Nigeria’s SSS ‘arrest Cameroon’s separatist leaders’

SSS operatives

Nigerian authorities have arrested leaders of a group leading a separatist movement in neighbouring Cameroon.

At least seven leaders of the Movement for the independence of Southern Cameroonians were arrested by the State Security Service on Friday in Abuja, several sources told PREMIUM TIMES.

The group leads a movement for an independent Ambazonia State, which seeks to break away from the domination of the French-speaking Cameroon.

Most leaders of the movement have since fled to neighbouring countries including Nigeria amidst a clampdown by the central government led by President Paul Biya.

The seven officials arrested include the leader of the group, Sisiku Tabe.

Others are Nfor Ngala Nfor, Fidelis Che, Henri Kimeng, Cornielius Kwanga, a professor identified as Awasum and a lawyer, Nalowa Bih.

They were arrested at Nera Hotel in Abuja.

“They were picked up yesterday by the SSS. They (SSS) came with guns and ammunitions to the hotel when they took them away. They arrived for a meeting of the high command of the leadership of the Ambazonia republic scheduled to hold at the hotel,” our source said.

Cameroon has witnessed months of unrest as the push for the independent state intensifies, resulting in clashes between protesters and the police.

Dozens of people have been killed, including members of the security forces.

Anglophone Cameroonians say they have been marginalised for years by the central government and the country’s majority French-speaking population.

The agitation for secession heightened in October 2017 when the “Ambazonians” declared an autonomy over their region during the anniversary of their union with the French-speaking side.

The declaration was however rejected by the Biya government.

In December, a delegation from Mr. Biya was received by Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo.

The government said at the time that the purpose of Mr. Osinbajo’s meeting with the Cameroonian delegation, led by the country’s minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Rene Sadi, was to strengthen diplomatic ties between the two nations.

Our source however said the meeting was also meant to broker a secret agreement for Nigeria’s security officials to help arrest about 15 people declared wanted by the Cameroonian government.

The United Nations Refugee agency says at least 7,500 refugees from Cameroon’s English-speaking population have since fled to Nigeria since the crisis in that country worsened in October.

The southern Cameroon comprising its English-speaking population joined their French counterpart in 1961, a year after the country’s independence from colonial rule.

The English-speaking region says its citizens are forced to speak French, amassing its natural resources, amongst other oppressive behaviour.

The SSS could not be reached. The agency has no known spokesperson.


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  • Arabakpura

    I hope they are treated fairly because they appear to be fighting a survival war!

    • Ade Omowest

      Just like your Cownu Lord fighting for Biafraud.

      • Chym

        Mekudi Ba Yaro Ba14 months ago

        There is something inherently wrong when a Yoruba king or Oba wears emir headscarf. There is nothing Yorubaness about it all. Any Yoruba Oba should wear “Fila” to fit appropriately. Anything else is a symbol of conquest and slavery. Yoruba people have been conquered in Kwara and they need to free themselves first from Fulani hegemony and then from Saraki dynasty. Saraki’s enslavement will be realized sooner, but Fulani domination may be a tall order and would need every Yoruba man’s help!

    • William

      Let Nigerians send this message to government(President Buhari) if our leaders arrested by the Nigerian SSS are handed to the government of Paul Biya in Cameroon,the Nigerian government should be prepared for a very brutal reprisal on her citizens(mostly The IBOS) living in Cameroon by the English- Cameroonians or population.

      • Arabakpura

        I never thought it that way! Trust this government to want to sacrifice the Igbo wherever they are; but, should that happen, they will get the feedback in Nigeria!

        • Julius

          Your thoughts are irrelevant , meaningless. I hope you will stop seeing shadows when the government do what they have to do. Stop playing victim, it’s getting old and lame, it makes you look weak.

          • Arabakpura

            Of course we are weak! There will always be a weak one whose actions and reactions will always trouble the strong!

          • Julius

            ” Of course we are weak! “. Thank you . Now you can stop lying that you are the most powerful humans on the planet.

          • Arabakpura

            Yes of course until you try us! I think they say the taste of the pudding is in the eating! The problem is not to carry us up; the problem lies in bringing us down!

          • Julius

            Lol@ try us! All you do is make noise and as soon as you see the army parking their Jeep you run !! You bringing yourself down clown.

          • Arabakpura

            Was this all you were righting about? I thought you were writing a thesis?

            When you compare us with the army, you step up our strong rating; it’s all good!

          • Julius

            You are not making sense…as usual

          • Arabakpura

            You have to have sense to be able to tell when another is making sense; so, I don’t blame you!

          • Julius

            Oh, first time a biafraudian is not blaming someone else. We are making progress folks !! Keep it up Arabaku!!

          • Arabakpura

            So, how do you want me to describe your reasoning? A Freudian slip?

      • okenwa

        What did Igbo do to you that you will sacrifice them for Nigeria undoings. Why?

  • Jon

    There are freedom fighters and should treated as such.

  • Intrepid

    Black African rulers must by now begin to listen to the voices of their subjects. No force can defeat freedom on earth. No matter how long. Monsieur Paul Biya no one made you a monarch in Cameroon. Respect the people of Southern Cameroon.

