Taraba communities ‘attacked’; Fulani, Bachama groups accuse each other

Taraba on map

At least three communities were on Friday evening attacked in Lau Local Government area of Taraba by unknown assailants, police said.

The attack forced residents of Katibu, Donada, Mayo-Lope and Abbare border areas of Taraba and Adamawa States to flee to neighbouring towns just as anti-riot police deployed to the area.

The state chairman of Miyetti Allah in Taraba, Sahabi Tukur, said the attack was carried out by militias of the Bachama ethnic group, and was targeted at Fulani residents.

“The Bachama militias have attacked Bujum, Didango, Donada, Katibu and two other Fulani settlements, and they they killed over 13 with many injured, they were assisted by Yandamawa,” he said.

“Over 400 cows were rustled by these marauding militias.

“We want the government to take this matter seriously and investigate.Why should Bachama leave their state, Adamawa and attack us; we are living peacefully here.

“Already some corpses and injured were taken to Jalingo the state capital for treatment and burials,’’ said he.

One resident of Katibu, Bello Manu, said seven people were killed.

“The killed at least seven people instantly including my uncle who is also the (Dagaci), village head Jauro Buba, some were burnt to ashes,’’ he said.

Bachama denies.

But a leader of the Bachama ethnic group denied the allegation.

“This is big lie, they (Fulani) first attacked us before turning back to Taraba. Some communities in Taraba were not also spared by the marauding Fulani; they also burned villages and killed people — not Bachama at all!” said Euphraimu Turaki, a Bachama youth leader.

“Earlier Friday,over 300 herdsmen launched the attack on our community in Bwam during which five people were killed. So, why are they now crying wolf!

“Let government be serious if not more lives will be lost.’’

The police spokesman, David Misal, said the attackers would be caught and punished.

“The attackers that crossed over from the neighbouring Adamawa were said to have come in numbers killing and burning houses,” he said.

“Though, no arrest was made, however, security were deployed to track them. And for now four people were killed six others injured.

“As I am talking to you now, the state police deputy commissioner is on his way to Abbare to ascertain the situation.”


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  • olat

    2018 seem a year of saboteur for dis administration and d govt must think ahead of saboteurs in order to achieve any target goals. Dis were all political thugs masquerading as herdsmen. One doesn’t need to be prophet to know their next target Gombe, Ekiti, Jos and Ogun state. Lagos may be an engineered fight between Hausa and Yoruba. D crisis trend by states is d same as in 2015 and 2016. D Police n DSS really failed in their duties. D President shd immediately address d nation and placed ban on herdsmen activities. Have meeting with representative leaders of herdsmen and seek CBN support for them on ranches.

    • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

      Do you clowns ever run out of excuses, today it is corruption fighting back, tomorrow it is saboteurs…….saboteurs seems to be the frequent cliche now. When will you clowns learn to own up to the fact that your lack of proactiveness in security strategy, non responsiveness and insensitivity to any matter non Fulani, is the major problem

      • Reginald Dandeson

        Very well said, our Joint Chief. Thank you once again.

        • MP-001* [Joint Chief]

          Mr Reg, we will remain resolute in speaking up against compromised agents of the axis of evil

    • Bassey Frank

      If you know the saboteurs and would not name/unveil them, you are a suspect. Your brain is frozen.

      • Julius

        You may be one of them. Your utterances are too negative.

        • Anasieze Donatus


          • Julius

            lolz…don’t start a war abeg !

    • olabisisho

      This guy must be from planet Mars.

    • Prosperous Nigeria

      When did you come back from Abbi? The thing still dey flow for your brain. Kube no good o!

    • Nigerian

      I don’t really see any sense in defending or trying to cover up the evils perpetrated by the fulani herdsmen even if you are related to them. Your arguments is very faulty and lacks sound reasoning

  • Bassey Frank

    Blame Jonathan.

    • forestgee


  • AryLoyds

    What is wrong with this buhari and his tribes men ? Why do they always behaving like animals ?

  • Konkolo

    All these killings point to one fact, Nigerians are not one as we always tend to claim. If it is not tribal, religious,land issues or political afflictions, it’s always something to set off these killings. It really shows our closeness to PRIMITIVE era. Serious and well managed country/people are thinking of next line of technological or scientific break-through, my people still stuck in the DARK ages. The fulanis have set Nigeria backwards by over 100 years. Time to start thinking of breaking up the country peacefully and on regional lines please. Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!

  • forestgee

    Nigeria rejected this man 3 times in the past because people feared these killings might take place. But some people, motivated by personal agenda and greed, decided to foist him on Nigeria. He has not disappointed!! A bigot will never change…

  • thusspokez

    In ancient and colonial literature, unlike the pusillanimous Hausas, minorities ethnic groups like the Bachama had a fierce and warlike reputation. The weakness and subservience shown by Hausas to the Fualnis have obviously embolden some Fulanis and given them the illusion that they can intimidate other ethnic groups This is a big mistake that the Fulanis are beginning to find out as they go around the country causing trouble.

    If Fulani leaders including Buhari are wise they would advice their people – for the sake of their own self-preservation – to stop creating enemies for themselves. It is always a bad idea for a minority ethnic group to think that it can dominate everyone else. History has shown that such social minority group often becomes target of hatred, and faces discrimination and even extermination, e.g., white Rhodesians, Sunnis in Saddam’s Iraq, Afrikaners in South Africa, Alawis in Syria, Tutsi in Burundi, Greeks in Egypt prior to 1952, Jews, etc.

  • Intrepid

    Nigeria is now a failed state under an incompetent and nepotistic TYRANT.

    In fact Nigeria has become rudderless.

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Gbam! Plus the tyrant is an illiterate certificate forger and perjurer.

  • PolyGon2013

    State or zonal policing would cut down this menace.


    The Fulani in Nigeria are synonymous with blood bathing and chaos beit in your farm or in the Aso rock office .