Seven APC governors ask Buhari to run in 2019

President Buhari with APC Governors

Seven All Progressives Congress (APC) governors have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to seek re-election in 2019.

The governors met the president on Friday at the Aso Rock presidential villa in Abuja.

Those present at the meeting are Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna, Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano, Yahaya Bello of Kogi and Abubakar Bello of Niger states.

Others are Simon Lalong of Plateau, Ibrahim Geidam of Yobe and Jibrilla Bindow of Adamawa states.

All the governors, except Mr. Lalong, attended the Friday Muslim prayers with the president at the villa. They later had lunch together.

Speaking with journalists after the meeting, Mr. El-Rufai said they were at the villa because they were “politicians”.

“Those of us you see here want the president to contest the 2019 election; we have no apologies for that,” he said.

“We believe in Mr. President, we want him to continue running the country in the right direction. People can speculate about 2019; we have no apologies.”

Mr. El-Rufai said the governors, mostly first termers, were interested in “continuity and stability”.

“We want the president to continue with that,” he said.

Mr. El-Rufai said they were at the state house “by coincidence”.

“And we went to pray and decided to felicitate with the President and we feel satisfied that anytime we see him, he is getting better and better,” he said.

On the ongoing strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, over his decision to sack teachers, Mr. El-Rufai said there is no going back.

He said the government’s decision is “a well thought out position”.

“We took one and half years before we made the decision and we will not change it,” he said.

On the clash between labour leaders and security agencies on Thursday, Mr. El-Rufai said he did not ask the police to stop the workers, saying “I was not even in Kaduna”.

“The right to protest is guaranteed in the constitution providing you don’t go violent and you don’t violate any laws,” he said.

He however said there was concern over the volatile security situation in the country.

“And the last time they did such a thing they attacked the State House of Assembly, the legislature, for which they have filed criminal charges. So this is the concern, the concern is break down of law and order and not protest or strike,” he said. “They are free to do so but it will not change our position.”

Mr. El-Rufai said his government had already announced its decision to pay three months severance package to sacked teachers in line with the public service rule.

He also said a provision was made for those retiring to go through retirement training.

“Those that are interested in farming we have reserved land available and for those that want to go into trade, we have micro credit to support them but they are not suitable as teachers. They can do other things and the government will do other things to support them,” he said.

On his part, Kano governor, Mr. Ganduje, who spoke briefly on Mr. Buhari’s handling of the farmers/herders clashes, said the president had already met with key persons concerned and that “a suggestion has been put forward by the Minister of Agriculture concerning the (cattle) colony and I think eventually that is the answer”.


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  • Kallah Bature

    Right steps in the right direction.

  • obiora

    Those Governors are the real Shitholes which Trump is Talking. They have no apologies for that He said. Government of the people or People slave of the Government.

    • ayo

      Nigerians are the real problems of Nigeria. 50% of the problem on ground are caused by our clueless governors though just copying what is done at the centre

    • musa aliyu

      No. You are the shithole itsself for not wanting yourself to develop your country. You prefer jonadumb who will steal money and give to you so you too can go to America.

  • Finitri

    You have my vote, PMB

  • Nkem

    “Those of us you see here want the president to contest the 2019 election; we have no apologies for that”.
    Who is asking you people for apology? Or is it guilty conscience for doing something very unpopular?

  • Jon

    Why not allow the man to make his own decision? Why all this pressure? Wait and allow him to say whether he wants to run again or not. No wonder Nigeria is called a “shithole” country.

  • Oguntade

    You say that for yourselves and your family. Buhari was accidentally elected because of incompetence and imbecile act of Jonathan, if not you morons won’t be asking such a failure to come back.

    • Mizch

      Did you vote for PMB?

      • Oguntade

        Yeah right! And I so much regretted it, it was a grievous mistake.

        • Solomon Brown

          You have another opportuinity to right that wrong. Be wise next time.

          • Oguntade

            You can say that again sir but what is opening to us now in the next election is, having to chose in between two devil. But no way for this chronic devil called buhari

        • Mizch

          Courage my dear bros. If others will see their mistake, Nigeria can move forward.

  • Solomon Brown

    If Buhari manages to secure a second term, then Nigeria is done. A vote for Buhari is a vote against Nigeria staying united. That is the long and short of it. Ghaddafi 2.0 loading……………

    • musa aliyu

      Ha, ha, ha, hawa! Some lunacy no get definition. Keep baying the moon. Buhari all the way!!!!

      • Solomon Brown

        Yea you will find out the hard way.

  • ARISE Niger DELTA.

