APC reacts to Buhari’s statement on restructuring Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammadu Buhari

The All Progressives Congress said on Monday that President Muhammadu Buhari did not unequivocally dismiss restructuring as a way of addressing some of Nigeria’s myriad socio-economic crises.

The ruling party said Mr. Buhari was not accurately quoted in news reports of his take on restructuring during his New Year’s Day address to the nation this morning.

“From this address, we are not able to reach the conclusion that the President has rejected restructuring,” the APC spokesperson, Bolaji Abdullahi, said in a statement to PREMIUM TIMES.

During his nationwide broadcast, Mr. Buhari said he strongly believes that Nigeria’s existential issues are not necessarily due to any defects in its structure, saying they could be addressed by merely checking abuse of process and corruption.

“When all the aggregates of nationwide opinions are considered, my firm view is that our problems are more to do with process than structure,” the president said. “No human law or edifice is perfect.”

The president said Nigeria should continue to operate its current presidential system, but welcomed ideas on how to make it less permeable to extravagance, waste and corruption.

During his last nationwide address on August 21, 2017, the president conspicuously evaded the questions around restructuring, saying the National Assembly is the appropriate body saddled with the responsibility of addressing such matters.

But the APC argued that Mr. Buhari’s position cannot be taken to mean that he’s unwilling to restructure.

“Rather, we are delighted to hear the President sharing the views of Nigerians that every (system) needs to be periodically reviewed in the context of emerging social and economic circumstances,” Mr. Abdullahi said.

“By saying that the major problem is with processes rather than systems, he appears only to (be) telling us to bear in mind that no matter the choices we make on restructuring, it is how we manage our systems that would ultimately give us the kind of country we want to build.

“Quite significantly, by saying the government welcomes all ideas on how to make the country better, he has opened the door to all conversations including those on restructuring.

“Rather than serve as evidence of rejection therefore, we believe Mr. President’s speech has shown a significant disposition towards the idea of restructuring, which remains a cardinal philosophy of our party,” the spokesperson said.

The APC constituted a committee last year to look into calls for restructuring and prepare modalities for the parties approach to the issue.

The panel is led by Nasir El-Rufai, an APC governor and key ally of the president, and its work is said to be ongoing.


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  • S. T Brown

    Premium Times Editor,

    APC party needs investigation

    APC party needs investigation. If APC tells like a water hose and says or
    claims it has nearly 10 million party supporters and yet cannot find a better
    candidate to present at next year’s presidential election, there must be a lot
    wrong with it as a political party. If the APC supporters say it is because “Buhari
    has integrity” it will follow that the remainder 9.999million APC party members
    totally lack integrity, which will then mean that APC party is closer to a criminal

    How can Nigeria be stuck with a 75-year-old illiterate
    as country president in a competitive world where knowledge is power? How can
    federal republic of Nigeria ever move forward on those terms? Nigerians have seen it all
    regarding Muhamadu Buhari who is worse than clueless on governance, as much as he
    is bereft of thoughts and sensible ideas on development policy.

    That’s why Nigeria has been going backwards;
    without hope or comfort, whilst Muhamadu Buhari turns the meaning of governance
    into his being a staff sergeant who’s just to keep searching street corners for thieves.
    Whilst he does that police-and-thief game in public domain he neglects every other
    sensible purpose of government, and in consequence, the honest Nigerians now suffer to
    penury from neglect.

    • Truth.com

      Let assume President Jonathan has Ph.d in whatever and how did the country do under Jonathan administration. If most people said Buhari has integrity then few people that disagree cannot be right. I am not sure if you believe that three is greater than four. In Nigeria, three may be greater than f. Let us assume Buhari is a 75 year old illiterate, what about Jonathan that is not 75 year old. My brother I do not understand your arguments, let us find solution instead of looking for blame. Tell us solutions to solving Nigeria problems like how come GDP of $300 billions is not sufficient to sustain the population. Health care system that fails to diagnose simple illness. Power supply that is insufficient to run industry.

  • Bigtin

    APC is a Party founded on lies, deceit and revisionism. So painful!

    • Tunsj

      What about PDP? Happy New Year.

      • S. T Brown


        APC party needs investigation. If APC tells lies like a water hose and says
        or claims it has nearly 10 million party supporters and yet cannot find a better
        candidate to present at next year’s presidential election, there must be a lot
        wrong with it as a political party. If the APC supporters say it is because “Buhari
        has integrity” it will follow that the remainder 9.999million APC party members
        totally lack integrity, which will then mean that APC party is closer to a criminal

        • Strait Point




      • Bigtin

        In 2015, we invested our hope and trust in APC to “Change” the malfeasance of PDP alas it was a Lie.

