Boko Haram: “I am tired of this calamity,” Shekau says in new video

Abubakar Shekau

The Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, has said in a new video that he is tired of the calamity befalling his group.

“I am tired of this calamity; it is better I die and go to rest in paradise”, he said at the end of the 10-minute video.

In the video, delivered chiefly in Hausa, Mr. Shekau couldn’t hide his frustration on the continued hostility and loss of his supporters to government troops.

With a broken voice that clearly betrayed his emotion, Mr. Shekau pleaded with his non-combatant members across Nigeria to pick up arms and help him fight till he drops dead.

The terror group’s leader, however, remained defiant.

Flanked by two hooded armed men, Mr. Shekau said the latest claim by the military that the group had been sent packing from Sambisa forest was false.

He boasted that he is still in Sambisa forest and still controls the territory.

He said that his men would continue to fight regardless of the recent induction of Cameroonian soldiers into the Operation Lafiya Dole counter insurgency force.

Below is the full text of the translated speech by the Boko Haram leader.

“I have no lengthy message to deliver except on the issue of worshiping God alone and serving Him without getting tired. Ours in not like that of the unbelievers whose worship is like the spider web. Just like one of the leaders of unbelievers, who is like an ape, was recently boasting that they have formed a joint force with Cameroonian forces to fight us.

“That they would not only chase us from Sambisa forest but also in all parts of Nigeria. So we too have declared that we do not want to see any Nigerian in Cameroon, in Chad, in Nigeria and even Benin Republic. So I call on our brethren in Abuja, in Lagos, in Benin, in Kaduna, where ever you find any Nigerian make sure you shoot him dead if he is deliberately against us; but if he is ignorant of our ways, teach him on how to understand our ways. This is our first message.

“It is not about approaching you, because that has already been done by our God.

“Our second message is to attack anyone who pledge to Nigerian his country, to be faithful, loyal and honest, and serve Nigeria. Anyone who believes in protecting the interest of Nigeria is our target. The one whose creed is to develop western education where infidels are trained is our enemy. Whoever that stands on any creed other than that of our Prophet Muhammad brought to us; the one that his great disciples followed, should know that he is our avowed enemy and if he confronts us we will fight him.

“In this job that we embarked upon, we are not going to boast too much about, but we pray that God should take our lives while on this struggle and not on any other thing else. May God help us on this belief.

“So you Nigerians especially the youth vigilante, we are going to fight you and that thing that drives you to pick up arms against us; we don’t care what they call you, be it Civilian-JTF or any kind of force. Just as you said you don’t want us on the face of Nigeria, so shall we too declare you persona non grata in Sambisa. Let anyone who has brains to think to avoid moving around Sambisa forest. Those of you the leaders of the troops will no longer have peace just like the way you think you have made here uncomfortable for us.

“And you General Rogers that is currently leading the troops and boasting that that you have take-over Sambisa and have rescued some women, why have you not rescued the police women that we abducted? You liar, why couldn’t you rescue them? You are busy deceiving with images of vehicles that we seized from you and abandoned for over three years and claiming that you have killed us. If you have killed us, why are we still alive?

“Oh you brethren of our holy creed, wherever you are, should rise up and fight for Allah. If you cannot do it there, then come over to our side and fight for the cause of Allah. You must know that whoever that fails to follow the teaching of the Holy Quran and Hadith cannot enter paradise. (In broken voice) Because the pattern of life in the world today is not Islamic. Wherever you are, even if you are in Saudi Arabia, and you have your gun, please stand up and fight, kill whoever you see that is not on our side.

Kidnap and bring them to us. Our course is to establish our caliphate and die doing that.

We may not be alive to see the caliphate but even if it comes to be after we have died, it is still a bonus on our side.

“This is the message I have for you all. My name is Abubakar Shekau, the one that is an invincible enemy that you are fighting.

“That is our stand. I am tired of this calamity; it is better I die and go to rest in paradise.”


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  • Emeka

    “…This is a live monster.”

  • Usher

    bla bla bla….you are lucky because its obviouse some government officials are protecting you. One day they will give you up just like thay did to don wanny after using him.

    • Suleiman Alatise


  • thusspokez

    If I am president of Nigeria, I will flood Sambisa forest to flush out or drown the effing boko haram terrorists?

    • Usher

      They are playing politics with Boko. Arms dealers, politicians, rogue business men. They all know whatsup.

    • share Idea

      Do you know the size of Sambisa? The problem with some you guys is that you people comment out of ingnorance. Nigerian troops are having limited success now because of dry season.

