APC a band of anarchists, election losers — PDP

Olisa Metuh, Spokesman, PDP

In our quest for a robust democracy where a vibrant opposition keeps the party in power on its toes via constructive criticism and offering alternative policy plans, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, had upon the registration of All Progressives Congress, APC, on July 31, 2013 congratulated the party and advised it to enrich the political space with positive ideas.

We again admonished the party along the same line after the election of its National Executives on June 14, 2014 to “ensure an issue based opposition that will purposefully and constructively engage and challenge the PDP with decency and maturity as prescribed by democratic tenets and principles.”

Stating that Nigerians deserve a vibrant and patriotic opposition driven only by the national interest, we charged the new APC leadership to “put the unity and welfare of Nigerians ahead of other considerations and jettison all divisive tendencies including unguarded statements that overheat the polity and pitch Nigerians against one another”.

As we inch towards the 2015 general elections, it has become crystal clear that we had in error dressed the APC in oversized robe. We clearly charted for them a job that is way beyond their pay grade. We can say without any fear of contradictions that the APC in its 14 months of existence has shown that no serious minded person should call it an opposition party as it has demonstrated to be nothing more than a band of anarchists, scaremongers and idle politicians.

The motley assembly of political opportunists and frustrated office seekers in over a year of its registration has issued 117 press statements which all have been devoted to abusing President Goodluck Jonathan and PDP officials and promoting division among Nigerians.

There has not been one press statement in which the APC had taken up any major policy issue by the PDP and offered Nigerians how it intends to do it better if it ever had the chance to govern the country. Statement after statement, all the APC pours out are bile, hate insult and low-quality propaganda from the stable of its Goebbelian ilk and Chemical Ali breed.

In the same vein, APC leaders have continued to make inflammatory utterances tailored to incite hatred and violence and ultimately balkanize our nation. The series of threats by APC leaders ahead of the 2015 general election and the announcement by their National Chairman that they will form a parallel government should they lose the 2015 presidential election clearly point to their anti-Nigeria agenda.

With nothing to offer the country as a party conceived in perfidy and born in opportunism, they strive every now and then to look for scandals to feast on while attempting to corrupt all the institutions of accountability to shield the many maggots that dominate the ranks of its top chieftains.

It boggles the mind how a party where a kilometer of road costs N1billion in states under its control by companies linked to one of its henchmen as against less than N50m when PDP governors were in charge looks outside its house for scandals. What can be more scandalous than 20% of the Internally Generated Revenue in its richest state going into the pockets of one of the party owners consistently for over 16 years now?  Yet, the poster boys of greed are today chanting “change” in our country!

This corrosive outfit has done so much harm to our polity that words have lost their meanings. For example calling themselves “progressives” is the greatest oxymoron in our political lexicon since amalgamation. Their major criterion for anyone to be a progressive is having one or two headlines of insults heaped on the President and PDP officers.  As an elder statesman succinctly puts it, if a group of armed robbers held a press conference to abuse President Jonathan, the APC leaders would go and beg them to become their “navigators”.

Indeed, the PDP had looked forward to a robust opposition that will constructively engage on issue-for -issue and policy-for-policy debate on nation building only for the APC to expose its hollowness as an ‘Anarchic Peoples Club’.

We trust that Nigerians are too politically sophisticated to be hoodwinked into swapping our Transformation Agenda with Janjaweed politics garnished with pedestrian rabble-rousing.

When these forged progressives come to town invoking the imagery of violence, preaching hate and marching on our fault lines, let the patriotic people of Nigeria ask: “Progressive’ Politicians, where is your  roadmap to progress?”


Olisa Metuh

National Publicity Secretary, PDP


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    What is this rambling about? APC is playing its role as the main opposition party. The moment the ruling party is happy with it, the opposition has lost its relevance. And Mr. Metuh sir, there are just too many scandals in this Administration that only an ineffective opposition will not feast on these scandals.

    • Femi

      Just too many scandals that before you say “JONA” they’ve committed another one.


