Strike: Obey NUT, get punished, El-Rufai warns Kaduna teachers

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Eufai [Photo Credit: The Whistler]

The Kaduna State Government has warned its school teachers not to obey the call by the Nigerian Union of Teachers to embark on an indefinite strike starting on Monday.

Academic activities are scheduled to resume in all government schools on January 8 across the state after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The Nigeria Union of Teachers, NUT, earlier on Sunday called on all teachers to remain at home until the state government reverses its decision to sack over 21,000 primary school teachers who scored below 75 per cent in a competency test. The NUT said it had given the state government two weeks’ notice to rescind the decision, which has since lapsed.

Earlier in the new year, the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, had also criticised the government’s decision to proceed with the sack despite a suit at the National Industrial Court on the matter.

However, in a statement signed by Governor El-Rufai’s spokesperson, Samuel Aruwan, the government warned the teachers not to heed the call of the NUT.

“It has come to the notice of the Kaduna State Government that the state branch of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has declared an indefinite strike. This is an illegal action, and will not achieve its aim of derailing the education reforms being implemented by the government.

“The Kaduna State Government is not available to be blackmailed into knowingly retaining unqualified teachers. Neither would it mortgage the future of two million primary school pupils because failed teachers are shamelessly mobilizing sentiment.

“At the invitation of the Federal Ministry of Labour, the Kaduna State Government twice met in Abuja with the officials of the NLC and the NUT. The Governor Nasir El-Rufai personally led the Kaduna State delegation to the first meeting. During these interactions, Kaduna state made it clear that as an employer, it has every right to determine who its employees are or can be, and the minimum qualifications they must possess.”

Mr. Aruwan then declared the government’s threat.

“The Kaduna State Government wishes to inform the public that it has instructed its Education administrators to open registers in all its schools, starting from Monday, 8th January 2018.

“Any teacher that is absent from work will be treated with the consequences that pertain to absconding from duty under the Public Service Rules. There can be no doubt that state will take firm and decisive disciplinary action against personnel who absent themselves from duty, including dismissal from service.

“Kaduna State recalls that the NUT placed primary school pupils, who are the victims of failing teachers, in danger by pushing them into the streets to demonstrate for the retention of bad teachers. That ruse failed. Some union leaders are also likely to be prosecuted for assault, unlawful procession and destruction of public property when they attacked the State House of Assembly.

“The children of the poor are the ones that attend public primary schools. We owe them a decent standard of education, and we shall provide it.”


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  • Abubakar Sani

    May Allah punish you before you punish the teachers….

    • duwdu

      And may Allah punish you and the striking and unqualified teachers before they’d totally ruin the lives of innocent children in public schools in Kaduna state with grossly substandard education.


      • Abubakar Sani

        Hehe….i guess u r part of the few milking Kaduna dry ko? The truth of d matter is, if he truly wants to reform education in Kaduna there is a lot he needed to have done for example, putting the right infrastructure review teachers package, improve the ghetto and finally test the teachers individually and with all honesty. I can’t see d impact of his reform cos it will make no difference, how can a first class graduate impact knowledge on at least 100 ghetto kid’s in a class, without decent infrastructure and education materials. If he truly mean well he should have picked 1 primary school with d highest number of pupils in each local government and have a pilot policy, he will genuinely understand d basic need and the teachers he will need, unfortunately he failed d feeding program….he only realised he can’t afford it after wasting our scarce resources……the issues r enormous, why didn’t he wait until he employ the 25000 teaches before disengaging the poor teachers? without even sacking the 21000 46000 teachers are still not adequate. U should Remind that we voted him without any force…..our mandate will follow him to d grave if he did not change n lead as Allah has proscribed…. Gbam!

      • newday

        Are the students failing? What’s the basis for teacher testing? Rufai can’t fight the NUT & win.

  • Prosperous Nigeria

    APC and workers is like Lions and Antelopes. While APC in Kogi is tormenting workers APC Kaduna is threatening them. So much for the change Party.

    • Anasieze Donatus

      And PDP is Bayelsa is uplifting their workers with 54 Months unpaid salary

      • FineBoy


  • Moses.O.

    If the teachers failed assessment test,they should bury their heads in shame and hide their brute faces.You can not give what you don’t have.The idea of cajoling the government to undermine quality and sacrifice it on an altar of threats can not be accepted.Our schools have become something else.

  • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

    The abject poverty of the intellect pervading the ranks of teachers across Nigeria is alarming – so I appreciate were Elrufai is coming from. But I want to use this widely read comments section to appeal to the Governor, to for the sake of kids who will suffer due to strike to drop down the cut off mark to 55%. It will indicate willingness on the side of govt to shift ground, besides in all honesty those questions were much more of a senior secondary school standard and not primary as the KDSG insinuates.

  • Peaceometer

    I want the teachers to Know that they have been collecting salaries wrongly and should be prosecuted after sack for not rendering the services they are been paid for effectively.
    Go to strike and face dismissals. ‘Olodos’

  • thusspokez

    The Nigeria Union of Teachers, NUT, earlier on Sunday called on all teachers to remain at home until the state government reverses its decision to sack over 21,000 primary school teachers who scored below 75 per cent in a competency test. The NUT said it had given the state government two weeks’ notice to rescind the decision, which has since lapsed.

    Blame El-Rufai for the escalation. The matter could have been better handled and in a profession manner by El-Rufai, except that he is more interested in scoring cheap points against the teaching profession rather than working with them to find amicable and satisfactory solutions.
    21,000 x (on average) 5 dependants is 101,000 people who will struggle to have food on the table if the breadwinners lost their jobs. What El-Rufai should have done is to continue paying the teachers 50-75% of their salaries and set up re-training programmes to bring them up to standards. If after the retraining exercise, the teaching skills of anyone still leaves much to be desire — clearly, this would be an indication that the teaching profession is not for such people –, then there will be no justification not to sack them.

    • Curtx Maccido

      I doubt if you understand the issue here….these teachers are simply not qualify to teach!!!…how do you start to train someone who can’t spell KADUNA STATE or WRITE HIS/HER NAMES to teach children? Some of you just shouldn’t be allowed to participate in a discuss, you simply will attach emotions and sentimentally chat crap. El-Rufai is on track with this action, the next process is to engage qualify teachers and graduate to save education in kaduna state!

      • thusspokez

        I doubt if you understand the issue here

        You must be a Nigerian! Only you does.