Buhari speaks on herdsmen crisis, ‘nepotism’

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday in Abuja explained that the policy proposed by Federal Government in response to the frequent clashes between herdsmen and farmers in the country is not meant to colonise any part of the country.

Receiving Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) led by Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama, President Buhari said the intention of government is to create grazing locations for cattle rearers, which has now been misconstrued as another form of colonisation.

President Buhari said he regretted that the “well-thought out policy of the Federal Government, which was conceived after wide consultations with stakeholders”, had been largely misunderstood by a section of the public.

He, however, assured the Catholic Bishops that the Federal Government will continue to explore all opportunities and support initiatives to ensure peace and stability in restive areas.

Condemning recent spate of killings in Benue, Adamawa, Taraba, and Zamfara states, the president said security operatives would ensure prosecution of perpetrators and all those found with illegal arms in the affected areas.

‘‘The impression created that I was sitting in an air-conditioned office and home, enjoying myself while these things happened, is dishonest.

‘‘At every step, I have tried to foresee these problems because I have the experience as a former military officer who commanded three out of the four divisions of the Nigerian army, in Lagos, Ibadan and Jos.

‘‘I am quite aware of the problems we have and I am doing my best to get law enforcement agencies to be on alert,’’ he said.

Mr. Buhari told the Catholic Bishops that he would not be tired of recounting remarkable progress recorded in the areas of security, economy and the fight against corruption.

‘‘We have done very well on security in the North East, when you compare what the condition was before we came in and what it is now.

‘‘On the economy, particularly agriculture, I am very pleased that God answered the prayers of Nigerians who prayed for bountiful harvest.

‘‘People have taken advantage of Federal Government policies and programmes to return to the farm and they have not regretted,’’ he said.

On the fight against corruption, the president said the government would be guided by the law in the investigation and prosecution of all graft-related cases.

‘‘People are being prosecuted systematically with evidence.

‘‘If a permanent secretary has five houses in Abuja, two in Kaduna and one in Borno and Sokoto and he can’t account for the properties and there are bank transactions linking him to the properties, the prosecuting agencies will not have difficulties to make progress on the case,” he said.

On the question of federal character, the president said no ethnic group or political zone has been deliberately marginalised in the appointments made so far.

He, however, added that he would take a second look at areas on which issues have been raised, when a compendium of all government appointments is submitted to him.
In his remarks, Mr. Kaigama pledged that the Catholic Church in Nigeria would continue to support the Buhari administration and make its contribution to nation-building through prayers, admonitions and assistance to needy Nigerians.

‘‘As the voice of the people, we shall continue to highlight the plight of our people and play our prophetic role of sensitising the government, thus promoting good governance, national unity and cohesion,’’ Mr. Kaigama said.


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  • Mamman Bako

    “He, however, added that he would take a second look at areas on which issues have been raised, when a compendium of all government appointments is submitted to him.”

    This is from the same man that said “I am not in a hurry”.

    ‘Second look’ may never happen.

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      In any case, it is too late in the day.


      He forgot his mathematical faux pas against the Igbos, 97% and 5% voters…

    • Nwa_Africa

      He is just saying it for saying sake…………………Who appointed the first eleven of his security team if not him?

  • Jon

    Mr. President, the word “Colony” is offensive. And, the words “Cattle Colonies” are even more offensive. What Nigerians have, is a nepotistic, radical Islamic Jihadist and, above all, a Northern parasite who quickly grab the post of minister of Southern oil, because of their belief that the oil belongs to the North.


      And now, Buhari has clearly earned the biggest title in the world, and that is, A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!

      This guy is denying even his nepotism!

  • Debekeme

    My people; education, exposure and wide circle of friends is important in life o! Dont play with that.

    Just look at all the different posts and positions Buhari has held in life yet hes still an ignorant and unenlightened man. What a shame!.

    Buhari has a VERY narrow view and understanding of the world. Till TOMORROW, Buhari doesnt understand what hes done wrong and why everyone is criticizing him.