        You put it even better than me!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Seriously, guys.

          You have said it all in so many few words.

          I can understand why a PDP spokesperson would keep tripping on his own lips! If he was Pinocchio, by now he would not be able to get onto a Molue or Okada without disturbing the driver.

  • Sanusi Hammari

    Shut up mad man

  • Sanusi Hammari

    I wonder why PDP is mentioning scandals again after all SA have reveals everything for us this administration attract bad image before d international community, Sir we are still waiting Gov to answer questions raised against not PDP but if u have d answer tender it Gej have already kill Nigeria administration of diversity bunch of losers

  • Olu Ade

    Was this really a statement issued by a publicist? It is just pure rambling, Can PDP truly accuse any other group of being corrupt? Did you think we forgot that your PDP president Jona said, “Stealing is not Corruption.” Please give me a break, Nigerians are not falling for this!

    PDP started calling the opposition names- Janjaweed, anarchist (even in this statement), Islamic party, Boko Haram supporters, dividing Nigerians along religious and ethnic lines for election purpose. PDP is devoid of any ideology, all they do is fill their pockets…

    Only in Nigeria can a party like this continue to exist despite all the monumental failures.

    • uddy

      God bless you. Sometimes, I wonder how PDP made Olisa Metuh their spokesman. His releases are always without bite

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    President Goodluck Jonathan and PDP are doing great disservice to Nigeria by ignoring APC and allowing APC to exist on it’s own terms.

    APC is the greatest threat to National Security that Nigeria has ever faced.

    The right thing to do is to crush APC beyond recognition ……… patriotism demands that APC should have been obliterated from the surface of the earth …… look at what Sisi did to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt ….. APC deserves something far worse.

    The idea of treating something as dangerous as APC with kid-gloves …… PDP issuing Press Statements on the horrendous activities of APC instead of conducting a DECISIVE, RUTHLESS, AND COMPREHENSIVE operation wipe-out APC ………… makes me think that many are yet to come to terms with the fact that APC is the greatest threat ever to Nigeria national security since independence in 1960.

    A stitch in time saves nine !!!

    • King Carlos

      ahh this is Reuben Abatialapa… asiri e ti tu

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    We are witnessing the unravelling and death throes of the fabric of lies that hold up PDP!

    Mr. Metuh’s statement is like the lashing out of a mortally wounded poisonous snake that is bent on taking whatever is near enough along on its journey to hades.

    He is throwing all the venom that PDP can gather into one sting in the hope that it would not only stick, but kill.

    Sadly, or happily, Nigerians can now see clearly through the “one-scandal-a-day” PDP-led FGN!

    If we fail to do the needful in 2015, we can only blame ourselves.

    • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

      This press release is obviously for the objective readers not APC’s partisan hacks.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        The subjective, jaundiced, myopic and uncritical would have been more appropriate as choices of word as opposed to “objective”.

        The thrash spewed out in the name of Press release can only carry weight with political thugs and unthinking area boys, who doubles as internet trolls in the evening.

        • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

          Hackery is your devotion. You can fire more missiles but it doesn’t change that. You are a hack to your chief thug, Tinubu who chased away Gani Fawehinmi from the high court with his area boys like you.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            How puerile, but not disappointing.

            Don’t change the subject of an incompetent, scandal prone and scandal regime of highway robbers that we are discussing here.

            Everyday was for the thieves, now we have the days for ordinary Nigerians. More of the evils of this regime will be exposed sooner, rather than later.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            Engage the post and quit hackery. What is APC vision for Nigeria? answer that or bugger off. If you are looking for scandal, go see Alpha-beta and Ikuforiji. You came to distort the release with your usual diversion.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            How market?

            What is the going rate per lie posted, Pastor Wendelin?

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            the same rate Tinubu is paying you for your hackery. Again what is APC’ vision for NIgeria. election is 4 months away. Answer that or bugger off, minion.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            I leave you to enjoy your buggery!

