Why “ponmo” consumption is dangerous to health — Official


The Director-General, Nigerian Institute of Leather Science and Technology (NILEST), Zaria, Isuwa Adamu on Tuesday warned against the consumption of animal hides and skin known locally as “ponmo”.

Dr. Adamu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that the consumption of the product as meat substitute was dangerous to health.

According to him, scientifically, ponmo does not have any nutritional value to human health.

“n fact, it is not advisable for you to consume ponmo in the sense that some of the animals killed and used for ponmo actually have skin diseases.

“Some of these skin diseases are such that boiling them ordinarily, may not kill the bacteria,’’ Mr. Adamu said.

He added that some of the animals killed had been ill and undergoing injections but the rearers went ahead to kill them, leaving the buyers vulnerable to chemicals in the animal skin.

“Some of the animals because of the ailments that they have gone through, are sometimes treated by way of injection with chemicals.

“People don’t allow these chemicals to complete its cycle and be removed from the body; they sometimes go ahead to kill these animals.

“So, if you consume the ponmo, the tendency is that you are consuming the chemicals directly because the skin part of the animal retains most of the harmful substances.

“Remember your skin is the major protective organ of your body and your skin harbours so many of the harmful things that are supposed to penetrate into your body,’’ he explained.

He added that the skin of animals harbour so many of the harmful waste materials that the body secretes and boiling only could not remove some of those wastes.

The NILEST boss said the institute was putting up efforts to sensitise the public and advise governments on policies that will help to reduce the consumption of animal skin to the barest minimum.

According to him, ponmo consumption is a national and traditional issue that just putting up laws may not really help to stop it.

Mr. Adamu advised the government to come up with policies that could be enforced to reduce the consumption of hides and skin as meat substitute.

He added that this would enhance the quality and quantity of raw hides and skin that are available to meet the demands of the tanneries.



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  • gymer

    Na lie jo. Leave Pomo for us.

  • Datti

    Which medical school did this one attend?

    • fk

      Hides & Skin School of Medicine Health Sciences

    • fk

      Hides & Skin School of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • Funso Famuyiwa

    Speculative Nonsense and Scare mongering.
    This official, with clearly vested interests should please provide evidence from Published Scientific studies to confirm and corroborate these pronouncements. While it is indeed conceivable ( anything is possible in life) that there may be “contamination” of some sort , there is a need for concrete data that this is so. I think the probability is Low, given the wide consumption of Ponmo in our society and for so long for that matter. Intuitively, our people would have detected it themselves long ago. Never underestimate the profundity of “Native Intelligence”.
    Heck, I am 70 years old and I have been eating Ponmo since I started wearing Pata and that goes for many others. Furthermore, as a retired Professor of Medicine, I and others in the Medical field never came across any Study remotely connecting Ponmo with any ailment. So, Please – “A beg, Lef am alone o”.

  • Joy

    The malu skin is contaminated but not the meat right?

  • Diaspora

    Bacon, popular in the U.S. and Europe is pig skin . Burger with bacon is eaten daily as breakfast. Macdonald serve burger with bacon and cheese so also is Burger King. I like Ponmo, stop the bullshit.

  • Felix Udoh

    I am with you on this. The guy at National human rights commission is talking Baloney.

  • Isaac

    Honestly, I had thought the man was educated and a detriblized Nigerian. Armed robbers sometimes disguise themselves in police and army uniforms. This does not always mean that these are policemen and soldiers. By the same token, probably those kidnappers are “Yoruba men dressed in Fulani attire”. Who knows? FFK, I believe you can think better than that.

    • Drone

      There is no logic in your thinking. The herdsmen problem is a HUGE problem already in North Central.

  • Rumournaire

    This is one issue on which I am completely with FFK. The whole idea of nomadic cattle rearing is archaic. Add to that the fact that these herdsman kill, maim and kidnap for ransom. Two brothers from Northern Edo State left Lagos for their home town just before last Christmas. Both were kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen. The herdsmen only spoke Fulani/Hausa and insisted that any negotiator for the release of these men must speak Hausa. Fulani herdsmen are evil, and the earlier southerners banned them the safer for the south. I would not mind if OPC puts up a violent resistance against the herdsmen so they stop coming to the South West. We should all get off beef and get used to eating seafood and poultry.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Nigeria’s wrecking-Crew are desperate to use anything and anyone as their recruiting Sergeant-Major for stalling or derailing the wind of change blowing in Nigeria. How can anyone but an implacable enemy of Nigeria be opposed to what President Buhari and his Team are trying to achieve in Nigeria? For example, how come Fani Kayode does not have even one article condemning corruption in his entire portfolio? Fani-kayode shows a total lack of respect for our intelligence as Nigerians by appealing to our emotions rabbiting on about the Fulanis – in deluded imagination to thereby spark ethnic violence that would distract from our fight against corruption. By these articles and past EFCC records, Fani Kayode has only succeeded at proving his CHAMPIONSHIP of Nigeria’s PRO-CORRUPTION WRECKING-CREW. Any young person or Nigerian agrees with Fani-kayode at their own peril.

