I’m not in PDP on anyone’s errand – Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu, former Chairman, EFCC
Nuhu Ribadu

Today is a happy day for me. I am awed and inspired even further by the cheerful crowd that received me at the airport and which has come with me to this place. Whatever way I turn, I feel a sense of boundless happiness at coming home, more so now with a mission to be accomplished; a task dear to the hearts of all the people of Adamawa State. This is therefore not an ordinary day for me, and as indeed it is not for the rest of the patriotic citizens of this State – we are here on the march of history.

I would like to appreciate those members of the PDP who privately and publically prodded on me to join this party. My appreciation also to the leadership of our party for the warm reception accorded me deserving of any full-fledged party stalwart. This kind reception did not begin from today, it began from the day I signified the intention of joining this great party. Today, I come to you as a full blown party member who defines himself in the spirit of community service and party development. Whatever brought us here, the love for and need to serve our people is supreme. I therefore come to you with this pledge of service and all sense of commitment trusting also to receive the same measure of goodwill and acceptance by all of you, from Mr. Chairman here, down to the member in the villages from Madagali to Lamurde.

The trigger of me being here today is that passion to uplift that I have; it is that spirit with which I am known, all my life. It is that zeal that saw me going into the police, as against obviously more lucrative career paths. My philosophy, as we were taught, is that one should put the interest of the public over any other consideration. In life of service, one’s first consideration should be the impact one makes under the circumstance. It is therefore that same will to serve that is responsible for me respecting and answering to the people’s choice to come back home and serve the people of Adamawa State under the platform of the PDP.

Mr. Chairman, other party leaders here present, let me declare that I am here as an ordinary PDP member whose personal aspiration is organically tied to the best aspiration and progress of all people of this great state. I am not here on anyone’s errand. I want to stress the point also that I am here on my own and thus prepared to subject myself to all norms and protocols of the party. I preach respect of law and order and the respect for constituted authorities, anywhere I go. It is a template of my action and conduct. I therefore cannot breach the teachings of my gospel. I anticipate participation in all democratic processes that would lead to the emergence of a candidate for the Party. What I would however appeal for is for the party to also treat all of us as its members with equal rights. We should all be treated with fairness in a transparent manner that is the hallmark of democracy.

Finally, I would appeal to all political actors in the state, especially my fellow aspirants to go into the field armed with our rules of engagements. No one’s ambition is worth the peace and stability of our people. We should eschew antagonism or stoking primordial sentiments. Elections would come and go but the people will always be together. Damaging the harmony we enjoy as a people would have dire consequences on all of us and is the gravest disservice anyone can do for our dear state.

I thank you all for your valuable time and this august reception.

Thank you!


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    Ribadu, you will rue the day you decided to join the PDP. Mark my words!

    • ladi

      Boko Haram APC party is not an option to win to the race.



      • Factual

        What qualifies a party to be Boko Haram?

  • Heheheh am smiling @ Ribadu.

    • ladi

      Mr. Ribadu will eventually laugh last.

  • Scalywag

    Mallam Nuhu, are you saying it is impossible to serve Adamawa state on a platform other than PDP? Are you sure you have been ‘Tested and Trusted’ by PDP? Toh. Ok o! New principles! Is it that you and Atiku can’t co-habit the same platform? Is there a new enlightenment that has been exposed to you? May we all be witnesses to the denouement.

    • ladi@yahoo.com

      He knows he can’t win under Boko Haram APC party. He did the right thing. You know that too.

      • Scalywag

        I thought BH originator SAS-GAS has moved with them to PDP

      • Al

        I taught pdp/apga is the main bokoharam party??please you pdp guys stop confusing nigerians

  • Guttersense

    With the benefit of hindsight the Ibori dollars could have come in handy. Or have they availed part of the oil subsidy $ he investigated. Or is it part of the $20bn?

  • Mosaku 147

    Nice speech. Matured politicking. Carry go Nuhu,I am with you all the way,though I detest the platform on which you want to run. All the same,I still have this inner feeling that you know what you doing.

    • Garba Shehu

      It starts with the individual not a party. He made a name for himself under PDP. Was PDP a different party then?

    • gwangwala

      A spade is a spade. Put it in a truck load of other tools it will still remain a spade. Carry on ribadu

  • Gbo_lee

    Mallam,you just lost all my respect for you for joining to dine with the same people you Said were corrupt and devillish. You have joined the wrong team but we are stronger now than ever. APC! Change!

