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  • Maria

    See their pot bellies…

    • Akoko

      Your father,
      if you don’t see anything good about this nation. go and kill yourself

      • Maria

        You will die first… because you are a worthless being.

  • Dr.Sule


  • SAT2014

    Those military officers are too heavy and fat to be in the service! Are they really doing any work-out? This is enough reason to give them the boot. But being in Nigeria where corruption is hallmark of success, they are the best the corrupt civilian regime can appoint..

    • uduakomiri

      These officers are just lazy. I could remember in those days of IBB and Abacha every time you saw them visiting states, you could see they are fit. They had no potbellies even though both of them were as evil as they come. I guess the current military chiefs grow fat on easy money

  • Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu

    Yet Chibok girls are still missing, 127 days as at today! What a shame!!!

  • Usman

    military men under umbrella? no wonder they have big belly

    • Akili

      When you are with your elders, let them carry their umbrellas themselves.

  • Mahmoud Lawal


  • Martin

    Neo colonialism civilia government with big fat army that work for colonial interest.. They are dead brain Africans

  • Abubakar Sfada

    A group of dujjal supporters!!! (Antichrist)

  • dammylee

    what have they done to warrant all these insult. Nigerians! nawa

  • Sanni

    In Africa we respect our elders, I do not expect an elder to hold his umbrella while I stand
    to look. go to America if you want that.

  • frizzy007

    @Dr. Sule Y now haba. If
    you don’t see anything good about this country please relocate to Liberia or
    better still try contesting and lets see how many votes you will have even in
    your ward.

  • Mohammed Danbo

    are you guys this hateful of the military?
    Tell me, is it proper for Services to go and meet with the C-in-C
    drenched? They did the proper thing by
    being covered in umbrella. Please stop
    vilifying these patriots unnecessarily.
    It is discouraging. Please let us
    try to be fair to the leadership of the Nigerian military. This hatred is getting much.

    • uduakomiri

      How hard is it to hold your own umbrella? There is a reason these people are called service chiefs rather than Master chiefs. This picture copiously captures the colonial mentality of not just the military chiefs but the military as an institution and of course our entire political establishment

      • zong ngem

        Most Nigerians criticize everything ?

        • uduakomiri

          If you don’t understand the fact there is what is called contract, social contract to be precise. When individuals ascend positions of authority, they hold that position on behalf of the citizens. They are accountable to the citizens and the people whom they serve are within their rights to criticise such public officials if they no longer have confidence in such officials as in this case, Nigeria’s military chiefs no longer have the confidence of Nigerians on the issue of providing even the most basic security for Nigerians.
          It is obvious a lot of Nigerians are very timid, uneducated, even some who are educated are ignorant of their rights. But thanks to technology, more Nigerians are starting to ask questions, they are starting to speak up, and more are beginning to demand answers from authority, and I reckon you should do the same. In fact more Nigerians need to speak up, criticise, and complain because there are so many things that are done the wrong way by Nigerian officials. In a public office, officials are duty bound to justify their position by providing the level and quality of service required.
          Criticism is one of the very building blocks of democracy. If you are unhappy to be in a plural society, I will advise you move to China or even still Zimbabwe.
          As for me, I speak up not just for my rights but for the people who will come after me.
          Thank You

  • Peace Ali

    What is wrong with using umbrella? After all when you go to eateries, hotels and malls, you have staff assisting to escort customers from their cars into the mall regardless of the status? The Service Chiefs don’t deserve this hatred or criticism. After all they too have paid their dues as young officers before they attained this status. Let us be fair to them please. Enough of unnecessary insults because one is serving his fatherland.

  • uduakomiri

    How can individuals who can’t even handle their own umbrellas be able to provide security for 170 million people? These men unable to charge down the road under the rain wielding an umbrella surely cant be expected to charge down the dusty dirt tracks of the north east in 50 degrees heat holding a rusty AK47 to challenge the burst of fire from suicidal Boko Haram fighters cutting down anything in sight with their Libyan issue SMGs and ARs.
    A picture tells a thousand stories. These service chiefs are simply glorified maiguards. Nigerians deserve better.

  • Ahmad

    Haba PT! What’s the big story here? If you have never seen anything wrong in an orderly holding Mrs Jonathan’s handbag, why trying to make a story because orderlies are holding their service chiefs umbrellas during rains?

  • Enemona

    In true Nigerian style….the big man/woman syndrome.

  • abimbola

    i pity the masses no place to run its quite unfortunate that our president doesn’t care about us inspite of the security votes that are unaccounted for there is still bombing everywhere and even our so called pot belly generals should be ashamed of themselves they are just galivanting about doing as if they can protect us.i just wish we should still be under the colonial masters for nigeria to develop .

  • afroyinka

    And while every personal position has its entitlement. My opinion is that readers need be wary of persons who would set a family or party afire with such nuances as contained in this article. Its also clear that had Osinbajo been presidential candidate, there would still be such a one who would not be deemed ” fit to play second fiddle to a man far much less endowed” as Prof Osinbajo? So where do you start…or stop? How the party got to this point is a known journey/path……? Its not to be overlooked whilst making one’s wishes/opinions known. And that’ll be discretion

  • YK

    Politics is not academic abracadabra. If you are too uninspired to know the academic abracadabra has far less influence in our polity then I can not help you in your docility. This dumbo president has proven beyond doubt how less important academic attainment can be in our leadership strata in Nigeria. In fact, the best performing governors in Nigeria do no have university degree, they are common school cert holders. Was Fayose the most intelligent person Ekiti the land of professor could have offered? Obviously No. You and I know the best even in your acclaimed America is not always in the forefront in the political race. Here we are talking of who can win election and subsequently fix Nigeria to the right track, you on the contrary because of the reasons best known to you continue playing to the gallery. This is Nigeria, if you feel it is to pacify or console some people so be it, you are free to support your chosen candidate as that is why it is called democracy. Enough of this crying like baby. Come out from your hidden and support, campaign and market your candidate it is within your constitutional right to do so. Nigerians have the final say, in fact few voters are reading these your craps and the majority of voters are neither aware of these craps flying around. We shall wait and see how far a donkey can go in running competition with horse.

  • Omoagunmate

    Another one sitting on the fence with a big arse. We all love the prof and we love GMB the kick arse general the same. They are a team, a team of change with each bringing something very unique to the table. So you can take your opinion of one deserving the front seat and the other not to current tenant of Aso Rock, you may be lucky and get paid a lot of dollars for your trouble too.

  • Tommy

    Thanks a lot Omoagunmate, Afroyinka and YK.

    It is for a lack of understanding of who a true leader is that someone in her rigtth senses where describe general Buhari as an unfit front runnner.

    There salient qualiities of great leaders that people with myopia can never see or comprehend.

    One of auch quality is the ability of a leader to indentify team memeber with a diversitiy of qualities to bring to the table. GMB has demostrated this quality right from his selectin of idiagbon .

    In GMB we stand.