Boko Haram ‘Godless murderers, kidnappers’ — Buhari

A former Head of State and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, on Wednesday described the Boko Haram sect as, “Godless people, marauding murderers in communities and kidnapers”.

Mr. Buhari, who said this while declaring his intention to contest the 2015 presidential election at the Eagle Square, Abuja, commended the Nigerian Armed Forces and the Police in their efforts to contain the insurgency.

He urged the security forces to continue fighting “until victory is won”.

The former head of state also spoke on the nation’s economy and other critical sectors and promised to bring about the needed change if elected as president.

Mr. Buhari paid tributes to Nigerians grappling with poverty and insecurity.

“I humbly wish to present myself before you, before all Nigerians and before God, seeking to be elected as APC presidential candidate,” Mr. Buhari said.

While giving vote of thanks, an APC chieftain, Abu Ibrahim, said due to heightened insecurity in the country, Nigerians were no longer sleeping with their two eyes closed.

Mr. Ibrahim, a senator from Katsina State, blamed some of nation’s woes on rampant corruption, saying that many cases where already before the Senate.

He argued that Nigeria needs someone like Mr. Buhari to rescue to rescue the country saying, “The insecurity situation is so pandemic that it has to be arrested.”

Also speaking, a former member of the House of Representatives, Dino Melaye, said that Nigerians are expected to return by May 2015 for Mr. Buhari’s inauguration as president of Nigeria.

He said, “We in the APC have pledged to bring change to Nigeria. Agricultural productivity and taking out poverty and providing food security will be a focal point.

“We will restore honour and integrity to public service and also tackle corruption. Nigeria is now a country where stealing is not corruption.”

Mr. Melaye, however, called for a free and fair election, saying that there was no point conducting an election if it is not going to be free and fair.

“Nigeria has never been so polarised by a sinking government. We, in APC have resolved to stop them in their track. The economy continues to degenerate while government continues to announce fantastic figures and fathom economic growth,” Mr. Melaye said.

Mr. Buhari is the second aspirant on the APC platform to officially declare for the party’s presidential ticket for the 2015 elections.

He has unsuccessfully contested three presidential elections in the country and stands the chance of clinching the 2015 ticket.

It was former Vice President, Atiku Abubarkar, who first sought the party’s presidential ticket when he made an official declaration on September 24, at the Yar’Adua Center.


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  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    His entrance into the Eagle Square and the response of the people to him actually moved me emotionally!

    Never have we, as a people, been at such low levels of despair as to dare put our hope in one man!!

    I truly hope Nigerians would give GMB the chance to salvage what little else is left of our national and collective pride.

    It would be a shame if we end up giving him the same epitaph as we did to Awolowo – “The Best President Nigeria Never Had”. I truly wish not, but this is the last throw of the dice with GMB.

    • The Last Don

      Baba Buhari without any compulsion told the world the last election(2011) was going to be his LAST attempt.
      He was ‘pressurized’.
      He changed his mind.
      He is running again.
      If he loses again(as is most likely), he will promise not to run again.
      Yet the same people will ‘pressurize’ him again in 2019.
      He will heed the call to save Nigeria since all ‘their hope is in one man’.
      By the year 2019, Baba Buhari WILL BE 100YRS OLD.
      The cycle of promise and Fail will continue,
      Until most probably like Awo, it will be said; “The best President Nigeria _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _”

      * Nigerias ‘hope’ will NEVER depend on an individual.

      • Ogom

        “* Nigerias ‘hope’ will NEVER depend on an individual.”

        No? I’m sure you can recommend a few institutions for us to put our hope in?

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Many thanks, Ogom.

          • Otile

            Thanks but no thanks, Buhari minions.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Who asked for the opinion of the brainless minion, aka Otile?

            Stick to what you do best – guzzling cheap awoof kain-kain!

            Pretending to be intelligent only shows you up as the exact opposite.

          • Otile

            You have no right to decide who comments here. This is not your paper.
            Why do you try so hard to prove yourself by putting everybody down,
            calling people: brainless, homo erectus, and all sorts of st*p*d names?
            Can’t you finish a conversation without resorting to gutter language?
            A lawyer is known by his good reasoning, you are not. Respect
            yourself, odale.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            If a stray dog strays into a the knackers’ yard with symptoms of rabies, it deserves to be put down.

            This is an APC topic and is therefore, reserved for sane minds, not PDP thugs like you.

            “Respect” from the likes of you, Otile, is but like a filthy rag. You can stuff your “respect”.

          • Otile

            See how dirty you mind is. You only think about filthy rags, dustbin, gutters and latrine. Odale Nla

          • GEJ

            you are a fighter Mr. Kay and I respect that. that is exactly what this country needs now not some cowards who hide behind religion and tribalism to save their filthy images from progressiveness and national growth. may GOD bless this country with a good leader like BUHARI.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Many thanks, GEJ.

