Ebola: Adadevoh family launches health trust fund to honour late doctor

Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh

Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh, the doctor who helped stopped the spread of Ebola Virus Disease, EVD, in Nigeria by insisting on strict isolation of the index case has inspired a health trust website.

This is coming after the Nigerian government shrugged off public appeal to honour her during the recent past National Award.

The Presidential spokesperson, Doyin Okupe, had said the award could not be posthumously given.

The Adadevoh family on Tuesday announced the launch of Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh Health Trust website, Drasatrust.

The family also noted that information about the trust should be addressed to info@drasatrust.org.

The trust, the family said, will run as a non-profit trust registered to continue the late heroine’s legacy by providing support and funding to help advance Nigeria’s healthcare system.

“The Trust works through collaboration and partnership with organizations and associations committed to its main objectives and owns and manages an endowment fund which is open to individual and institutional contributions,” the Adedevoh family said.

Dr. Adedevoh, 57, selflessly helped contain the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease, EVD in Nigeria.

Before her death on August 19, she was the lead physician and endocrinologist at the First Consultant Hospital, Obalende Lagos where the Liberian – American, Patrick sawyer, who brought the disease to Nigeria was treated.

Despite pressure mounted on her, Mrs. Adedevoh in an unusual courage resisted releasing Nigeria’s Ebola index case before the diagnosis was confirmed.

Also, Nigerian lawmakers, in a motion raised by Olajumoke Okoya-Thomas on Tuesday sought the need to immortalize the late doctor.

They also said it is necessary to compensate the families of the health workers who died after contacting the deadly virus.


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  • osogbo

    May God rest her soul. Where are the orchids? Not even a grave side to morn her loss and now no award. Such is the lot of unsung heroes and heroines of Nigeria, a country many wonders if it’s worth dying for.

  • Jagunmolu

    My only question to this is why was Justice Salami sent parking under Jonathan. Is it true we have cash and carry justices and how can we peg this people in their strides. You speak as if we leave in an utopian society where the norm is the rule of law. One injunction or the other for the mega thief but no mercy for the petty thief. No matter your point,if you cannot address judicial corruption, please please please stop criticising Buhari. You had better visit Borno and say this to those who lost their loved ones

  • Outraged

    Now everybody is jumping on the criticise Buhari bandwagon to write trash. Question where was your moronic self when the country was being plundered in the last administration?. Which one portends great danger to the country’s institutions where children and mothers die in broken healthcare institutions because money meant for healthcare have stolen. You writer you are talking trash.

    • Olisa

      And what has Buhari achieved so far in reforming Nigeria economically and socially?The problems of Nigeria were far deep-rooted than simplistic blaming them all on Jonathan’s administration. In fact several significant reforms to get Nigeria on the path of development took place under Jonathan. It is still early days but Buhari so far has achieved very little and was so slow in his cabinet and other selection processes. Now we see tyrannical acts as the first stage of his presidency.

      Despite all of the problems under Jonathan he conducted free and fair elections and never sought to maintain power at all costs. This is the Buhari who has been principle opposition candidate in every post-1999 democratic election. Despite losing four times on the bounce in 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011 he kept coming back. It is do or die politics for Buhari and now we see some of the dictatorial acts occurring under his Presidency.

  • Gugurus Ekpa


    I like the way you write but your report is based on hypotheticals and zero facts. First of all, Buhari has no held Kanu or Dasuki beyond what the law requires. Kanu had multiple charges against him. Buhari is filling those charges one at a time rather than collectively. That Kanu receives bail for one set of charges will not stop the government from re-arresting him and holding him in jail for another set of charges. This si what the Buhari administration has been doing and this is very legal. To the untrained eye, it appears as though Buhari is violating the rule of law, but the technical reality is that he can keep re-arresting the defendants for as many charges as they can find until the defendant begins to feel hopeless. This Buhari tactic is a direct result of a decayed judicial system where judges can be bought for a fee. By re-arresting the defendant, it raises questions as to how many times a judge can grant the defendant bail.

    • hyperbole123

      but it is Buhari that revealed his own mind on this matter when he said he doesnt want them to jump bail. so come up with another excuse pls

    • Olisa

      Buhari is flouting the law. By introducing more and more charges after being defeated by one from the judiciary clearly shows Buhari is indiscriminately or arbitrarily detaining Kanu and Dasuki. All the charges they were found guilty of should have been imposed at once and they both go before courts to see if they have bail for all. For Buhari to impose new charges to prevent bail indicates unfair malice rather than impartial prosecution. There has to be probable cause to detain someone on charges. And when you keep introducing new ones after the previous ones were deemed bail-legitimate, you are clearly imposing charges not based on evidence on probable cause but out of personal or political vendetta.

      Buhari during the media chat didn’t defend his continued detention of Dasuki and Kanu based on new charges being implemented. Although the new charge argument is the official government policy, Buhari during that chat basically ignored nonchalantly any word about due process by saying they should basically never have bail. He was stating his own opinion as law and ignoring the courts during that media chat. That is a tyrannical mindset.

      Now yesterday there is word of Metuh and other opposition politicians being targeted for corruption crimes. This is all politically motivated and not an impartial search for the truth in clearing corruption.

      • Dude

        You’re on point!

      • Gugurus Ekpa


        All you said is hog-wash. You cannot tell the executive branch how to do its job. If you have any problems with how Buhari does his work, then go to your legislator and ask that the laws be changed. And, what exact laws did Buhari violate again? You cannot charge people without evidence. All the charges probably have evidence. So, it is the executive branches prerogative how they choose to go about the charges. You cannot say Buhari violated a law and yet cannot point to exactly what law was violated.

        • Olisa

          The law is the constitutional separation of powers. Are you living under a rock? When the judiciary demands someone be released on bail you cannot continue detaining them as the executive. That is malicious.

          • ayobaju

            seperation of power has nothing to do here… pls quote a law Buhari or EFCC violated. Since you have been using your so called rule of law how many looter or corrupt person have you jailed with your rule of law? It is in the very eye of your rule of law that Ibori escaped thank God for true law in Britain that caught him. Your rule of law allow Meina to run away with 21 billion naira. This is not the era of Good luck were anything goes and Buhari is questioning those that work in the last federal administration.

            If the bird learn to fly without perching the hunter must also shoot without missing simple.

          • Olisa

            The 1999 constitution is the law. Separation of powers is in the constitution and that is the highest law.

          • Gugurus Ekpa


            Yes, you are released but you can be re-arrested for new set of charges. The release is only for that first set of charges. Re-arresting you for new charges is lawful. With each charge comes new arrests. I see that you are struggling with the administrative and conceptual side of the legal process. LOL.

  • Obinnna77

    Bla bla. Utopian tripe. Niger-area is an internally directed imperium. An imperium requires an emperor. In this instance, it has got one. That is all.

  • Bishen V. Bonat

    Chris, you have always given a concise analyses of the state of affairs, you have expressed genuine understanding of our peculiar problems and concern for a greater Nigeria. Some of us however seem to have a problem with any criticism thrown at this Administration. Well I will say this again [we still have a penchant for the military order; eye service, intimidation of the people to their idea of conformity, obey no complain like zombies etc] unfortunately, that is the exact recipe that got us this far as you rightly pointed out. This attitude is cancerous and dangerously so. I totally disagree that your reference to the true upholding of the rule of law is merely utopian as @Obinnna77 states but rather ideal and best way forward like many great nations. Finally if our leaders are in tandem with their apostles then please let them tell us its an Empire, Monarchy or whatever we are running instead of the false claim to the rule of law.