TAN rallies indecent, offend sensibilities of Nigerians, APC insists

FILE PHOTO: TAN's maiden rally in Awka mobilizing "Nigerians Demand..." for Goodluck Jonathan to declare for 2015 Presidency... Photo Credit: Tranformation Ambassador of Nigeria

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has insisted that the rallies being held across the country by the so-called Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) represent an assault on the intelligence and sensibilities of Nigerians, at a time of unprecedented security and health challenges in the country.

Responding to the tepid defence of the sycophantic rallies that are being deceptively powered by the proceeds of massive corruption under the clueless and incompetent Jonathan Administration, the party said, in a statement issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, in Lagos on Sunday, that no amount of inversion of reasoning by the TAN foot soldiers can wash the rallies clean of shame and disgust.

It said only those described as ‘morons and sycophants’ by Prof. Wole Soyinka can be engaging in celebratory rallies when soldiers are dying on the Boko Haram battle front, when citizens are daily being dispatched to their graves by insurgents and when the country is still reeling from the challenge of Ebola that has claimed many innocent lives.

APC wondered how the inauguration of its regional executives in Sokoto could be equated with the rallies being held across the country by TAN, which is another name for the PDP, which is another name for shame, incompetence, cluelessness, cruelty, insincerity and insensitivity.

The party said if President Goodluck Jonathan had not been running a government hallmarked by impunity, there is no way any political party would have brazenly kick-started electioneering campaign under the guise of an ”NGO” that is coordinated by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Ministers, State Governors and other public officials, at a time like this.

”The PDP-led Federal Government and its ‘NGO’ called TAN are bare-faced liars and cheats. They have seized an undue advantage over every other party by defying the nation’s laws to start an early electioneering campaign, and no one, not even INEC, dares call them to order! Little wonder, their podiums are collapsing under the weight of their lies,” it said.

APC slammed TAN’s self-serving Director of Communications, Udenta Udenta, for attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of Nigerians by shamelessly justifying the insane rallies.

”We have the following posers for the deceptive and pigs-at-the trough TAN organizers: If Mr Udenta and his co- travellers were parents, relations or friends of any of the over 200 missing Chibok schoolgirls, wouldn’t such TAN rallies offend their sensibilities? If Mr Udenta or any of his co-travelers in TAN had lost a relation or dear one to Ebola in Port Harcourt, won’t such a rally in the same city about the same time offend their sensibilities? Can Mr. Udenta tell Nigerians the source of funding of TAN? Can Mr. Udenta tell Nigerians how much TAN has spent so far in canvassing for Jonathan’s re-election or for that matter how much it spends daily on radio jingles, television and newspapers advert, billboards etc? Can Mr. Udenta tender to the public TAN’s audited account?

”We know Mr. Udenta has no answers to these posers, but we have no iota of doubt that Nigerians know that TAN is funded and powered by the massive corruption of this government, including but not limited to the missing $20 billion, the over one trillion fuel subsidy scam, the kerosene subsidy scam, the hundreds of thousands of barrels of our crude oil being stolen daily, the Pension scam, the Malibu Oil scandal etc. We also know through which top functionaries of government funds are funnelled to TAN,” the party said.

APC said it would not stop calling for an end to the TAN rallies until common sense prevails and the President, who waited for an international condemnation of his BringBackJonathan hash tag before taking action, is again forced to call his selfish sycophants to order.

”Our soldiers are combating Boko Haram literally with their bare hands and under the most intolerable conditions and our government is partying around town. As we write, a Nigerian war plane has been declared missing in the battle zone and our government is celebrating. Clearly, if a fraction of the funds TAN had been expending in its multi-billion naira adverts on radio, television, newspapers, billboard, online and on London buses, not to talk of the mobilization for rallies, can be made available to our soldiers, Boko Haram would have long been forgotten.

