2019: SSS invites Babangida’s spokesman Kassim Afegbua

Ibrahim Babangida
Former Military President, Ibrahim Babangida

The State Security Service has invited Kassim Afegbua, the spokesperson of Ibrahim Babangida, to appear before it, PREMIUM TIMES has learnt.

The invitation came via a telephone call from the secret police and it asked Mr. Afegbua to be at its headquarters no later than 11 a.m. Thursday, both Mr. Afegbua and his lawyer, Kayode Ajulo, told PREMIUM TIMES Wednesday night.

The invitation comes hours after Mr. Afegbua turned himself in at the Force Headquarters in Abuja after the police declared him wanted for writing a disputed statement on behalf of Mr. Babangida, who led a military junta that ruled Nigeria from 1985 to 1993.

Mr. Afegbua signed the statement for Mr. Babangida on Sunday, in which the former military ruler expressed his misgivings about President Muhammadu Buhari and called for a younger leader to emerge in 2019.

A counter statement was released a few hours after Mr. Afegbua circulated his signed statement to the media. The second statement was distributed by PRNigeria, a public relations firm, and had Mr. Babangida as the signatory.

The PRNigeria’s version adopted a conciliatory tone in its observations about the Buhari administration but maintained that it was time for a younger generation of leaders to emerge.

Like the first statement, the second statement also emphasised the need for Nigeria to restructure, a topic that is expected to be at the centre of campaign in 2019.

Mr. Babangida openly acknowledged authorising the statement signed by Mr. Afegbua in an interview with THISDAY Sunday night.

The police declared Mr. Afegbua wanted on Monday evening, a development he responded to by turning up at the Force Headquarters with his lawyers Wednesday morning.

After spending about 25 minutes in a closed-door discussion with the commissioner for police in charge of Inspector-General Monitoring Unit as well as the head of legal department at the Force Headquarters, Mr. Afegbua was released without charges.

While his lawyers were still mulling whether to continue or withdraw a fundamental rights suit of up to N1 billion in damages they had filed against the police on Tuesday, the invitation from the SSS came in.

“We will honour the (SSS) invitation by tomorrow morning,” Mr. Ajulo told PREMIUM TIMES by telephone Wednesday night. “We will be there, if that is how they want to run this country, we’ll see how far they can go with this.”

Mr. Afegbua’s ordeal in the hands of federal authorities had been strongly condemned by civic organisations, including Femi Falana, a human rights lawyer, who warned the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to immediately back off the matter because it infringes on Mr. Afegbua’s rights.

The authorities have not been able to answer questions of whether Mr. Babangida filed any complaint against Mr. Afegbua, or what parts of the statement Mr. Afegbua signed were capable of inciting the public as the police alleged.

Mr. Afegbua said Mr. Babangida remained solidly behind him and that the former leader had been making efforts to ensure that no injuries would be inflicted on him by federal authorities.


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  • Observer

    Kai, Buhari don mess up finally. This is not right.

  • utolason

    I can’t believe this madness. We are back to the repressive years of 1983-85! Sadly we can’t say we weren’t warned.

    • Ms. Vivian Bisi-Cole


      Oh, God, what a shame. I feel embarrassed. I voted for Muhamadu Buhari at the 2015 election and now I feel sad that I ever did. Buhari is a wrong man for the job. He does not demonstrate knowledge or good judgment on public affairs. It is one blunder after the other. If all these blunders didn’t affect the country it would have been funny but now it is tragic that Buhari has made Nigeria far worse than he met it. Those of us who were deceived by the false
      campaign of CHANGE have since become wise. We will not be deceived again at the next election. It is so sad that Buhari does not even know that free speech is part of the meaning of democracy. What a disgrace to this Buhari!!

      • Record Keeper


        “Let us accept that the present (BUHARI) administration has done what
        it can do to the limit of its ability, aptitude and understanding. Let the
        (BUHARI) administration and its political party platform agree with the
        rest of us that what they have done and what they are capable of doing
        is not good enough for us.

        They have given as best as they have and as best as they can give.
        Nigeria deserves and urgently needs better than what they have given
        or what we know they are capable of giving. To ask them to give more
        will be unrealistic and will only sentence Nigeria to a prison term of
        four years if not destroy it beyond the possibility of an early recovery
        and substantial growth.”

        ………………….General Olusegun Obasanjo

        (January 23rd, 2018)

      • Magnus0071mg

        Your vote does not matter Buhari will rig therefore your vote won’t count
        We warned in 2015 but …..but we brought a failure on us The disaster we have now will an astronomical and an irredeemable disaster after 2019

    • Nwa_Africa

      Decree 2 in the making…………… Or should I ask it is back?