    Hopefully, he will understand when he starts to pack his personal belongings out of Aso Rick after losing the 2019 elections

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Illiteracy is a disease. So is parochialism. Buhari suffers from both.

    • Record Keeper

      Let us accept that the present (BUHARI) administration has done what
      it can do to the limit of its ability, aptitude and understanding. Let the
      (BUHARI) administration and its political party platform agree with the
      rest of us that what they have done and what they are capable of doing
      is not good enough for us.

      They have given as best as they have and as best as they can give.
      Nigeria deserves and urgently needs better than what they have given
      or what we know they are capable of giving. To ask them to give more
      will be unrealistic and will only sentence Nigeria to a prison term of
      four years if not destroy it beyond the possibility of an early recovery
      and substantial growth.”

      ………………….General Olusegun Obasanjo

      (January 23rd, 2018)

    • AryLoyds

      He knows what he has done , he is only pretending and buying time!

  • Ibraheem Aruna

    Why couldn’t somebody remind our dear President that 2019 is just around the corner.?

  • Mentus

    This man is absolutely incorrigible. He keeps harping on people returning to agriculture when the farmers are complaining that herdsmen are letting the cows loose on their farm produce and all he could say is for them to be accommodated.
    So he is encouraging farming so the cows can feed fat on peoples hard worK.
    As for his fight against corruption, it a ruse for persecuting his perceived enemies.

  • Nkem

    “He, however, added that he would take a second look at areas on which issues have been raised, when a compendium of all government appointments is submitted to him.”

    So our president cannot see at first glance that the entre security architecture of the country – (1) National Security Adviser, (2) Minister of Defense, (3) Chief of Army Staff, (4) Inspector-General of Police, (5) DG of National Intelligence Agency, (6)Head of DSS, (7) Chief of Air Staff (8) Controller-general of Customs (9) CG of Immigration (10) CG of Prisons (11) Civil Defense Commandant (12) Head of Military Intelligence (13) Head of Defense Intelligence – is in the hands of a particular group of people? So who appointed these people in the first place? So he wasn’t looking the first time when he was appointing them that he now wants to take a second look, and wait for “a compendium of all government appointments is submitted to him” before accepting the facts staring him squarely n the face?

    What manner of dishonesty is this?

    • Sam

      No , we shouldn’t pick and choose, if the whole appointments is critically analysed region by region ,not by lumping the whole three region of North as one group , maybe we will come to accept, for example the economy of the Nation is being lead by a particular region , likewise other critical sectors going to other groups ,for example the last time number of all civil servants was looked into ,it was discovered that the south East has the most, yet other regions didn’t cry .lets be fair in all we do .

      • Olusola

        You appoint a Samson Adedeji from Oyo state and appoint another Ayodele Medupin from Kogi state, it never occured to you that you have only appointed two Yoruba people? Fulani is Fulani whether from Kebbi, Zaria, Potiskum, or Kotangora! Federal Character is not about states and zones but also about Ethnic origin, religion and zones in Nigeria. You cannot say you gave south-south six slots and appoint all six from Delta and Rivers; while six will not go round, common sense is you ought to have a spread. Dont put other people’s sensibilities to task? It is too risky in a multi ethnic society like ours to have entire security architecture in the hands of just Fulani! If he had done something differently, say an Igbo as defense minister such would never have allowed changing Leo Irabor and those lives lost could have been prevented. It is even a sign of profound gaming and ingenuity to mix/match people. What about Rotimi as Chief of staff or Ngige? If people hazarded their own lives for your ambition and you shut them out, it is bad. He lost it from the moment he made Kyari a chief of staff. Buhari from that point showed he is an ingrate!

    • Uzoma John

      And for your info, the appointment of Service Chiefs is by seniority and not by choice of the President. Please let’s check our facts before coming public. You cannot pick a lower officer ahead of his senior because you want to balance appointment equation in the military. When our people are busy heading the civil service and other private sector organisations, the North were busy enrolling in the army. Don’t blame PMB for that please. Let’s comment with some atom of fact check.

