Osinbajo speaks on ‘cattle colonies’, says states won’t be forced to give up land

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has said that the states of the federation reserve the right to decide whether to release their land for cattle ranches/colonies or not.

Mr. Osinbajo said at least 13 of the 36 states have released about 5, 000 hectares each for livestock production.

He made this known while speaking at the national security summit organised by the Nigerian Senate holding at the NAF Conference Centre, Abuja on Thursday.

The summit is aimed at finding long-term solutions to security challenges in the country especially the perennial farmers/herdsmen clashes.

While speaking on the need for establishment of grazing reserves across the country, Mr. Osinbajo emphasised that no state ”will be forced to release its land for the purpose.”

“The federal government cannot dictate to states what to do with their land. This is so because the Land Use Act 1978 puts land under the control of governors on behalf of their states. Also, the Supreme Court in a case between the Attorney General of Lagos State against the Attorney General of the Federation in 2004 held that the use of land lies firmly in the hands of the governor. Even the use of federal land in the state, building and other permits must be sought from the state.

“Let me reiterate that on no account will any land be seized or forcefully taken to create ranches or grazing areas. All insinuations to that effect should be disregarded. Instead, it is in our view that states that are willing should cooperate even with willing investors into commercially viable government supported ranches or livestock production centres for commercial use.”

The Vice President said it is time the country moved away from the usual practice of moving cattle from one region to another.

“All stakeholders must agree that we must now develop new ideas to prevent clashes between herdsmen and farmers. In particular, enabling the herders and farmers to synergise. It is obvious that the movement of cattle, physically, in an endless journey must now begin to take a different shape. We cannot continue to have that situation, there must be other ways.

“We believe that where cattle are sedentary, it will improve the quality of cattle. Our beef cattle, Sokoto Gudali, adds 0.5kg per day, while the Brama in Brazil which is bred in a ranch adds 2.5kg per day. Our dairy cows produce one litre per day, whereas, in other parts of Africa, there is the production of almost 15 to 20 litres per day.

“The grazing reserves to operate effectively, should operate as ranches for livestock production centers on a commercial basis. The ranches would have adequate water from boreholes and pasture. The location would serve as centres for providing essential services to boost animal care, feeding and veterinary facilities and even abattoirs. Because the ranches are commercial ventures, cattle owners also care for the use of such places.”

He said the services of the proposed ranches will be billed.

“It is important for us to bear in mind that in consultation with all of the stakeholders including pastoralists, we agree that where adequate provision is made, on commercial basis, no one is saying that it should be free, then there is no reason why there should not be cooperation to use those ranches because they are both economic centres and also a social one for everyone including the herders.”

Tracing the genesis of recent security challenges, Mr. Osinbajo said the ECOWAS Trans human protocol which Nigeria signed in 1998 made its borders more porous.

He said, “Complicating our situation in Nigeria is the porous nature of our more than 4,000 kilometres of warriors which allows the easy flow of illegal weapons. To combat this, we are devoting increased resources to our customs and immigration agencies as well as upgrading the presidential committee on small arms and light weapons into a well-resourced commission able to account for all the movement of arms that go back and forth through our borders.

“Another issue worth taking into account is the ECOWAS Trans human protocol which Nigerian signed in 1998. This guarantees the free movement of pastoralists, herders across the sub region. As segments to that protocol, we were obliged not to restrict the movement of pastoralists and their cattle coming from other ECOWAS countries. Of course this has added a further complication to the problems we already have besides many of the foreign herders are exposed to firearms market noted earlier and are unknown to the local farming companies. What we are doing and what we must continue to do is to ensure the robust documentation of all entry and exit through our borders.

“And as we get new methods of cattle breeding, we must be able to get those who are coming from other countries to comply with the laws of Nigeria because we know that the security situation is only one dimension to a multifaceted issue. We are also working with the state governments and local communities,” he said.

He also shielded his boss from insinuations that he (President Muhammadu Buhari) was protecting the murderous herdsmen from facing justice.

“Every Nigerian is entitled to adequate security from government for their lives and livelihood. Government fails in that responsibility often but I must say never deliberately. Every killing demeans us as a people. Every killing undermines the authority of the state, this is why the suggestion sometime that because the president is Fulani, he has ignored the killings by herdsmen, it is both untrue and unfair. In any event, the herdsmen and farmers clashes resulting in deaths have been on for at least two decades.

