate politicians!!!

        • ogechi

          If u think it will be like 2011 election,u r misguided

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    Tambuwal and Boko Haram is helping our project
    and i’m loving it
    D-DAY dec 2015 will be the answer
    Long Live Christian Republic Of Biafra
    Long Live Jewish State Of Israel

    • Magenta

      Igbos has sold their souls for a bowl of soup .which Biara again. Go sleep

  • LoveYourHaters

    i thought they always use the phrase clueless, so now he has suddenly turned to lion, is this what apc is telling us, which mean apc are the people that are clueless, wicked politic and mudslinging of the president can not give any sympathy vote to apc, it is high time apc change tactic because this is not working at all.

    • Wähala

      Only the weak join the police forces… because the uniform and arms provide them with the needed self confidence to confront real threats. Dumbo is a coward whom Tompolo banned from visiting Gbaramutu in the South-South, Abu Shekau banned from visiting the North East, he invited Emir Sanusi to beg for clearance to campaign in Kano for 2015 elections. So, you see the pattern and ought to recognize a coward from a mile away. Ugly Dumbo is an evil psychopath God will remove from our mist like he removed Abacha… we’ve been there before, just stay tuned!

    • djay

      Is not Apc telling Nigerians for Nigerians are all witnesses to the impunity going on in the country under Gej. A lion is a brave animal that fights to the death to defend its pride and territory but Gej is a serial coward who can’t stay to fight and take responsibility for his actions. Gej can be compared with a hyena, a dirty one.

  • Truthometer

    Dumbo is of course responsible not only for the crisis that erupted in the national assembly, but for all the insurgencies ravaging the northeast part of the country. He is not only clueless, but equally evil. He is ready to tramp on Nigerians blood to realize his presidential ambition in 2015.

  • Onigbinde Oluwatoyin

    APC cannot decieve all!

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    Cocaine is the answer …….. sorry cocaine in action !!!

    • D1

      At least, it works better on the brain than Ogogoro!

      • Khadijah D.

        True talk. A drunk clueless confused villager from Otueke is unleashed…

    • ogechi

      Ur Master dey drink KeTaMin

  • Isi Agwo

    Ugly bat, who asked you? Go back and snot more of your thing. In case you need to be reminded, the trouble is your own making.

    • djay

      Are you pretty? enemy of God’s creation.

      • Marquis de Gorgonzola

        Interesting you were silent on those who also made unsavory comments on GEJ’s looks.
        See your fake life?? Hypocrite!!

  • uduakomiri

    Well spoken. Some thieves really could show rare moments of brilliance.

  • Ayodele Eruobodo

    Tinubu need to be reminded that he sowed the seed of this incident some years back when he and his proxies in Rep made Tambuwal the speaker contrary to Tambuwal, s party directive that the speakership should be zoned to the south west. Tinubu sold stop fooling Nigerians

    • Rastapopoulos

      I wonder what would have happened if a position zoned to the North was ‘hijacked’ by any other part of the country.
      Some clowns here will say all we need is the best man regardless of where he/she comes from. Why must this always be the argument when the Northern Hausa/fulani usurps the position of other zones?? Why do SW leaders feel they should alwys be subservient to the north??
      I leave everyone to their conscience to answer this simple question; WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE REACTION OF THE NORTH IF THE POSITION OF THE SPEAKER WAS ZONED TO THE NORTH AND SW OR SE ‘HIJACKED’ IT?

      • Frank Bassey

        Northerners believe the country belongs to them. That is the simple answer, and some below-average Nigerians have bought the idea. The whole problem in Nigeria today is that power shifted to the minority, even when 80 per cent of the oil blocks are owned by Northerners.

        • Baba Messi

          “Below average Nigerians”!
          You are too kind my brother..too kind.
          “Below average’ is putting it mildly.
          They are characterized by uncivil and gutter vulgar language. Lowlifes generally. Read their posts above.
          They know themselves..and we know them too.
          I get amused when they huff and puff and hurl abuses at everyone. Can uncivil immoral people bring about ‘change’??
          Really, all I feel for them is pity.
          DREGS Of the society!

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  • karl marx

    Who else can Nigerians blame for this shameful act on the lawmakers; of cause, JONATHAN AND PDP. What a catastrophe on our democracy?