      • Olusola

        You may have a point in fact checking but I thought you would do the same first. For Kenneth Minimah to emerge, Dr Goodluck Jonathan wasted the careers of 146 senior officers mostly Northerners and South Westerners. Olonishakin escaped because he was personally favoured by Minimah himself and some political bigwigs. Minimah served under him and would have no reason to serve him back that way, (at any rate Minimah himself is a very kind hearted man who would not have wanted what GEJ did but he was the CIC but when the chips are down, he refused army take over). Now the question is do we continue “same of same”? To ensure a Potum Idris can emerge, you know all DIGs have to go and a few AIGs senior to Potum. Why on earth would anyone allow Akpobivre a fine officer leave that force before becoming an IGP? See, Mr Uzoma, you are seeing with only one eye and I am sure you will soon see clearly (I am not abusing you, just saying so that you remember me when you also get tired of Buhari). When Arase was IGP did he not force Ese Oruru girl from the custody of that Emir? If you have Akpobivre would herdsmen be rampaging anyhow? Even if he would not route them, he will stop them from having a field day like they are doing. Buhari must redeem himself and appoint John Ahmadu or Akpobivre as Chairman of Police service commission!


        The entry to the NDA is based on the lopsided state configuration instead of merit hence for every 5 officers in the SE, THERE ARE 19 northerners. Every nation on earth takes the best men into the military except the zoo.

      • adejojo

        If what you are saying is correct, then why was Shehu Musa Yaradua promoted above his senior Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma in 1976

        • Uzoma John

          Go answer that question. PMB is not OBJ or IBB. PMB follow procedure and does not cut corners.

          • adejojo

            Obasanjo wasn’t the one that did that promotion, it was foisted on him

          • adejojo

            Now back to the issue of due process, I want to put the onus on you, tell me one thing that has followed due process in this administration

    • Tickle

      Sir / Madam (?),
      I think we’ll all agree that a round peg in a round hole is the best solution. Therefore, those appointments are the “round pegs” Mr. President could find for the “round holes”!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Please and please, if you dont have a voters card, go and register. All voters should not just vote but ensure they stay back and ensure their votes are counted……………………….Vote for credible inviduals, not parties in 2019.

  • Lanre

    Muhammudu Buhari. You can only deceive gullible Nigerians. You made categorical statements asking the people of Benue to accommodate invading Cattle Herders; your Minister of Defence dismissively told everyone that cared to listen the problem was States trying to introduce laws, not the cattle herders; the IG of Police has asked States to reverse laws constitutionally made. We just heard that a Police Officer was killed by “suspected” Cattle Herders in Oyo State on Tuesday. Did Obasanjo ask the Northern Hausa-Fulani-Kanuri states to reverse Sharia, before you all went to encourage Boko Haram? Bringing disgrace worldwide to the “Nigerian” Demonym?
    On your appointments. Are you saying you do not review names and lists brought to your desk, including background checks before approval and announcement? Are you confirming what has been said that if not for the constitution and the requirements of Party Politics, all your appointments will be made from Katsina, Kano, Kaduna, Borno, Adamawa, Niger, Sokoto, Kebbi, Jigawa and Yobe? And you are a retired General who served in the Nigerian Army to keep Nigeria one? Or perhaps you are confirming what we hear that you are not in power but only seat on a desk. That Abba Kyari and Babagana Kingibe (The Kanuri Duet) with Mamman Daura, Isa Funtua, Farouk Jubril, N. El-Rufai are the ones in Charge?

    Concluding Statements.
    Buhari’s statements are deceitful. I have been following these guys for close to 40 years. Nothing will rescue us from them except a restructuring of the Political Configuration/Structure of Nigeria. At a minimum, Six Regions before 2019 with each Governing Unit having control over its Taxation and Economic/Natural Resources. Each region will contribute 20% of revenue to the center and will be able to decide in 10 years (2028) if it wishes to be part of Nigeria. Enough of deceit (which is a willful and deliberate act).

    • Janjaweed

      On Point!

      • Lanre


    • Yooba Ponbele

      This is the best I ever read from you. Excellently presented!

      • Lanre

        Thank you.