            May God bless all of us.

            Complimwnts of the Season too.

        • Kamal

          160million Nigerians hope depends on one man??????????
          Is he God?

          • The Last Don

            God Bless u my brother.

          • NAG1

            Buhari is not God but a great leader and a trusted hand. That’s what we need in Nigeria now.

          • Otile

            Not at all, but his minions think he is.

        • Jerry

          The point is there are thousands of capable people in Nigeria. The moment any individual is made to feel indispensable, that will be the beginning of his downfall.
          No mere mortal is indispensable. Our hope as a nation cannot rest on one man alone. Never!

          • NAG1

            I believe you realize you only need one man to be your president and not two or many. Majority of Nigerians want Buhari to be their next president.

          • jerry

            Yes Nigeria needs one man. Buhari IS NOT THE ONLY ONE who might do a good job. That is sycophancy at its peak!

          • Otile

            Majority of APC muslims perhaps.

          • Otile

            Not Imam Buhri for that matter.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Last Don, I am delighted that the above is all the muck you can throw at GMB!

        Should we turn the magnifying glasses onto GEJ?

        Where shall we start?

        Promise of only one tenure?

        Dredging of the Niger Bridge?

        The second bridge over River Niger?

        The East-West Coast Route?

        And others too numerous to even attempt recounting here.

        Like you rightly surmised, the cycle of promise and failure may endure forever under PDP, GEJ and his puppeteers!

        Long may Nigerians’ suffering continue under such desires as you expressed above.

        • The Last Don

          Uncle K, u feel I’m throwing muck at Buhari? I will never do that as I believe he is generally a good person compared to several of our Naija politicians.
          However, did he not state he will not be contesting again?? Did he not agree to reverse his decision after being ‘pressurized’?? Have I not stated the facts? Why then does it hurt u so much??
          Why must u and most APC minions reduce every criticism of yur candidate to a RofoRofo fight between GEJ?? So u pressume I support GEJ and PDP?? Shame on u Mr Kay. I honestly expected more from u. I actually believe as any right thinking person would that the PDP regime is a waste! So you see how silly it is asking me all those questions??
          I think Buhari has too much baggage, and is not nationally acceptable/electable.
          You are entitled to your opinion, and I am certainly entitled to mine.
          Remain objective my brother..remain objective.
          You are losing it fast.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Don, inasmuch as you have not stated who your preferred candidate is, but have come out to cast aspersions on another, then it behoves you to try and present a balanced, rather than jaundiced view.

            If you want to state that one aspirant broke a promise, why didn’t you go the whole hog by comparing him with another who has an infamous record of making all the promises under the heavens and not fulfilling a single one of them?

            Were you rabble rousing or are you now trying to backtrack with the benefit of hindsight? Upfront, you simply came out to deride GMB, whom you have now turned around to call a decent man but unworthy? Where exactly do you stand if you have an objective position as opposed to a subjective one?

        • Bala

          For most of you APC men, anyone who doesn’t support your choice automatically becomes a GEJ fan. What if the guy above is actually an APC member but supports Atiku or even Kwankwaso?
          Your assumption is too simplistic and defeatist. Disappointing thought process for a so called lawyer. Appalling to say the least!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Bala, I presume a lot of bigots who hate what APC stands for, and presumably profit from this moribund status quo, have no other stock-in-trade but to launch ad hominen attacks on the persons of their assumed opponents instead of proffering their own ideas.

            Why am I surprised that you fit the mould of a retrogressive being so perfectly.

  • The_Flying_Dutchman

    How does one reconcile Buhari’s current comments on terrorism/terrorists with his previous well documented statements on the need to grant them amnesty??

    Too little too late Baba.

    • u s man

      @ dutchman , even baba OBJ said that GEJ should use stick n carrot would that made him sympathiser of BH, why r u guys reasoning with ur anus.

  • Rastapopoulos

    “Godless murderers and kidnappers” should be granted amnesty.
    But drug couriers should be tied to the stakes and shot.

  • sharp shape

    Buhari once said the reason for boko haram is poverty in the north as if the south is eldorado and poverty free ! Boko haram themselves wanted Buhari to negotiate on their behalf ! Lastly when Buhari headed the junta he did trade by barter with Brazil and billions of pounds was unaccounted for ! The sanctimonious self righteousness of this semi literate octogenarian feudalist thug and religious fanatic stinks to the highest heaven !

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Sharp shape, trade by barter does not involve money or cash by its very nature!

      What are you on about?