“I have worked with him for three years now and I do not know of any one issue that has given him more concern (and) on which he has spent more time on as this particular issue,” he said.


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  • Mani_Kay


    By the way cattle rearing is a private business and those doing the business should do so in line with the same way others conduct their private business in the country.


    God will will surely punish you Osinbajo together with your entire family including your unborn generations for knowing what is right and still having the effontery to urge that which is wrongfully evil. (James 4.17)

  • Debekeme

    Why did Buhari HIMSELF not deliver this speech months ago when then killing first became National headlines?

    If Buhari had given this kind of speech the tension around the country would have reduced and MAYBE further killings could have been avoided.

    But our President Buhari says : ‘ I like to take my time before i take any action on any matter’

    There is no difference between when Buhari was in London for 100 days and now that Buhari is back. Slow motion and slow thinking President.

    God will heal and bless our nation. God will prosper us, North, South, East and West.

    • obiora

      How did you understand the speech of this Criminal?.

      • Debekeme

        Thats rather strong. I dont think him a criminal. hes definitely not a criminal.

    • Weup

      North, South, East and West
      And to arrange in alphabetical order would look like; East, North, South and West

  • West

    Osinbajo is also an evil man like Buhari. Now because of position, he is teaming-up with Fulani people to kill and maim the people of the South and middle belt in attempt to take over their lands. Yorubas are watching the development with kin interest and Osinbajo and South West governors should be assured that if there is any attempt to give an inch of our land to any Fulani blood sockers in the name of cattle colony, then none of them will escape ruthless attack as we will not sit back and allow what befell the people of Ilorin to repeat itself in any part of Yoruba land. The Fulanis were defeated by our forefathers long time ago and we will not allow some basterds to reverse that because of their passion for position and wealth

  • Guest

    Can any community object to the siting of cattle ‘ranch’ ‘colony’ in its domain even if a State Governor decides otherwise??
    A case in point is in Kaduna State, where the State Governor offered land in Southern Kaduna for establishment of cattle colonies despite the people of the zone saying it lod and clear they dont want any such thing!!!

  • obiora

    If those Killers come across from our porous boeders why then should we give them Land. They are not Nigerians. And what is the Government doing to stop porous Borders in Nigeria.For somebody to say I am a politician in Nigeria is to say that he is a cursed person. Who are the States that reserved the right to released their land (Governors or the People)? and if it is the people when did those 13 states voted in a referendum to give their Land to Fulani?. Land use Act put control not ownership to Governos but ownership to the people. Why will a Governor(Controler) take decision for the People. Trans Human protocol is talking of people Crossing Borders and not People Killing Others or People giving ther Land to invaders. Is it only Nigeria that has border to cross?. Why is Fedral Government telling states to Give Land to Killers who crossed our Border. Oshi-mbaji you are Evil.


      Well every Fulani ever arrested and released of course has been born and bred in northern Nigeria. When boko-haram started a serious armed warfare, the northern establishment also claimed that they were foreigners. STOP BEING A PROPAGANDIST, GO GET A BETTER JOB.

  • Nkem

    “I have worked with the president for three years now and I do not know of any one issue that has given him more concern (and) on which he has spent more time on as this particular issue,”.

    Mr. Osinbajo, you know you are a pastor. So please tell the truth and shame the devil.

    • Debekeme

      I agree with you. Osibanjo exaggerated there to cover for his boss.

      If this matter was bothering the President he would have done something about it earlier.

    • abodes_124

      Indeed. it is sad. i do not know how he sleeps at night.


    ANOTHER LIE !! The federal Fulani government have been arm twisting the government of Anambra state for some large piece of land which they intend to convert to cattle colony. The land in question has been refused the marauders and they went to court.

    Each time this brutal regime are on the ropes, they dispatch this harmless looking surrogate of theirs called Osinbajo to talk on their behalf but Nigerians are now smarter, they know that Osinbajo is nothing but a deceiver who has already sold his conscience for a plate of porridge.

  • Frank Bassey

    You never spoke on the killings in Benue; now you are speaking on cattle colonies. Ride on.


      The man is an embarrassment to the clergy, his hypocrisy, lies and loud silence in the face of evil is frightening .