  • shola

    ‘‘At every step, I have tried to foresee these problems …“ only
    that your reaction comes always 1Minute to 12. Why this go slow, Mr.president? President Trump reacts at least through
    his tweeter handle even faster than any politician in his cabinet. We have so many national problems that Nigerians can not afford a pasive head of States.


      Here are some undeniable truths:

      1. Buhari is very slow to do good things, or the right thing; but very fast to kill, or commit genocide.
      2. An illiterate, uninformed, unscientific, insular, myopic Buhari is not good, but a vassal Buhari, by which wicked and cunning people such as El Rufai, Sa’ad, Lamido Sanusi, Ganduje, herdsmen, boko haram, Falana, and several others, can enter and use to destroy our country is even worse.
      3. Buhari and other militant Sunnis of Nigeria, massacred over 1000 Shiites and buried them in mass graves, and are holding their leader El Zakzaky and wife incommunicado, against Court orders.
      4. Buhari sent a detachment of Nigeria Army to conduct an operation in Nnamdi Kanu’s home, and since that hour, Nnamdi Kanu and his Father, Mother, family, members and others are missing; nobody is asking or holding him accountable for this crime; as if it will just go away. The press in Nigeria are jokers and pretenders.
      5. Buhari has strategically placed his people in key security positions of the country; from legislative to Judiciary, to Military to Executive, in effect, all regions are conquered territory, when the inevitable clash for 2019 ensues.

      • shola

        Well, I need proofs that he actuall gave the order to commit such atrocities. I don’t want to join that train, sir.

        • KELLOGGS

          If he didn’t give the order to massacre over 1000 of your fellow countrymen and women, and it happened, yet he did nothing about it, isn’t that even worse?

          • shola

            Don’t get me wrong. Please aknowledge that I ‘m not taking part in this conspiracy theory.

          • KELLOGGS

            Don’t be afraid.

          • shola

            .. of what and why should I. I have the right to my opinion!

  • Folahan

    This man is trying to be clever by half, why is he asking for all federal government appointments, he only needs to ask for all appointments that he has made since 2015. I am beginning to believe that he is very crafty and knows what he is doing.


      There’s a cabal behind him, and they tell him what to say, or not say.

    • princegab

      Yes sir, oga pmb knows what he’s doing. He is responsible for all the mess. May God take off this bile come 2019. Doom days are here already.

    • wode

      Why are you worried that all federal appointments are being investigated? Is it not in the same country? When there is an allegation, the right thing to do is to take a holistic step. That would reveal the true state of things. Whoever must come to equity have to do so with clean hands. He has my 100% support on that. No one should be given undue advantage. Fairness should be to all.

  • cheky

    I thought you didn’t care!

    • thisnigeria

      Election is close by, you know.

      • Nwa_Africa

        Don`t mind Buhari

  • ojomaje ijato

    Mr President, I wish to remind you that you did not only relax at home when Benue was deeply mourning but you were hosting several APC stalwarts in a well documented dinner. At this dinner, you said that you are deliberately slow in taking decisions until your conscience is clear. On another occasion, you said your doctors asked you to eat and sleep. The perception these created is that of someone that is insensitive and having a good time. Nobody is unfair to you, you brought it on yourself. Again, do you really think that farmers whose farms have been destroyed by irresponsible grazing will be happy with your claims that farmers are having a good time? Don’t you think such manner of speaking is offending their sensibilities?

  • thisnigeria

    It is estimated that by the year 2050 the population of Nigeria would have grown so much that Nigeria would become the third largest populated country in the world. Instead of planning how to conserve land for human beings right away, we are planning for “cattle colonies” and archaic cattle grazing land instead of ranches. So, Nigerians would be living on the trees and cattle on the land? “ Shior”!

    • shola

      Nigeria lacks visionary leadership.

      • adejojo

        Sorry I think what you mean is leadership, in all it’s ramifications

        • shola


    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Very accurate deduction from your 2050 prediction of population growth. But truth is will most of them be born by British colonial Nigerian ancestors? actual Nigerian parents. We have no borders. Nigeria is free for all from west Africa, North Africa, central, south east etc. No country smack-centred in the heart of a poverty ridden continent or region that has no border control can ever attain a super power status.