  • tinubuthief

    Fulani President, Fulani Police, Fulani Army, Fulani EFCC, Fulani NIA, Fulani DSS. Buhari has finished this country. We are all in a deep shit hole

    • Sam


    • Julius

      So Jonathan owed all those forces when he was the president and some people were invited by the police, SSS, locked up and an opposition headquarter was raided and closed ?

  • Cisco

    Freedom after expression is not guarantee,

    • Kayode K.


      “I do not intend to deny President Buhari his inalienable right to vote and be voted for but there comes a time
      in the life of a nation, when personal ambition should not override national interest. This is the time for us to
      reinvent the will and tap into the resourcefulness of the younger generation, stimulate their entrepreneurial
      initiatives and provoke a conduce environment to grow national economy both at the micro and macro levels.

      The next election in 2019 therefore presents us a unique opportunity to reinvent the will and provoke fresh
      leadership that would immediately begin the process of healing the wounds in the land and ensuring that the
      wishes and aspirations of the people are realized in building and sustaining national cohesion and consensus.”

      …………….General Ibrahim Babangida

      (February 4, 2019)

      • Nigerian

        Babangida you invested in young GEJ and the result……???


      Under Buhari’s tyranny.

  • thusspokez

    The invitation came via a telephone call from the secret police and it asked Mr. Afegbua to be at its headquarters no later than 11 a.m. Thursday, both Mr. Afegbua and his lawyer, Kayode Ajulo, told PREMIUM TIMES Wednesday night.

    If these cowardly organisations, i.e., the Nigerian Police and SSS, have issues with the IBB’s press statement then they should take it up with IBB — not Afegbua who is only a messenger, for goodness sake!.

  • Ebenezer T. Olajuwon


    My mind is
    telling me that both General Babangida and General Obasanjo foresee a big
    danger ahead under President Buhari’s regime. That is the only reason both
    retired army generals came out to demand a change of leadership at next year’s
    election. We must take these two army generals seriously on this point. There
    is already cause for concern the way things are going. Nigeria will be a better
    place under an educated and vibrant president who is not pursuing a tribal
    agenda. Nigeria will be a better place if the next president does not sit on
    his hands whilst his tribesmen, the Fulani in this instance, go round the
    country invading people’s farmlands and killing people at will.

    • Nigerian

      The big danger they see is for them not Nigeria or Nigerians. They are afraid of Buharis second coming, he may want to settle a long standing scores with them.

  • musa aliero

    What has he done wrong to warrant all these harassment from security agencies? It is clear that the security agencies have been politicized! They don’t carry out their primary objectives, they just wait to be used by the APC to harass people!


    They just keep wasting government time on irrelevancies while their beloved herdsmen are killing Nigerians.

    Afegbua has disseminated the feelings of his boss to the world and the world has heard and are getting ready with PVCs .


    • Julius

      Do you remember what “his boss” did to some Nigerians when he was the head of states ? I have a family member arrested by his goons and told not to say anything derogatory about their boss IBB. Are you telling me that the “world” didn’t know what he did then ? So, Tawanda be quiet because you do not know what you are talking about.

  • Kenny

    The man died who keeps silent in the face of tyranny! Thanks Afegbua for your courage!! Nigerians ll never be intimidated by this tyrant and fascist dictator who galivants as democratically elected President of Nigeria.

  • Frank Bassey

    This looks like a comic show.

  • blackdove

    What is all these nonsense coming from the police and SSS? I support Presido, but he really has to make drastic changes in his government.

    • daniel

      You are assuming that it’s the president’s men that are misbehaving and not the president himself. Please look again.

      • Julius

        I will suggest that the President call them to order. This is a joke going too far.

  • Nwa_Africa

    SSS why can`t you invite the leader of Fulani terrorist herdsmen?

  • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

    Haha these clowns are still moping around in the dark. Nigerians now know they are cowards, instead of inviting IBB, they are hounding his aide who simply released a statement he was instructed to.

    Charging of CCT Chair now Afegbua. They have made IBB and Saraki who Nigerians had reservations about into heros.

    The elites who kept quiet while Nigeria burned have now seen standing what wiser but ordinary Nigerians saw sitting. The message of Nigerians in their collective majority is preeminent – THIS RETROGRESSION OF NIGERIA CANNOT CONTINUE BEYOND 2019.

  • Debekeme

    IBB stays in the Hill Top Mansion, in Minna, Niger State. Its not hard to locate the place.

    If you have the balls, if you have the guts go there and pick him up. Show you are a tough guy. Try yourself.

    Leave his boy and messenger;Afegbua alone.