Boko Haram: Nigerian-born U.S. soldier urges Jonathan not to be gentle

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

The war against Boko Haram needs a firm President and could be won if President Goodluck Jonathan was not so gentle, a Nigerian-born U.S. Army Captain, Sunday Adebomi, said on Sunday.

Mr. Adebomi, who hails from Ise-Ekiti in Ise/Orun Local Government Area of Ekiti State and has been in the U.S. Army for almost two decades, said President Jonathan should set aside his gentility and introduce a hard stance to defeat the insurgents.

“There are several ways of wiping out the sect and end the killings. If government is determined to end Boko Haram today it will be achieved.

“Who are those in the sect that dare face the government? But unfortunately, I suspect there are some bigwigs behind these people.

“Mr President is being too gentle in his handling of the killings; but unfortunately, it is daily assuming dangerous dimension; gentility cannot win the war.

“Although gentility is not a crime but Mr President will have to be more aggressive because this is a security threat to the entire nation.

“Mr President will have to take a stand on the matter either to continue to tolerate the sect and leave Nigerians to be mourning every day with the several killings.

“Mr President should give a matching order to the military to wipe them off once and for all.

“Not until a strong stand is taken, Nigerians may not be able to sleep with their eyes closed,” he said.

Mr. Adebomi said the military had been doing a good job in the affected states but “they are fighting unknown faces and faceless groups.

“Government will have to first identify the cause of the problem, the root, sponsors, as well as where and how these insurgents get their weapons.

“The security agencies do not also understand the terrain they are fighting the war because most of them are alien to the battle fields.

“They know nothing about the sect, how then will they fight such war and think they will win; it is difficult.”

Mr. Adebomi said that the President could also compel the governors in the states to account for each soul lost to the insurgents.

“What I am simply saying is that the matter deserves an aggressive reaction; enough of a gentleman approach, because you don’t dialogue with faceless groups,” he said.

“The question we need to ask ourselves is: “When will enough be enough?
I woke up this morning with this thought in my mind asking Nigerians when enough will be enough.

“Since this insurgency, what concrete intelligence step has the government taken apart from fire for fire, exposing ill equipped military men and women to excessive fire power of Boko Haram.

“Let us ask, when will enough be enough? Nigeria is dripping blood on daily basis; it is time the government woke up to its task.”

Several states in Northern Nigeria have suffered from attacks by Boko Haram insurgents, with Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe the most affected. Thousands of lives and property have been lost in the attacks.



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  • Martins Oluma Ajiake

    The president is a mumu. How can a mumu lead 170m people. Mr. Captain. Hold your breath. Cause tis weakling ll be out in just 90 days from now. Buhari 2015

    • NUHU


      • Sword of Damocles

        You do know that to the outside world your comments above suggests signs of extreme mental illness and instability. Meaning that anything you say should be taken, with shall we say?….. “a grain of salt” You see what your “ABLE PRESIDENT” has done to your mental faculties? i would suggest Belleview hospital, but you are probably stuck in “hobbesland” enjoying the good “governance” of your “ABLE PRESIDENT” . Good luck to you and those you may hold dear.

        • Kalabari

          No my friend… you’re deranged to the outside world; a nincompoop.

          • Sword of Damocles

            Sir to what part of my statement would you ascribe derangement. By the way while you are at it please entertain us with your definition of derangement and who the ‘bloodclot” are you to even use that word?idiot savant!!

      • Adamawa

        A typical attitude of GEJ sycophants insult, lies, divisive, excuses, blame game, and propaganda with nothing to show to the people except emptiness.

      • Martins Oluma Ajiake

        YOU ARE MORE OF A BASTARD. DO U CALL TIS GOAT HEAD A ABLE PRESIDENT…LAUGH. AM REALLY SORRY FOR U. Ur Like as made Nigeria a laughing stock worldwide.Am not an apc member. Just a Nigeria who cares about ordinary people

  • Alcindo Satori

    “…Mr. Adebomi said that the President could also compel the governors in the states to account for each soul lost to the insurgents.” Very insightful statement indeed!! Majority of book haram activities are in APC states. I wonder why? Imagine if GEJ pushed the APC governors to account for their ineffectiveness. APC rats would be all over insulting the president.