”Again, these times call for deep reflection and not for deep throats. These times call for cool-headed and decent men and women to realize that a nation at war cannot be celebrating, because it sends the very wrong message to the men and women deployed to the battle zone to protect our nation. This is not about politics, this is about common sense, sensibilities and decency,” the party said.


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  • kenmege

    Lai Mohammed, broken record /tape. Go cry to mama, APC is dead and buried.

    • ayobami

      APC please open up,tell the world that u are afraid of GEJ’s unparalleled popularity

  • Alowonle

    PDP ia already dead and will be finaly laid to rest may 2015.

  • abujakenneth

    Most of APC statements are abnormal, primitve, crude, indecent, offensive, malicious and way out of politics probably because of Capon of Bourdillion

    • Wähala

      What is abnormal is your logic and insensitivity to the plight of over 200 girls still in captivity at the hand of terrorists. Why are they rallying for support if your moron is popular or his policies are fruitful and there for all to see? Fashola, Oshimhole, Okorocha, Amaechi, Akpabio, Kwakwanso and others whose achievements in office are glaring for all to see do not need rallies to highlight their dividends. You are a primitive villager who found your way to Abuja and now echoing what you heard others say at the barber shop. Just shut-up dia… onye oshi like you!

  • Johnson Amakree

    Take politics away, this man is right. Let TAN donate fund towards security and health rather than this jamboree.

  • Jones

    Everyone knows that saTAN’s rally is indecent and insulting. Simply SATANIC. That this propaganda rally shares same acronym with SATAN says it all!

  • eBusinesz

    I see this guys want problems to exit so they can use it to score political points. we declare peace and love to our Land. All he laid hands on are errors happening here and there, meaning they are praying for this errors to occur for political points to be scored

  • oluchukwu

    We biafrans know you animals called Nigerians are in state of shock cus u know indigenous people of biafra piloted by mazi nnamdi kanu has the key to liberate our people from damnation created by whiteman,we know u never take any group serious as u re doing now. The simple secret is truth we preach to our people who has been blind so many years and fed junks by deceitful zoo media and as well deprived us history of who we are,zoo Nigeria has destroyed us but the benefactors of one Nigeria is crying right now cus they know their business empire is about to collapse,they’re doing all they can to keep it rolling there by dragging some ignorant uneducated people along with them. I urge all youths in hausa fulani and yoruba to raise and overthrow this old demented groups of criminal called politicians and leaders who only care for their selfish interest,revolt and kill all of them so u life will have meaning cus right now all Nigerians are either monkey or baboon..we biafrans are gone; nothing can stop us,chiukwu okike abiama has declared it

    • Emmanuel Clifford Peters

      ise eeeee udo chiaa nwafor igbo!!

      • I am a youruba man Adeniyi and reading the cooment from Joe Igbokwe shows that he is not an origin and true Igbo man and this is the same peoples using Igbo names to be causing and creating confussion between the three major regions in Nigeria the Notherners and Easterners and Westerners region of Nigeria.

        • I am a youruba man Adeniyi and reading the cooment from Joe Igbokwe
          shows that he is not an origin and true Igbo man and this is the same
          peoples using Igbo names to be causing and creating confussion between
          the three major regions in Nigeria the Notherners and Easterners and
          Westerners region of Nigeria and in .1914 amalgamation in nigeria it’s only three REGIONS and in 1967 GHANA ABURI will stand it’s only the same 3 REGIONS. Nothing like divided EASTHERN NIGERIA,NORTHERN NIGERIA OR WESTERN NIGERIA.

          • Emmanuel Clifford Peters

            God bless you Mr Adeniyi, untill we begine to tell ourselves some truth nigeria like it is today can never be any thing good for the poor masses of this unholy marage been enforced on us by the british people since 1914,and people like igbokwe will keep deceiving the poor people that listens to their stupidity an igbo proverb has it that everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner

  • emmanuel

    Igbokwe Anu Ofia!

  • emmanuel

    The Igbos cannot be ignored forever. There comes a time when freedom must be sought by the oppressed. I encourage all Igbos to wake up. It oe your future and destiny. Igbokwes job will end someday.