  • Abdullah Musa

    You can trust Nigeria to do the biddings of others, while others repeatedly punch it in the face.
    Is it not Cameroon that has been deporting Nigerian refugees who fled BOKO HARAM?
    Those who fled to Nigeria thought an English-speaking country would provide safe haven for them, they never knew that Nigeria has no identity.

  • Solomon Brown

    Shame on APC, this is more reason why they should be voted for failing to grant refuge to our African brothers and sisters.

  • forestgee

    How come Fulani herdsmen have not been arrested if DSS can be this effective? I heard someone shouting one Nigeria the other day!

  • JasV

    Zero tolerance for others who are doing to their countries what we will not tolerate in our own country. Whether boko haram, ipob, mend, avengers etc they will be wiped out in our own country and we expect Cameroon or any other country they run to, to capture and hand them over. SHIKENA!!

    • thusspokez

      Zero tolerance for others who are doing to their countries what we will not tolerate in our own country.

      If Nigeria government treats any of ethnic groups or regions the way the Cameroonian government treats the English-speaking regions, it may well lead to another civil war. Can you see the Buhari administration cutting off internet connections in any region of Nigeria as punishment without this giving creating an upraising?

    • Chym

      Go and check your brain

  • abakwa

    I hope the Southern Cameroons Leadership is treated fairly by Nigeria. These people are fighting for survival from an oppressive regime in power for close to four decades.
    Those are our legitimate leaders in Southern Cameroons.

    • Julius

      Agreed !

  • Shahokaya

    With this agreement between the two nations IPOB can no longer run to Cameroon.

    • Chym


    • okenwa

      Supervised and signed by Yoruba VP.

  • thusspokez

    At least seven leaders of the Movement for the independence of Southern Cameroonians were arrested by the State Security Service on Friday in Abuja, several sources told PREMIUM TIMES.

    As if boko haram is a handful, the SSS móróns are leading Nigeria into another minefield.

    What does the móróns at the SSS know about the Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC)? Very little! I would imagine otherwise they would know that MoRISC is well organised and have world-wide supports and very active in both the US and Europe.

    As far as one could tell, past Nigerian governments’ attitude toward separative movements in Cameroon had been that of indifference. Why would Nigeria now want to get involved by arresting members of the MoRISC and be seen as taking the side of the oppressive Cameroonian government? — For example, earlier in 2017, for more than three months, the Cameroonian government shut down internet connection the English-speaking regions.–

    The blowback or payback might well be MoRISC becoming allies of biafra -– MoRISC’s area of Cameroon share common border with southern Nigeria which could make any MoRISC/IPOB collaboration a big problem for Nigeria.

    Following the arrest, the SSS should have consulted with the President or the Foreign ministry before announcing the arrest to the media. The arrest could have been hushed up and the member quietly released and led out of the country, but then, I don’t think Nigerians are capable of strategic thinking.

    This was a big mistake; the SSS should released the MoRISC members at once. The last thing Nigeria wants is for MoRISC to start protesting in the US and Europe against Nigeria for arresting its members.

  • C Dene

    Terrorism cannot be encouraged. Whilst the dictatorship of Yaoundé should work to listen to the English speakers complaints and treat them fairly and without discrimination as they have been doing since 1961 Nigeria cannot contribute in dividing Cameroon. All countries including Nigeria have their internal issues. Nigeria should put pressure on Cameroon to end discrimination against the English speakers but well done for arresting the would be terrorists who are now threatening to join force with other criminals from the Biafra. Nigeria will be brutal against them and against any other organisation which may try to compromise the national integrity. Meanwhile coooeratiob for fight against all terrorists organisations such as boko haram shall continue. The arrested men should now be sent to Yaoundé in compliance with the international law on the undertaking that they will be treated humanly and have a f or trial which Nigeria shall follow closely

  • terry

    This is treasonous act by the Nigerian govt.Let me remind them that southern Cameroons includes at least one million Nigerians some who were refuges since the Biafra war.
    The repercussions will be very deadly.We will be closing all Nigerian embassies in Europe and America and will take it further if they are not immediately released.
    For those who dont know history please never equate the struggle of Southern camerooons with Biafra or any other movements.We are an indepedent nation and are trying to regain our freedom.
    We cannot accept colonialisation in whatever form or people that support it including dictators like Paul Biya.

  • Helkeys Kebila

    So Nigerians prefer the continues killings of Southern Cameroonians?

    I expect a country like Nigeria to show it leadership as the giant of
    Africa by calling for dialogue or some sort of negotiation to see that
    the situation dissolves in a peaceful way.
    Africans….imagine that for those you count on as brothers!!!

    • Helkeys Kebila

      Does the FG of Nigeria knows that millions of Nigerians live in Southern Cameroon? Do they think of the repercussion if these people decided to revenge on them? Do they even care why Nigerians are targeted in some foreign countries?

  • Helkeys Kebila

    Let say FG arrested the leaders of of South Africa liberation Gov, imagine what would be happening now to Nigerians in South Africa?
    Even if peace return to Cameroon today, the brotherly relationship between the Anglophones in Cameroon and Nigerians there will never be the same.
    Common sense should have told you that before acting stupidly.

  • newday

    Disband SSS- reminder of Nazi-Germany. It has no business arresting Ambazonians

  • okenwa

    If they are leaders of southern English speaking Cameroon, they are equal to leaders of Nigeria including buhari and should be treated as leaders.