Ebola: APC Frustrated By Nigeria’s Success – PDP

Olisa Metuh, Spokesman, PDP

The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has accused the APC of attempting to discredit the PDP-led Federal Government and relegate its efforts in the containment of the Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, in a statement on Sunday said the APC is frustrated and unhappy because Nigerians are happy with the PDP-led Federal Government for “the speed and energy with which it tackled the scourge and brought it under control.”

“We know that the APC prefers that the Ebola scourge continued unabated in Nigeria so as to have what to blame the PDP-led government for. Now that it has been contained, the APC is frustrated because the people are happy with President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP-led Federal Government for the proactive manner with which the disease was
confronted and overcame”, the party said.

The PDP insisted that the national success recorded on Ebola was because President Goodluck Jonathan refused to politicize the issue but took the bull by the horns through an aggressive multi-sectoral approach for treatment, awareness and control to the admiration of all Nigerians and the international community.

The ruling party said it was public knowledge that immediately the disease surfaced in the country, the PDP-led Federal Government swung into action and co-ordinated intervention efforts with the Lagos State Government, Nigerian medical personnel and international health organizations to bring it under control.

“The PDP makes bold to state that the multi-sectoral approach deployed by the Federal Government with the concerted collaboration of the Federal Ministries of Health, Aviation, Information, Education, Transport and other relevant agencies such as the Nigerian Immigration Service for intensive screening, quarantine and treatment efforts as
well as the massive awareness which ended the spread of the disease and resulted in its containment in our country.

“We are also amused by the contradictions in the APC’s statement in which it also commended the roles played by the Honorable Minister of Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu in the containment effort. We ask, is the minister not appointed and supervised by President Goodluck Jonathan? Is he not of the PDP? Or is the APC now trying to
appropriate him?

“Apart from concerted collaborations using the Federal Ministry of Health, it is on record that President Jonathan released N200 million each to Lagos and Rivers States to help in fighting the disease, including improvement of health facilities and public enlightenment
across board.

“At every point, the President recognized the efforts of all Nigerians especially the medical personnel including the brave and courageous Dr. Ameyo Stella Adedavoh and all the doctors and nurses who made sacrifices in containing the virus. It is also on record that at no
time did the PDP or the President relegate the contributions of the Lagos state government on Ebola.

“The President acknowledged the Nigerian Spirit which made the citizens to put their religious, political and ethnic differences aside in fighting this common enemy. This includes PDP national officers who personally and collectively engaged in various activities in containing the scourge including creating awareness through the #EBOLAIceBucketChallenge and personal financial donations while the APC was busy seeking political capital out of the unfortunate situation.

“However, what the APC must understand is that Nigerians and indeed the international community are happy with the President Goodluck Jonathan-led PDP administration on the rapid response and eventual containment of the Ebola Virus Disease, and no amount of propaganda and blackmail will take this away”, the PDP said.

Calling on Nigerians to be very wary of the APC propaganda mill, the PDP reminded how the opposition party attempted to gain political capital out of the unfortunate abduction of the Chibok schoolgirls, which happened because the APC state government refused to heed the advice of the Federal Ministry of Education against using the Chibok School as WAEC examination center. It said the success on Ebola was because the Federal Government swung into action not allowing any room for Nigerians to be misled by anybody.

The PDP therefore advised the APC “to learn to keep quiet if it has nothing to offer and desist from always trying to divide Nigerians by politicizing serious national issues for selfish and unpatriotic reasons.”

“Finally, we must continue to give the credit of the Ebola victory to the Nigerian spirit; the spirit that unites and bind us together through all our challenges as a people. Indeed, if we overcame Ebola, then we can overcome all our present challenges no matter how
insurmountable they may appear. We should therefore resist attempts to divide us and weaken the Nigerian spirit, the spirit that makes us different; the resilience that lies deep in our hearts, that reflects in our faces and for which we are respected by the entire world”, the
PDP said.


Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary


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  • Jojo


    First of all these two parties – PDP and APC – are a curse and a burden on Nigeria.
    Neither party shows thinking ability, sobriety, morality, honesty, or, clarity of thought.
    Here they are tussling like dogs over biscuits on a single and brief incident of Ebola.
    But the APC and PDP party appratchiks are so daft they do not reckon a resurgence.
    No raging virus overseas is ever permanently contained in any country in history.
    Raji Fashola and Olisa Metuh would need to go to school to learn ‘Thinking Methods’.

    • Clay

      You are hereby appointed their supervisory lecturer. Send in your cv quickly.

      • George B. Alabi

        @ Jojo:

        Nigeria is truly in trouble – but not just from the Muslims running amok and beheading,
        but also because Nigeria is in incompetent hands across the 36 states and in Abuja.
        The level of debate in the country is so childish and unworthy of attention, as you said.
        In that wholesome incompetence, Nigeria is thus totally deprived the wheel of progress.

        There’s no hope under APC or PDP because thought-process is the wheel of progress.

        There’s no strand of thought process laid out by the charlatans in either APC or PDP.
        After 14 years in office, both parties can’t be expected to suddenly become wise or smart.
        APC offers bluster instead, rather than sense, whilst PDP members talk through their hats.
        Nigeria’s tragedy thus looks complete in a country now cascading to the bottom of the abyss.

    • Wähala

      You are simply sick. In the absence of national political parties, the APC & PDP are all we have to deal with…
      Your are very crass. So, with all you know about “Thinking Methods” you have not thought of one disease borne by infectious virus that has can be eradicated with prompt medical intervention? Since you don’t know that certain diseases can be permanently contained… wait till you get gonococcus from the next hooker you rendezvous with sans protection. Dindirin!

