APC has confirmed its role in #BringBackOurGirls – Presidency

The presidency on Thursday accused Coordinators of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign group, Hadiza Usman and Dino Melaye of politicizing the agony of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls.

The presidency said its claim that the campaign was political, was confirmed Wednesday after a chieftain of All Progressives Congress, APC, Audu Ogbeh, said the party was proud that the campaign leaders are from its fold.

Presidential spokesperson, Reuben Abati, in a tweet on Thursday said the group and the party are merely politicizing Nigeria’s collective agony to score political points.

“Our longstanding view of BBOG movement’s hidden agenda to unseat the Jonathan administration received full Justification yesterday. Roles played by Dino Melaye & presence of BBOG’s Initiator Hadiza Bala Usman at Buhari’s Declaration is proof of their true aim of politicizing the agony of the Chibok girls & their families. This is now fully apparent, the true agenda & prime movers of BBOG movt,” Mr. Abati said.

Referring to APC chieftains as #BringBackOurGirls activists, Mr. Abati urged Nigerians to reject the group’s “political partisanship and unjustifiable” bashing of the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan.

In the past, the government through the spokesperson of the State Security Services, SSS, Marilyn Ogar, have accused the group of running a franchise, operating bank accounts and using their campaign to solicit funds from prominent Nigerians.

Mr. Abati’s statement followed remarks Wednesday by Mr. Ogbeh at the declaration by former Head of State, Muhammdu Buhari, for the 2015 presidential election.

“We believe that one day, they will be reunited with their children even though those children have seen a lot of trauma. We commend the #BringBackOurGirls movement led by members of this party, we thank them for their commitment to Nigeria because they remain the only living evidence that Nigeria has a conscience.

“We hear that the Federal Government wants to take them to court, let the courtroom be large enough to accommodate all of us when they sue them,” Mr. Ogbe said.

Mrs. Usman who was present at the Muhammadu Buhari presidential declaration on Wednesday was recognized by the APC for her activeness in the #BringBackOurGirls movement.

Former Kogi State House of Representative member, Dino Malaye, also active in the #BringBackourgirls Movement was present at the declaration venue.

Condemning Mr. Ogbe’s statement, former minister and convener of the group, Obiageli Ezekwesili, said it was “tragic for the politician to use the group’s campaign for the girls release to score political points.

She also denied being a member of any political party noting that the #BringBackOurGirls group also had very strong PDP members.

“NEVER has there been any speck of political party consideration in ANYTHING that the Strategic Team of the @BBOG_Nigeria that I chair does.

“NEVER have we allowed members political affiliation (their fundamental right) to be a part of OUR DECISIONS within the Movement. NEVER,” Mrs. Ezekwesili tweeted.


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  • Otile

    Yeah, now that the President’s efforts have started to pay off APC chieftains are going to come out of the woodwork to take credit. This is like the cock taking credit for sun rise.

    • ologbonlolode

      May we have the results first? Nigerians will not forget who did what. But for the BBOG movement, this government will do nothing … in actual fact, the President and his wife and some of the officials claimed no girls were abducted and that it is a make-belief arrangement to unseat his government. Let the government do what it was elected to do first. Enough of this unnecessary taking political advantage of the agony of these hapless girls. Well, in life, nothing lasts forever and whatever goes round comes round. Power is transient and when the present bunch of political office holders leave office, they will taste of their wickedness. It isn’t a curse but the law of nature.

    • Isaac Azor

      Let us have the girls back first and anybody who wants can take all the credit or bonuses.

      • Otile

        I know you are saying, show me the money first, watch and see, this Ijaw man is a powerful man. Those who underrate him will swallow their pride at the end.


    Whether BBOG members are APC or PDP members is irrelevant. What matters is that the girls should be rescued urgency. And the buck stops on the President’s desk!

    • Isaac Azor

      Shikena! Period!!

  • Ekwekwe

    Another waste of space. If these people were not a wing of the Aggrieved Party of Crooks, they would have targeted the criminals, Boko Haram, in their campaign and could have come with the the name ROG (Release our Girls). Imagine what the impact would have been if they had spent more time calling on Boko Haram, who have the girls, to release our girls. Bring Back Our Girls has always been a political campaign in the cloak of selfless patriots. I can’t remember if the group ever mentioned Boko Haram and the girls in one sentence.


      Did they vote Boko Haram as their government? No, they are right in directing their appeal to their government, their President.

      • Igwebuike

        If you and your people have no sinister, political motive, first, you will ask the hostage takers, Boko Haram, to release the captives. While it is in order to ask the government to try everything possible to set the girls free, it is daft to keep screaming at the government to bring back our girls currently in Boko Haram captivity. I am yet to hear Americans and the British bark at their respective governments to bring home their people taken hostage by ISIS. Nigerian, American and British governments all make underground moves to free their people. Under the circumstances, screaming at anyone else but Boko Haram is just …. What else? Daft politics.