  • Lawrence Agha

    Mr Joe Igbokwe is an enlightened man, he is entitled to express his opinion on any issue that is of interest to him. Although some important points were raised in this write-up, but, they were quickly rubbished by the writer himself. After recognizing the fact that the Igbos and their territory have been neglected by subsequent Nigerian leaders over the years, what are the options available, fold hands and continue to count the stars in the sky? There come a time when enough is enough. The writer claimed not to know the age of the man behind the Radio Biafra, yet, he went ahead to call him a small boy still sucking his mother’s breast. Is that supposed to be derogatory or belittle? A quick search on google would have provided the answer to what this writter claimed not to know.

    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      You can say the same about other parts of Nigeria as well. Although over the past 7 years or so that has been changing to some degree, the leadership largely kept further developments in Lagos and Abuja. Everyone in Nigeria will have a case for marginalization in different forms.

  • Proud Yoruba

    This Joe Igbokwe is delusional. If you create another state, how much will that pacify ibos, NW has 7 states, nobody is complaining. But the most annoying is the inability for ibos to appreciate any thing that Nigeria does for them:

    Last Minister of Finance – Ibo,
    Central Bank Governor – ibo,
    Minister of Aviation – ibo,
    Minister of Power – ibo,
    Secretary to Federal Govt – ibo,
    Deputy Senate President – ibo

    I mean the whole place was overrun with ibos during the last administration, even the SS people did not get that many appointments. Unfortunately, they all performed woefully!

    Nigeria is not a charity, it is time to grow up, nobody is marginalizing except themselves, they’ll rather have cash and position than development. Anyway, who ewill develop their land for them while they sit in other people’s land? You have to increase your IGR in your own states, invest in your own states, and create jobs in your own states. This is the only answer, crying from the roof tops of marginalization only gets you hoarse!

    • Emmanuel Clifford Peters

      when idiots speak we know them!

      • onilead

        But there are wisdom in idiots talks

    • Adeniji Adebowale Olalekan

      You forgot to put the last minister of petroleum

    • Arabakpura

      While you are correct, would it not have been more magnanimous to remain silent? Submissions like yours are the reasons for Radio Biafra!

    • Adekeye JAMES`

      what of minister of Health?

      • Proud Yoruba

        Thank you. I’ll add that too.

        • Kechi

          What about the Director General, Nigeria Stock Exchange Commission? What about Director General Security Exchange Commission? Former Minister for State, Foreign affairs, former labor minister? All Ibo!

          • Proud Yoruba

            Thank you. I’ll add those too.

  • taiwo

    Smokin’ Joe….

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    Regardless of what anyone thinks of Joe Igbokwe and his article, Nnamdi Kanu had threatened to kill him in the past. There is something behind all these articles.

  • Chuks

    Mazi Kanu might be a small boy but history has already written his name beyond your imagination. You late Mr and your article is late. Another Azikiwe. Freedom for the United States of Biafra. Do u know how many Scots are married to British yet the scotts are agitating for independence.

  • SAM .A

    I respect Joe Igbokwe any day , he is an articulate , outspoken and foresighted Nigerian leader. His current article says it all.
    I will only remind readers here that marginalization is not the biggest problem of Ibos here rather the selfishness and greed of their politica leaders , because they have never had it so rosy in the history of Nigerian existence like they had it the 6 years under President Jonathan. Ijaws did not even have such golden chance. Ibo leaders occupy the following positions 1] Minister of Finance and coordinating minister . 2]SFG .3] Minister of Power. 4] Minister of Petroleum .5]Minster of Aviation, 6] CBN governor. 7] Deputy Senate President.
    What have they all done individually and collectively for the Ibos? They are bunches of self seeking, self serving, ego centric & possessive individuals just like their other ministers of Yoruba or Hausa Fulani Ministers .They are the people that marginalized their Ibo kindred. If Biafra is actualized[ will never, bc a United Nigerian] these people will still marginalize you. Why did the 7 not build 7 industries in Igbo land in the last 6 years?

