Scores of Boko Haram insurgents killed in another failed Konduga attack

Boko Haram terrorists on Friday staged yet another attack on Konduga, near Maiduguri, Borno State, in their relentless attempt to take over the strategic town, but met stiff resistance from the Nigerian military, security sources have said.

Friday’s attack came barely 12 hours after the terrorists attacked the town and engaged soldiers in another bloody face off that claimed the lives of yet an unknown number of soldiers.

A top security official in Maiduguri who usually speaks off the record on matters like this confirmed the attack to PREMIUM TIMES.

The terrorists who stormed Konduga at about 8am in a dozen four-wheel drive pickup vans on Friday, were said to have suffered yet another defeat from soldiers who gunned down scores of them and forced others to flee.

“It was another major success today, because apart from killing the terrorists, the soldiers were able to retrieve a light armoured tanker that led the attackers into Konduga today,” said Abbas Gaza, an official of the Nigeria Vigilante Group in Borno state.

“They still wanted to attack and capture Konduga, that is why they are not giving up on the town,” said Mr. Gaza.

The actual figure of casualties on both sides could not be verified. A soldier in Maiduguri told journalists that “many of them (insurgents) were killed and I believe half of those that escaped sustained bullet injuries”.


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  • awta

    Again I salute our troops and of course the Civilian JTF ‘or Yan Kato da Gora, without whom this would not be possible.

    • Otile

      Do you know how much this war is costing us? Federal troops
      should pull back let the Muslims take their sharia states. The only
      people going to lose big are corrupt politicians from the sharia states
      who are stealing our oil money. Civilian JTF should replace the
      Federal troops, they know their own territories and their boko relatives
      better than the troops. Besides, the young fighting soldiers are
      sabotaged in every move they make in those sharia states for obvious

      • Dumbo

        You are a complete foool. You senseless comments only depicts hatred and beef. You must be one of those hungry boys that wants to be noticed to get paid.

        • Otile

          You are nuts. Who is a hater a killer or a peaceful man?
          The only reason you are bent on fighting wars to keep incongruous
          people together is to steal oil money from SE SS. Continue fighting the
          fruitless war until boko boys decapitate all of you.

          • Nigerlite

            You are still disgusting, I don’t even know which part of the south are you from

          • Otile

            You are still hung up on that word disgusting as in Stockton Upon Thyme. Move on, boy.

      • Giganto

        I’d wanted to ignore your comment but then realized that there is an interesting point in it. I know you are very lose to Pastor Mayo (CAN Presido). There has been a credible rumor that he has been urging christian soldiers not to fight Boko haram because, according to him, it is not worth sacrificing their lives for that. This your statement seems to confirm that, especially knowing your closeness to the Pastor. I want want you to note though, Boko Haram knows no religion! They kill both Christians and Muslims, hence I can’t see how your suggestion could be tenable. Please always use your head ,not heart, to think.

        • Otile

          Free your mind from rumors. I am a Christian of different denomination from who you call Pastor Mayo just like the Shiites are different from Sunni. I have not even seen him nor do I know him in person. Dispel the rumor that your boko haram has any kind of alliance with Christians. That is taquiyya bunkum. I am for peace, you people are for war. All I am saying is that these wars are wasteful. The money wasted in buying weapons from the Arabs, Europeans and Asians should be better spent developing Nigeria. The South is not developed by any means, similarly the North is worse off. Education in sharia North is dismal. Imagine the $1 Billion Dauda Mark and Tambuwal allocated to buy weapons to kill off boko boys. This money could have been used to feed and educate the marauding almajiris and beggars in sharia North.

          Point out wherein my suggestion is not tenable. Which is a reasonable thing to do, to develop the country or to fight wars? Use your head, not heart to think.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Otile, now you talk perfect sense.

            Guess we have to thank Awta for re-orientating you for this purpose.

          • Otile

            Go ahead, boy. Tack on to your master’s voice. No need thinking for yourself. Why do you always attach that title Esq. to you name, to bring you attention? Esquires are a dime and a dozen in 9ja, who cares?

            Grow up, boy. Your master Awta has spoken for you, hip hip hurray.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Otile, I think you have a problem with inferiority complex.

            I cannot help you with the impact your upbringing, or the lack of it, has on your low self-esteem.

          • Otile

            See who is talking about low self-esteem. What is the cause of your sycophancy, is it not inferiority complex brought about by your low self esteem? You have graduated from bot-licking to sycophancy. In order to boost your self esteem you foolishly added Esq. to your name. Be yourself, stop making mockery of yourself. Odale

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            I doubt you know the meaning of esquire!

            It is all part of the low self-esteem you are suffering from i.e. not being appropriately schooled!

      • awta

        The only thing I have understood from your comment is that you are full of hate, so let me ask you something. Who is this hate going to be redirected at once the north and south seperate? Because you see hate is a wild beast that must be satiated, so are you going to than focus your hate on yotubas, igbos, ijaws…?

        I am all for breaking up the lye that is Nigeria, but we should do this through thinking and reasoning.

        • Otile

          Your own focus is on hate. …hate yoruba, igbo, ijaw. I am a Christian man, I don’t hate anybody, be they Christians, Mohammedans, animists or the godless. I know that God created all of us in his own image and want us to love one another. I don’t believe that the way to show love is to fight wars to bring different people together to live in agony. If the Mohammedans want to go leave them, if Biafra wants to go, by all means leave them. You don’t show them love by killing all of them or starving their children to death. What kind of love is that? Be reasonable now. The English and Germans have common ancestry, but after the Anglo Saxon wars they saw they could not live together, they separated and still love one another. If they pretended that all was well Adolf Hitler would have killed the English people to the last man during the 2 world wars. Can’t you understand?

