Patience Jonathan: Presidency replies Amaechi

When the going was good

Governor Rotimi Amaechi took his obnoxious willingness to denigrate the highest office in the land in a reckless bid to advance his selfish political interests to a new level of irresponsible and rascally behaviour yesterday in Port Harcourt with his totally false and baseless vituperations against President Jonathan, the First Lady and the Federal Government.

It appears from the Governor’s completely unfounded and off-the-mark allegations that he had totally lost all sense of propriety, decorum and responsible political behaviour and resorted to unacceptable demagoguery, libel, blackmail and incitement of public disorder.

Unless his unbridled ambition and desire for self- promotion have completely befuddled his mental faculties and caused him to totally lose touch with reality, Governor Amaechi must know that his claims and allegations are untrue.

We can only assume therefore that he is deliberately spewing malicious falsehood in a desperate effort to incite the people of Rivers State and Nigeria against his assumed political foes.

We warn him that there are legal, constitutional and moral limits to political rascality beyond which he will not be allowed to go without repercussions.

The immunity which he currently enjoys notwithstanding, Governor Amaechi should be under no illusions: A day of reckoning will surely come when he will answer for all his actions and false allegations against President Jonathan, the First Lady and the Federal Government.

He should also know that Nigerians are aware of the truth and will never be fooled or swayed by his arrant opportunism and anti-Jonathan rantings.

Nigerians know that while Mr. Amaechi falsely accuses others of corruption, he cannot show or explain to the people of Rivers State what he has done with the billions of Naira that has accrued to the state under his tenure.

They also know that while Amaechi continues to falsely accuse the Jonathan Administration of having done nothing for Rivers State, he has recklessly squandered huge state resources on dubious, vain-glorious projects or self aggrandizement.

Nigerians will know too that while he falsely alleges that Rivers and other states have not received funds due to them from the Federation account, the only outstanding allocation was for September, which was released to all states well over a week ago.

The Governor should stop trying to make President Jonathan the scapegoat for his woeful performance in Rivers State and look to his own very apparent failings and incompetencies.

He should also stop blackmailing the First Lady who has demanded nothing from him other than good governance, justice, equity, fairness, real development and progress in Rivers State.

Read Mr. Amaechi’s allegations here


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  • Joe

    Amaechi should please stop insulting mr. President and his family. Upon all the insult, I have never heard Jonathan said a word against this young governor. It’s like Amaechi is bitter with Jonathan and his family.

    • True Nigerian

      You blind supporters of Jonathan don’t even have regard for truth anymore, which makes you worse than Jonathan. You have just read a response from the Presidency to Amaechi, and yet you are saying that you have never heard Jonathan say anything to Amaechi. How does your brain work?

    • Truthometer

      Who won’t be bitter with criminal clan, whose mission is to loot the national treasury and turn the rest of the country to paupers?

      • emmanuel

        Why will you not be a pauper when you relegate hars work for get rich quick virtues?

        People are getting rich in this country. Even those who planted Rice last year have started harvesting. I know a bloake who runs a business in Lagos and now has a Rice Farm at Ijebu Waterside, yet you are fast becoming a pauper.

        Someone who supplied Granite for rehabilitation of a portion of the Rail lines bought two houses in Lagos.

        I know two guys who also supplied wood chips for same Rail lines

        There is massive Cassava Farm in my village run in collaboration with Brazzilian farmers and the FG, Car Assembly plants now employ young Nigerians, Local Fish Trawling companies are busy, over N150 billion saved from ghost workers, loan from China deployed through service and not cash disbursements yet Jonathan is looting treasury without evidence

        Omo Ale!

  • Ette

    This is pure dubious grammar without any substance which PDP is known for. Ameachi presented solid and incontroverted facts about non performance of the Fed government regarding the east west road, port harcourt airport, Refinery road, Bonny road, blocking water supply agreement with world bank, robbing Rivers state of their rightful oil wells. Patience is not known for any fairness, Justice and equity rather she is known to be insurbodinate to GEJ and beating him whenever he raises his voice against her negative tendencies. Rather than address these concrete issues, the corrupt people are beating about the bush with absolute emptiness. May God treat them the way they are treating Ameachi and other NIGERIANS. Amen. Ameachi has defeated the lions hands down. Hear him “they have the presidency, they have the army, they have the police but we have God” this is Davidic winning formula, and no power can stand this trust in the Almigty God. May God continue to protect you Rotimi Ameachi. Amen.

    • Wähala

      Amiooo! …wallahi, Ma’sha Allah, Amin… Allahu Akbahu, God is Great. in God We Trist!

      • Saheed

        Wahala, you are very funny and i really love your exposition…FYI, it is Allahu Akbar. Cheers!

