#OsunDecides2018: APC, PDP in final battle (LIVE UPDATES)

Photo Collage of #OsunDecides2018 top gubernatorial aspirants
Photo Collage of #OsunDecides2018 top gubernatorial aspirants

The stage is set to conclude Osun State governorship election declared inconclusive by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Sunday.

Today, Thursday, September 22, all 48 political parties vying for the post will go to the poll; but the real battle is between the PDP and the APC.

In the inconclusive election held Saturday, Ademola Adeleke of the PDP scored 254,698 votes to beat his APC rival, Gboyega Oyetola, who polled 254,345 votes. The PDP thus holds a narrow lead of 353 votes over the APC.

The electoral commission however declared the election inconclusive because the margin between the two leading parties, PDP and APC, is less than the number of cancelled votes (3,498) in seven polling units where results was cancelled across four local governments.

The Returning Officer, Joseph Fuwape, who is the Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, while declaring the final results, said he could not “fairly” return Ademola Adeleke as the winner because of the provisions of the law regarding cancelled votes.

Subsequently, INEC picked Thursday to hold the rerun in the following polling units:

– Ife North, Ward 10, PU2

– Ife South, Olode Ward 07, PU12, Adereti Village

– Ife South Osi Ward 8 PU10, Aluti Erin Primary School, Albert village

– Orolu Ward 08 PU001, Kajola village

– Orolu Ward 08 PU004 Idi Iya village

– Orolu Ward 09 PU 003 Gbogbo Primary School Adeleke

– Osogbo Ataoja Ward 05 PU 017 Adewale Street.

Already, politicking has been intense for the 3,498 possible votes from these polling units. In the past days, both APC and PDP have claimed Iyiola Omisore, a strong Ife politician who came third in the initial election, has agreed to work with them. Mr Omisore and his party, SDP, however cleared the air yesterday when they declared support for APC.

The game has also been hot in some of these polling units. In Osogbo on Tuesday, three people, including a 12-year-old girl, were shot at Alekuwodo area of Osogbo.

As expected, the battle will be keen.

PREMIUM TIMES will bring you live updates of happenings from the seven polling units and the final collation centre.

7:15am Orolu LGA:

As it stands, there is apprehension in Ifon, Orolu LGA as residents gather in tens and hundreds discussing.

It was alleged that about twelve vehicles carrying thugs working for one of the parties drove ahead.

Observers, residents and other interested parties are waiting for security reinforcement to proceed to polling units.

7.52am Restiveness at PU 17, Ward 5 Osogbo over presence of Unit 03 PVC held by a potential voter. Some agents protest and police order the holder to vacate the area. Calm returns. The queue is long.

7.45am- All is set in Oshogbo. At PU 17 Ward 5 in Oshogbo, electoral officers have already set up the polling centres. They waiting to commence the voting process by 8 am, the official time.

7.52am – There is confusion at the same ward in Osogbo as a voter is seen with a PVC of another polling unit.

Some party agents protest. The police order the holder to vacate the area. Calm returns. The queue is long.

8:09am Oshogbo LGA: Aged people given preference at PU 17, ward 5 but voting cubicle is not secluded to ensure voter secrecy as INEC promised.

8:30 am Ife South LGA: At Olode Ward 7, PU 12, voting is in progress. There is presence of heavily armed security operatives. The security personnel comprise men of the Nigerian Police Force, FRSC, NSCDC, DSS.

8:42am: Signs of vote buying in Ife-South LGA.

At Olode Ward 07, PU12, Mr Adereti, an INEC officer denied an observer movement around the polling unit where vote-buying is suspectedly going on.

8: 58 am: Orolu LGA – Security operatives restrict an election observer from getting to a polling unit in the LGA.

9:05 am Osogbo LGA – A woman, Romoke Lukman, 50, caught as she tried to vote with PVC of another unit at PU 17, Ward 5. She said she was called by someone to come and vote. This is the second person caught trying to vote in the unit with PVCs from other units. She was questioned by security operatives who let her go after she apologised profusely.

9:26am: A party agent raised concerns about a voter registered in another polling unit moving forward to cast his vote at Olode Ward 07, PU12, Adereti in Ife-south LG.

The INEC officer checked the potential voter’s PVC and ordered him out of the polling unit.

Rukayat Ahmodu , an observer for CLEEN foundation sent back by police and other security agencies from entering Orolu. She arrived at Osogbo after failing to gain access to Orolu. Sh said, “we got there at 6.30am. They took us to the police station and returned us to the junction, and never allowed observers in.”

10:22am Observers restricted from gaining access to polling units in Orolu LGA:

Many observers have complained of being denied access to Ifon polling units in Orolu LGA by security operatives.

