Falana Asks Police Chief to arrest and try hoodlums who sacked Ekiti Court

Femi Falana

Senior lawyer and human rights campaigner, Femi Falana, late Friday in Lagos called on the Acting Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abbah, to “arrested and prosecuted without any delay” those who invaded an Ado Ekiti High Court, beat up a Judge, and violated the Court of Justice.

Mr. Falana put the blame on the “Ekiti state governor-elect, Mr. Ayo Fayose “ whom he said “has justified the shameful attack on the rule of law in Ekiti State by saying that his election cannot be challenged in court.”

“This is a reminder of the Idi Amin era in Uganda when judges were killed while discharging judicial functions” Mr. Falana urging that Mr. Fayose and his thugs should not be allowed to kill judges and lawyers before calling him to order.”

His full statement reads thus:

“In my reaction to the outcome of the Ekiti state governorship election held on June 21, 2014 , I expressed the view that the Ekiti people had gone back to Egypt. The mayhem unleashed on a high court judge, lawyers and litigants in the precint aaof the Ekiti State High Court sitting at Ado Ekiti on Monday, September, 23, 2014 by a gang of hired hoodlums has confirmed that the Ekiti people have fully returned to the wilderness.

“As the thugs were not brought to book they regrouped this morning and launched another attack on the High Court. In the process Justice Isaac Adeyeye was beaten up while the car of Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, a former President of the Nigerian Bar Association was destroyed. Other judges and lawyers ran for dear lives.

“Thus, by desecrating the temple of Justice with the connivance of the Police the armed lumpen elements left no one in doubt that they have the full backing of the ruling party in executing the premeditated onslaught on the judiciary.

“So far, those who perpetrated the barbaric attack and their sponsors  have their admitted ignoble role through public statements issued by them. The Ekiti state governor-elect, Mr. Ayo Fayose has justified the shameful attack on the rule of law in Ekiti State by saying that his election cannot be challenged in court. This is a reminder of the Idi Amin era in Uganda when judges were killed while discharging judicial functions.  Mr. Fayose and his thugs should not be allowed to kill judges and lawyers before calling him to order.

“Since the Ekiti State police command is completely compromised the Acting Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abbah is called upon to ensure that all the assailants are arrested and prosecuted without any delay.

“Any attempt to cover up the brazen contempt of court should be resisted by the Attorney-General of Ekiti State, Mr. Wale Fapounda who should take decisive measures to bring the criminals to book. Let no one politicize the criminality of those who are bent on replacing the rule of law with rule of force in Ekiti State. The Federal Government ought to distance itself from the shameless display of brute force by an in-coming governor. Ekiti State.

“In view of the duty imposed on the Nigerian Bar Association to defend the rule of law and protect judges and lawyers the leadership of the Bar in Ekiti State and at the national level should mount pressure on the Police Authorities to fish out those who beat up a judge, chased  judges and lawyers out of the Ekiti State High Court.

“Even under the defunct military junta judges were never subjected to physical assault over their decisions. Hence, in Garba v Federal Civil Service  Commision (1998) 1 NWLR (PT 70) 449 it was held by the Supreme Court (per Eso J.S.C.) that:

“the military in coming to power is usually faced with the question as to whether to establish a rule of law or rule of force. While the latter could be justifiable a rule of terror, once the path of law is chosen the mighty arm of government, the militia which is an embodiment of legislature and executive must in humility bow to the rule of law thus permitted to exist.

“The rule of law knows no fear, it is never cowed down, it can only be silenced. But once it is not silenced by the only arm that can silence it, it must be accepted in full confidence to be able to justify its existence”.


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  • Chief Aladeyemo

    The beating-up of two Judges of the Ekiti High Court was spontaneous but outrightly wrong.
    In the eyes of those who meted out the beatings, the Judges were seen as devious and bought.
    Ayo Fayose is however right to resist insidious attempt by APC to stall or hinder his swearing-in.
    Justices of courts earn respect by their own honest acts, not as procured Judges for opposing party.

    • Dr Fakolade Olumide. H

      Chief ke? A chief made this kind of statement? Are chiefs not supposed to be State-men?

      • Gbegi

        @ Dr. F. Olumide:

        Me i agree with Chief Aladeyemo. If Justices of courts want respect they must earn it.
        I don’t agree that respect should be given freely no matter the mis-conduct of anyone.
        The President of Nigeria today [Jonathan] has not earned respect and he is denied it.
        Judges of courts are therefore not entitled to a different standard as public servants.