            PDP is shafting you mercilessly and you are here you squealing like a stabbed pig!

          • King Carlos


          • I Hate Sycophant Truly

            A Glance At APC’s Manifesto:
            Promises Independent EFCC, 40,000MW Of Electricity, More:

            The All Progressives Congress (APC) 31 page manifesto, which was distributed to
            leaders and elders of APC at a stakeholders’ meeting in Abuja, presided over by
            its Interim National Chairman, Chief Bisi Akande, has pledged to address the
            problems facing the development of the country.

            The manifesto reads in part: “APC in Government shall muster the political will
            to wage strident War Against Corruption; otherwise our post-oil economy will be

            “It is our considered view that none of our cardinal programmes will succeed if
            the current level of corruption and looting going on in the land is allowed to

            “We shall strengthen and make independent the EFCC, ICPC and other anti-graft
            agencies and repeal the laws which inhibit their independence.

            “We shall embark on public sensitisation campaign and civic education against
            corruption in schools and town halls.

            “We Shall encourage civil society organisations, advocacy groups and
            whistle-blowers in the anti-graft vanguard.

            “We shall stop the corruption of our electoral process by making Independent
            National and State Electoral Commissions (INEC) truly independent.

            “We shall establish special courts for corruption, after due and thorough
            review of the Penal Code.

            “To actualise this, we shall make the appointment of the chairman and top
            officials of National and State Electoral Commissions public as enunciated in
            the Uwais Electoral Reform Report.

            “On all election matters, the burden of proof shall rest with the Electoral
            Commissions.”The party also said it would enhance politics and governance with
            reforms through more accountability and transparent process.

            The party said: “APC will prevent abuse of executive, legislative and public
            offices through greater accountability, transparency and strict enforcement of
            anti-corruption laws whilst strengthening all anti-corruption agencies.

            “Amend the constitution to remove immunity from prosecution for elected
            officers in criminal cases.

            “Ensure full implementation of the Freedom of Information Act so that
            government held data sets can be requested and used by the media and the public
            at large and then published on regular basis.”

            On Federalism, the manifesto added: “APC will initiate action to amend our
            constitution with a view to devolving powers, duties and responsibilities to
            states and local governments in order to entrench Federalism and the Federal

            On power, APC has pledged to generate and distribute up to 40,000 Megawatts of
            electricity in four to eight years. The manifesto said: “Power is the
            centre-point of the development process. All other indices of development
            anchor on power and energy. The failure to make power supply efficient has
            impacted negatively on the economy. It has made the cost of production and
            business high and has invariably raised the cost of agricultural produce and
            other finished goods and services thereby thwarting the growth of our economy.

            “The crisis in the power sector is one of the major causes of the present
            collapse of the industrial sector and the inability of small-scale industries
            to thrive. To kick-start industrial growth in the country, stable and
            affordable power supply is an absolute necessity.

            “The APC Government shall vigorously pursue the expansion of electricity
            generation and distribution of up to 40,000 megawatts in four to eight years.
            The party will also work assiduously at making power available from renewable
            energy sources, such as coal, solar, hydro, wind and biomass for domestic and
            industrial use, wherever these prove viable.

            “As a matter of pressing priority and urgency, tackle the paralysing lapses
            with electric power generation, distribution and supply. Resolve all stalemate
            around the reform of the power sector and develop a transparently agreed power
            generation and distribution milestones with clear timelines and targets.
            Liberalise the monopoly of the Federal Government in power generation and

            “We shall devolve much of power and energy to the private sector.The gas and
            thermal stations will particularly be encouraged to increase their supply
            capacities. Alternative power sources, including hydro, solar, coal and wind
            energy will be explored and developed. Regular Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) of
            existing facilities will be done to ensure steady and uninterrupted utility supply.An
            aggressive and efficient tariff/ revenue recovery system will be pursued.