    • Okechukwu

      You ‘re right my brother.

  • i-priest

    That mutant albino and subhuman species called Nnamdi Kanu, the so-called director of RADIO BIAFRA, the way he is going, is definitely going to bring the total and final settling of the Igbo Biafran question sooner than later. Hollow head Neo Biafrans that had never bothered to ask their surviving and now ageing devastated and defeated Biafran daddies and moms in their erosion-scorched states east of the Niger, the price they paid for having slaughtered all of Nigeria’s first leaders and trying to annex Yoruba Lagos. Just like the 20th century German Nazis, who attempted to resurrect a racist, tribalistic and primitive greater Deuschen Volke lands, our own primordial, fatalistic and self-defeating Igbo tribesmen lately daily vituperate rubbish on a pirated FM channel of RADIO BIAFRA, dreaming as they do, of a new and expanded Biafran homeland, that will stretch from Middle Belt Tivi and Benue lands, through Kalabari, Efik and Ibibio lands to border the country of Cameroon, which will also encompass all of Ijaw, Ogoni, Anioma, Uhrobo, Tshekiri, Idoma, Kogi lands, and finally swallow “cowardly” Yoruba lands of coastal Lagos (“No-Man’s-Land”) as well, where Ndigbo will be the cocaine-snuffing Ezes reigning, and every citizen of this GREATER BIAFRA will be forced to change their names to Nnamdi, Okoro, Uzo, Obiora, Chiamaka, Ngozi, Ezeigbo and Iwotago (yes, as the Biafran soldiers of old, occupying Calabar and Uyo forcefully asked the Akpans, Nkposongs and Ekaetes to do in those bloody Nigerian civil war years of 1967 -1969, in a bid to make everyone an IBO). Forgetting the horrendous near annihilation of their brute ancestors by the hands of those great Hausa, Fulani and Yoruba warriors of yore and the destruction and forfeiture of all possessions, houses and investments of the Igbos in every part of Nigeria where they lived before, albino Biafran mutant Nnamdi Kanu, the coward hiding in Europe, tries to make his savage horde of followers call my beloved country a ZOO! Imagine! He has succeded in making every non Ibo hate members of the great Ibo nation! The trouble with this extremely fatalistic worldview of the Igbo neo Biafrans is the fact that neo Biafrans like Andy Ubah and Kanu, have forgetten to remember that when one has not learned from history, history is bound to repeat itself. I only therefore would like to take this opportunity to appeal to and stringently warn Igbo neo Biafrans according to the BOOK OF ECCLESIATES: The Earth never says, “I am tired of swallowing the dead or drinking of blood!” When, after the misadventure of a re-seceding by the neo Biafrans would have been DIVINELY CRUSHED, oh yes, the divine swallowing of a greedy and self-seeeking, God-damned and accursed primitive tribe of Igbo neo Biafrans trying to destroy, kill and steal from others and annex their lands and convert their resources to use, the tiny less than 5% male remnants of these tribal bigots would probably have to be castrated and sterilised and scattered as slaves all over Africa and their land east of the Niger would be disributed and resettled by decent members of all other peace-loving ethnic Nigerian groups once and for all. Then the whole world – from cocaine-hating Indonesia to guest-loving Yoruba Lagos – will finally have peace and tranquillity, by God’s mighty grace and deliverance from the menace, thefts, kidnappings, ritual murders, fake spare parts dealing, cocaine traffickings, 419 frauds, prostitution and plunderings by a degenerate and God-forsaken tribe that is disturbing and attacking civilised earth dwellers through the final annihilation of these troublesome people wherever they will be found. Useless good-for-nothing and fit for God’s abyss souls, these hell-bound NEO BIAFRANS! Troublesome folks that have not and cannot fing rest for thrir souls but alwsys desire WAR. WAR AND DESTRUCTIVE JUDGEMENT YOU WILL SOON GET, BY GOD’S MIGHTY ARM! Then we will know who is right. So, carry on in your ways of perdition: the rest of us are hearing you as you are preparing to start WHAT YOU CAN’T FINISH! We also are preparing, through the Great God of War and Peace. We are preparing, through PRAYERS, to defend Nigeria and save our children. Let Satan lead you to continue in your pride, hate, greed, folly, curses, provocation and fatalism which you have for the rest of us and God’s mankind, whom you call ZOO, to whom you also deal your fake drugs, fake spare parts, cocaine, narcotics, death and red hot blood. No problem. The world shall soon enjoy its rightly deserved peace after your total consumption would have come and you all are sent into permanent PERISH AND OBLIVION. Amen. In all of these, may the Holy God show mercy to JOE IGBOKWE and his household.