      • The Revolutionary


        Every person who served in the government of Lagos state
        between June 1999 and now will shortly be sweating in detention until the
        financial account of forty (40) billion U.S dollars plus which Lagos state earned
        as revenue in that period is accurately rendered. Nobody will go scot-free with
        Lagos state’s $40 billion; ruin the state as it is, and, enjoy the loot. Impossible!

        Raji Fashola is still playing lightning rod for the rest of the criminal gang.

        But it is now a matter of time for each local government councillor or chairman,
        commissioner, adviser, governor, legislator, permanent secretary,
        civil service director, parastatal head, treasurer and accountant in Lagos
        state public service to be hauled into detention for theft investigation.

        • No Comment

          @ The Revolutionary:

          Theft has created a crass elite structure in Nigeria having no sensible member
          a Nigerian youth can look up to as innovative and morally upright role model amongst
          the treasury thieves prancing around in criminal garb in Lagos state as politicians.

  • Clay

    Gbam, you are correct.

    • By popular demand

      In Lagos state, it is also as clear as day that official theft kills hundred times more people

      on daily basis than the entire death toll from Ebola virus in the few weeks it spread in Lagos.

      • Duro Peters

        @ By Popular Demand:

        Yes, the real issue is not Ebola but theft perpetrated by the Islamic ACN/APC government

        Lagosians will have nowhere to run from the katakata of religious conflict Bola Tinubu caused.
        Yorubaland will never be the same again after this is done – the bastard in the house has grown up.
        Yoruba Christians surely now have a hell of fight on their hands to escape these Muslims’ ambush.

        • Fawe

          “In the 1999 Constitution, Sharia was mentioned 73 times, Grand Khadi 54 times,
          Islam 28 times, Muslims 10 times and there is no single mention of Christ,
          Christian, Christianity or church. Some mischievous elements are taking these
          lapses in the Constitution to come to the ungodly decision that probably that
          Nigeria is an Islamic state.

          “So what are Christians doing here? 100 of our churches were burnt down, Christians
          are being killed. In fact it has reached the stage of genocide. I will cite one
          example – In one denomination in Plateau State, the Women’s Fellowship as at
          2001 had 500 registered widows and by 2008, they had 900 registered widows. By
          February 2014, they had 25,000 registered widows.”

          ……………………….Bishop of Kafanchan Diocese of Catholic Church [Joseph Bagobiri]

          (March 31st, 2014)

          • Mrs. Flora Okezhime

            The proof of Lagos becoming an Islamic state is the bill working its way at the Lagos
            House of Assembly to make the wearing of the Hijab compulsory in all public schools in
            Lagos state. A year ago, Oshun state was the guinea pig of this invidious Islamic policy.

            The resulting fires in Oshun state are still smouldering. Had the Oshun state Islamic government

            got away with it, Lagos state government would have followed. Since 2003, the variant of Islamic

            state in Lagos has been the policy that the Lagos state governor must be Muslim, and, the Lagos’ attorney-general must also be Muslim.

          • femizy

            is Prof. Osibanjo a muslim, wasnt he the A.G of lagos state?? Is he not a pastor in RCCG? foools, speak the truth

  • Wähala

    Olisa Metuh and the PDP should not reap where they did not sow. Like Gov. Fashola said, the real heroes are Dr. Idris, the Health Commissioner of Eko; Dr. Stella Adedavoh and other medics who lost their lives in the frontline battle against Ebola. None was even honored by Dr. Dumbo while cooks, taxi drivers and dubious characters received national honors. If anything, it was the PDP and Dumbo who flaunted measures put in place by WHO against large gatherings by hosting TAN rallies in Ebola-threatened states at the height of the epidemic. The so-called Health Minister, Prof. Onyebuchi, was completely out of the loop with his contradicting daily-dose of nonsense about Ebola. I’m certain that if Ebola had broken out in PDP-controlled states, they would have milked it to steal Nigeria’s Treasury dry by allowing the disease to fester till after the elections… just as they’re milking the Boko Haram insurgency for political capital and raising campaign funds with a frivolous $1bn external loan ostensibly to fight the scourge. Ole Metuh should put his money where their mouth is and build & equip just one standard hospital in Nigeria so his fellow PDP stooges won’t have to travel abroad for minor medical treatment… after 15yrs. in power!

  • Funso Famuyiwa

    It blows the mind why Mr. Olise Metuh would politicize the problem of Ebola in Nigeria in such a crass way.
    Pray tell me, to which party do Govs. Raji Fashola and Rotimi Amaechi belong ? But more importantly, as Gov. Fashola made clear recently, the successful containment of Ebola in Nigeria transcends any single individual or political Party. He was careful to list ALL that participated in the remarkable co-operative efforts in Lagos State including the Cleaners that mopped the vomitus and feaces from the floor. These are the people that deserve our plaudits as well as those who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives while taking care of these Patients.
    It is tasteless politicking and crass opportunism for the PDP as a Party to take a “Victory lap” concerning this tragic event. But we all know that if Lagos and Rivers states had failed in their efforts to contain the disease, the PDP as a party would have been rejoicing at their failure and denied ownership of the Ebola problem.

    • ifebuche

      So all the while Liar Muhammed was nothing away on it against the ruling party you were deaf, dumb and daft right?

  • Bytekodes

    This Metuh Guy is sick…

    • emmanuel

      Your sickness is beyond redemption.

      Metuh stated the obvious.

      The APC and Lagos State government would have frustrated the efforts if knew the scourge would go away so quickly. It would have boosted their 2015 campaign manifesto. Sori o!

      Was is the Lagos State government than took care of the entry points into Nigeria, who handled national sensitisation, who tracked Enugu suspects etc?

      Why would the APC people stop behaving like illitrates?

  • Adem