      • Solomon Brown

        No one wants to attain super power status and Africa isn’t poor. Stop with the white supremacist talking points.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          i want Nigeria to attain it. its my country. And please what is white supremacist? there’s no such thing, There is them with better morality, intellectually and technologically more advanced than africa and there’s you africa the importers and nepotists nations . Africa isnt poor you say? guess you are living in the year 2599. Africa in the 21st century i know is poor and run by corrupt leaders and politicians.

          • Solomon Brown

            Well you are going to be waiting forever to attain super power status because it won’t happen. Now addressing the issue of them having better morals and so on. Where do you find the highest rates of pedophilia, bestiality, porn and all other sexual deviancy? You must be living under a rock or think everyone is as brainwashed as you are. Over to the issue of Africa being poor, I guess your definition of riches is measured by how much paper currency you think an individual has. I hate to break it to you, but in the rigged reality we all live in, and you continue to buy into, the leaders you call corrupt are foisted on you for the sole purpose of keeping Africa in the state it is in. Get the wool off your eyes and stop sounding like a sell out. South Africa is case study on what white supremacy is, I don’t have to do any further explaining.

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            i write machine learning and AI codes. i have built an ASI life with mutating algorithms with over 250,000 iterations per second. shame theres no microchip powerful enough to give my AI retained memory. so you see, I aint one of you guys. I dont have a job or create jobs, i create jobs for people who create jobs. I didn’t study an inconsequential courses at school. And if i was writing a document that would make me money i would use my upper class English writing skills. here am writing to inconsequential and primitives at such, does not require the use of my lower brain function not to mention using higher brain function which operates at over 56% capacity. And you seem to believe or blame the white man for Africa’s woes. You are wrong. They didn’t put these corrupt leaders in power for us, they just have to work with them. Africans and African security agents are the problem. The army, police, air-force, navy DSS etc think they were employed to serve and protect the president or their agency heads only and not the country or its constitution. if they wouldn’t protect bad leaders the people can easily kick the leaders out of office. compare the US/UK western military’s to Nigerian and African military’s, case in point coups etc. The white man as you call them cant ruin our countries with our leaders if the idiots who carry the nations guns, weapons and have surveillance techs were actually reasonable people and patriots and not zombies (as quoted by Fela). Africa is poor intellectually and morally. Your excuse of porn and other things as advanced nations immorality doesn’t stand. Porn hasn’t cost human lives and is not a crime except in religious dogmatic poor countries but you know it is changing. Nigeria now has a porn industry and has the highest prostitution rate in History, The other things you mentioned falls under crime. crime is in every nation rich or poor. But how the criminals act is the debate. At least the paedophiles in the west are few and the act is illegal. If caught, you are public enemy num 1 and probably will get killed in prison by other inmates (in the west prisoners hate paedophiles, rapist and lady beaters). In Africa children get raped and married off to adults and no one thinks its wrong, no one carries placards protesting about many child rape and under age marriage cases in Nigeria. you all claim its your culture and religious rights to have sex with infants and kids. disgusting. Your armed robbers and criminals take life in Africa like a life is nothing. i dont need to go on. The difference between i and you is i accept the truth and accept when i am wrong. Africa needs evolution and the moment we all accept that the quicker we can fix our problems. denial only sends us backwards. So i believe Nigeria would be great if we accept the truth of what and how we are. Liars, Cheats, thieves, murderers, backstabber’s, nepotists, bigots and primitive. once we accept these truths then we would all seek internal mental change and evolve.

            Thanks for your point of view. But i must return to coding for another few months. i am not really into social networking or on-line communication, except it is about technology and
            coding syntax error correction assistance.

            swear allegiance to the green white green flag.


  • Truthman

    A slap in the face of Nigerians. What did Buhari mean by wide consultations with stakeholders? Did he invite farmers? Did he have consultations with the farmers and the indigenes of each State he intends to establish a cattle colony? This man certainly thinks we are fools! “President Buhari said he regretted that the “well-thought out policy of the Federal Government, which was conceived after wide consultations with stakeholders”, had been largely misunderstood by a section of the public.”