        • TRUTH MASTER

          You have demonstrated total ignorance about governance. And no one will be surprised, because you are apparently blinded by partisanship.

          I will just need to ask you a few questions:
          1. What is the reason for the existence of any government?
          2. On whose desk does the buck stop as far as the abduction of the girls are concerned?
          3. Why would anyone in his right senses appeal to a band of terrorists to release the girls they so callously abducted? If they had any sense of propriety, will they kidnap the girls in the first instance?
          4. How should Nigerians react to a government that waited all of 19 days before even acknowledging that the girls were kidnapped?

          Please go ahead and answer those questions, and let Nigerians judge your answers.

    • Ologbonlolode

      When one read the comments and submissions of some people here, one cannot but pity this country! What is the responsibility of the government in the first instance? Should we assume Boko Haram is the de factor government in power in Nigeria? It is the PDP that is trying to politicize the genuine efforts of BBOG team in constantly reminding the government of its responsibilities. I recommend you to read Mrs. Obi Ezekwesili’s response to Mr. Ogbe’s submission (which Reuben Abati is latching on to instead of facing the ineptitude and unabating corruption that’s preventing the girls from being rescued) and you will see the truth. Not everything should be about politics!

    • bosun

      ure right

    • Otile

      This is correct.

    • Leslie

      You seem to be on cheap drugs or something else.Try to reason properly instead of sideways.I will remember you in my prayers,don’t worry.

  • Es3

    The very first confirmation I had that the BBOG group are APC sponsored was from a foreign source. US based Axelrod’s propaganda company, paid millions of US Dollars by APC to attack Jonathan and his government, said that much abroad when they were eager to show-off their exploits and position themselves for further patronage from other countries (African, American or European)!!!

    I had shared it here on this forum (and elsewhere) but many were still skeptical?! Now, they have heard from the horse’s mouth that APC is the face behind the BringBAckOurGirls (BBOG) mask!!!

    Among legion of others, two of the things that is in severe short supply in APC is their sense of decency and integrity!!! If they had any or both, they would not have played their usual dirty politics with the abduction of those Chibok girls!!!

  • eduetok

    My take on this issue is this; When the Borno state government gave the go ahead for the girls to return to that school,promising to ensure their security,they did not consult or seek advice from President Good luck Jonathan. The Borno state government also discarded advice from federal ministry of education to postpone the WAEC exam in that area. Why then is it that the BBOG campaigners have never taken the Governor of Borno state to task concerning the above issues? As much as i am not exonerating the FG from this imbroglio,i do wonder if the these so-called ‘concerned’ BBOG people would have been so kind to the state governor if he wasn’t a member of the opposition party!

    • Clay

      Made sense. Leaders of bbog are known government critics. Who is Dino Melaye?, what is his integrity and pedigree. Political losers.

    • John

      Am sure u are not up to date on this issue. You should know by now that the Borno State Government refuted that claim and gave facts, backed up with letters and up till now the FG did not deny it. Are u also aware that in a state of emergency, the governor has no say in the security of lives? If the C-in-C knows his right from wrong in the first place, they wouldn’t be bold enough to accuse the Borno State government of ‘promising security’ in that school.

  • Usman

    Abati is simply clueless, be it they are politicians or not, all they are saying is bring back our girls

  • the truth

    I was cursed at when i earlier said this bbog campaign although genuine was taking a political undertone. It would have been much better if the campaigners had decided to stay neutral to both parties. Now any protest by the group will be seen as an apc campaign.smh

    • John

      If the APC choose to align itself with the BBOG, what wrong have they done? It is civilzed that opposition parties join pressure groups to ensure good governance and accountability.

  • Dr. Kay

    So what! Are these people for real ! Are they advocating for the chibok girls to be abandoned? In a civilized society the opposition is aligned with civil society as pressure groups to speak truth to power and make the governing party to be careful and conscious in their dealings . So what if they are aligned to APC.

  • Energy5002

    I have always believed that the civil societies in Nigeria are mere charade, political jobbers with like of Dino Melaye’s. Just the beginning of their unmasking! I

    • Leslie

      And with all the energy at your disposal,what have you contribution to the challenges facing the country apart from bringing down those clamoring for positive change?

      • Leslie

        What have you contributed?

  • John

    PDP is confused and dead. Why pointing accusing fingers? Bring Back the girls, then you can start to speaking grammar. They keep looking for who to accuse for their failure and incompetence.