          • awta

            Sir, with all due respect I think you need to brush up on your history, and better understand this whole concept of the modern day nation state, which by the way has nothing to do with anglo saxons. The idea of the modern state was instigated by the Magna Carta due to th weakness of King John of England, a brother to King Richards. The Germanic tribes were not even in the picture as a unite entity.

            Also please reread my reply to your first comment and you will see that it agrees with your second comment. Basicaly what we are both saying (in your second and my reply to your first) is the hate is bad and counter productive. That is the message I want us to agree.

            I dont know about you but i am an average Nigerian who has to wake up everyday and work so I can feed my famil and pay the bills. People like me live pay check to pay check and we make up more than 80% of the adult population of this nation from both North and South and Chriastian and Muslim, and so I have news for you WE DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT NIGERIAS OIL OR YOUR OIL because we dont even bebefit from it. Let those who benefit fight theirbiwn battle.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            You have my maximum respect for the maturity you are using to handle Otile.

            I am sure he must be feeling childish now.

            Great contributions.


          • Otile

            I am not feeling childish by any account. Your thinking makes you feel so. I see you are a bot-licker. Whatever your master says is music to you ears. Yeah, …great contributions… What else are going to say to your master? Sing his praises, and thank him a thousand times. Odale

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Tagging you as childish was an act of kindness.

            Brain dead appears to be more apt!

          • Kana Ismail

            People of ur ilk are the reason all of our efforts at moving this nation forward are been truncated at every turn. But for the passion with which many of the commentators here have invested into placing you right where you belong, with the saboteurs whose only excuse for the sorry lives they lead is hate. Hate for progress, hate for the very essence of life.
            I am sickened to my bowels just listening to you repeatedly trying to sale ur warped sense of reasoning in a platform highly laden with people whose sensibilities transcend anything you have ever known and thats not even the must annoying thing about the character you are playing in this sorry movie of shame you are acting. Care to know what is? The fact that no one not even your brothers value your opinion and clear displays of illiteracy, stupidity and myopia.
            The common wealth of Nigeria like it’s military are national treasures now, just like the ground nut pyramids of the 60s and early 70s were and your hate as well as those of others like you who are no less Boko Harm than those fighting in the north can’t change that. If I were you, I will do myself a favor, run to one your creeks and bury yourself because your thoughts do not align with those of humans and since you can’t create another Nigeria where marauders of public opinion like you can thrive alone, then just end it all, i mean, your life with whatever dignity you have left and save us the embarrassment of having to cope with your brainless submissions.

          • awta

            Its because of people like you that this nation is spared an all out civil war. As israel mentioned in his commment above, we should at least love each other as humanbeings.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            You humble me and give me undue credit, Awta.

            But, me I accept am o! Thanks.

            With delinquents like Otile, it is not hard to look very, very, very good.

            He is just so “not grown up” and certainly the type who’d resort to physical violence to have his way in a debate.

          • Otile

            Don’t say you don’t give a damn about the Sweet Crude from SE SS. No, oil is the reason 9ja is held together by force as a country. Hell, no, nothing can be further from the truth. Without oil where would you get the kudi to build Lagos and Abuja? Where would you get the money to pay those million man local men and women in Kano? How about the good roads in the North? How about the costly weapons they are using to kill off boko boys? Al Hamdu lillahi, oil is everything in Najeriya. Oil is the reason 9ja is the richest African country. Some regions in 9ja are lazy, they cannot survive without oil. You are surviving on our oil without knowing it. Please be grateful for that oil.

            To brush up on your own history too, after Magna Carta modern nations who cannot live together in peace are still breaking up. India and Pakistan separated, now see how developed India has become while Pakistan is wallowing in Islamic terrorism still setting them backward. S Sudan is on her way to survival from the Islamic North oppressing them.

            What kind of love is in some section of the country oppressing others? I am not preaching hate, I am saying live and let live. This symbiotic relation among incongruous tribes in Nigeria is not working. Must blood continue to flow for us to live together? This is tough love.

          • awta

            Sir, history and simple facts even when they relate to current events just arn’t your strong poinys. 70% of the population in I ndia still live below the poverty line. The UN is currently running around trying to raise billions in order to stave off starvation. Even worst however is the fact that after independance the South Sudanese have turned their guns at each other, killing each other at an alarming rate.Thicaused the UN to e press the fear that a genocide, worst than Rwanda is in the making.

            Educate yourself sir and allow knowledge, reason and self interest to be your guide not HATE. I will once again repeat my self for the last time because it is becoming clear to me tbat you choose to not understant my. PLEASE GO AHEAD AND DIVIDE the counyry or shut off the oil.

        • israel amulum

          You have said it all my brother,before we became Muslims or Christians we were human beings first,and our common humanity should be celebrated,and not stuffs that don’t really matter on the long run.Any time a person dies ,am diminished


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  • David Efanga

    Well said Charles. This is properly addressed both to the “goose” and the “gander” if that divide still exists. Fairness based on merit as you have opined is the way forward. That balance must not be ignored. Then our diversity would become eloquently our strength in a united and prosperous Nigeria.