      Sambisa is a very big space of land with very difficult terrain. Because of the size, troops can not clear a particular spot and remain in cleared area forever while moving forward.

      Under normal circumstant, civilians are supposed to inhibit recovered areas thus making it difficult for BH to reoccupy such place. I don’t see the BH war ending soon, rather I see the government containing them in Sambisa.

      Shekau is part of real BH while the political BH used by politicians against last administration have been settled.

      • thusspokez

        Your yada yada yada says nothing about why the Sambisa forest could not be flooded. Take Two!

    • Epsilon_Delta

      How many men will it take to flood the whole of Belgium? That’s the size of Sambisa.

      • emmanuel

        Farm lan with shrubs? Three days of continuous aircraft bombardment will end Boko Haram if their master in Asok Rock and Kingibe’s group want solution

      • thusspokez

        Google is your friend. You are either very lazy or do not know how to use google to check facts.

        Borno state: 57,799 km2
        Belgium: 30,528 km2

        If Sambisa Forest is the size of Belgium, them more than 50% of Borno state must be Sambisa forest. — which is not true, of course

        How many men…

        Not men or labourers but equipments used to build canals, dams, etc.

        • mbamoi

          Sambisa forest is part of Yobe,Gombe, Adamawa and Borno states

      • Nwa_Africa

        20 Thousand men will do the job within 2 weeks………………….

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      The problem is that he has numerous Innocent hostages around him as human shields, remember?

      • thusspokez

        I have thought about that, but as we have learnt, when boko haram soldiers are cornered by the Nigerian army, they abandon everything and run away to save their own lives. Flooding will have the same effect, i.e., their needs for self-preservation will override everything else.

        • Dr Bunmi Binitie

          Yes but when it comes to Shekau and his core followers, i doubt that they will behave like that at all! Shekau is obviously a psychopath and must be surrounded by fellow loonies. You can never guess how such people will react. Innocent lives cannot be jeopardized like that.

          I actually pity the CinC. What does one do in this kind of situation?

          • thusspokez

            Innocent lives cannot be jeopardized like that.

            Given that a military attack of Shekau’s base would have similar outcome, are you therefore implying that the Nigerian army should keep off attacking him for fear of jeopardising innocent lives too?

          • Dr Bunmi Binitie

            I have no idea! We are just sharing ideas on social media; not that i’m advising the military! I am only concerned as someone who was trainned save lives and as a mother of grown sons!

          • thusspokez

            We are just sharing ideas on social media

            Exactly, and a very civilised discussion too.:-)

  • thusspokez

    “That is our stand. I am tired of this calamity; it is better I die and go to rest in paradise.”

    This statement speaks volume. It should be used by the Nigerian government, particularly the Nigerian military for propaganda purpose and to persuade boko haram foot soldiers to give up.

    The statement will demoralise many a boko haram member because here is a leader, they all look up to, who is now saying that he has had enough and wants to die. Chineke! No doubt, his followers will have the same feelings as an army when their country surrenders in a war — deep sadness and depression and some even committing suicide. BTW very few leaders would say this to their followers even in their dying bed.

    • Uncle Bee

      I have told my son not to fear anything and told him to be courageous,
      because in their school they must read national pledge and say they
      pledge to Nigeria their country. Boko Haram has now said it is death
      for anybody who pledges to Nigeria. I told my son to keep pledging.

      The only thing I told him is he can say his own pledge in low voice,
      not too loud because Nigerian military has not rescued the other
      90 Chibok girls till now and have not rescued any of the Police
      women Boko Haram captured last year.

      Till today the military
      has not rescued another 19 Fulani girls Boko Haram abducted
      In Borno state last year too. Therefore if the military is saying
      they have defeated Boko Haram as at last week there is no
      way the same military will help me recover my son if he is
      arrested by Boko Haram for pledging to Nigeria his country.

  • emmanuel

    This is clearly an APC propagandist the $2 billion game. I sori for you, you cannot continue to hoodwink Nigerians with Boko Haram again. All we know is that that the $2 billion to fight Boko Haram will not be released to you, since your Shekau is now frustrated and looking for 72 Asewo in hell to do him.
    By the time this story cools down, we would hear Boko Hrama slaughters another 12 and two hundred wounded.

  • Frank Bassey

    This is absolute NONSENSE. Let’s expect real Shekau’s rebuttal shortly.

  • Zacchaeus Akinleye, ME, P.E.