    • Otile

      Simply APC wants outsiders to control the resources belonging to SE SS. That’s what those insults and bad belle are all about.

      • Adamawa

        Truth is bitter learn how to swallow it.

    • Omo Akin

      This guy may be an army captain in the US but he does not know the military set up in Nigeria and Satori appeared to be one of those Omokiri boys. The Governor in Nigeria does not control any security force, not even a semblance of Man’O War. The Federal Government controls every law enforcement agency and the military in Nigeria. So how do you hold the Governors responsible for the result over which they do not have any control? In the US, each state has State Police, Army National Guard etc. The Governor in the US can declare state of emergency and call out the Army National Guard for operation in its territory but it is not so in Nigeria. Adebomi should call independent minded people in Nigeria to find out what is going on. President Jonathan is definitely not gentle. We have seen how he went after those he perceived as his enemy with venom. Poser for Adebomi: should the Federal Government declare cease fire when the Government was having the upper hand? What was President Jonathan’s response when the mediator the President himself appointed mentioned the former Chief of Army Staff, former Governor of Borno State as sponsors of the insurgents? Can Obama administration send the army to stop a State Governor in US from entering another state to campaign for that state’s governor? Jonathan’s administration used the Nigerian Army to stop two State Governors from entering Ekiti State to campaign for Fayemi.
      Jonathan administration is definitely playing politics with the Boko haram problem.

  • u s man

    Rev.Dr Davis the Australian negotiator has revealed the sponsor’s of BH, but he failed to act bc the sponsor’s are his close allies. Assuming the Australian negotiator revealed people from opposition, I’m sure that he must have gone after them.

  • Otile

    If Great Jona hits them hard, APC will accuse him of committing genocide on Northerners.

  • amazing2012

    BH=PDP=Jonathan=curse !

  • Strong System

    Adebomi you have no clue.You are in US for twenty years.
    When you come back home you will understand why we are failing in this Boko war.

  • Sharia_Haram

    The problem is the mixing of Islam and politics.

  • Guguru

    How can one be aggressive against one’s self?

  • ICC Hague

    Captain, the man is enjoying the killings that is why he dont give a damp, blood for politics, dont worry he will soon be prosecuted at ICC for crime against humanity, after the swearing in new president may 2015.

  • Edmond Israel-Ayide

    I believe you guys are getting the man wrong. By asking the Gov. to account for each live lost to BH, he meant they should simply take a head count of all dead persons for record sake. Not that he’s asking them to be held responsible.
    And here’s another point. If truely GEJ is ready to fight this war without any form of sentiment, I bliv by now he’d have brought those he was sponsoring them to book. Since they’ve made people bliv its APC ppl that’s behind it, then go ahead and prosecute them. Except he’s just simply covering up for some ppl in his pdp and be politics.

  • adebayo peter

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    GEJ cannot fight Boko Haram more than this. If GEJ declare to war on BH, Sultan will say they are killing Muslim and Gumi will say innocent Hausa/Fulani are being killed. Do not forget GEJ is Christian from South. When Late Yar Adua declare war on BH, no body say anything because he is a Muslim and Hausa/Fulani. APC is another problem Nigeria is having. BH is all about Southerners ruling Nigeria. All Southerners should wake up from sleep. My prayer is for Nigeria to divide.

    • he is gentle on BH,yet the USA u represent says GEJ govt is guilty of human right abuse,if he was not gentle what would your country(usa) and other evil supporters of BH say.Foolish analysis

  • bikky

    President Jona, a complete dangerous species for 2015.Think Twice ,Think Deeply. This is the time,do not waste this chance.Here is the Time, Vote wisely.