    • dele20

      The party of honesty, transparency and accountability is APC

  • Bassey Frank

    “When all the aggregates of nationwide opinions are considered, my firm
    view is that our problems are more to do with process than structure,”
    the president said. “No human law or edifice is perfect.”
    If APC did not understand this statement, it means the leadership is indeed deep into acute brainlessness.

    • Powerlessconscious

      If the president even said that, it is NOT a law. Therefore there is no need for bitterness and sorrow. Mind you, only senate the law makers can restructure nigeria and not the president. So stop the hatred.

      • abodes_124

        Where is the hatred in commenting on a national issue. That is a term that can only incite and is the favourite term of government spokesmen and supporters.

    • princegab

      The are playing the ostrich. Shettima shouted death last night, “restructure” died today, who wouldn’t guess right what el rufai has reported to the big boss. Nemesis will catch up , a 2nd civil war on account of pmb will deliver us.

  • Mizch

    President Buhari went to London to RESTRUCTURED, REFURBISHED AND REPACKAGED. Let him allow the very sick Nigeria to enjoy the same favours. A divorce of integrity from honesty is utter shameless. On the other hand, APC will not take intelligent Nigerians for a ride for too long.



    • Truth.com

      You are talking about dysfunction, please give me a break. How did you arrive at “over the lives of more than 200 million people. This is what the President is talking about, “process” is the problem of doing anything in Nigeria. Please, tell me what Nigeria has ever done right.

      • Arabakpura

        Correct! Nigeria has never done anything right and this government of one day, one mistake or one trouble, has exacerbated that notion! Imagine taking 2 years to make a monumental mistake?


        He sees process as a problem because he cannot read and understand, he is under educated and antiquated in thought process. THE VAST MAJORITY OF NIGERIANS DO NOT SHARE HIS PECULIAR PROBLEM, THE SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE RE ADJUSTED TO SERVE THE NEEDS OF THE MASSES, IT IS PRESENTLY SERVING THE NEEDS OF A FEW LIKE HIM.

        • princegab

          Thanks, you got’em.

  • So oju abe niko

    Kudos to Bolaji Abdullahi, who is trying to clean up the mess after the presidential bombshell. Unfortunately, the president’s message was too blunt to be repackaged to fit the APC policy on restructuring. This apparent conflict between the president’s message and his party policy is not surprisingly, given that APC started as a special purpose vehicle to grab power from the PDP.

  • Opekete

    We are so averse to political dialectic in this country. Granted that the president even said that in his view restructuring is not necessary, does that mean restructuring is dead even if it is the will of the people? Nigeria is a democracy and we have balance of government in the three arms. Even the president is entitled to his political views but that does not mean that his views are laws. We need to learn how to debate perspectives and counter-perspectives without being narrow minded. Freedom of expression is one of the essential ingredient of democracy. The president has stated his perspectives on the restructuring debate, it is now for us who disagree with his view to put forward our counter-perspective on the issue without resorting to abuse and uncivil language that has no place in civil discourse.

    • abodes_124

      It would help reduce confusion if Buhari could revisit his party’s manifesto and come out categorically that he agrees with the party on what is set out therein on Restructuring. As of now the party spokesman and the President are not on the same page.

    • Samie

      Thanks for you thought.

    • Kalu Ikenga

      You made your point but I think the issue is the party’s interpretation of the statement of Mr. President.

    • TA

      Yeah. But the president has the bully pulpit. He’d need to sign any bill that restructures Nigeria and his speech makes it clear he’d veto any such bill.

  • Intrepid

    Is very simple. Southern Nigeria and MB should reject any candidate/ party that does not put restructuring at the front burner come 2019. In that case, a red card for Maj. Gen Buhari.

  • abodes_124

    I dey laf oh as OBJ said. Contortionist par excellence. please keep on interpreting the words from the oracle for us until he opens his mouth again

    • share Idea

      Imagine the party trying to deceive the gullible. If ordinary Nigerians would need party explanation to understand simple presidential new year message, only God knows how the administration would be able to understand all the propaganda projects included in the speech.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    I am one of the staunch supporters of APC-president Muhammadu Buhari,s led Federal Government of Nigeria, i support that Nigeria-requires urgent restructuring program in order for our fiscal system and domestic economy to be boosted and attain growth and i strongly believe that president Muhammadu Buhari, wished Nigeria-to develop and its economy to grow with substantial grow of our gross domestic development-GDP.Nigeria, must re-adopt parliamentary system of government which commands in-built-check and balances and less-expensive to run compare to presidential system of government, that lacks in-built-check and balnces and highly too expensive to run.


