Atiku outraged over bombing, deaths in Potiskum school

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar

A former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has expressed outrage over the bombing of the Government Technical Science College, Potiskum, Yobe State by a yet unidentified suicide bomber dressed as a student of the school.

He said in a statement by his media office in Abuja on Monday that the latest bombing, which claimed the lives of 47 “young and promising Nigerian school children” was one too many and underscored the need for the government at all levels to find a permanent solution to the Boko Haram insurgency.

Mr. Abubakar noted that the tragic incident in Potiskum was not the first time in Yobe State or the troubled North-East region that innocent young people had lost their lives because of their pursuit of education.

“One expects that knowing the anti-education mind-set of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, the relevant authorities should have done their bit to ensure that at least, our educational institutions are provided with additional security,” Atiku said.

The former vice president appealed to the perpetrators of this crime and similar ones in the past to have a rethink and refrain from taking life.

He expressed his condolences to the government and people of Yobe State, the management, staff and students of Government Technical Science College, Potiskum, the parents and guardians of the affected students and all those adversely affected by “the senseless murder of these innocent students.”


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  • Dr. Kay

    Where is Dumbo and anyone in the government as this carnage continues and body bags continues to pile up? You guessed right , preparing for presidential declaration , not giving a damn! Like they say we got what we deserve , but thank God we can still remedy the situation next year by sending this Dumbo back to the creeks.

    • Mao

      That is the spirit my brother. no need for too much talk. Go and get your voters card and get ready for showdown. February is around the corner.

  • Marquis de Gorgonzola

    God bless you ‘Turaki’. This is the type of matured comment I expect from our so called leaders, regardless of their political divide.
    Except for the aspect of financial integrity which I do not rate Turaki high, he is temperate, non fanatical and nationalist in his outlook. Unlike some other key APC aspirants we know.
    Sadly, Turaki seems to have found himself with the wrong set of people in that party. Party stalwarts and supporters are generally hostile, violent, propagandists, have a very high propensity to lie and very very uncivil!
    That is the reason why APC has generally been accepted to mean Angry-Peoples-Club!

    • D-ONE

      agreed bros!!! turaki would make a fine president as a good entrepreneur that he is but for the bad bunch and some financial issues!!!!!!

  • PROF


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    more than 6000 people injured and at-least $10 Billion loss in property and infrastructure.
    Fifteen of the nineteen perpetrators were SAUDIS, 1 Egyptian, 1 Lebanese, 2 from Arab Emirates.

    The following is from my article “Islam’s Jesus”:

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    Muslims (even today) advocate and follow Quranic and Hadithic verses that speaks of making peace with infidels
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    • Alhassan

      I am sorry, i can see the brain washed mine in your statement.

      • Alhassan

        If you want to know about islam go and get the right literature, but the whole of ur article relating to the Prophet Muhammad is wrong. I appriciate you have known a little about islam you can move on step ahead to get the correct knowledge about the it, in particular the history of islam and all the war that Prophet engaged himself and the reasons behind any of the it, i am very sure if you are sincerely looking for the truth you will find it. And you should know it is not justice if you want to criticised others belief you do it with ignorant because if i want to talk about Jesus PBUH i should refer to bible right so like wise if you want to talk about islam you should refer to quran and the authentic teaching of prophet muhammad with sincerity looking for truth.

  • Mr. Abdin

    The security challenges facing the country is worrisome the rate of deaths being recorded is unfortunate, that is why it is high time for prominent Nigerians to come and speak in order to curtail the present challenges facing the country. Atiku you really need to be commended for the concern you have been showing in respect of the security challenges facing the country.

  • Baba Jada

    This senseless killing of innocence is totally unacceptable. I strongly condemn this heinous crime against children. Well done Atiku for speaking out against this barbaric act. No matter how long it takes, the perpetrators will surely pay for this. GEJ can continue turning a blind eye to this, Boko Haram will be defeated with or without his support.

