Nigeria police to support pharmacists in fight against fake drugs

Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba

The Nigeria police on Thursday in Abuja pledged its support to pharmacists in its fight against counterfeit drugs.

The Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba, while receiving a delegation of the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria, PCN, affirmed the police’s support for the group.

Mr. Abba noted that the police have always been willing partners to pharmacists in the fight against drug abuse and adulteration.

The PCN led by its registrar, Elijah Mohammed, presented hand sanitisers and law books of the council to the police chief.

Mr. Mohammed said the essence of the visit was to congratulate the IGP on his new appointment and further solicit the collaboration of the police.

Noting that drug abuse had posed a major security threat in Nigeria, he said the police support will help enforce the rules and regulations that will guide the operation of pharmaceutical premises and patent medicine vendors.


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  • hoha

    Fake drugs are more deadly than Ebola.

  • Proud Yoruba

    OMG! Yorubas’ grow a back bone. If ibo parasites are bad, they are bad, no nice words will change that, quit being nice to wicked people.

    No ibo is good, not even one, if you already married them, then bad luck, hope they don’t kill you, if you have them as so called friends, get rid of them, they are just using you, they can never like Yorubas. You are just being too naive. An ibo-free life is the best life you’ll ever have.

    Trying to find one good ibo is an exercise in futility, but because Yorubas are afraid of upsetting their own karma, they pretend and look for nice words to cover up ibo dastardly acts. Don’t worry, we will not be violent like the Hausas, we will get rid of them by legal means and with God’s help. Oba has already spoken, no ibo will ever prosper in Lagos again, until they leave.


    • BOLA

      You have said it all. I have said it and will continue to do so that, we must now take stock of how we have allowed these ingrates to take root in Lagos.I believe they constitute 99% of the Nigerians who are victims of South Africa xenophobic attack. i use to like them, but i despise them like rodents now. They need to be exterminated in Lagos before they contaminate our land. They are very odious and should not live among human beings. that was why the south-south took over their properties there. They only complained. All igbos should go back to their place with their so-called riches and develop their areas or is there any “TANWIJI TON TA WON”. Let us make haste before these highly prolific people take over our land with their offspring.. YORUBA E RONU O.

  • Maria

    I agree with you 1000%. Yorubas must wake from their slumbers… igbos are not here for any good… Igbos have always had this greed of enslaving and dominating others in their land… Yorubas must resist this… Enough is enough…

  • Nkuu

    APC’s Premiumtimes censorship is laughable. Allow people to post comments

  • Garden-City Boy

    Remi Oyeyemi has rediscovered in himself that ugly face of the naked, ethnic chauvinist whose outlook on society goes no further than the limits of his flat, negroid nose -the indelible tell-tale of his primordial heritage. He has nothing positive about peoples of other ethnic convictions: his time-consuming essay on Yoruba extremism is all about how “ungrateful” to Nigeria (especially to Yorubas) Igbos are, how Lagos belongs just only to the Yoruba ( not even to Lagosians, mark you), how Lagos is, or is not, a ‘no-man’s-land’. It is all about Igbo this, Igbo that and Igbo everything else. He desperately seeks to galvanize a Yoruba sentimentality with “lagos belongs to every Yoruba man” carrot. All through his garbage, Oyeyemi was unable to attest to one incedenct an Igbo Lagosian taunting him with this his braggadocios “no-man’s-land” bullshit.
    He descends to the patheitic degree of glamorizinhg the shamefully spineless pandering to the base of Igbo detractors by Paty Utomi, an action everybody knows was self-serving. To him , Pat Utomi is the bastion of Igbo prudence for trying to present a misleading version of an Oba’s outrage that went viral. In Oyeyemi’s slavish thinking (which he defends as cultural), Igbos must be seen but not heard. They must move around with tails between their legs. The Igbo man must not as much as even breathe a whimper, not even in the face of an existential threat, let alone when his his fundamental rights to Nigerianness is violated. They must love, adore and obey all those whose hands drip with the blood of over three million of their kinsmen, even when their assailants neither expressed remorse, nor show regret for the Igbo genocide.
    Oyeyemi’s mendacity knows no bounds. His broad-brush equation of the existence of Igbo Lagosians with a perceived assault on Yoruba culture is the figment of the wildest imaginations of a deluded ethnic jingoists. He failed himself for being unable to provide a definition to whatever it is the Igbo do that constitute this “assault” on Yoruba culture. All he does is sing “they too brash” like a mantra as a mad man would.
    But here is the big question: When did Lagos lose its constitutional status as a Federal Territory and then ceded to Yoruba ( again not even to just Lagosians, marek you)? Oyeyemi’s grouse is that Igbos are too “brash” for his personal liking; they are not the servile, genuflecting, bowing and trembling robots he would like them be. When a man defines a fellow human in such hateful superlatives as “odiously loud and obnoxious in their attitude”, it is then easier to appreciate the congenital myopic dispositions that gnaws him up, and how distant away he is from cure of this malady that perfused his psyche.
    What Oyeyemi is saying is that Oba Akiolu’s raw sewage on the eve of the Lagos State governorship votes is typical of the authentic Yoruba culture. He is also saying that it is in the culture of the Yoruba for a traditional leader to come out, fully loaded on drugs and alcohol, to threaten perceived political opponents with brimstone and fire, and get away with it. Finally, it takes an imbecilic louse not to realize that his Barry Goldwater “Extremism in the defense of your heritage is no vice. And moderation in the defense of your civilization is no virtue” quote is inconsistency with his wretched xenophobic campaign against Igbo Lagosians. He should hang his sorry head in shame.

  • Kitunde

    What Oba of Lagos said to Igbo leaders in lagos is uncivilised and reprehensible…simple. Only Pat Utomi knows why he took a stoic stance to the ‘unnatural’ outburst of the king.I am sure,Remi, if you were Igbo and amongst the people the Oba launched the diatribe at,will not take it lightly.But i digress.
    When you say a section of the Ndigbo abuse and insult Yoruba and unacceptable,you ended up doing the same even managing to surpass them.How on earth, really, can you describe our brothers and sisters from the east as ‘ungrateful’for living in a part of Nigeria? You describe them as loud…Ha ha you have not heard how others describe Yorubas when we are more than two in a discussion. You see, they have every right to live in Lagos like you and I and can be as loud as they want, as long as they are law abiding. And this culture you are defending thru the ages, is this not the same culture that allowed the ‘custodians’, the fore fathers of the Lagos king,to sell their subjects into slavery even after the world outlawed it?
    I have news for you, culture, including the Yoruba one is dying out to be replaced by migration and immigration.(Geddit?) And in Nigeria, Lagos will be the first, have you noticed the genre of music coming out of lagos? Pidgin mixed with Yoruba!
    I do not think Lagos is ‘no man’s land’ it is to me, ‘Every man’s Land’ as long as you a bonafide citizen of Nigeria.
    Let us see what is happening in South Africa and take a cue,so, when we make public comments we do not stir up hatred for our brothers and sisters after all if the skies were to fal,l no one will escape.

  • CΦnscieΩce-1

    I’m really flabbergasted that non of those commentators championing the Igbo hegemony ,have bothered to comment on the list and ROLL- CALL OF Nigeria Communications Commission’s (NCC) Executive Vice Chairman/CEOs-that the writer mentioned in his write-up.
    Please can we have one reasonable Igbo commentator-the likes of Pat Utomi-to comment on the fairness of this list?….I’m eagerly waiting a response….till then I rest my case.