            “All avenues of waste, corruption and abuse will be checked. Rural
            electrification will continue to be encouraged.Improve management efficiency of
            the nation’s distribution system, improve commitment to consumer service and
            sensitise a national energy conservation and maintenance culture on electricity
            supply.Regarding national security and defence.

            APC said it would decentralise the police and expand its local content to include
            community policing.The manifesto said: “APC will urgently address capacity
            building of law enforcement agents in terms of quantity and quality as this is
            critical in safeguarding the sanctity of lives and property.

            “Establish a well-trained, adequately funded, equipped and goals driven Serious
            Crime Squad to combat terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery, militancy,
            ethno-religious and communal clashes nationwide.

            “Begin widespread consultations to amend the constitution to decentralise the
            police command and expand local content by including community policing.

            “Push for more support in the security and economic stability of the sub-region
            (ECOWAS) and AU as a whole and maintain a strong, close and frank relationship
            with the international community.

            “Take renewed measures to secure our borders, which are currently too porous
            for effective control of…“Take renewed measures to secure our borders which are
            currently too porous for effective control of unwarranted movement. Establish a
            National Coast Guard to protect our coastal waters.”

            Concerning the economy, APC in its manifesto, said it would make “Nigerian
            economy one of the fastest growing emerging economies in the world achieving a
            real GDP growth averaging 10 per cent annually.

            “Embark on vocational training, entrepreneurial and skill acquisition scheme
            for graduates along with the creation of small Business Loan Guarantee Scheme
            to create at least 1million new jobs every year, for the foreseeable future.

            “Create additional middle-class of at least 1 million new home owners in our
            first year in government and 1 million annually thereafter, by enacting a
            national mortgage system that will lend at single digit interest rates for
            purchase of owner occupier houses.”

            Credit: APC Fan Club – Worldwide

            With all these in mind and done to the last letter Nigeria on the right path.

        • israel amulum

          Look unable no dey work this morning

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Thought you were already at work!

    • Okey

      He said, in one APC state “a kilometer of road costs N1billion in states under its control by companies linked to one of its henchmen” and I add, that road was/is not in a swampy area and the records of the contract award is in govt offices. Please, say it is a lie. Olisa Metu said also that “20% of the Internally Generated Revenue in its richest state going into the pockets of one of the party owners consistently for over 16 years now?” Again, please say, it is lie. Unlike Liar Mohammed that copies his “truth” from Nairaland, grant that Metu is a serious character. Please, disprove his assertions unless you are the obedient fly that follows the corpse to the grave in order to disprove the fact of death.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


        200 plus girls missing for how many months?

        $9.something in raw cash seized?

        Another $5.something seized again?

        6th Richest President in Africa and “all earned from being an undistinguished civil servant?

        Best pally with boko haram founder and sponsor?

        List of 1000 potential victims for assassination?

        Scared to walk freely over his own territorial domain?

        Supervising the most corrupt government ever in Nigeria?

        Looting and corruption just plain stealing?

        Known consort of drug dealers and felon running from international law?

        Fielding murder suspects for gubernatorial elections?

        Stifling democratic challenge through blackmail involving freedom to steal public funds and not be accountable to law just to allow ‘nomination’?

        International pariah?

        Gun running?

        Religious and ethnic bigot?

        Shoeless 419?

        Are you guys just plain brainless or not tired of this shameless dance of shame?

        • King Carlos

          Please tell them….
          Corruption is different from stealing

          if any money is missing America will know

          Jonathan is the king of gaffes. He can’t give what he doesn’t have.. never

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            By their fruits shall we know them indeed.

            In 2011, he claimed he was shoeless and deceived the more gullible among us.

            Now they have seen and harvested the sad and bitter fruits of a once shoeless President and are saying ‘No’ but some asinine human beings are trying to force him down our throats!

            Bruv, I tire for these human goats o!