    • Uzoma John

      Are you a farmer? Who told you farmers were not consulted? Please be serious and stop constituting a nuisance.


        Name one Anambra farmer at your phantom consultation….?

        • Tickle

          Uzoma John!!!!


            That is just a mercenary pseudonym, the man is not an Igbo.

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    Ok. we Nigerians are dumb and uneducated so we dont understand what cattles+colonies+Dinosaur old men in power are. So gives us an explanation we would understand and give you guys our support about a worthy proposed solutions. Your chances are kinda like Russian roulette, so you guys got just a few moves/spins to convince Nigerians. 2019 campaign begins in em…..a few cycles. Not enough time. But remember if the milk turns out to be sour, we (Nigerians) aint the kinda Pussies to drink it. You know what i mean?

  • marcaurelius

    “People are being prosecuted systematically with evidence…” Lol. B.S.

    U.S. (Underground System) – Fela Kuti.

  • Otile

    The Bishop understands very well that hell was created with good intentions. He now knows that Buhari has good intentions for creating the well thought out cattle colonies so that cattle can eat up good crops and and feed fat while farmers will not object because Buhari means well.

  • Intrepid

    Buhari is the Grand father of NEPOTISM .

    • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

      Ethnic nepotism to be more precise

    • Inieke Akpan Ekuma

      And it from his actions and deed that the word nepotism was coined.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    I am really desalinated at Buhari’s long silence and indifference to the plights of the victims of armed Fulani herdsmen killers.

    All Southern & Middle Belt States governments, should ban open grazing in solidarity with Benue and Taraba states.

    • Inieke Akpan Ekuma

      Will that bring lasting peace?

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        Getting armed Fulani herdsmen off the streets and off peoples farms will definitely remove areas of disagreement and conflict. Yes it will bring lasting peace.
        Cattles are reared in Ranches all over the civilized world.

        There used to be open grazing in London. Evidence of open grazing are still found in parks and commons. Only a mad man will suggest that they should allow open grazing in London today.

        • Inieke Akpan Ekuma

          You are right in your submission but the issue is more deeper than you consider security challenges does not require such reaction until architectural planning is put in place successive governments did do anything that will bring lasting solution the attack has always been there

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            I don’t blame you.
            I blame the cowards who call themselves state governor scared to ban open grazing for fear of Buhari.
            We had Cattles, Goats and Buffalo Ranches in the Midwest before 1974.

  • Otile

    Over to you Abubakar tundemash. Bring with you your co-touts to explain to us how your god Buhari has commanded ₦1 to be equal to $1 or how no there is more stealing from govt officials like Babachir, Oke, Maina. Oya, bring Kayode soyemi(fake esq), mufu ola, tunsj, sgt soto, & the motley lot. Show us the exemplary works performed by this criminal junta.

    • Inieke Akpan Ekuma

      Sorry go back a check Buhari campaign promises he never mentioned. I can forward to you both video and audio tape of his speech you can do same to me.

  • Otile

    Over to you Abubakar tundemash. Bring with you your co-touts to explain to us how your god Buhari has commanded ₦1 to be equal to $1 or how there is no more stealing from govt officials like Babachir, Oke, Maina. Oya, bring Kayode soyemi(fake esq), mufu ola, tunsj, sgt soto, & the motley lot. Show us the exemplary works performed by this criminal junta.

  • BenAri22

    “Believe me, not your lying eyes….” Knucklehead….

  • Mizch

    Unless a person who has never been very sick, would not know that too much of drugs affect the mental capacity. The PMB that returned from UNGA meeting in New York after a visit to London cannot involve in “wide consultations.” Why does he always glory in “commanding” units of the military long? Was it by merit or by nepotism that he got those charges? He now thinks that the current generation of Nigerians is a set of zombies he can command.


    I HAVE BEEN VINDICATED !! At least I started shouting after his first 20 appointments and have never stopped since then.

    Hip….hip….hip………Hooooooooooooooooooooooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!