    • Jew Yezhinsky

      When trouble sleep, yanga go wake am, wetin hin dey find? Na palaver hin dey find. Inspirational write-up. Nnamdi Kanu, borrowing and plagiarizing Nazi Hitler, has even said that, in his Biafra, any Ibo without pure Ibo DNA, fathered by Hausas, would be deported or even destroyed, yet his Igbo followers would claim to be good Christians and devout Catholics. The Rwanda option will be kindergarten as compared with the palaver Biafrans would bring on their fellow Ndigbo after the Igbo “neo” Biafrans would have been wiped off the face of this God’s earth. Haters of life will surely get death. Pikin wey talk say hin mama no go sleep for night, hin too no go close eyes sleep at all. Biafrans, bring it on! Let the war begin. Let the end of Igbo Biafrans come once and for all.

    • abubaqar

      You are only afraid Sorry.

    • Norbert Agbodike

      Are you not a coward for not posting your real name.Both you and Joe Igbokwe’s of this world will die and wrath in hell hating the agitators for Biafra.

    • James Bond

      Your hatred of the Igbos is too much. Don’t let your hatred burn you out.

  • Obinna Nnnaemeka

    JOE IGBOKWE should go and DIE and stop this meaningless write ups in print media. I believe hausa fulani father is responsible for his birth. No right thinking Biafran will reason the way he did. Igbos are unique people. I see you as those ALA ADINMA we have in Igbo land. Tell me where in nigeria we have constant power, running water, good road, good medical system and good educational system that is affordable and owned by the zoo. We are tired of HAUSA FULANIS AND YORUBAS. We need freedom and we must get it.

  • Matthew Chibueze


  • Emeka Onyebuchi

    In Response to Joe Igbokwe’s Sahara Report s gobbledygook
    about Radio Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu

    It is my humble opinion that Mazi Igbokwe was writing an absolute gobbledygook To start with, Radio Biafra is about
    Biafrans, not about Igbos. You were on about Radio Biafra telling blatant lies,
    causing havoc, making noise? You did not sight even a single instance of any of
    these allegations? The noise coming from the Radio, is it louder than the ones
    emanating from the churches and mosques around you?

    I think that you are the one disseminating propaganda and
    that your writing is driven by selfishness and greed. Is Nigerian working for
    an average Nigerian? If the answer is no, then you are the one making noise not
    Radio Biafra.

    You certainly do not understand our people if you think that
    the so called governors are the true Biafran leaders? You are mistaking because
    you do not know our people. Majority of these Governors are Nigerian stooges,
    typical of and planted by Nigerian.Can they build roads, have they paid
    workers? There is everything wrong with the one Nigeria you are advocating for,
    poor hospital, poor irrigation, insecurity, even the basic things of life that
    the Romans pioneered over three thousand years ago, do these not worry you? Is
    your sense of reasoning beclouded by you greed to serve the masters? You could
    not write or substantiate your entire claim not because you don’t know that
    Radio Biafra stands for the truth, but simply because of your interest in the
    crumps from the masters table.