        • Wähala

          Mucho Gracia! Vielen Dank…
          However, it’s an inscription at the Afghan Kultur Haus I visit…

          • emmanuel

            I nor know wetin you dey flaunt about this your German sojourn when you nor get anything to show for.

            Over 99.9% of Nigerians who leaved or re still leaving in Germany are wretch or leave from jand to mouth and you are not different. Biko prove me wrong.

            You want those scoundrels in this forum to feel gee about you because of the truth you stand on the head on the account of the Fulani agenda you execute?

            I never saw a Nigerian hold a key job each time I visited Germany because dem nor send you and would not offer you something more than Taxi Driver, sweet cleaners, security Guards, Refuse collector or paper vendor, unlike the UK, USA and Canada, I beg give us a break!

          • Wähala

            I wrote in three languages but your inferiority complex and envy pointed you to German abi? If you’ve ever left Nigeria which I seriously doubt, you’re swallowing drugs across continents, it takes only one bust and your life is done. Mr. Wale Ojo is the head of CAD at Mercedes in Stuttgart, Mr. Ibeka is a dashboard engineer at Airbus, Finkenwerder; Prof. Nwosu heads Chirug Institute in Bremen… At Lufthansa University in Frankfurt are three Nigerian Associate Profs… and hundreds of others. Google all. Education is free up to university level in Germany which is not obtainable in the US, Uk or Canada you run your drugs to. The people you met are definitely other Africans as Nigerians are smart enough to take advantage of an enabling environment. Your life is wasted, at least people in Germany live decently like humans, you live in a wild kingdom of noisy criminals. Gorilla! Anu nchie, Anambra drug dealer… we know you illiterate phools. If I ever catch you in Deutschland I will make sure you’re jailed for life… Baztard.

          • Emeka

            And what has this ur comment added to the thread?

            If you have nothing sensible to say, next time, compose this nonsense on ur phone and send it to urself, rather than polluting the internet.

          • tundemash

            Clown .. @wahala just listed Nigerians he knows in Germany.. we are waiting for you to name the druggies, taxi drivers and prostitues you normally sort for your politician masters when they come to germany for tommy tuck!

  • Truthometer

    Dumbo and Dame are the most greedy couple in the history of modern day politics. Their pilferage of the national purse, either directly or indirectly is legendary. They are just too terrible!

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  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    The presidency will always beat about the bush. All issues Amaechi raised were not tackled by the presidency. Did GEJ ceded Rivers oil wells to Bayelsa? Did Fg build or establish any project in Rivers state? Did FG start the East West road without same Rotimi mobilising against FG? Did FG refused to pay compensation to Ogoniland? All these issues are not false to the society but only to the presidency and those that doesn’t wish Rivers state well.

  • Wähala

    Beyond the veiled threat of legal action, this big-grammar rebuttal did not categorically deny the facts I listed yesterday, nor mention the Federal Presence in Rivers State to refute and impeach Gov. Rotimi Amaechi… this is Bolognè! Soku is in Bayelsa, Etche in Abia, and the E-W Road still not finito… even the charge about Lady Hippo demanding “extortion money” (my lyrics) was not denied. Haba! Counting on rig-winning the 2015 elections and after Amaechi has left office to exert revenge is childish-kindergarten threat. Again I say, “facts cannot be argued”…and they have not been argued with this rebuttal. Odeku o’jare…

    • DanielOsazuwa

      Mind yourself before our Presidency area boys unleashed their putrid, fetid and noxious biles on you as a PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT.

      • Emeka

        LMAO!!! Afi putrid naa. Lol

    • tulampa

      Lady Hippo indeed!!! What a befitting name. Lol

  • Tonnero

    We know who we believe.

  • Thepeople

    Nigerians are no fools !!! The day of rekoning for the Presidency is 2015.

  • emmanuel

    So na Patience tell Amaechi last week to withdraw N19 billion from the state reserve to meet his cleptomania?

    The man certainly needs mental rehabilitaion when he leaves office and that can be arranged from his prison cell.

    If the mugu wished that he would become Nigeria’s Vice President and must run down the South to serve his Fulani masters, then he is a joke.

    We know say part of the N19 billion don serve im masters already and I wished River state people shine their eye small?

    The Mugu was awake when RMAAC engineered transfer of Oil wells from Cross Rivers to Akwa Ibom, to Rivers, to Bayelsa, to Abia.

    The various state receivers danced Azonto upon receipt of new wells, but look for who to blame when they loose some, without blaming the Moles who introduced the scheme to devide the South South people against themselves.

    I am sure all Rivers people are not fools like Amaechi to believe his lies. His day of reconing is ahead!