  • abucheadams

    It is so sad we complain and lament about the current situation of Nigeria and still make the same wrong choice in choosing a leader.
    Sometimes I wonder what Nigerians saw in GEJ before voting him in the first place, this administration is the worst in the history of Nigeria. Everyday people die like cockroaches and when we complain they come up with blame games and flimsy excuses of doing their best. His administration has misused public funds for their selfish interest. Unemployment and insecurity have become our nightmare. Yet, they expect kudos .
    We must not continue like this, It is obvious GEJ lacks the capacity to handle the challenges in this country and the earlier we put sentiments aside and face reality, the better for us as a nation.
    May theirs souls RIP.

  • Zirem

    Its so sad, when the young are suppose to out live their parents, parents are now burring the children and the government is occupied by putting up a show(GEJ’s declaration). All i keep hearing is he(GEJ) is heeding to the people’s call to run, but the call to tackle terrorism isn’t loud enough. God save Nigeria.

  • sir Oscie

    President GEJ wake up from your slumber and be the president you are elected to be.
    The Governments inaction and lip service in the fight against the insurgents has cost us a lot as a nation, Change and a peaceful nation is all we ask for.
    May the soul of the young students whose lives, aspirations and dreams were cut short yesterday by the boko haram insurgents Rest in God’s peace. Amen..
    #peace. #ANigeriaForAll

    • Eroli Reuben

      The commentary of our citizens always blames President Jonathan for this orchestrated and thought out carnage by a group of ethnic and religious fanatics. Neither the citizens nor politicians proffer any solution. A situation senators call on the president to tackle boko haram without coming up with enabling law seasoned for battle at hand. After the 9/11 attack the United States Congress led the way by passing numerous laws that focused the government response to Alkaida, the approach was bi-partisan. The state government keyed in by retooling public security. Laws were made that increased penalties for associating with terrorists. Billions were authorized by Congress to be spent to make America secured. Compare that to Nigeria, the opposition has politicized boko haram by calling on the president to resign each time boko haram kills. We have been fractious in our response. The Muslim ummah has one leg in boko haram camp and a wobbly leg on the Nigerian stake. At best muslim leaders have made some mutted unfocused statements against boko haram. Jonathan is not a dictator and it is high time Governors such Yobe’s Gaidam roll up his sleeves and get in the trenches and begin to function as Yobe governor by creating security policies that protects his schools and citizens. It was sad to read Gov. Gaidam’ self serving infantile statement blaming Jonathan for his Gaidam’s woeful failure as governor of a failed Sharia state.

      • sir Oscie

        Gej is Nigeria president which means he takes the lead and we follow. Any law that goes to the senate that will not put money in their pockets will never see the light of day.
        GEJ is blamed always because he swore an oath to protect lives and properties of Nigerian citizens as the C-in-C so he should act fast before Shekau takes it all. What stops him from declaring full war against the insurgents, the sponsors and anyone sympathetic to the sect?

        • Eroli Reuben

          GEJ is not a military head of state, the president’s war powers is limited under a democracy and that is why it requires both arms of government to act in a concerted bi-partisan manner in confronting the existentialist threats such islamic terrorism to the unity of Nigeria.

          • sir Oscie

            You are totally wrong my friend, Do know what VETO POWER is? Gej is not a military head no doubt but he is the commander in chief of the arm forces in Nigeria.

        • Eroli Reuben

          Oscie GEJ is Nigerian President no doubt about that, but no president is omnipresent and all knowing. ..except of course for Presidents such as Ghadafi, Mugabe etc a group that GEJ do not belong. The citizens have to be vigilant and take simple measures to protect themselves before any government would complement the citizens’ commonsensical self protection measures. If a citizen knows that a snake has entered his house he has to be vigilant in seeking the snake out…before looking for government help to kill the snake. …this is happening in Yobe where it’s majority muslim population has exterminated and chased away its native Christian brothers by inflicting physical mayhem on innocent Christian children, women and men……he who live by the sword die by the sword.

  • boliatepa

    I am angry too but haven’t skipped a meal because of this… just like Vice President Aitku has returned to normal life soon as he released this statement. They don’t care!