    • Temilade

      Imagine cows entering your compound from where you are currently typing this ass-lick message?Why not address the issue? Have you been living under a stone? This issue is in the news every week for the past few years. Farmers are murdered on their own land and no one does anything about it. Then you come here to start chanting Buhari. Buhari is not the issue here… We are talking about a practice that cannot work in modern times.. nomadic pastoralism… it willl only lead to blood and more blood…..BTW, I was happy GEJ lost… but i also know that despite the ‘anti-corruption’ stance, Buhari remains a bigot…. I have nothing against prosecution of anyone… pdp, apc, accord….. But pls be honest with yourself on this issue. Fulani herdsmen and their practices will lead to more violence…. let them start ranching…..

    • stanejike

      Why are we afraid to face facts in this country? Who in Nigeria doesn’t know that these Fulani herdsmen have become obnoxious to all around them? Why attack FFK for daring to speak out, even if it offends some demi-gods? Why this slavery mentality?

  • Biola

    FEMI IS RIGHT! YORUBAS.. WAKE UP!!! DO WE STILL HAVE ELDERS? GEN AKINRINADE, ADEBAYO, ETC… WHERE ARE YOU? If you say yo are an elder in Yoruba land, and we dont hear your voice on this issue now…. When the violence escalates… may the blood be on your heads

  • Adekanbi

    Yorubas in their villages should start organizing militia to deal with the Fulani problem… Yoruba elite… please arm the defenders of your land. Fulani have destroyed and taken over the NC already. Their defenders will soon come online to divert attention. Buhari is one of them and will never come up with a reasonable solution… defend yourselves

  • Rotimi

    Yorubas should bring in the international media into this early. otherwise, the crafty Fulanis will start propaganda and twist the story through BBC Hausa

  • Aliyu

    Nomadic pastoralism and ‘grazing land’ do not belong in this century. It will only lead to conflict. It is lack of intelligence that makes an ethnic group think they can dominate other people’s land using armed illiterate herdsmen. This means Fulanis are not thinking about their future survival and relationship with other groups. Their actions will only breed hatred and hostility.

  • Tunde Bolu

    Yoruba roonuuuuu!!!! think, strategize and organize. It is a fact that Ilorin is a Yoruba town. It is also a fact that the town is being ruled by a Fulani emir… like ALL Hausa cities… even though the Fulani are not indigenous to Nigeria. The Fulani have a sinister agenda…. YORUBA ROONU!!!!

  • Say the truth

    Like him or hate him, he says his mind, direct and straight to your face. I agree there are so many fine, gentle, well uneducated, Fulani brothers and sisters. The bad eggs must be called to order by those who have responsibility to do so in the interest of peace. Like FFK rightly pointed out can Igbo or Yoruba go up north to do what these herdsmen are doing in the south for sometime now? The answer is no. Pray your vehicle does not break down on the long bridge before Berger in Lagos in the night, you will appreciate what FFK is saying. They rob, maim, rape and butcher their victims, as if something tell them they are untouchable. In the name of political correctness, lets us not sweep this under carpet. It must be addressed. A stich in time saves nine.

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    Buffoon! You do not think before you talk.

    Find a quiet corner, sit down and think about what you are saying…….follow your idea to its logical conclusion. If your intellect is capable, You will realize exactly what you are advocating. Keep it, don’t come back to inform us…………..in fact, don’t come back at all.

  • Oladimeji Ayodele

    I do not know why most of us (Nigerians) like deception. The message above has been part of the political system for long and here is a gentle man calling the attention of Nigerians (I mean interested one) to the scourge of barbarism on the part of Fulani herdsmen. I personally do not have issue with these group of people but the manner with which they carry along their commercial and social activities threaten the very existence of the Yorubas and other groups in the South. Somebody with sense of history (of which the writer and I are part of) should know the mechanisms of domination and usurpation that have been employed by Fulani for centuries within a geographical confine called Nigeria. Honestly, Youbas, Igbos and other concerned groups should raise the issue at National Assembly for proper attention. And I hope our President sees it as a national emergency rather than ethnic bigotry.

  • San Patch

    Basket mouth don open mouth again o o o o/

  • ademola Obele

    why will you use your voice to preach hate? …

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      Had he never held office before, we would have dismissed his comments as an ignorant statement, but this man was actually part of the Government until recently.

      What did the world only recently abolish in South Africa? here we are listening to a former Government official preaching Apartheid in Nigeria!
      It is not all bad. At the very least we can rest assured that he will never again occupy a Government office at the Federal level!

      • San Patch

        I wish I could be as assured as you that FFK, a dangerous clown, will never hold Federal Government office. Our country is a strange place.