    Dear Niger Deltans,
    ***Are you a Niger Deltan?
    ***Are you a youth employed or unemployed?
    ***Are you aware of the huge potential of your region? Of your states?
    ***Are you aware how rich you are and ought to be?
    ***Are you aware that you are being raped of your wealth and resources that belongs to you?
    ***Are you aware that this rape is systemic & a grand plan by the parasitic regions of Nigeria?

    Do I really have to explain that to you? Don’t be willing f**ls my friends.
    1. Why is there no ACTIVE international ports in Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom & Cross River??
    2. Why are there no EXPORT PROCESSING ZONES (EPZ) along the Littoral Niger Delta from Benin to Calabar?
    3. Why did the same Senate members (from the North & West) who have approved a dry port in Kaduna REJECT a proposed EPZ port in Benin?

    We as a people (Niger Delta) must understand that there is no place for us in Nigeria…because as it stands, no matter how good, qualified, intelligent and experienced you are as a Niger Deltan you can never be elected as President of Nigeria except under special circumstances that paved way for President Jonathan. This implies that our resources will continue to be stolen and appropriated in a manner disadvantageous to our Niger Delta people. It is time to do something. It is time to act!

  • Oil POLLUTION in Niger DELTA

    Oil spills and pollution is killing the Niger Delta people. It is a pure case of environmental terrorism carried out by the Nigerian state with her European and American collaborators.

    Despite the billions of Dollars sold from oil the Niger Delta remains without federal presence. Not a single airport in the whole of Niger Delta has been built by Nigerian government at the center. Maritime University has been technically and deliberately forgotten. This systemic policy to make Niger Delta perpetually underdeveloped why monies from the region is used to provide infrastructure elsewhere in Abuja, Lagos etc must be resisted. Its got to stop.

    Secession from Nigeria is the only sure way to achieving absolute RESOURCE control or we stop the flow of oil money. Nigeria is irredeemable.

    We demand our sovereign state of Niger DELTA

    • musa aliyu

      Oil spills did you say? Ehen!! Ni be una people dey blow pipelines? Make den continue now!

  • Fantastic

    El Rufai is right to have said they have no apology, they know the endorsement of Mr failure for 2nd term is an unpopular one but they just have to do it for their own selfish interest.

  • ayo

    Nigerians should note those governors they are the enemies of Nigeria. they are ready to sacrifice 2oo million Nigerians on the altar of self preservation. May God visit their generation both born and unborn a million folds of the suffering they have subjected Nigerians to and are still planning to further impoverish us with their misrule.

    • Al

      My state Gov can’t dictate to me who to vote and who i shouldn’t vote, you are the custodian of your vote. El rufa’i and other gov’s stand is normal and it is politics, the right to remain with us. FOR ME I WILL VOTE FOR BUHARI

      • Oguntade

        At your own peril.. Enjoy


      The important thing is that you cast your vote to the best of your conscience. the same applies to other suffering Nigerians

  • Gary

    Just seven out of how many Governors of APC controlled states? You don’t need a Pol.Sci degree to figure out these are the Desperate Seven and just how unpopular Buhari has become even within his own party.
    It’s notable that Samuel Ortum didn’t join the parade and the SW Governors are conspicuously missing from the sycophants endorsing Buhari to pre-empt a nomination challenge.
    Folks, has anyone forgotten earlier last year when Buhari first went to London and it appeared as if he wasn’t going to make it back alive? How many of these sycophants stuck by him? Let me refresh your memories:
    Acolytes of the Borno State Governor Shettima started a campaign that it was the turn of the Northeast to produce a President. Mr. Shettima, who couldn’t protect girls of Chibok from being captured into slavery, felt safe enough to invite Bola Tinubu to commission projects in Borno.
    Then out of the blue, a “private memo” from the Kaduna Midget highly critical of Buhari’s policies was conveniently “leaked” to the media. Coincidence or an attempt by the chameleon of national politics to publicly distance himself from a failing President?
    Others like the loony in Owerri were openly campaigning for Vice President or position themselves for 2023 if another Northerner succeeded Buhari.

    Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, Buhari did not die in London and Behold, Mr. El-Rufai is now the Chief Campaigner for a Buhari second term after its dawned on those who rode his coattails into office that they might need his “good offices” with his kinsmen at INEC to retain their seats and for the APC to remain in power.

    The APC is in the same situation today that Jonathan and his PDP were in 2014: an increasingly unpopular party with die-hard sycophants and their demagogue leader feeding on self-delusion that they will pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute to win at the polls. Or employ the Plan B to pull an Orubebe-style stunt with Mr. Yakubu’s INEC in the face of obvious defeat.

    Poor APC folks, this is like sending a calendar as a gift to a convict on Death Row with his execution date circled on it: February 2019.