        • Okey

          face the mirror, these are all apc is bring to the table: Chicago certificates (international crime, 419), muslims to vote those who will defend their faith and to install sharia with last blood in their vein(religious bigotry), transfer of Chibok girsl to cpa military wing (boko haram as political weapon), alpha beta “consultants”, etc. Please, just look at the mirror.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Okey, if these are all you can throw, why do you expect me to respond to such infantile and juvenile wailing?

            Come up with something cogent, please!

            We can have a debate if it is tangible.

          • Okey

            Really ? Quite surprising ! That you detest your own domain, terrain and method ? Unbelievable !

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Okey, the more inchoate and incoherent gibberish you spew out, the less reasonable you come across.

            Like I stated earlier, if you want us to look at matters dispassionately, you would need to come back with a better articulated position.

          • Okey

            “articulated position” really !

        • emmanuel

          If you are literate enough, you should have asked for the documents tendered by Sanusi on $49, $20, and $10 billion. Unfortunately, it is only in climes like ours where public officers operate through tue rumour millis that Sanusi could get away with such rubbish.

          An Islamic scholar who could only support his claim with letter to the president and not relevant documents, even when he sat before the Senate, is a disgrace to modern statehood.

          Biko tell the world what is to be spent on the Lagos Ibadan Expressway of over 100 kilometers, eight lane, super thick Road?

          For your information, tue Logistics of managing tue flow of traffic on that road while the job is on, is so expensive, so add that to what common sense should tell you

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            On the contrary, Emmanuel.

            You have displayed your lack of exposure to what is expected of good governance.

            How many vehicles ply the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway daily for you to insinuate that this is what is hampering repair efforts on same road? Do you have a clue how many vehicles travel up and down M class roads daily? And do you think that affects the need to maintain these roads? Please get some education and exposure.

            And talking about education; you appear to describe me as sub-literate which I find amusing.

            Were I to be deserving of the type of educational upgrade as you insinuated, I would rather remain as I am than have a “teacher” like you trying to teach me nonsense.

            Your mental development, as far as I can adduce from what and how you write, appear to have been arrested at the point when you reached the age of puberty.

          • emmanuel

            It is very clear that you are a LIE sorrugate.

            Na for where I tell you that the Lagos Ibadan Expressway way job is hampered?

            Are you so satanic to turn my comment to your favours. Ohhhhh, so that road does not bear heavy traffic?

            Hmmmm? You are a problem unto yourself.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


          • emmanuel

            My comments, you can attest are true reflection of a sophisticated and well informed Nigerian.

            I have not seen any class in your write ups, which confirms your Ogba NUJ shabby exposures.

            Imagine you twisting simple description of the road I mentioned because of your low intelligence and exposure. If na road mata, I know pass you.

            My friend, Yaya Abatan and Afromedia roads na wetin? E be like say thievery sef dey your blood.

            For your information, I do not get paid like you for making my comments!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            Seems I got you below the belt you had to respond to my post twice within two hours!

            Apologies if your shrivelled and dried up scrotal sacs were pummelled!


          • Tonnero

            You? Sophisticated? Well informed? Hahahahahahaha! Good joke.

      • Tonnero

        Why would anyone bother to say it is a lie? Is it not the same PDP that said APC was sponsoring BH only for one Davis to come along and make that story stale? Is it not the same PDP that said APC wanted Ebola to continue simply because APC asked them not to take credit for stopping Ebola away from the people who actually put their time and lives at risk? If your clueless id!ot is convinced a crime has been committed, he should investigate, arrest and try. After all, Tinubu is no longer covered by immunity. In any case, how can a man who pardons convicted thieves, installs indicted persons as governor and party chair, gives Sanni Abacha a national award, says stealing is not corruption, does not give a damn about declaring his assets, acts as if nothing is wrong when N1.2 trillion is spent on subsidy and $20b is unaccounted for, how can that kind of person convince anyone? The same folks who are breaking laws of other countries by ferrying loads of cash with declaring same. In other climes, one or two of these scandals would have brought down his administration. The only surprise is that there are still some like you who want to stand in his corner. Good luck to you and your likes.

