Another Chibok girl rescued – Nigerian Army

Salomi Pagu, another Chibok girl saved by the Nigerian Army.

The Nigerian Army has released a statement that one of the kidnapped Chibok girls has been released.

The released girl was identified as Salome Pogu.

Over 200 girls were kidnapped from the secondary school in Chibok, Borno State in April 2014.

About 100 girls are still believed to be with terror group with most of the others released after negotiation with the government.

“Troops of Operation Lafiya Dole deployed in Pulka today rescued one of the Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram terrorists earlier in 2014.

“So far, preliminary investigations reveal that the young girl identified as Salomi Pagu is the same as the Chibok girl published on serial 86 of the online list of abducted Chibok girls.

“Currently the girl who was intercepted in the company of another young girl, Jamila Adams about 14 years old with a child are in the safe custody of troops and receiving medical attention,” the army said.

Details later..,

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated after the Army clarified the name of the rescued girl as Salomi Pogu, not Salomi Pagu.


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  • AryLoyds

    This AREWA fraud continues!
    I can bet my money that , there will be another release of some so called “Chibok Girls ” before the election !
    Deris God Oh 🙂

    • Julius

      So called Chibok Girls ? You think their parents thinks they are so called Chibok Girls ? I can understand why you would say that.. after all you do not like women, you go for boys. Oloshi, bury your shameful head in shame.

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  • truth is bitter

    Terrorism has become a political tool and the people of the North who really do not value life because their koran tells them so, can do anything including use of suicide bombers, sacrificing their sons and daughters for the course – the course of ensuring they remain politically relevant in the Nigerian political equation. I blame the lame and cowardly Governors and legislators from all other parts of Nigeria who have failed their people by not standing up to challenge this evil foisted on all of us.

  • Halleluiah, Halleluiah, Praise God! One of our most precious Chibok damsels has been “released” or “rescued” after more than two years in the unfriendly and harsh terrain of Sambisa Forest! This is what Nigerians have gained with the allocation of a jaw –dropping ONE BILLION DOLLARS!
    His Excellency, the President can now declare a one-day holiday for his loyal subjects to welcome our lost but found sister in Allah!
    Sometimes these buffoons think that everybody is as mentally retarded as they are and can swallow any drivel peddled out to us about a mysterious abduction.
    Can any sensible person look in the faces of these girls and convince me that they were held in the Sambisa forest with Boko Haram bastards for three years? How many of the so-called Chibok girls have so far been released and how many more are we expecting?
    May be Shekau has release this one in appreciation of being appointed the Chairman of the FCT and Sambisa Region by his uncle President Muhammadu Buhari . Allah is Great!, as my good Friend Musa would tell me with a wide grin!

  • Bassey Frank

    Major General Irabor was doing exceedingly well as the theater commander of the fight against the Islamists…and then he gave this BBC interview where he categorically made it clear that there were conspirators even within the military that continually gave operational details to boko haram. Clearly this was outside the script. And certainly not what an Army General should speak about. General Irabor used to show Nigerians the faces of Boko haram fighters captured in action and hold local and international press conferences to display the weapons recovered. Under his leadership the so called Sambissa forests rumoured to be so dark at noon that you would require a torchlight to navigate your paths was shown to be mere savanna with sparely distributed vegetation. Indeed Shekau was clearly not in the forest but in some mansions in Kano, Sokoto or Bornu…perhaps in one Emir’s palace that may never be searched. When the Army broke the news that a boko haram terrorist was been sheltered in a sitting Senator’s house in the North, General Irabor’s tenure command of the fight was forced to an abrupt end. He was redeployed. On matters like this Premium Times’ so called award winning journalists go to sleep. This is Nigeria.

  • Otile

    The army led by a fraudulent man, Barutai is lying again. Where and how did they rescue the girl? Was any shot fired at Boko Haram or did they snatch the girl from the fighters mysteriously? Now that Buhari and his fellow corrupt parasites are becoming desperate to remain in power they will manufacture all kinds of lies to convince the dummies in APC to vote for them again. Corrupt Barutai, stop lying.

  • Julius

    I expect nothing less from a fag when talking about girls.. you are cursed!! It’s a damn shame that you do not read because you would have read what those countries said about their issues with Chibok Girls kidnapping .. as a. Matter of fact,they blame Jonathan for his incompetency. Moron , I told you to stick to your tribal insults and stop making an ass of your limited understanding of how things work in real life. Ducking fag u !

  • Kelly

    For your information the last chibok girl will be released on the last day of Buhari’s stay in office. welcome to Nigeria!

  • Julius

    There you are back to what you do the best.. tribal insults. You will be calling me a Yoruba this and that under another one of your fake names. Dumb ass fag, make up your mind. You obviously hate yourself and where you came from. What a pity.

    • AryLoyds

      Aboki , change your ways , for we are in a new year 🙂

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