        • Denis_NG

          Listen to yourself. Why then do we call ours a “society” are we really a nation, are we really qualified to be referred to as “people” or are we better be recognized as “animals”? What an asinine justification of a barbaric behavior in its most insidious manifestation! So, because Fayose felt some imagined enemies are determined to wrestle his mandate, that justifies him deciding his own case in court and beating up those that are constitutionally vested with making the determination of guilt and innocence. Even, if the argument holds that the Judge is biased against Fayose, why do we have appeal court, where is there the Supreme court with all the arbitration process in that hierarchy!

          Fayose by this singular act has shown himself to be psychologically and criminally insane to govern the state and all actionable remedial process should be engaged henceforth to disengage him from political process. A people deserve the leaders they get. Ekiti people, by electing Fayose, has ipso facto chosen darkness rather than the light.

          • gbish bash

            Falana is compromised.

    • biodun

      In as much as I respect your opinion as an individual, I think anybody trailing that line if argument that APC or whatever party decision to go to court should be resisted via violence as demonstrated by Fayosr and his gang should relocate to Cambodia.If we destroy our institution because we felt the situation at hand favours our present position will always live to regret the grave consequences
      Fayose will rule for 5 years just like Fayemi and other Governors. But the institutions remains.I am seriously disturbed tha some Ekiti elites are not speaking out as they should

  • Shanu Onileere

    @ Femi Falana [S.A.N]:

    Please let’s call a spade and not an agricultural implement. First of all, Governor Kayode Fayemi is not a solution to the current Ekiti state fracas; but instead a part of it. His pretence to be above the fray as a mediator is insulting to common sense.

    Secondly, was it right of Justice Ogunyemi of the Ekiti state High Court to deprive Ayo Fayose his entitlement under the law to properly prepare his defence, within 14 days, to a lawsuit challenging his eligibility? Why did Justice Ogunyemi cut the time down to a mere three days for Ayo Fayose to prepare his defence? Under what law did Justice Ogunyemi act, so arbitrarily, to infringe Ayo Fayose’s right to fair heatring by so doing?

    Unless you advert your mind to this issue you would not fully understand how this trouble started. The point is that enlightened Ekiti state people are fully behind Ayo Fayose on this matter because they cannot discern any honest motive on Justice Ogunyemi’s part. The people of Ekiti may not support the upper and lower cuts rained on Justice Ogunyemi in the courthouse, but they do not see Justice Ogunyemi, now hospitalized, as a victim of anything.

    • Weydem

      “And now the conclusion seems to be inescapable in Nigeria that what we have as leaders in politics,

      business and the civil service are common thieves in high places. The rot is so deep that stealing
      is now in the family system, in the religious system; even in friendly and social clubs. Everybody
      is looking for somebody else to steal from.”

      “The day our leaders decide they don’t need James Ibori’s kind of wealth

      or Cecilia Ibru’s kind of property acquisition, that a good name is better than

      material acquisition; and that leadership at the end of the day, is about people

      and leaving a place better than you met it, is the day Nigeria will begin a positive walk

      into sanity and propriety. Until then, Nigeria is just a nation of common thieves.”

      …….………..Muyiwa Adetiba

      Pioneer Editor,
      Vanguard Newspaper,
      (June 15, 2013)

    • Adebola W.

      @ Shanu:

      I think Femi Falana is too biased toward the APC he can’t see the wood for the trees.
      He is so biased that he doesn’t say those who killed Ayo Fayose’s supporter should
      be fished out and punished. Where is the truthfulness in his call for one-sided justice?

  • Jossy

    Nigeria has a big problem under pdp rule. i see no reason while fayose cannot be arrested and charged. recently, a USA governor was booked for felony over a minor issue. we cannot continue like this when politicians especially from the ruling class remain above the law.


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  • Kofi Mensah

    Oga Pius. You Sef!

  • Ejeba David

    Wow !. You are good.

  • Ace

    Excellent piece Sir…..now that the assets have been partially declared, let’s see if the King will hearken to the voice of reason and remove this other odious reminder of the profligacy of yesteryears….Thanks for being a conscience of our nation.

  • Kitunde

    Poetic License- Yes,Pius you have it. The message is clear they must receive and respond to it. I doff my hat. Thank you. I also hope the Kogi youths heed the warning of the Potomac thief!

  • emailofemi

    pius…Talented,gifted and hardworking….i love ur style of presentation….keep it up sir

  • Damola

    Hilarious but well said. We are waiting

  • SAM .A

    Prof , this your Canaanites and Jebusites language is really delivering the message to those who needs it .Thank u.

  • Atom Ant

    King Irahub may likely invite Prof Suip Imnaseda to be part of the 36 Satraps this September.

  • Pause

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