  • Biafran 1967

    The way RGCC has contributed to the destruction of Nigeria and the conduct of this wicked man called a pastor convinces me finally that there is no god. Here is an evil man presiding over the decimation of the Christian community in Nigeria because he hopes to be president after Buhari. Anyone in Nigeria with any religious belief, christian or muslim is seriously deluded.

  • Mentus

    Slow thinking indeed! Buhari did not spend three years pondering what to do with IPOB for all his slow thinking process, did not take his time in installing fugitive Maina, or reinstating Sacked NHIS executive.
    He is simply taking his time to allow the herdsmen/Jihadists to be entrenched in the areas of their choice i.e. the middle belt from where they will launch their next push to the South. That is why his only contribution to the killings is for them tot be accommodated.
    It is really unfortunate that Osinbanjo is incapable of seeing beyond his nose. He is too close to Buhari to have an objective view of his performance. Maybe if he came from any of those villages sacked by the Jihadists and lost one or two families members he would not use such excuses that herdsmen killings has been happening for over a decade now for their connivance.
    If people did not want any change why were they voted in. And in case the killings had never happened on such a scale until Buhari and Osinbanjo came in o power.
    Power does indeed corrupt.

    • abodes_124

      Yes his the tone and content of his pronouncements are frequently at variance with that of the warriors he cohabits with. One hopes that one day he will say I cannot live with myself if I continue to be linked to these peoples’ actions and words and return to his law practice and church work.

  • Gary

    An attempt at a fair and balanced speech from Osinbajo who, surprisingly, agrees mainly with the position of a majority of Nigerians on this issue.
    So the problem it seems, remains the ethnocentric tunnel-vision of his boss and coterie of kinsmen around him. I wonder if the VP is a member of the National Security Council and if he attended the last meeting before Defence Minister Mansur came out with the official position of the government. Because what Osinbajo has just stated is at variance with what Mansur, IGP Idris and others in Buhari’s inner circle have said on the issue.
    And it is disappointing to note that almost a week after, there’s yet no formal federal response to the Ganduje Solution. The Kano Governor says he has enough land to accommodate the pastoralists and in turn Kano State into the Beef Capital of Nigeria. If Kano has land and twelve other states have similarly offered land, what then is at issue? Must we have these ranches in every state of the union and risk civil war, just to placate the Herdsmen? Is Nigeria going to live by beef alone going forward or we let States or regions of Nigeria concentrate on areas where they enjoy a comparative advantage?
    It is this seeming insistence on spreading out cattle colonies across the country that is behind the suspicions of an agenda for a land-grab to resettle the Cattle Fulani on the arable lands of other communities with whom they have no cultural or linguistic affinity. Worse still, even the VP admits that not all the pastoralists are Nigerian citizens and they have strolled across our borders with assault rifles to plunder and kill our people at will.
    These are the invaders Audu Ogbeh is working to set aside the ancestral lands of his Benue and Middle Belt people for Cattle Colonies? Does he need anyone to tell him that is a non-starter and recipe for ethnic strife?

    So nice speech Mr. Osinbajo, again playing the role of the “Clean-up Guy” for the Buhari Cabal. But we want a clear, unequivocal response to the proposed Ganduje Solution now on the table. Lest we forget, Mr. Ganduje is Hausa-Fulani, Islamist and Buhari’s biggest cheer-leader as a Governor. If he were female, Aisha Buhari would have every reason to be worried about him.
    Let both branches of government embrace the Ganduje Solution, protect our borders and our citizens and restore peace in the country.

  • Okokondem

    “The federal government cannot dictate to states what to do with their land. This is so because the Land Use Act 1978 puts land under the control of governors on behalf of their states.”

    Surprisingly a fair and balanced approach to this isseu. To guard against governors selling out their states for personal gains (a very likely scenario), the referenced Land Use Act of 1978 which places control of land under state governors should be amended to put state assemblies in control, requiring a two third vote.

  • abodes_124

    I know one issue which buhari he has spent a lot of time on and acted with unusual alacrity on – Nnamdi Kanu. They went over your head on that one. I hope you will remain wise enough to continue to steer clear of the events surrounding his ‘going into hiding’ Warn your spokesman who can be a loose canon occasionally.