      • sharp shape

        Not true kay ! When the dollar replaced gold in the 70s most countries that were still skeptical about the new role of the dollar engaged in trade by barter and backed such trade with the full faith of their currencies ! In essence the other country got an endless credit to goods and services to the value of the trade ! During the 80s when the semi literate buhari was head of the junta Nigeria could not draw the value of crude product supplied to Brazil because the brazilian economy did not have the capacity to deliver ! Brazil had to discount the value of the trade by as high as 90 percent and the change in cash 700 million dollars was smuggled into the country remember the 32 suitcases ! This man was daft then as the head of state by making us lose 90 percent of our budget with nothing to show for it ! How then do you expect him now in his late 70s to understand intricate machevelian international politics ! I can almost swear that he will not even have the cerebral ability to interpret a simple excell spread sheet talk less of the budget ! If this is the best the north has to offer then omo iya the die is cast for Nigeria ! Thanks kay

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Sharp shape, if what you described is truly what transpired, which I doubt, then you erred initially by describing it as trade by barter.

          Trade by barter simply means an exchange of services and or goods without involving money.

          It is still in use even in the Western World today and does involve money in either electronic or physical form.

          • sharp shape

            Omo iya I will never reel out statistics falsely just to crucify my fellow man ! First I can tell you by the grace of Allah that I am one of the few nigerians that have an active trade portfolio in (NASDAQ) making me a bonafide member of the new York Stock exchange (nyse) making me eminently qualified to speak on how international trade works ! First you are correct trade by barter still occurs but it must be backed by equity of some sort usually gold but in order not to over speculate on futures in the stock market the size of a countries economy matters and certain calculations are made ! Political stability , local laws , economic strength etc ! When buhari came in Nigeria was under international sanctions and the western financial institutions could no longer guarantee our credit making it difficult for us to honour our financial obligation ! They laid as conditions the restructuring of our economy the reduction of our public expenditure and some bitter pills ! General Buhari as head of the junta made the most silly decision of trade by barter with Brazil then more indebted than Nigeria ! He stubbornly sidelined the economist and introduced jajaweed solution to a problem that needed expert professional input ! Nigeria was then forced to make a decision ! Prompting babangida to accept the imf loan ! As financial analyst we know that Nigeria could have avoided the IMF trap if this semi illiterate nomad had acted with the best scientific evidence and good financial advice ! The man is daft and intellectually deficient ! No Allah forbid that a man in his late seventies become our president ! We will seceded before we tie our future to a clueless octogenarian feudal dimwit

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Sharp shape, you were doing well until your penultimate and closing sentences.

            Why did you derail?

            Is it personal?

          • sharp shape

            Omo iya you might not like my closing statement and I may have closed with a sentimental outbursts ! It still doesn’t negate the facts of my submission ! Thanks for the debate

          • Otile

            Omo iya mi you are 100% right in your assessment. Thanks for the enlightenment. How many Nigerians understand foreign exchange trade, indices, stocks, options, futures and ETFs? When some people do drugs and get raw cash they can thumb their nose at those who understand that the economy does not consist of cash alone. If you mention barter, derivatives or some other financial tools they don’t understand they leap at you and attack.

            All in all Nigeria committed economic blunders under the feudal dimwits calling themselves heads of states. You are right, we will secede before these retrogrades set us back again.

          • MrFesh

            Outburst indeed. Thanks for the education. Thing is the guy you are engaging is not always open minded, what with his dp.

    • u s man

      honestly, this is the only cradible honest man left in this country, baba obj once invited him to pdp so that he can hand over power to him but he turn down the offer. even pdp cannot accused GMB of corruption. and corruption is our major problem. once corruption issue is solved , i bet u all our problem is solved .can u immagine some body will accomulate what him and his great grand children will never exhaust in their life time. so when his rivals saw that the cannot accuse him of corruption the decided to use religion to blackmail him. the even accuse him of sponsoring BH , but as God will have it the sponsorers are in their own camp ………….Dr davis

  • elmok

    Buhari is not the answer to our challenges as a people he will fail again,the messiah is already here with us but because we are blinded by hatred,tribalism,religious extremist,born to rule mentality ,we refuse to recognize him

    • endingNaija

      Goodluck Jonathan-messiah ke? Na wa o! You dey Naija at all?

      • elmok


  • The following is from my article “Islam’s Jesus”:

    … The moment Islam gains followers in a territory, they must force every infidel, including fake-Muslims to submit to Allah/Islamic law.
    At that point, the Quranic and Hadithic verses that every Muslim must advocate and follow are of this sort:

    Sahih Bukhari 1.2.24 “Allah’s apostle said: I have been ordered to fight against people until they testify that there is no god but Allah
    and that Muhammad is Allah’s apostle …”

    “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him” (Sahih Bukhari 9.57).