    • jerrosckys

      Well done to be honest Buhari may not contest n if he does he may not win
      Buh the tension that may arise is clear who and how would APC conduct primaries
      How would PDP be bold enough to appeal for votes
      Individual candidature should be encouraged n made popular by the media even the social media
      For our politicians in political parties are greedy, cultist, delusional n unforgiving

  • utolason

    Buhari does not have the capacity to carry on nor does he have what it takes to manage the Nigeria of today. Those advising to contest are not being honest. The same Nasir El Rufai has long ago advised Buhari to kick out the cabal in the president or else he risk losing 2019 election. That advised has as at today been ignored. So on what basis is Nasir El Rufai endorsing Buhari for 2019.

    Buhari should not contest 2019 election. If he does, he will be disgraced out of office.

    • Otile

      If you disgrace him out are you prepared for unprecedented massacres in the land?

      • Agba

        You are a coward,onisokuso.

    • shakara123

      Please let allow him to contest so that we can disgrace him out of office. Abeg. Our politicians won’t learn until they experience humiliation.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    They should all just be put on notice that NEPA bill will not be acceptable as academic certificate this time around.

    • Oguntade

      Yeah right! It is absurd for an animal but not just an animal, “blood sucking one” for that matter to be mesmerising a nation full of capable humans

  • Malik

    On his part, Kano governor, Mr. Ganduje, who spoke briefly on Mr. Buhari’s handling of the farmers/herders clashes, said the president had already met with key persons concerned and that “a suggestion has been put forward by the Minister of Agriculture concerning the (cattle) colony and I think eventually that is the answer”.


    You are mad Mr. Ganduje.
    What about the people that were murdered?
    Na only cattle herders una go attend to abi?
    Olofo peolple, make only the North vote Buhari in for 2019 if it can, we will wait and see.

  • Mizch

    DELUSION is to think that a sick man at the imagined age of Buhari, (74 or 75, he’s not sure), will be getting better and stronger to run the affairs of over 185 million people. Only in “s***hole” country.

    • Strait Point


      Muhamadu Buhari is the worst president Nigeria has ever had;
      the least educated, the most dishonest, the most crooked, the worst mentally lazy,
      the most bereft, the most denuded of thought-process, and, the most inarticulate,
      stammering Islamist bigot ever to enter the presidential villa, flying Fulani tribe flag.

  • Kenny

    This man, El-Rufai is so full of himself. Nigeria’s public officeholders. He has “no apologies”; but he will come and beg for your vote! SMH

  • Raphael Oladapo

    This moronic gathering have carried their lunacy to another level. The greatest problem of leadership in third world countries is hyped sycophancy and it bothers me that Mr El rufai has reduced himself, his intelligence and capabilities to this level to the extent of supporting a man who is outrightly incapable while sacking similar people from teaching in Kaduna. The reality is Buhari is even worse that the Kaduna failed teachers he’s a failed president.

    • Johnicala Johnson

      Mr El rufai is right to sack those teachers. They should stay sacked. At the core of the problems in this country is deception and thievery. Those teachers were daily deceiving our children, and salaries paid to them amounted to thievery.

      • Realist

        If El-Rufai is sane as proclaimed he should know that Buhari is worst than those teachers. If he is asking buhari the failed, uninformed, economically ignorant with high incapacitation in leadership abilities, to run for a second tenure, the he El-Rufai is worst than those sacked teachers

        • Oguntade

          That’s right

  • Ishaku isaac

    Lalong doesn’t belong here. He is Judas. Why did he not attend the Jumat prayers?! I thought he is a new conver?! Stooge that you are Lalong.

  • Commissioner for Happiness

    I hereby apologize for the absence of the Northern Governor of Imo Owelle Rocha’s who was unavoidably absent as he had to attend a conference on marital satisfaction and happiness

  • Yoruba Awake

    Yoruba Awake8 minutes ago

    I just want to thank God that buhari the magician came but without the magic wand! If Nigeria did not vote him, they will be singing a different tune. Three years on, it is serious hardship in the land. F–k you all buharists!

  • systematic

    U dont need to say it our best candidate is mr president

    • Fire4fire

      Who is our?

      • systematic

        Ask ur selve

  • systematic

    Some idoit are bitter for nothing. Buhari has curtailed bh, grounded IPOB, silenced Badoo, killed PH cultists, arrested Evans, equipped military. He will also demystify killers among Herdsmen. He must continue this job till 2023. If you liked, modernise your hypocrisy. SaiBABA

    • Fadama

      Your idiocy deserves an award in the type of several slaps

  • Yusuf Mungu

    Re-election or not, Nigeria will still be because the “The RULER of the kings of the universe is still on the throne”

  • Oguntade

    Pls, you can’t compare animal Buhari to “Kim”. He is way down below

    • AryLoyds

      Sorry , I apologies for my mistake