        • Okey

          bunkers !


    Name calling and blame game all started by PDP. That is if some of you have good retentive memory. Again if we should be fair to Metu, he has earned for himself the position of been a clueless, reckless and highly immature in all his presentations ever since he assume office as PDP spokesman. like it or leave it, Nigerians are tired of the good for nothing rulling party.

  • King Carlos

    “There has not been one press statement in which the APC had taken up any major policy issue by the PDP and offered Nigerians how it intends to do it better if it ever had the chance to govern the country. ” Olisah

    Metuh also said that the APC has released 117 press statements, that means the statements have been hard on PDP that explains why they never lost count.

    On the other hand, even though the APC politicians are also guilty of some things in the states they govern, i’ll prefer to go with them rather than the PDP that has brought nothing but embarrasment, poverty, killings and corruption to the people. APC clearly understands governance better than the PDP. Also, Olisah Metuh should have found a better way to attack the APC and not use Bola Tinubu, using Bola Tinubu as an attack on them has become stale and doesn’t make any sense now, due to the presence of big political wigs in the APC like Atiku, Buhari and co.

    Ilisah Metuh should remember that PDP is the party in power and Nigerians expect more from them.

    • emmanuel

      Yinka Odumakin took Aloa Akala of the PDP to court for spending N89 million for 1 Kilometer of Road, but you masters have defied both Engineering, Financial, Economic, Political, Moral, Religious, Bench mark, Best practice common sense by spending N1billion for 1 Kilometer of Road.

      Oga, biko follow them to your self destruction. Nigerians will not go with you!

      • israel amulum

        Na so

  • King Carlos

    Metuh just missed a chance to win the hearts of Nigerians for his party, he should have been persuasive in his statement and not abusive, Thats why this man can never be compared to Lai Muhammed.

    • emmanuel

      LIE mohammed is a failure by all standard, because no one takes his stories serious anymore except for the gullible, paid party agents and less enlightened Nigerians

      Imagine the publicity Secretary of a big party asking that the government should give tue name of the two Nigerians involved in the South African Arms deal.

      My questions to him – was the Israeli involved named by the FG? Does LIE not pride himself as a seasoned Journalist? Why not seek out the identities himself rather than deliberately use someones name to instigate a reaction? Agreed, we all know LIE as a serial liar, but he should slow down

    • the truth

      I have always said you are a failure to the highest degree.metuh sure can’t be compared with lie lie Mohammed because your mentor always insults the presidency,gets his source from a gossip paper and addresses hoodwinks like you who take it to the bank.Why didn’t u address the issues raised by metuh on those mouth watering contracts.like your profile pic u are not to be taking seriously

      • Tonnero

        You this id!otic “neutral” guy. The best thing for you is probably a dirty slap. A ruling party which indulges in heaping insults on the opposition rather than actually working. It is the opposition’s job to criticize and proffer counter-positions while it is the job of the ruling party to govern. You morons spend all your time arguing instead of freeing the Chibok girls, ending Boko Haram, solving the security issues, fixing electricity, fixing roads etc. I spent the whole day Tuesday traveling by road from Abuja to Port Harcourt via Sapele and Warri. Apart from a few areas near Gwagwalada, I had to ask fellow passengers where the road improvement I read from TAN were. Death trap and back breakers all the way. It was even worse in Bayelsa and Rivers States! True, it may have been like that in 2007 but must we wait for another 14 years to get it fixed? I do not even want to talk of corruption and the constant efforts of your party to divide Nigerians along ethnic and religious lines. We have never heard APC call PDP a ” Christian or Muslim” party or Jonathan as a Southerner with a “born to loot” mentality.Yet you guys do not want any criticism. You want APC to hail you as the best thing since sliced bread. You must all be mad.

  • me

    Metuh is lying through his nose. Has he forgotten how the APC gave you advise on Boko Haram, Chibok girls, National conference etc? I am so sad that this man can not be corrected by his own children. He can not and is not able to make a complete statement without fibs!