    “… KILL the idolaters [non-Muslims] wherever you find them, and take them captive, and besiege them,
    and prepare for them each ambush. …” (Surah 9.5).

    Surah 9.73 “O Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites …”.

    Surah 4.89 “They desire that you should disbelieve [Allah] as they do, so that you might be like them;
    therefore take not friends from among them until they flee their homes for Allah, but if they turn back to what is
    forbidden, then SEIZE THEM and KILL THEM wherever you find them …”

  • Garden-City Boy

    Thank you very much, Mr. Muhamadu Buhari. You are not telling us what we want to hear. Sorry,….it has come way too late. You have already done the damage. Does he ever think that, being an awusa man and an islamist, for that matter, he will ever be believed? His position on Boko Haram is well documented. Shekau has to authenticate that he and Buhari have parted for us to consider this big APC-JANJAWEED kite.
    Talking about “Godless murderers and kidnappers, Lawal Ojuolape, Bartholomew Owoh and Bernard Ogedengbe all committed suicide. So did the 8000 innocent citizens massacred by almajiris to assuage the wrath of Buhari after his 2011 election bungle. These almajiri army is waiting in the wings for orders to make us bloodied baboons and dogs. The man is yet to recant his vow to punish those of us foolhardy enough to deny him the presidency at the 2015 polls.
    It is easy for people to quickly launch at Buhari’s vague, empty claim for discipline, incorruptibility and all that sanctimonious stuff and nonsense. As PTF Chief executive, he funneled the funds into the awusa North and the pockets of vested interests who now use it to fund his campaign. And as PTF Chairman, he served under the most notorious kleptomaniac named ABACHA. Now, tell me your friend and I will tell you whom you are.
    There is no convincing way for Buhari to prove ignorance of ABACHA’s looting spree. Yet, he did not turn down the job, or resign it to prove the saint he wants us to see in him. Rumors are in the mills about money looted from the CBN by the former governor ending up in a till that funds Buhari’s campaign. Let’s assume for one moment that Buhari did not steal the money. What difference would it make if those who steal it fund his campaign? Can anybody tell us…..anybody?

    • salako

      Its now your talking at least Buhari was not connected in any way with what your people has done in south Africa including your armed robber leader.

    • Bilipmak

      It true my brother, the pretend always. when we already no the secrets.

  • Blackie

    Flawless character. He is one of the most compassionate people I have come across in my life.

  • Otile

    Imam Buhari thinks that once he curses out Boko Haram and swears by the Holy Qur-an the rest of us will understand and vote for him, then he comes back to embrace Boko Boys. Never again will the born to rule feudalists lead us by the nose. Oluwa ma je.

  • Kitunde

    3 years later……Just woke up to find Boko Haram beasts are murderers? I want you to revisit your comments on Boko Haram a couple of years ago. How we play politics with peoples’ lives in Nigeria is perverse.

    • ibro

      Please share those comments with us. if at all they exist. BIGOT!!!

  • djay

    Ride on GMB, the good people of Nigeria and God will stand solidly behind you this time. Since they couldn’t kill you in that bomb blast, hearsays, gossips,propagandas, your haters and enemies of Nigeria can not stop you again cos you have moved beyond them. Its only a loser who has nothing to offer that only tries once and give up when he fails rather than to keep trying. Gej is an opportunist, he never had anything to offer has president that’s y we are in this mess today.

  • Oleku

    Buhari when are you staging a new attack with your jihadist boys. Yeye dey smell

  • Psalm Baba

    This guys done get it, nigerians know PDP is bad and has messed up (although GEJ is trying to bring changes) but nigeirans are not concerned that they the APC are any better, they the opposition are no different from PDP, they say GEJ and PDP is bad and yet they keep shopping for the same bad people even GEJ who they have asked to join them twice, there is no remarkable diff between APC and PDP states, in party policies and manifestos, both are scampering for aso rock money for themselves and not for the poor mases, the APC cant even say what they will do different, or state any alternative policies or constructive critism, is it with this same crooks they will transform nigeria, will they do for the whole nigeria what they cant do for one state within their control/ was awolow a president before he did the much he did/ but a wholw political party cant distinguish themselves from PDP in transforming lives, instead they are busy practising deception, sying only PDP is bad when they are both bad.

  • Abaleke

    APC and their flag bearer is confused as such cannot lead Nigeria lest they lead us into doom.Buhari have suddenly jettisoned boko just because he want to contest election,the people he accused GEJ of fighting as being against the north. This man is really desperate want power by all means even all that was said against him and Bola non of them have come to refute. This country is really in trouble having this kind of people a leaders. All power hungry!