Nda-Isaiah picks APC presidential nomination form, promises to transform the country with big ideas

A presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress [APC], Sam Nda-Isaiah, on Thursday, picked the party’s nomination form and promised to transform the country, if elected to the position.

He said he had big ideas capable of lifting the country out of its woes and that the ideas were incomparable with those of the incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan.

Mr. Nda-Isaiah, a pharmacist and publisher of the Leadership newspaper, had formally declared his intention to run for the nation’s topmost political job on Tuesday in Minna.

The APC nomination form costs N25 million while the expression of interest form goes for N2.5 million.

The aspirant had earlier picked the expression of interest form.

He told journalists at the APC national secretariat in Abuja where he had gone to purchase the form that the country was degenerating in almost all aspects of its life.

“For a country of about 178 million people, the power generation today is between 2000 and 4000 megawatts and their own idea is 10000 megawatts which will never be attained. And a country that is a third our size and second largest economy after us produces 45000 megawatts,” he said.

“Well, I don’t know why our own big idea should be compared to this one. And of course, our party has been talking about unity. We need to unite the whole country to be able to implement these ideas that will transform this country into what it should be.

“And you will agree with me that this is not the kind of country you want to raise your kids and obviously things cannot continue this way. The country needs a new direction and by the Grace of God, that will happen next year.

Mr. Nda-Isaiah said he and the other four presidential aspirants on the party’s platform had agreed to support whoever emerges as its flag-bearer at the primary in the main election in February.

He, however, said he was in the race to win.

“We are doing it on the 8th of December and we have promised it is going to be rancour free. We will all support whoever eventually emerges. But I intend to win.”

“I still want to thank you for calling everybody to order and ensuring that all the aspirants work together and doing everything you can to ensure that there is no rancour. Of course, in all human endeavor, there might be some form of rancour but this chairman has spent every power at his disposal to ensure that everything comes out well.

“We can assure you that we are going to work by the rules. We are going to ensure it comes out well without any rancour in the interest of our party and this nation because we know how important it is for our party to win the next election.”

The National Chairman of the APC, John Oyegun, who praised Mr. Nda-Isaiah for his courage, said all the party’s presidential hopeful had the capacity to keep the nation together and provide it with good leadership.

“During your declaration at Minna, I was impressed by your card phrase that the time has come for big ideas, big dreams also, big plan to rescue our nation from the dire street onto which it has been plunged, from the totally directionless governance of the PDP. They are totally lost. They cannot even save themselves as a party not to talk of saving this nation,” Mr. Oyegun said.

“So, we are glad at the cream of you who are seeking on the platform of the APC to become president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”


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  • amazing2012

    Big ideas ? You are just a spoiler !

  • the truth

    this is the man. I believe you sir. It would be a good idea if apc brings this man against jonathan. Apc may rest power with this man as its flagbearer. goodluck sir

    • Otile

      At least this one is a man of intelligence, he is young and does no carry the baggage of Buhari and Ebola Tinubu. My only problem with him is that he is from the North. After 40 yrs of Northern looting, bungling and misrule, we cannot vote for any other person outside SE SS even if the Northern candidate is sent from God in Heaven.

  • UOU

    For me, this is the best man for APC so far but he did not sound convincing. His records are better than all other aspirants though, a pharmacists who has been on the road, employing men and brains for years, rising to Publisher of a national tabloid, his credential can match that of Mr Jonathan including age bracket but can he believe in himself, he sounds more like someone fronting for another person however APC must take the risks

    • Otile

      Imam Buhari must have bought him to give some credence to APC, because to date none of the APC aspirants is winnable.

  • Garden-City Boy

    How can a man promote a presidential campaign on the platform of a cliche that is absolutely bereft of definition…”BIG IDEAS”? Perhaps, Ndah- Isaiah Presidents is so ignorant he is unaware that presidents are never made out of court jester whose silly jokes nobody finds entertaining. He probably believes that all there is is simply pop up after a dreamy night, think up a rare fancy catch-phrase that gets the peoples attention, and ka-booooom!! “BIG IDEAS” is the magic phrase…..ASO ROCK hear I come.
    The thinking that an empty, vacuous and absolutely idiotic “BIG IDEAS” magic cliche will deliver the presidency on a platter is abject naivete on Isaiah’s part. It is, therefore, not unexpected that, just as his mentor and role model, Ndah-Isaiah will also take to the courts or unleash the almajiri army to protest an election drubbing. He does not imagine a defeat, not after his little favce “BIG IDEAS” fancy catch-phrase. The man casualty of a jester’s intrusion is Buhari for whom he makes life much more difficult…not especially when the latter’s defeat in 2015 is already very written on the wall in very bold letters.
    Sam Ndah-Isaiah is an intuitively uncreative, shameless copy-cat. And there is no question. President Barack Obama promoted his candidacy on the platform of “CHANGE”. Here comes a mealy-mouthed egghead with this “BIG IDEAS” rubbish. Obama did not go around in a hysterical “change….change…change” chant, as Sam would wont to. Obama defined the creative change he envisioned such as women’s rights, immigration reforms, healthcare reform, return of U.S. troops from combat zones, equal opportunity for all citizens, tax reforms etc. He went ahead to explain how he would go about those programs for the electorate to consider.
    But what we find in mendacious, spineless goofy, known only for irresponsible, ant-establishment polemics, is an empty “BIG IDEAS”. Sam is a big fan of the Danjumas and ex-military yesterday’s men whose tails he licks with relishing it with the mentality of a victim of army regime hangover. He kowtows to men that lost relevance favor and support, while making his MISLeadership newspaper generously available as propaganda mouthpiece for barbaric awusa islamic jihadists. And nobody was surprised that Isaiah’s qid pro quo relationship with awusa terrorists spared the MISLeadership the terrorists’ random bombing of newspaper houses in Abuja.
    The man really thinks he can hide behind the pages of a spread-out newspaper to engage in covert, cunning, mischievous perfidy and go unnoticed. He cannot honestly deny being a sponsor of the terror campaign aimed to hurt this administration. His frustrated results from the realization that the dirty terrorism ploy has fallen flat on its face, Sam Ndah-Isaiah then switches gear to this empty-headed “BIG IDEA” fancy catch-phrase…to win him the presidency. I would go for “BIG DREAMS” catch-phrase instead. That should apply better to Sam Ndah-Isaiah’s sorry dance than his delusional, empty “BIG IDEA” cliche.
    By blundering into the electioneering campaign trail like a drunken truck driver, Ndah-Isaiah can only add humor and entertainment to 2015 electioneering,…….only to those who will find his silly jokes entertaining.

  • Ogom

    Basically an arbitrage opportunity – He buys at N26m and ‘sells’ at maybe N40.

    As Nda-Isiah has now taken a ‘position’ in the ‘market’, he now has something to trade in the event he is asked to step aside for the “Consensus Candidate”.

    If you ask me, his nomination form isn’t worth the paper on which it is written. By all means, buy Atiku’s ‘paper’.. Buy Okorocha’s.. Buy Kwankwaso’s.. But troway this guy please.