  • Sincere-Voice

    We would continue supporting you Mr President; but we want you to do more than you’re presently doing.
    Let the evil ones wail on.

  • man

    this man is admitting he doesnt know the people he appointed.

    • Inieke Akpan Ekuma

      Are those people appointed foreigners, one should know all of this appointees have hold one office or the other in this country the must have been in the then rulling party. So Buhari won’t import people the evil is within us

  • UYI111

    This man boohari is insane which agriculture and progress is he talking about when there is hunger in the land due to his foolani terrorist and killers with their deliberate distractions and wastage of farm produce .
    I guess this is what he is being fed by his co-jihadist ministers and his spiritual tormentor the satan of sokoto ! shame on them all !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Inieke Akpan Ekuma

      Hunger yes is meant for people that feels they should be spoon-feed. There food in the land compare to 2016. Government can’t provide everything

  • Truetalk

    This killings by Fulani heardmen are part of the grand plan by the satan of sokoto. The sokoto caliphate have for so long wanted to annex some parts of Benue, Taraba, Nasarawa, and Plateau combine. If anyone have observed these listed states are very crucial for the caliphate not only for grazing but political. The caliphate has been able to influence all part of the northern enclaves but the areas of these four states are the remaining unconquered northern territories. In my opinion, their plans are as follows: (1) the notorious “herdsman” even though we all know these are Janjaweed assassins that were imported from Mali and Chad by the emirs of sokoto and kano to execute their evil agenda. These Janjaweed assassins and criminal fulanis disguising as herdmen would unleash terror into their host communities just as they are currently doing with impunity. They will put fear in the heart and souls of these communities through terror by maiming, murdering and killing in all gruesome manner one could ever imagine. (2) they know that the victims could only bear the terror for so long and it would become a national issue just as it is right now. And knowing that they have their brethren in the federal govt makes their objectives a reality. Thirdly, their fellow brother in Aso rock would now request from these affected states to give up tens of thousands of hectares for cattle grazing just for the sake of peace to reign in the affected communities. (3) Not knowing that step #2 would fail- once these states give up these hectares of lands the fulanis would create their own communities by installing emirs on these lands and pledge their allegiance to their supreme leader in sokoto. They would conduct their religious and every aspect of their daily live confirming with what the caliphate dictates. The Fulani settlers would not only see themselves as part of the host communities but also they would see themselves as autonomous from the local rules and customs of their hosts. (4) Through federal power, they would push for representation at the local politics of their host states by seeking for recognition within their various constituencies by nominating their own kinsmen to the legislative process of their host states. (5) There next move would be to hijack the politics of these states through influence from their brotherly states sokoto, katsina and co. Even though they would still be minorities in their numbers but the would be politically influential in these four states to the point they dictate who becomes governor either by crook or by hook through federal power and installing their own as governors. But if step #5 is not realistic, they would form a coalition of unity since these affected states are close to one another because the cattle colonies would share boundaries with some part of Plateau, Taraba, Nasarawa and Benue. If anyone is in doubt about these claim, just lookup the map of Nigeria and see where I’m referring on the map. In the future these colonies would form coalition and clamour for a state of their own that would be carve out of plateau, Taraba, nassarawa and benue states combined. At the end of the day they would have achieve the quest for conquer because it is in their blood to come into a host community, wipe out the locals and take over the land. I am glad that all the governors of these four states object to the idea of cattle colonies. It is a trojan horse in disguise, no economic benefit would come to any of these states if they were to accept the idea. Because if sokoto, katsina, Zamfara, kebbi , kano and kaduna cannot boast of any economy benefit from the cattle business so far, the states of plateau, Taraba , nassarawa and benue stand no chance of any economic benefit as well.

    • omo56

      Wish Tinubu had thought out his support of Buhari. He Tinubu
      was disdainful of Yoruba elders who warned him about dangers posed by Buhari.
      How Buhari confronted Governor Lam about the Fulani killed while ignoring Yoruba
      killed by the Fulani.

      Buhari cares only about fostering Fulani over other Nigerian ethnicities