Fresh attacks reported in Benue communities

Benue on map

Armed persons on Thursday night attacked villages around Anyiin, a major town in Logo Local Government Area, LGA, that serves as a base for special forces and has one of the biggest IDP camps.

Residents in Anyiin reported heavy gunshots from attacks in nearby villages Thursday night.

At least five persons were in critical condition from gunshot wounds in the attacks by suspected herdsmen, according to residents accounts to PREMIUM TIMES.

Four residents informed PREMIUM TIMES in separate exchanges that residents in Anyiin are panicked and are on the run.

Residents said police special forces who were alerted about the attacks brought five villagers who were critically wounded to the hospital in Anyiin.

“They’re at NKST Hospital now in Anyiin,” Terkura Suswam, a politician and founder of Ashi Polytechnic in Anyiin, told PREMIUM TIMES by telephone.

One of the villages is Tsukwa, which was amongst those attacked on January 1. The village recorded up to 10 casualties in that attack, according to residents who spoke with PREMIUM TIMES two weeks ago.

Tsukwa is about a mile from Anyiin, which has a police special forces unit and one of the biggest camps for the internally displaced persons in Benue State.

The commander of the special forces, Ibrahim Ignatius, told PREMIUM TIMES he was not aware of the attack because he is in Makurdi, the state capital.

The Divisional Police Officer of Anyiin Division, Celestine Utim, told PREMIUM TIMES he is trying to find out what is going on.

Another Anyiin resident who confirmed the attack to PREMIUM TIMES was Alijah Auna, the secretary of the IDP camp there.

“Yes, they’ve been attacking villages around Anyiin this night,” Mr. Auna said. “Many people at the camp here have started running away.”

“But I am still at the camp,” he added.

It was not immediately clear the number of villages that were attacked Thursday night.

Witnesses said the attackers had fled before the special forces arrived at some of the villages.

Scores of villagers were killed in the January 1 attacks in Logo LGA. Survivors have remained largely at various IDP camps in the local government because their villages are still not safe for their return, despite the police’s assertions that the areas had been secured.

When PREMIUM TIMES visited Logo LGA last month, Tsukwa, where at least two persons were reportedly short tonight, was the only village that was accessible out of the seven that were attacked on January 1.

Editor’s Note: Residents wrongly identified the security agents that responded to the attacks as Nigerian soldiers to PREMIUM TIMES last night. The responders were police special forces stationed in Anyiin, not soldiers. This error was attributed to the military fatigue that the police special forces had on when they brought the victims to the hospital.


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  • Sandra

    Nigeria under siege…!!! Lord have mercy…!!!

    • Mohammed Haruna

      To you Nigeria is say to be under siege only when Fulani attack some villages in the South or a Christian communities but nobody among you say anything when the same Fulani attack a village in the north or Muslim communities which they always do right? Why can’t we face the reality and call a spade by its name? I will never support a killing of any citizen of this great country be him or her Christian, Muslim or pagan by either Fulani herdsmen or whatever name they are called but let’s be more reasonable and sensible whenever we involved ourselves in any discussion concerning lives and national security. God blessed Nigeria and Nigerians

      • Eze_nsogbu

        Ethnic foolanis must return back to Futa Jalo mountain where their evil Islamic terrorist forefathers came from.

        • Mohammed Haruna

          Then start returning them back to the mountain right away please, if you can…

          • Eze_nsogbu

            Keep watching!

      • AryLoyds

        Keep Deceiving yourself!

      • Eluba Inas

        Stop wasting your time trying to reason with social media idiots. They cannot put the defeat of 2015 election behind and move on. They and their pay masters will concocte anything to derail the progress being made.

        • Mohammed Haruna

          Thanks for the reminder my very good friend

  • AryLoyds

    Fulanis are out to conquer Benue state before Buhari leaves to Daura

  • Harry

    Major-General Buhari is under the air-conditioned Aso rock strong room insulated from the chaos and maiming of Nigerian citizens he swore to protect under oath.

  • Repost by Popular Demand


    The answer to the bloodiness of Buhari regime

    “This is the time for us to reinvent the will and tap into the
    resourcefulness of the younger generation, stimulate their entrepreneurial
    initiatives and provoke a conduce environment to grow national economy both at
    the micro and macro levels. The next election in 2019 therefore presents us a
    unique opportunity to reinvent the will and provoke fresh leadership that would
    immediately begin the process of healing the wounds in the land and ensuring
    that the wishes and aspirations of the people are realized in building and
    sustaining national cohesion and consensus.”

    …………….General Ibrahim Babangida

    (February 4, 2019)

  • J.C. Peace


    The Catholic Bishops must have departed Nigeria;s presidential villa yesterday with a certain regret
    that President Buhari’s mind-set is too fatally bent on doing evil he can’t be retrieved from his destiny.
    Like Saddam Hussein of Iraq the Muhamadu Buhari in Nigeria’s presidential villa as president has lost
    contact with all reality and can only see cows, Fulani supremacy and Islamist Jihad across Nigeria.
    Anything outside that unholy trinity is outside his range and radar, even as Nigerians famish.