Rukayat Ahmodu, an observer for CLEEN foundation was turned back by police and other security agencies from entering Orolu.

“We got there at 6:30am, they took us to the police station and later brought us to a junction. They said we are not allowed inside the centres,” Ms Ahmodu said.

10:03am – Despite the heavy rainfall, voters remain on queue at Ife South LGA to cast their votes.

Kemi Busari, a journalist covering the ongoing Osun rerun election, was briefly arrested by the police on Thursday morning.

Mr Busari was arrested for taking pictures at Polling Unit one, Ward 8, Orolu Local Government Area.

The polling unit is located at Kajola Community Primary School.

Mr Busari is one of the accredited observers deployed for the election in partnership with the Centre for Democracy and Development.

Arriving at the polling unit at about 7.40a.m., the journalist thought it fit to capture the voting process, but this landed him in police net.

He was arrested and and dragged to the leader of the police delegation, with the name tag S. Abubakar.

Mr Abubakar ordered that the journalist, who wore the appropriate observer tag and apron, be arrested.

Promptly, one of his subordinates grabbed the journalist by his trouser and dragged him to a stationed police vehicle with the inscription ‘police skynet squad.’

The gun-wielding officer, Abdul Usman, confiscated all his gadgets and locked him in the vehicle.

It later took the intervention of Mr Abubakar to get this journalist released.

“We release you because you are a press man. Let him go. He’s a PREMIUM journalist. We don’t want any problem here.

“You are a journalist you are supposed to know. No camera is allowed here,” Mr Abubakar said.

The police officer’s stance contradicts the statement of the electoral commission, INEC, which explained that voters and participants where allowed to go with their phones to polling units but not polling booths after ballot paper must have been issued to an accredited voter.

Mr Busari was released with the instruction that he should not dare “snap pictures in the polling unit.”

Same instruction was given to other observers present.

Despite the presence of scores of security personnel at Polling Unit one, Ward eight in Orolu Local Government Area, thugs are in control of the unit, PREMIUM TIMES can report.

At least 100 personnel comprising police officers and officials of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps were deployed to the unit.

Apart from the police officers, thugs who publicly professed to be working for APC were on ground to intimidate opposition and provide cover for voters.

The thugs strategically stationed at the entrance and around the polling units are causing mayhem in the polling unit.

PREMIUM TIMES reporter observed how they confiscated and later released a phone belonging to a journalist with The Cable newspapers, Taiwo Adebulu.

Police officers watched as they perpetrate these acts.

Apart from threatening journalists, the thugs who are the first point of call at the polling unit screen whoever will enter to vote.

Tens of motorcycles belonging to opposition electorate were seeing lying around the bush at the polling unit.

Earlier, Tommy Williams, a foreign election observer from the British High Commission commented on heavy armed security currently at Olode ward 07, Polling Unit 12, Adereti, in Ife South LGA. He said it’s not too bad but has its effect on the electorates.

He also commended INEC on efforts so far.

10:52am: Ife South LGA – An elderly man identified was barred by police officers from accessing PU012 Olode Ward 07, Ife South LGA, even after showing them his PVC, which contained the unit’s details.

11:29am Ife South – On the absence of PDP party agent at the unit, INEC supervisor in PU012 Olode Ward 07 in Ife South LG, Stephen Ojewale, said that INEC is not to be held responsible. The PDP agent was yet to arrive the centre at this time.

11:29 a.m. Ife South – The PDP party agent is absent.

INEC supervisor in Polling Unit 012 Olode Ward 07 in Ife-south LG, Stephen Ojewale, said that INEC is not to be held responsible as the PDP agent is yet to arrive the centre.

10:03am – Despite the heavy rainfall, voters remain on queue at Ife South LGA to cast their votes.

11..55am Osogbo ward 5, unit 17, gunshots everywhere as police ward off attempts by hoodlums to disrupt election. Electoral officials, voters scamper for safety.

11..55am Osogbo ward 5, unit 17, gunshots everywhere as police ward off attempts by hoodlums to disrupt election. Electoral officials, voters scamper for safety.

Over five attempts by impostors to vote with another registered voter’s PVC recorded at PU012 Olode Ward 07 in Ife-south LG. All, except a controversial case, were unsuccessful.

12:25pm – Chang Mantu, a senior police officer involved in the coordination of security in the Osun election, explained in Osogbo that there was an attempt by some party men disguising as observers to gain access to Orolu in the early hours of Thursday. He said they were arrested by the police.

According to him, they loaded in a bus and when they were screened, they were found to be members of a political party. He explained the development was the reason why there were restrictions into the area as it was difficult for security officials to know those who were genuine observers and journalists.