  • True Nigerian

    Mr Metuh, for you and your “ruling” party, it is “Politics, politics, politics all the time! Senseless and meaningless political statements all the time! That’s what you talk about. When on earth are you going to start talking on Policy? When in your useless wasteful lives are you going to start pointing at your policies?

    South Africa has just announced that it will have another 27,000 MW of electricity supply by 2018. It currently has more than 40,000MW. Conversely, after 16 years in power and in a period when Nigeria has earned more than ever in its history, you and your “ruling” party cannot boast of 4,000 megawatts or maybe you can boast of it (which shows what a bunch of mediocres you are). In that period, the electricity bills in Nigeria have doubled…all in exchange for darkness in the name of your rotten privatisation schemes. Yet, here you are doing what you do best – name-calling, empty words, abusive attitude to your legitimate opponents and totally disgusting rhetoric about how you have been winning elections – in this same country where votes have counted in less than 3% of its elections since 1999.

    I feel disgusted by your empty rhetoric! And if you must know, I am not a member of APC and will never be. I am just a Nigerian that still has my brains in my skull and my conscience still in tact. I am a citizen of the country you and your peers have been raping and destroying. I am angry!

    • emmanuel

      It is good you talked about electricity, please go tell Atiku and his generator business to allow Nigeria grow power production. Mikano, Mikano, Mikano. That is how to be a progressive person cum politician.

      How long did it take us to curb Ebola when both APC and PDP joined hands with other Nigerians?

      This is a good message for all Nigerians to read and have a deep thought about those who frustrate the nation in the name of seeking power.

      The PDP in the past couple of years has become more of a modern political party, while the APC daily get closer to looking like a typical Middle East Country renegade political group that operates with blackmail and violence.

      • True Nigerian

        You probably don’t know it, but your reply validates my argument about the medicority of PDP. You are asking me to tell Atiku and his generator importation business to “allow” Nigeria to grow electric power. That is absolutely ridiculous, if not that is also extremely annoying. In essence you are saying, “some vested personal interests in the country is standing in the way of electricity generation; we know the faces
        behind those vested interests, but Nigerians should go and beg them to allow us to do good for the country”. That is a scandalous abdication of duty. It means you should stop calling yourself a ruling party. Such a government should have no business in governance. It is the same thoughtless reasons provided by government as to why boko haram is still a problem. The government essentially says, “we know them, but we are afraid of touching them; they are devised at making Nigeria ungorvernable for us, but what can we do to them?” It is senseless admission of incompetence, cowardice and incapacity? And this is a government that sent the army to kill more than 20 innocent non-violent protesters in January 2012 for asking questions about the mindless fuel subsidy fraud that helped a few cronies of the government to steal N2 trillion from the country. And they are still walking freely as we speak.

        Just look at the failure of your thoughtless argument. The government started by saying that privatisation will restore electricity, and then after privatisation and trippling of the bills for impoverished Nigerians, you
        then remember that Atiku is a generator importer with the “almighty” power to stop a government from implementing its policy if indeed such a government is keen and competent to implement such a policy. Overall, your argument is ridiculous!

        • emmanuel

          Sorry, I am not a PDP person.

          Jonathan is not a ruthless fellow, yet he is gradually achieving results. Anything done to an opposition person in the name of getting the country run smoothly is political emasculation.

          Jonathan knows so well that the capitalist who now own the power companies would rightly tackle competition and I am sure economic interest would take care of itself over time. Smart men do not break the law to implement it and that is how Jonathan seem to handle issues.

          Imaginee if he sent the three Boko Haram state governors away through state of emergency? The system would have been on fire from the APC.

          You all hailed OBJ for such obnoxious practices, but he is today tue most disliked and worst presidents in Nigeria.

          I beg make we hear word.

          • True Nigerian

            According to you, the whole country would be on fire if Jonathan does implements the law against a criminal who happens to be member of the opposition. Is Mohammed Abacha a member of the opposition? So why were all criminal charges withdrawn from a man that stole more than $7b from the country?