  • Justice and Fairness

    WE HAVE SIMPLY BEEN CONNED! See how APC and their Man at the helms of affairs are singing discordant tunes. Nigerian spokespersons have simply turned the role of whoever is in that position to that of one who iS good in the art of deception, double speak and outright lying. Come on. My take from the President broadcast is that I am now convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that this President’s only objective of struggling to become president is to protect and push along the agenda of the North. And also with no mention whatsover of the large scale calamities his Fulani tribesmen have visited on farmers and innocent villagers in Nigeria, worse than those of the Boko Haram,even while riling against the Niger Delta militants, whenever I see his picture any where I can only console myself by looking at it and saying – THERE IS GOD OOO!

  • utolason

    I have lost confidence in Buhari for that singular statement. “Process” and “structure” are interrelated. It is mischievous to bring in another technical term in what has been extensively discussed over the years.

    • Tha HU

      While I do agree that bringing up another term mighy seem like he’s deflecting, I also agree with the term. It is actually crucial that we ensure a functional system. As a matter of fact, I believe the dysfunction requires more attention to be honest. Our democracy since ’99 has been nominal. The culture of nepotism and a quasi-oligarchy have been the ruling methods for years. Corruption within every rung is the rule, not exception. A very rigid bureaucracy with many unnecessary channels delay process and open possibilities for malfeasance. Even if we do restructure, as long as the process doesn’t change, we’ll just be running around in circles. Those at the helm of power will, in fact, continue to absorb the lion share of resources. While our structure may have some defects, the non-defective parts are not yielding any result because of a failed process. I agree that Buhari’s stance may come from a deflective place, but his words have relevance. And frankly, I think we should start by fixing the process. Just my opinion.

      • TA

        You can’t build good processes on top of a bad structure. You have to have sound structures first before you can create good processes.

    • Olatubosun

      What are you saying

    • dele20

      For having no confidence in Pmb, you are getting it wrong

  • sorbitol

    It’s either that Bolaji Abdullahi does not understand simple English or he is trying to change this simple English of Mr integrity in our head. Mr President does not believe in restructuring and he will never be part of it, the reason being that it will not favour his fellow northerners since there is no oil in the north. The English is that simple.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Yeah, this is like fishbone that has stuck to the middle of the throat; you cannot swallow it down and you cannot expectorate it. The APC is doing a mopping up operation and, like a nanny, cleaning up the mess that has been discharged already. There is no amount of ‘padding’ or word-game that the APC operatives can use to change what Buhari has said in his New Year broadcast. The words are clear and unequivocal: restructuring is not possible and is therefore rejected.

    That is the statement. Even if the APC would go later to ‘convince’ Buhari to change his mind on that, nobody would take them serious because every discerning individual would consider such a beguiling move.

    The nickel has dropped; and Nigerians must pay attention to that!

    • Okpewho David

      Why are you afraid of restructuring?


    Why use Oduduwa provience instead of western provience…….why ommit Biafran provience?

  • Okpewho David

    There is imbalance, and therefore a structural defect. This has to be corrected

  • Olatubosun

    Buhari sanitized this country of ours

    • dele20

      Pmb is a true leader ,he is a man of exemplary leadership

  • Olatubosun

    Nigeria has been re-branded

    • dele20

      Nigeria will always stand

  • TA

    The major problem with President Buhari is that he does not at all share his party’s ideology. Process cannot work when the structures that underlie it are weak.

    President Buhari has access to the EFCC, police, the military, etc., yet he can’t address Nigeria’s corruption and economic challenges. What’s stopping him from introducing the right processes that he speaks of? Nigeria is not a dictatorship yet it is run almost like one. Successful democracies are underpinned by accountability mechanisms that the electorate can exert on elected representatives; they don’t depend on a president to do everything. The best way for Nigerians to exert accountability is if their leaders are closer to them and not in Abuja. Therefore, the regions and states need to be more empowered and the federal government should devolve power, including education, policing, power generation, economy, etc., to the states. Then, citizens can focus on holding their local leaders accountable to perform. Abuja is too far away for Nigerians to hold president Buhari accountable. And this is why devolution of power and restructuring are better for a large multilingual and multiethnic country like Nigeria.