12:50pm Osogbo LGA – Akinlade street in Osogbo leading to Polling Unit 17, Ward 5 where election is currently ongoing has being fully militarised.

Soldiers, Police, SSS, NSCDC officials are fully on guard in most of the adjourning routes to the area.

As at 12:50pm, only about 25 voters were still left on the queue in the unit, the only one where the re-run election is being held in Osogbo.

At Ward 5, Unit 17 in Osogbo, a man has been accused of voting buying. He was arrested by security operatives who found about N20,600 cash in the pocket of his inner jeans shor.

2:06pm – Voting ends In PU12 Olode Ward 07, Adereti village in Ife-south LG. The presiding officer closes poll as officials commence sorting and counting of votes immediately.

Voting ends at voting point one, Unit 17, Ward 5, Osogbo at 2.10pm

2:27: The presiding officer of polling unit 012 in Olode Ward 07, Ife South, is now counting the votes.

Result for Osogbo PU 17, Ward 5, voting point 1

APC 162
PDP 82

Voting point 2 votes are being sorted

Result of Ward10, PU2, Oyere II, Ife North LG

Registered Voters – 353 Accredited – 133
Cast Vote – 130
Void – 1

APC – 126
PDP – 2
ADP – 1

Other parties – 0

3:40pm – Total score for Osogbo LGA Ward 5, unit 17

APC 299
PDP 165

Due to poor telephone/internet network, the messages by our our observer in Ife North LG were not delivered. We reproduce them here and the time each was originally sent.

At 7:49am Thugs threatened me and my motorcyclist with gun at powerline, road linking to Alatapa village, Ife North LG. Forced us to return
At 8:23am Over 500 security operatives at Ward10 PU2, Oyere, Ife North LG
At 8:31am: Voting ongoing peacefully with hunters and security operatives fully armed
At 8:50am: Rain disperses voters on queue at Ward10 PU2, Oyere, Ife North LG
At 9:45am Ward10, PU2, Oyere, Ife North LG: A Civil Defense Officer attacked our observer and asked that all pictures and videos be deleted. He also seized the gadgets belonging to this observer until a soldier intervened and pleaded with him to return the gadgets.
At 11:06am, Ward10 PU2, Iyere, Ife North LG, voting still going on smoothly
At 12:15pm Ward10 PU2, Iyere, Ife North LG: Double Voting: It was observed that some voters at the polling unit voted twice with different voter’s cards
At 12:57pm Ward10, PU2, Iyere, Ife North: No PDP Agent at polling unit and further efforts are made by the APC to perfect double voting with the support of major party chieftains including with the Majority Leader of Osun State House of Assembly, Hon. Owoeye
At 2:00pm, Ward 10 PU2, Oyere ll, Ife North: Party agents available are APC, SDP, APA, ACD
At 2:00pm, Ward10, PU2, Oyere ll, Ife North LG: Sorting of papers begins at polling unit as party leaders urged supporters to give distance.
[At 2:00pm, Ward10, PU2, Oyere ll, Ife North LG, Mr Owoeye, the majority leader of Osun State House of Assembly and other party leaders remain at PU
At 2:05pm, Ward10, PU2 Oyere ll, Ife North LG: Presiding officer announced the striking out of unused ballot papers after the demands by voters.
At 2:29pm Result from Ward10, PU2, Oyere, Ife North LG

Registered Voters – 353
Accredited – 133
Cast Vote – 130
Void – 1
APC – 126
PDP – 2
SDP – 0
ADC – 0
ADP – 1

2:09pm: Results from PU 003 Ward 9 Gbogbo primary school Orolu local govt.

1 void …..
APC… 41
Registered Voters – 167
Accredited voters- 106

8.03p.m., The Returning Officer, Adeola Afuwape, read the results of the Saturday evection.

He said the the result will be transferred with a new form EC 8D.

8.16p.m., collation officer for Ife South was announced to have arrived.

The Returning Officer announced a break at 8.20p.m.

9.59 p.m., the fourth collation officer was announced to have arrived. Collation will commence I’m earnest.

Collation will start with Osogbo Local Government, followed by Orolu, Ife South, then Ife North.

Prof. Pius Enikanoselu who collated for PU 17, ward 5 now has ghetto floor.

Prof. Daniel Juwon now presenting the result for ward 10, polling unit 2, Ife North.

Number of registered voters – 353
Accredited – 133

ABP – 1
APC – 126
PDP – 2

Total valid votes – 129
Rejected – 4
Total votes cast – 133

With results of the four polling units announced, electoral officers are currently merging results of the rerun with that of the Saturday election



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