  • bayo

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  • Itsede Victor

    “We warn him that there are legal, constitutional and moral limits to political rascality beyond which he will not be allowed to go without repercussions”. i took time to read through all the comments made in this forum because i wanted to know or feel how nigerians react on matters that i will like to call revelations from politicians or political actors. i read some comments which were nationalistic but some were sentimental deeply rooted in sectionalism, ethnicity and zealotory. when a northern demands questions from the actions of a southern in power some comments become “leave and let him be like that” but they forget that the market place does not recognise weather you are white or black, igbo or hausa but on self interest. our leaders are not telling us the truth. they the governing class are now quarreling because it is time to decide who to get what. this is a country where we still grapple with the challenges of power a basic ingredient for industrial growth and employment and we have leaders who want us to think other wise. we spent over 15billion” if my figures are not exact apologies mine” to organize a national conference with far reaching recommendations. Where are the changes we all thought were very important, even more important than the election itself. we thought by now the president will be telling the world that he is for nigeria unity and survival and as such, he stands by his decision as a result of the cleavages’, to hold the conference in the first place. we expect him to use his power to push for a referendum as it is done in other climes when issues affecting the whole is been discussed. now look at the situation we find ourselves. issuing threat and use of presidential power which for long has been there and can be use for better purposes. i have added my prayer to that of the president but my request to God was for Him to reveal to him his part in the annals of history so that he can take the right and very delicate decisions as we walk into ‘doomsday’ 2015 .

    • matomato

      You have spoken well my brother.My people prefer to quarell among themselves instead of facing the issue at hand with a lot of common sense. I am no politician and hold brief for none. I sometimes wonder when things are really going wrong and we castigate anyone who speaks because the President / Governor happen to be our choice. Can’t we collectively stand for the truth not minding whose ox is gored; just for once. That is why because of selfish interest there cannot be a revolution in this country and people will continue to wallow in abject poverty.

  • the truth

    The way amaechi insults the presidency with no form of recourse is really repugnant. Amaechi why not state your achievements as a rivers governor with the resources that have been given to you in the past 7 years.Awo and Abiola both of blessed memory, obj and tinubu, they all were from the same region and had political differences, but never took it to this level of insulting and denigrating the office of the presidency. Amaechi remember only God gives power and after this romance ends you will face the people of rivers state.Na then we go know say although joseph yobo na defender e no go fit contest with papa maldini,if u know what i mean

  • Gembira

    Both Jonathan/wife and Amaechi/wife knows the truth about their real differences , they are fooling Nigerians ..Let them dig deeper into each others secret deeds .both the allegation and the reply are vague ..Jonathan and Amaechi are laughing at the ignorant noise makers here who are for and against one or the other , what Nigerians dont know is that all the political class belongs to one big family ..while they talk rubbish against each other in the press to keep idiots busy, they meet at five star hotel in London, South Africa, Dubai, America or in one is the government lodge in Abuja to unwind , relax, sip wine and play golf , all the public attack and press statements are all in a day’s work , it was after boko haram attack on Buhari in which his bulletproof car given to him by Jonathan saved him that we all know about it …Jonathan, Babangida, Atiku, Tinubu, Buhari, Obasanjo, governors, Ministers they all know where they gather together for real business of sharing our national cake , contracts , oil blocks etc after then they continue from where they stopped and we continue to abuse each other online and on the street while suffering the consequences of their looting and squandermania …we are 150 million fooooooooooooools

  • Gembira

    When will the oppressed rise up against the oppressors ? there is no difference between Babangida , Obasanjo, Buhari, Jonathan, Amaechi,Tinubu, kwankwanso,okorocha, Fashola, ngozi, sanusi ,fake fuel importers and the list goes on ..they are all oppressors and there is no difference between Adamu in Kano sabongeri market or shola in idumota or okoro in Ariaria market in Aba…they are all oppressed/victims ..Nigerians know it today , there are only two tribes in Nigeria ..the ruling class ( connected ) and the oppressed poor ( disconnected ) the oppressors are united in their evil enterprise of looting our treasury to invest in foreign countries to the detriment of poor helpless Nigerians no matter whatever they say in the public , while the oppressed are not united ..they are busy defending thieves from their tribe, religion, geopolitical zone or party in the face of hunger and hopelessness , even when the sharing formula among the thieves went wrong the poor are readily available to kill and be killed while non of the looters or their family member will suffer bruises because they are overseas enjoying our common wealth and their looting fathers are ready to jet out any time with their executive bombardier Jet should the problem escalate, before 2015 election non of their family member will be in Nigeria and their private Jets ready to take off while we will be the monkeys and baboons that will soak in blood on top our hunger, suffering and poverty.This is exploitation of a superlative degree , God or Allah will never forgive them ,Nigerians shine your eyes ..Time is come to hold the ruling class to account and do them JUSTICE !!!