    His party associate, Bola Tinubu, who was ranked as co-equal as national leader with Buhari at the formation
    of the APC party, is now an errand boy for Buhari who two days ago sent Tinubu on a fool’s errand to reconcile
    aggrieved APC party members. The irony was not lost to the public. Bola Tinubu was first to remove the ribbon
    of party leader hung on his neck and cut it into pieces two years ago when the coin dropped that he has no say
    in either APC party affairs or in APC federal government under President Buhari.

    As the most aggrieved for the humiliating treatment he got Bola Tinubu will firstly have to face a big mirror
    and reconcile himself with the image the mirror reflects. It is only after that he can step out of the house to
    attempt reconciling violently aggrieved party members across the country. For all that Bola Tinubu gets no
    sympathy from the Yoruba people who are limbering up across party lines to vote against Buhari at next
    year’s election for the untold suffering Buhari’s ignorance and incompetence wrought on Nigeria..

    • Bigtin

      Brilliant piece!

  • emmanuel

    Buhari open the flood gate of death in Nigeria right from Soaking the streets with Monkey and Baboon blood, then he came to office and the first set of killings: The Lady Evangelist in Abuja for daring to preach, Bridget in Kano and Emmanuel in Kaduna for daring to eat around muslims who were observing their ramadan.
    When Buhari refused to condemn those initial killings but made disparaging statements, his people drew on his posture to activate his Islamists tendencies to act. Then followed by the members of his Association who are the real culprits today.
    Who would say Buhari has not done well for himself; by executing the vision he inaugurated in 2001? However, 2019 is almost here. Let those who boasted of his integrity strategise to send him back to Daura.

  • Eleniyan2000


  • It’s time we all give up meat.

    • Segun B.

      Please help us tell Alhaji Jihadi Muhamadu Buhari to start packing
      his underwear and clothing. With 5 months to party primary left it is
      too late to make his corpse walk. The people of Nigeria have made
      up their mind about him, mostly as the most useless president this
      country had ever had, if not the most illiterate and tribally corrupt.
      The only way out of disgrace is for Buhari to resign or to face public
      disgrace with his corrupt government where stealing is not punished.

      • Mohammed Haruna

        Point of correction, people like you have already make up their mind on PMB comes 2019 election but not Nigerian people because many will still vote for PMB if he decide to run for election as the President again, so don’t generalise please and mind you, majority of people castigating and condemning his government did not even vote for him in 2015 so don’t be surprise that nothing will change comes 2019

        • Danladee

          I concur. What most of these social media ‘warriors’ don’t know is that PMB still have his supporters intact, in areas where number of votes matters. A lot of this social media ‘warriors’ will hug transformers after 2019 election.

          • Eze_nsogbu

            Northerners are less than 40% of Nigeria’s population.

          • Eluba Inas

            That is not true. But, even if it so, you cannot hibernate on social media and expect to win. First you have to register to get your card, then you have to be confirmed on the Election Day and then you have to vote. Get that moron!

          • Eze_nsogbu

            Disgusting northern Zoo mumu

          • Eluba Inas

            Is that your best? Indeed a moron.

          • Eze_nsogbu

            Shameless pedophile M0hammed’s follower. Pig!

  • ima

    Pls declare operation crocodile dance in Benue.

  • Ojo

    And they are not yet terrorists According to the federal government led by PMB. It’s ipob who never killed anyone that is qualified to be “terrorists” Hahahah. We all know what is happening. The army that massacred hundreds of unarmed flag carrying civilians in the east can not kill even one of the herdsmen terrorists in Benue yet. Hahahah. We all know what is happening

  • Eluba Inas

    PT and the rest of the media needs to do more to unmasked those behind this crisis not simply blaming it on “suspected herdsmen.” It is becoming more like political anarchist doing everything they can to muddy the peaceful coexistence for their nefarious goal of getting power back. How else can you explain the bizarre attack with the Nigerian Army and Police on the ground.

    • utolason

      Exactly my thought! These anarchists are also using unenlightened herdsmen as evidence clearly shows that some herdsmen are feeding their cows with farmers’ produce.

      • Eluba Inas

        The big question is why is this happening only in Nigeria. Don’t they have herdsmen in other West African countries. Why did this not happened during the previous administrations? We have always had herdsmen. Why now? Why now? Why now?

  • Ali A-ly

    I just pity this Benue people…they voted for a man that will gamble with their lives…him and George Akume…the Benue people know what I am talking about. Him and Akume are busy emptying the State account and they have succeeded in diverting their attention to Fulani herdsmen crisis…bravo, keep on