    The Igbo people you appear to protect have it as their
    mantra ”truth is life” if Radio Biafra telling them the truth can be
    interpreted as putting their lives in danger, let it be. I must assert that the lies you tell about Radio
    Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu is for the
    goodness of you and your family, not for benefit of the Biafran people.

    If you have been peeping on the Radio Biafra London Facebook
    and have seen our people preparing to fight for their freedom, what about it?
    Freedom is taken and not given. Even Mandela and his ANC fought to liberate
    their people from bondage.

    According to you, Biafrans have fought in the past and must
    avoid fighting, again , you have displayed complete lack of judgement and
    ignorance of history. So if a people fought once they must do everything to
    stay away from war. Can I ask you, are the British, USA, Israelis etc. not
    fighting up till today? If you want to safeguard
    lives and property, are people not dying in Nigeria in hundreds every day? Is
    it not better to die fighting for one’s freedom than to die as a coward trying
    to protect your masters? If you want peace prepare for war.

    Your geo political analysis comparing the Biafran position
    with that of Oduduwa and Arewa is laughable and childish. The Israelis that are
    surrounded by the Arab should then stand
    still until they are decimated ? Think before you exhibit your ignorance of
    historic facts. You must not use unfounded lies to cajole our people to remain
    in Nigeria that has and will never work for them because we as a people brought
    together by the British do not have a common value system that adds value to a

    By pronouncing and asking questions about who will be the
    first Biafran president has further portrays you as someone who lack vision. Do
    you think that we are championing for Biafra to be like Nigeria, you must be
    joking. The presidency will go to Ibibio, Ijaw, Itsekiri, Uroboh, Igbo etc. man or woman on merit not on zoning.

    As per importation, Biafrans will not only import into
    Biafra land but also will manufacture and people will buy from all over the world.
    Do you not go to Japan , Chine etc. to
    buy and sell? The world is a global village and will enable everyone to travel
    and buy from one another. The restoration of Biafra is for the liberation of an
    average Arewa and Oduduwa people.

    The restoration of Biafra does not portend doom for
    Biafra’s, they will live and owe properties in every part of the world
    including the defunct Nigeria. Nigeria has no right to confiscate Biafran
    businesses under the international law when they (Nigeria) are having
    properties in Britan, USA and the choicest places on earth? Biafra restoration effort championed by Radio
    Biafra is supported by the United Nations Right for the Indigenous people right
    for Self Determination. Get Educated!

    • Chukwuka Okoroafor

      A couple of things. One, do you understand that throughout history, those who claim to be liberators turn out to be just as bad or worse than those they are trying to get away from? Eritrea fought for freedom as well as South Sudan. In both, the same oppressive system or worse took over. Many Eritreans are leaving their country for Europe and Israel for the freedom they spent over 30 years fighting for in Eritrea. South Sudan is in civil war because the Dinkas, who were fighting to get away from Arab oppression, began to oppress the other groups in the same way. With the rhetoric of Radio Biafra saying that the minorities in the Niger-Delta are brainwashed is just the first step (regardless of how benevolent it sounds) to an oppressive system they will establish on their own. Another history lesson we would be doomed to repeat. Two, if property cannot be confiscated by the successor nations, doesn’t that refute the idea of self-determination. The supposed Biafrans will not be Nigerians anymore, nor will they be citizens of these new nations. They cannot take back their land? Where is the self-determination there. Speaking of that, Kanu has said that there needs to be genetic testing of anyone suspected to be Yoruba or Hausa and if they are found to be such, they will be deported with all their lands taken. Sounds like there is a problem there as well. Be careful what you wish for. I know that people are angry and rightfully so at the system. However; it is not Nigeria, but the people running Nigeria that is our problem. Not our ethnic groups or religious inclination.

      • James Bond

        Very good points you have raised and I agree with you totally

  • Okechukwu

    My good people of Igbo land, i took my time and went through this write-up of Mazi Igbokwe, it is nothing but ”pure-truth”. Please my good people, i will advise we channel all these energy towards uniting ourselves under one ideology as party and negotiate our rightful position in our father land called ”Nigeria” among other zones or Tribes.