    • Easy

      The problem is that Ribadu cannot beat up the cabals in PDP and PDP as a party. He has given up to them as such don’t expect anything positive.

  • Dan Fulani

    I heard it on good authority that Omisore was traded by Muazu and Obanikoro and collected their Billions from the Domo and allowed he Omisore to swim and drown alone.
    I know how much the EFCC consificated from Muazu and the time he returned to Nigeria he was broke, and now he brought you to PDP to trade with you collect his Billions from the Domo and allow you to swim and drown alone.
    More importantly you are Fulani and the Bamangas will not allow you to rule Adamawa state.

    • Garba Shehu

      Please do not deviate into another story, the discussion is on Ribadu not Omisore.

  • TopeLamas

    Ribadu decamped simply for his selfish intrest he tot he wil be given authomatic ticket which turned iutia complete failure, a decisio which he is regreting already. Det do say everybdy has a price bt pls let ur price b high

  • teddy

    Ribadu, y struggle to explain ur foolishness. I dey laff like Obj as u still prove u rw hungry like them all. I pray APC never yake u back again.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    “Elections would come and go but the people will always be together. Damaging the
    harmony we enjoy as a people would have dire consequences on all of us
    and is the gravest disservice anyone can do for our dear state”.

    This is one statement politicians always forget to ponder on on the cause of fighting for their ambitions. This regime have dented that image of integrating members of the same society, ethnic group, religion group, zone etc. You see hate here and there, my fear now is when the hate begin to manifest since it has germinated. North hating South, South hating North, Ibo hating Yoruba, Yoruba hating Ibo, Hausa/Fulani hating Yoruba, Yoruba hating Hausa/Fulani, Hausa/Fulani hating Ibo, Ibo hating Hausa/Fulani, Orhobo hating Yoruba, Yoruba hating Orhobo and many dislike rampaging the system. When I was in school in the eighties the love between tribes and religion were so strong and hardly can you identify this difference but today fighting for power and relevance have changed all we have and admire together. Can’t we just seat down and ask ourselves after power what else?

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Vintage Ribadu, now APC go see and smell pepper

  • Thecreed

    What a shame! What manner of frustration or hunger for money and power informed this suicidal decision. Though you never had political acumen, all you had was your stint at efcc which was marred by impunity, executive lawlessness, vindictiveness and witchhunt, not forgetting flagrant disregards for judicial process and the rule of law. You have lost anything left of your morals if at all you ever had any. This move has condemned you to the political dustbin of not just our political history but also the moral history of our nation

    • Garba Shehu

      Ribadu doesn’t own anybody anything. He has made a name for himself and he can make a difference in PDP.
      In a dirty place, an individual can show how the dirty environment can be cleaned. If he goes there and become a change person then we take it from there. He made a name and was a shining example under PDP regime not under AC, AD, CPC or ANNP.

      • Guttersense

        In that case he ought to have joined pdp at the outset, not debut as acn presidential candidate, apc chieftain only to disingeniously end up pdp guber aspirant in adamawa. But the horse is already gone. Pity indeed!

        • Umar Yero

          What law says that once you were a presidential candidate and in other party you can contest for a lower position or joining another party? That was his own personal decision. Did he swear to anybody that he will never join another party? Again, he doesn’t own me and you anything by doing so. All these APC members you think they are angels? Where were they before forming APC? How about Atiku?
          Most of them were in PDP before.

          • gwangwala

            Yer, I don’t expect u to join issues with a person who’s head is full sewage. Ribadu is not a hypocract.

      • Thecreed

        Could you please educate me on the names he made for himself under the aforementioned parties?

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    You are not an errand boy but you have no principle, intellect, integrity or vision. You may become governor. But you have lost your crebility for ever. People are now questioning your pervious statements and actions. Lack of intelligence made you to follow every statement of GEJ. An intelligent person would have remembered the statement of GEJ at the palace of Ooni of Ife that he would make his son(Omisore) governor. Did that happened. An intelligent person would have look at the Adamawa political terain before responding to GEJ. The best to Ribadu is to come out and apologise to Nigerians and go underground for four years.

  • Amaka

    Truly Nuhu Ribadu is an unstable man. His actions show that he was moved by fear rather than patriotism in rejecting Ibori’s $15 million bribe. Ribadu has continued to show regret for not cornering that money. He is finished completely. When prostitutes claim they moved into the business to feed their families and train their siblings or children, we find it hard to believe. This is the same poverty that propels politicians to move from platform to platform in search of how to feed their families and train their children. Nigerian politicians and prostitutes share a lot in common.