    How come the nation’s much-ballyhooed prophets cannot get divine revelation about Shekau’s location when they’re able to tell who will be president in 2019 by supernatural knowledge? Nigeria is a big fraud!

    • Observer

      My brother you’re making sense

      • Otile

        Making sense, when the Muslims capture one of your Badoo boys you cry foul.

    • Osakue

      Let our govt hire Evans the billionaire kidnapper and his group to Sambisa let them go and kidnap Shekau all the so called bad guys make una face Sambisa forest. Una dey claim bad guys abi? just go to Sambisa to prove you are a real bad guy

  • Isyaku Muhammad

    Shekau, Just surrender yourself, kawai

    • Otile

      Surrender to whom? Imam Buhari, and Imam Shekau are two sides of the same coin.

  • Biafran 1967

    Voice over by the Nigerian army.

  • Kelly

    Boko Haram will end when Buhari finishes his tenure, unless Gov. Shettima decides to continue from where Buhari stopped. The truth is that all these are just to hoodwink Nigerians, and secondly they can’t even find a way to end the drama. They are trying different methods and this one is one of the methods.

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      Did BH start with PMB’s tenure?

      • okenwa

        It started just to wrestle power from south.

        • a northerner

          If that is the case,the insurgency would not be based in the north it would be in the south don’t you think???I mean since d power is in the south and the northerners want to extract it out for themselves don’t you think it woud make more sense if the insurgency sprung up in the south???makes zero sense don’t you agree??

          • okenwa

            You are wrong bros. It will be near impossible for north to start insurgency in the south to wrestle power from south from south where culture, religion and language differs.

        • Bur berry

          Okenwa or who? Why are trying to be coward

          • okenwa

            Coward? Don’t get you.

      • bur berry

        Fine ask’m

    • Bur Berry

      U coward pls come out from shrubs and see world may u will understand Nigeria. Living in bush u don’t know anything about civilization.

      • Kelly

        Behold the civilized man who still rejoices in stupidity. In civilized climes no reasonable person rejoices when an uneducated, sick and myopic man is his president. They elect open minded and intelligent men as leaders. This your civilization must be that of 18th century

  • Dan Arewa

    Wahala dey in Sambisa for Sheqau.

    • emmanuel

      Which Shekau? The one in Abuja or Maiduguri?

      • tony

        Th one in your bedroom f*king your wife.

      • Dan Arewa

        The one that some evil Southern Christian sponsored because they do not want the Arewa to extract the crude oil that flows down South considering how Northern Cameroon and Southern Chad and Niger republic are extracting the same crude oil in the Chad basin. These is one of the main aims of Boko Harram terrorism.

        You fools do not know that Boko Harram agender have been unfolded??

        • Ekemini Clement BlueFlames Ess

          see mumu…. So it flows down south?

          when buhari gave billions for oil expedition in the Chad, who stopped him…. You can’t find what God has not given.

          • Dan Arewa

            The people you guys sponsored stop the oil exploration in Chad basin.

  • bigboss

    Can this video really be true or a ploy to make us believe that Boko haram has been completely degraded? I wish the video is genuine and not just package to decisive Nigerians into believing that the fight against insurgency has been won.

    • Dr Bunmi Binitie

      Who packaged the video? Shekau? Wonderful! Why cant you people keep a simple pure open mind? It is more healthy!

    • okenwa

      The war against boko haram has not been won rather name changed to Fulani herdsmen headed by miyetti Allah.

  • JasV

    The women cannot be released because that is why islamic terrorists captured them in the first place. Remember, the women captured by that islamic al qaeda pig (his name has been forgotten with pigs) were the last to be freed when the americans got the animal in Pakistan. I presume he is enjoying his virgins in the dungeon of hell right now. The same fate will befall this islamic terrorist pig


    Na waaooo !!

  • emmanuel

    The operators of Boko Haram are in the Aso Villa. The same people who wanted to steal the $44 million NIA money. They provided Boko Haram to Buhari and the APC as the platform to win 2015 general election. Buhari in turn handed the government to them as compensation for their good Boko Haram job.
    They only determine when Shekau the fourth (who possibly operates from a cossy office in Bornu State) dies

  • Dr Bunmi Binitie

    AMEN to your prayer for death Shekau for it is written that a man must reap what he has sown and we are.tired of your seeds of death all over our nation. But if you want to go to Paradise, you will have to repent and forsake your wicked ways

  • okenwa

    Tinumbu over to you. Come and repackaged him as a repented Democrat and Nigerians will buy in 2019 because its his turn to smell aso rock.