    Thank you and it is my prayer that God will give us more understanding minds regards to this issue. God bless you all.

  • Mo Peter

    I wonder if the Ibo youths would listen and the elders would caution Mr. Kanu. So Mr. Kanu is willing to let blood be spilled because he now sees himself as the Messiah of the Ibo people? Everyone should take this Biafra movement seriously; this is how Hitler began and look where it took him………a word is enough for the wise.
    Let the words of Mr. Igbokwe be heeded.

    • Norbert Agbodike

      Mr.Fool,of course it will not be heeded cos Mr.Igbokwe(Awusa/Yorubskwe)is an inconsequential bastard.Can you tell your Mr.Igbokwe to point out one good thing he has attracted to either Nnewi or Anambra where he claims to hail from since he started being the lap/attack dog of Tinubu.

  • James Bond

    This is a very well written piece and I personally don’t have any qualms about the Igbos having Biafra but you must realize that war is never pleasant. To have millions of people killed in order to have a sovereign country of Biafra is not an easy price to pay. If it is possible to do peacefully, then by all means go for it but if the Igbo people have to fight another civil war to have it, then you have to realize the price to be paid in blood and money is huge and even that wouldn’t guarantee your Biafra in the first place

  • Salman Shehu

    At last some voices of reason coming from Igbo land. Where is the origin of the greatness of the Igbo enterprise if not in a united Nigeria ? Will all the building materials magnets the spare parts dealers now go back to Biafra and expect customers from southwest and the north to continue to trade with them ? Friends Nigerians fellow countrymen think positively do not be myopic where in Nigeria does the Igbo man not find acceptance as a genuine businessman ? Who is complaining of his success? Together we shall overcome all the trivialities and nothing will set the clock back for us all. Sooner or later there will be an Igbo President do not isolate your selves

  • Benjamin

    From 1970-2015 Nigeria have not treated the Igbo’s well.
    They told us that no victor and no vanquished yet they are celebrating with the spoils of war while the defeated are languishing.

    Those who treat us badly are not better than us infactt they are the one who bears the consequences of their evil act against us.
    Above are the extract from Joe Igbokwe’s thrash.

    Let the Biafrans not relent in their pursuit of inalienable right of self determination. They will get their dream nation and the likes of Igbokwe will burry their faces in shame.

    I’ll soon be publishing information about Joe Igbokwe based on the secret documents at my disposal. I’m working towards actualization of sovereign state of Biafra, because the whole Igbo’s are already dead in Nigeria according to latest findings of the plot of housa/Fulani/Yoruba oligarchy.

    I’m among the remnant of Igbo’s that remain, we are God’s chosen one in Africa, the nation of this great wonderful race is about to emerge that is why Goodluck Ebele Jonathan lost the election because God’s own people the Igbo’s are beginning to relax in an enemy state called Nigeria.

  • akintunde ijimere

    Please let the Igbo go. They are the ones who keep Nigeria being an import economy. Even Joe Igbokwe has said that much. The projects that past Nigerian leaders like Awolowo and Ajasin established to produce building material like tiles, etc, cannot thrive because the Igbos insist on swamping Nigeria with imported sub-standard goods.They had their heyday under Jonathan an Igbo who did not have the courage to admit he is Igbo, whlie issuing all kinds of import licences. All the side-walks of Lagos a re filled withjunk cars imported by the Igbo. The Igbos did not cry of self-determination or marginalization under Jonathan. Let them go. With the way they have been badmouthing their neigbors in Nigeria, there is no way an Igbo will ever be president in Nigeria. So their agitation will have no end. Please, please,let us all show love to the Igbo and let them go. Even Chinua Achebe went to his grave a small-minded agitator – even after decades of Nigerian and international honor! Talk less of some rabble rouser Kanu.