            What you don’t know is that some products are so bad that they cannot be sold, except to the blind, which is exactly what most voters in Nigeria are – and that is why Jonathan can still look at his horrendous record and consider himself fit for for electoral purposes.

            You say Jonathan is making some changes. Have you ever seen a government on earth that does not make some good changes? If you to Uganda, you will see the good changes Idi Amin made whilst he was also murdering Ugandans and destroying the country. IBB did some wonderful things, didn’t he? But he is still one of the worst things to ever happen to this country. But I can understand you. If your criteria is so low, I can’t help your impressionability.

          • emmanuel

            Wait for your 2015 Valentine present and you would recant your manipulative scripts

          • Jika


    • TK

      I am also a Nigerian that still has my brains in my skull and my conscience still in tact; nobody will ever deceive me again, same situation for 16 years (angry)

  • Weeping Nigerian

    APC state governors are performing better than your raggedy azz, bandwagon of PDP thieves.

  • Mr. Abdin

    PDP as a party has lost control it can not do anything it seems the party is confused on how to tackle its own problems, metuh need to not that PDP crisis is not over since they have endorsed Jonathan as their sole candidate and the same time trying to stop Governors from following suites. They should stop deceiving Nigerians. APC cannot be compared to PDP because the party has performed at states level.

  • Truthometer

    PDP is a nest of barbaric killers, callous treasury looters and unrepentant election riggers.

  • TopeLamas

    Such a useless nd meaningless write up, Nigerians v had enough of pdp for like 15 years we r still on one spot, who den is d loser here, pdp is d biggest loser i know, d pple deserve a change enough of dis emere we cal president nd with d pple in Apc, dey v held on to dere integrity since time immemorial nd we bliv dey v what it takes to save Nigeria.

  • Abate Dokpu

    Olisa Metuh? Who is this thing? You open your mouth to condemn APC for preaching hate and divisiveness? Your dumb, inept, lethargic, and clueless Jonathan has done all in his power to divide Nigeria along religious lines because he thinks that Christians will fall for his antics and vote for him. But we know better. We know that Jonathan is corrupt, parochial, tribalistic, and an ethnic jingoist. Is your Jonathan Christlike? He chooses the church to make highly divisive and inflammatory statements. Even you Metuuuuuh just betrayed your divisive antics by referring to the APC as Janjaweed. All that you and the PDP have done in the past 16 months is to try to cast APC as a muslim party but your cheap propaganda is not working because Nigerians know better.

    All the time, you make wild allegations against Tinubu. Where is your proof? If you have proof that Tinubu is corrupt and is stealing public funds, what happened to your EFCC? When Tinubu put his life on the line and went on exile in the fight to restore democracy in Nigeria, where were you and your Jonathan? I remember clearly the your Ikimi was serving the vilest regime in Nigeria as Minister of Foreign Affairs and going round the world to justify the judicial murder of Ken Saro Wiwa.

    Talking about inflated contracts? Ask your Uduaghan of Delta state who used billions of Naira to break rocks close to the most expensive airport in Nigeria. You are ……

    • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

      You have spoken well. Oya go collect your money from alpha-beta and ikuforiji, good boy.

  • gboromiro

    The question here is, if GEJ and PDP know so much about Tinubu, why act helplessly, like they are incapable of prosecuting him. They hold the prosecutorial instruments as the ruling party. Should we call that indolence or incompetence, plain propaganda? Also, were we to go by ‘Olosi Meran’s logic, it would be so they can use him to abuse and embarras the opposition party? Ode…LWKMD

  • Nwokolo

    Metuh, time is running out! Panic response. Na today!!!

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    If there is any party that have divided this country the more on ethnic and religion lines is PDP by name calling APC Janjaweed, Anarchist, Boko Haram, Religion Party, Islamic Party and so many divisive names that can arouse hate and bitter mind between ethnic groups and religious lines.